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Kate Gosselin Dances Onto 'Jimmy Kimmel Live'

Kate Gosselin Dances Onto 'Jimmy Kimmel Live'

Kate Gosselin sizes up her Dancing with the Stars competition on the Monday episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live.

The 34-year-old reality mama explained that they will construct a dance floor in her basement so that she and her dancing partner can rehearse at home and she can be with her kids as much as possible.

After the taping, Kate headed to a DWTS after-party at STK. Pics inside…

If you missed it, check out the rest of the season 10 contestants of DWTS!

Click inside to watch Kate‘s full appearance on JKL

Kate Gosselin – “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” 3/1 – PART I

Kate Gosselin – “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” 3/1 – PART II

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Photos: Adam Larkey/ABC, Fame Pictures
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  • sweetsandy

    what on earth is this woman famous for? having a ton of kids??????

  • Colleen

    I want that dress! It’s very flattering. Now…who is she???

  • Kenisha

    I used to love this woman and her family soooo much. Now I dont even recognize her…

  • RandyCandy

    She is the perfect example of what happeneds to people when they get a taste of fame….
    It’s a shame really.
    Everybody gives Jon a bad rap…but just look at her! She uses “fame” as her “only” means of money….. She knows that’s not true, just an exuse to indulge herself.
    She WILL regret her desissions later in life.

  • Jen

    I can not stand her. She isn’t the “star” that she thinks she is. I’m really really hoping she gets voted off first on DWTS or else the show will be ruined for me.

  • Carrie

    When will these networks get the hint and LOSE THIS B*TCH?! No one wants to see her. If she’s so worried about her kids why doesn’t she STAY AT HOME PERIOD and not continue to concern herself with how many cameras she can get in front of?? DWTS is dead to me. I will never watch that show again.

  • Talk Sense Girl

    She looks Pretty…

  • krista marie

    She is so full of herself at this point and the media keep feeding the beast. She is not a star, has no talent and makes me want to puke with her “single mother just trying to support her kids” lie. Out of the original documentary about raising twins and sextuplets have come a group of exploited children, a man who has reverted to childish behavior making one bad judgment after another and a woman so narcissistic that it oozes from her every pore and who has become totally detached from reality and what is best for her kids in the long term to instead promote herself and her intense desire for notoriety however undeserved. I always found DWTS fun to watch but won’t bother with it this time around. I wonder how an uptight, controlling person like Kate will take having to surrender to her partner and not being able to insult and belittle him when things don’t go her way. She might consider getting “the stick” removed before she starts, it might loosen her up a bit.

  • Ayaz

    I’d tap that fine MILFY ass all day.

  • She is not a celebrity

    She is so desprate for attention. She wants to be famous so badly. who is taking care of of 8 kids when she is in LA. she no different from the ootomom. At least the outomom take care of her children.

  • Paula

    Pleeeaaassseee…make her go away!!!!

  • free

    this old hag is disgusting

  • http://google toni

    She look better. I guess she is better off without her John.

  • Rhonda

    who is she screwing? are we so celebrity challenged, this is the best we got? and she got the sweetest guy as a partner, Tony! Why not Maxim so he’d knock the bitch on her ass! I like this show, but now I’m not going to watch at all. Its the last year anyway. the line is a list of e-listers except American hero Buzz Aldrin

  • flo

    She is a legend in her own mind and a media whore.

  • taylor

    people can say what they want about her but there’s no denying she looks great. And she looks like a saint next to her douchebag ex jon

  • The Doctor Is In

    Hey, Kate. Farrah Fawcett called — she wants her hair back.

  • Zoe

    The looks really pretty. Divorce agrees with her. This is going to be a good DWTS season. It’s a interesting lineup.


    F that BITCH!!!!!

  • Khate

    To Agent:
    I’m a dedicated mother..,.. now get me more left coast bookings dammit !

  • MollyMakeout

    wow shes actually really pretty

  • Subburban momma

    She has to make money. She has to support all those 8 kids. feeding them, clothing them, not to even mention if any of them get to college costs money. and 20 year olds are not her demographic. Her demographic is other moms and senior citizens. So as long as there are overwhelmed moms and senior citizens she will have an audience no matter how much the 20 somethings think that she is an old hag. Not evetything is about being 20. Jeebus.

  • Shan

    Kate you have 8 young kids….go home and be a mother to them for goodness sakes!!

  • Best I’ve seen her look

    I’d say she actually looks pretty good here. She’s certainly far from being an “old hag” at 34 (LOL)! Too many teenies on this website – what happened to Jared Junior?

  • Raven

    did she also get a boob job? looks it.Fake as can be…..fake hair,fake nails,fake stomach,ok,real but half lobbed off,eeeeww….lol,that was quite the freebie…..the doc’s kid got her hubby for a spin. oh & most fake…..her personality.

  • FaithLynette

    *EGADS*…she just won’t go away…(she’s like that horrible re-occurring nightmare that you hope won’t show up again…but ultimately does…and is scarier then the time before!)
    I truly believe she’ll do *ANYTHING* to stay in the limelight and try and make herself feel important/special/and a “Star”.
    I feel sorry for those 8 precious kids, between the BOTH of their knuckleheaded/egotistical/immature parents – COMBINED…they don’t have one decent parent to nurture them and raise them.

  • no talent


  • Raven

    wth…..they force her dance-partner to go to HER place to practice AND build a dance studio in HER basement??? Does he live closeby or something?? Who pays his travel expenses? I remember hearing that they don’t all get paid the same,but really,do these perks come outta her pay? Just sounds really odd,the whole scenerio. Thought the house was the kids? Not like she’ll ever allow them in there,huh?Basically the studio is being built to, what,save her travel time? Not to mention the expense,etc…..what makes her so freakin special that DWTS would go to such lengths to accomidate her???

  • Barbara&Irene

    WOW, we think Kate looks so hot. She has lost so much weight and the new hair makes her look 10 years young. We are hoping to fly out to LA to see her after our wedding (for our honeymoon). We hope the kids are also going to fly out. We’ll stake out the airports in Maryland just in case. We are her biggest fans. TEAM K8ATE IS GREAT

  • Snoopadoop

    Hey yo, I would hit it, quit it, deny I ever did it! Fo’ snizzles!

  • Pandora

    Can’t stand her. However…I think she’s looking very pretty. Far better looking than her Ex, and all of his GFs!

  • Marisa

    Ugh just when I thought she was fading away, she goes on Dancing With the Stars! You’ve got to be kidding me…this woman craves attention, just look at that picture of her walking out. She screams ‘look at me, look at me’. She’s famous for absolutely no reason, she’s a perfect example of someone who got a taste of fame and she’s desperately trying to hold onto every last drop. I’m so sick of her. She may be a good mother when she’s actually at home but in terms of what the public can see, she comes across as a self centred, fake, irritating woman who wants to be a star. Everything about her is fake.

  • I Heart JJ

    I hate that raggedy b*tch. She gives women and moms (and wives for that matter) a really bad name.

  • meetsinglefiremen

    Wow, so hottie

  • Mizz Thang

    Suck that 15-minute teat, “Mom”– it’s already 14 minutes too dry.

  • http://JustJared butterflier

    Kate Gosselin takes narcissism to a whole new level. Her ‘doing it for the kids’ is nauseating. Anything Kate Gosselin does, she does for herself. Not too many struggling moms get $7,000 hair weaves, nails done, spa time and nannies. She damaged her husband while they were married and is continuing to damage those sweet kids. A real mother would get a job close to home and spend as much time with her children trying to repair the damage she has done. And for those who thinks she looks great, don’t forget the boob job, tummy tuck, obvious plastic surgery, fake nails and fake hair. She is a disgusting excuse for a human being. The fact that she is now considered a “celebrity” shows you how far society has fallen. She makes me sick. If you want to see the real Kate Gosselin, watch the old Jon and Kate episodes, unless TLC has whitewashed her many bitchy parts out.
    She’s laughing all the way to the bank. God help those children. She won’t.

  • TooLegitTooQuit

    Ya know what…Good for Her! She looks AWESOME! She was down to earth and even a little shy! – I love Kate and she is being a strong single mother raising 8 children with a douche of an ex tramping it up around the country….good for her!!!

  • TooLegitTooQuit

    Ya know what…Good for Her! She looks AWESOME! She was down to earth and even a little shy! – I love Kate and she is being a strong single mother raising 8 children with a douche of an ex tramping it up around the country….good for her!!!

  • Shame

    @Barbara&Irene: Shame on you, trolls. Use your real name, “anonymous”

  • she shall remain nameless

    I think she was nervous doing this interview…kinda started off cold but sorta warmed up after a while. But she still has that mean factor in her.

  • E

    Why all of the hate?! She needs an income to support her children since her loser ex-husband is blowing it all on ed hardy jeans. She has 8 children they all need to go to college– imagine how expensive that is. I am shocked by the anti-women sentiment on here.

    Get a grip people it is 2010 not 1952!! She is being a good mother by working and putting food on the table; she doesn’t have to continually be at home to be a mom.

    If she were a man none of these comments would be made and no one would be down-voting positive comments.

  • Amazed

    She looks good
    but please will the media stop focusing on her she is famous for what??????????????????????????

  • uh, didn’t you watch the show

    enough w/the “how much it’d cost to put 8 kids through college” refrain. the ‘tups college education (prob twins too, but a’course ‘tups were newsworthy) was guaranteed as long as they attend a PA college/uni. this is public knowledge-mentioned during the show before it was a series, mentioned in PA papers.

    so please, spare me & put up your violins playing, “my heart bleeds for kate gosselin (aren’t they divorced?) she does look pretty fantastic, right? access to luxury, not divorce, have served her well.

    i think it’s bs that she’s taking on the mantle of poor, cuckolded single mom and some people are eating it up. how the hey does she get to fly hither & thither without all 8 children-get nails done-pick up mail-get her blessed coffee?

    there are a handful of candids that show her with the kiddos. they do get on and off the bus everyday, yes? and according to kate the “p-people” hound her-why don’t regular candid (read: not make-up & heels for bus stop) pictures w/kids surface more than, oh, once in a while? she IS the custodial parent.

    because she is not parenting her kids and the “helpers” have pretty tight confidentiality agreements-meaning they cannot be filmed or photographed. please get a clue.

  • sheesh

    @she shall remain nameless:
    She isn’t nervous, she is waiting for her PR person to give her the answer. Did you watch GMA after the painting commment. She adjusts her ear piece, same with the Natales Morales interview. How can PR person answer questions about her kids? Maybe they spend more time with them.

  • Barbara&Irene

    Dear Shame: You are on a comment board about a reality tv star. Get a grip. We love Kate and so do you. Trolls are people who spend all day on blogs writing about tv stars. That is not us. That is you, Ms. Shame, Jr.

  • hmm

    @uh, didn’t you watch the show:

    Why do you care how she parents? Mind your own business and I watched the show as well and I agree with the college argument. I hate how mean people are. Who are you to judge? At least she;s better than those 20 kids and counting whacks

    She should not of had invirtro there are so many kids in America in the foster system that need homes.

  • get a grip

    I’m guessing all of you are so negative because you’re stuck at home being stay at home moms and are bitter.

  • betty

    Kate was very foolish for ignoring cameras on her way into the DWTS party. No one else ignored the cameras, nor did they have a bodyguard or is he her paid escort or boyfriend now? Kate is taking plenty of flak how she is not a star, a stuck up floozy (look how she is hanging out, can do Kate, mom of 8), seemed wired again before she answered Kimmel’s questions (great example on youtube of Kate being wired and having to be fed the answers about her kids’ school pics), how she and TLC will probably use the children featured on DWTS to start exploiting them again on TLC. Plus, it has been reported that the selfish, narcissistic, wannabe star won’t let Jon see the kids while she is filming DWTS., even though the kids are happier. Now that’s a good mommy! Work with their father to make the kids happier and let them stay with him instead of more nannies, NOT!! Plus, Kate will leaving on her book tour with Steve Neild again for probably 2 more years for her adoring fans…wining and dining… BUT, it was Jon that watched those kids while she flew around the country and become more famous. It was Jon who she ordered around and who did the grunt work. She got Jon to quit his job so he would be home to help her more, even when he was redoing the girls’ room, Kate couldn’t even keep the kids out of the way.
    Jon—messed up big time, needs to get his shi-t together, but Kate’s PR lady, TLC and her has spun, lied and made her into something she is not. You watch, if she continues to keep those kids’ dad out of their life, only focusing on herself, instead of getting her kids into sports or dancing activities like real moms and dads do…they too will go wild just like Jon…it is temporary insanity of freedom from living with a narcissistic wife/mother…called Kate Gosselin. You lie down with dogs, you get fleas–same way with behaviors. Except Kate’s behavior will be with her forever.

  • Jolie

    OMG, this woman is really too much, so friggin annoying. YES KATE have the cameras from DWTS in your home so they can pan to your eight little money makers and get some free air time for them and then all your J+K fans can ooh and ahh over them and call up and vote for you. That wouldn’t happen if you were rehearsing in L.A., AND THEN make sure you have them sitting pretty in the audience when you perform so again, they can win you some votes. This woman(?) makes me sick. She will stop at nothing to gain fame and attention to herself, including selling out her kids. Her husband looks like a saint compared to her desires in life. I won’t be watching DWTS. She’s so disgusting & FAKE! ugh.

  • betty

    TLC is in on the scam with Kate, they are selling the kids on DWTS for another go with the little money makers having another round on TLC so they can all cash in. Disgusting. TLC and the Gosselin parents exploit the Gosselin children. Look at all the skanky coat-tail riders that still try to hang on and manipulate…Hailey, Lohan, Major, skanky nanny really Kate’s friend, Jamie Cole whathisname (Kate’s friend)…google they all connect to lawyers…back to TLC and Kate. Let’s make sure Jon is destroyed, no where to turn…so we can get those kids back on TLC and Kate gets everything she ever wanted. (hey, there is a book and movie by that same name, ‘everything she ever wanted’) Kate has that type of personality.

    First the excuse was they were making the show to “record” the sextuplets to remember, then Kate writes love letters to her kids….not mentioning the book tours she does. Yep, the kids have to watch mommy and daddy on tape and read a book to know that mommy “loves” them. All about the $$$, Kate needs to look ..cough…good. (trashy). Now Kate wants to dance, why didn’t TLC show the free ball room dance lesson they got? If it ain’t free and matching, Katie don’t want it!