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Gerard Butler & Jake Gyllenhaal To Present At Oscars

Gerard Butler & Jake Gyllenhaal To Present At Oscars

A whole slew of Hollywood hunks just signed on to present at the 2010 Oscars Ceremony.

Taking to the podium to present include Gerard Butler, Bradley Cooper, Tom Ford, Jake Gyllenhaal, Chris Pine, Keanu Reeves, Ryan Reynolds and Sam Worthington. A bunch of female hotties set to present at the ceremony were announced yesterday.

The 2010 Academy Awards will air Sunday (March 7) at 8/7c on ABC. Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin will serve as co-hosts of the event.

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  • wow


  • hahahaha

    This is the closest that Gerard Butler will ever get to an Oscar.

  • sammy

    YAYYYYY Keanu Reeves <3

  • eliott

    That’s great and all, but will there be any presenters who’ve actually won Oscars?

  • Jess

    Yeah I know. I hope Adrien Brody will be there. He’s won an Oscar and he’s usually there to present.

  • stellartes

    yummy boyz! and my Sam will be there too! and Ryan! and Keanu! and Gerry! oh my my….now i can’t wait for Sunday at all !

  • rpatzfan

    Sam is the hottest!

  • G fan

    I hate award shows and all the typical Hollywood types fawning all over each other. I’ll the tape thing and fast forward to whatever Butler does. Then shut it off fast.

  • just shit

    Jared, why your precious Rachel Bilson is not on the list? LOL

  • gossiphound

    Who are the female presenters that link above just takes one to an article on Charlize Theron

  • Celia

    I love Sam Worthington, but seriously…this is the Oscars. Where’s the talent???

  • The Doctor Is In

    Hey Butler, please forgo the orange spray paint for this one!

  • nicole

    SAMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MY SAMSTER, how I love you so!!

  • Always the podium b!tch,…

    ….never the award winner. he is such a loser and a crappy actor. i hate his guts.

  • San

    Awesome red carpet with Chris “always” Fine,too!!!

  • Question

    Will Butler have to drag Aniston along as his date?

  • she
  • mmmmmmm

    Gayest Oscars ever!

  • effie

    Sam Worthington is so f****** hot and a really good actor. hope Zoe Saldana is gonna present with him. I’m such a geek.

  • kim

    keanu reeves hell yes i wasnt going to watch them but now knowing that the amazing sexy KEANU REEVES is going to be there, well that just makes my bday (same day as oscars) SO DAMN GREAT AND NOW I CANT WAIT, yea keanu!!!!!! love me some keanu

  • Katya

    I still think Jake the hottest and probably the smartest. Just look at him, geek-chic.

  • Matt

    A lot of bad actors presenting, except Jake Gyllenhaal. The Oscars is getting to be a low class show.

  • really?

    Jake the smartest? I doubt that. His highest education is high school. Some of this group graduated college and university. Example: G studied law for seven years at Glasgow University.

  • Delicious

    This is the best Oscar can get? Although Steve Martin will be worth watching.

  • Mary

    @really?: G for Gerard who hugs random women on the street to sell his “straight” image? You must be joking.

  • Jamie Foxx

    is an Oscar winner. Is he presenting?

  • JLK

    Here is a link I found listing all the known presenters:

    Congratulations guys!

  • Sam…..sigh!

    I’ll be watching just for Sam Worthington…..yummy.

  • ManLESSton, I likely

    Good for Butler and the rest. That is a nice invitation they have all received. Nice to have some eye candy on Sunday night.
    Well, I’m jetting back over to the Butler only thread.
    Have a good day you JJers! ♥

  • Tim

    Sh!t! I hope this doesn’t mean we will see Aniston draped all over Butler is some tacky dress with her fake tan and bleached blonde hair.

  • sue

    y is everyone throwing out negative comments, about the actors here, like all actors these listed here have tons of fans and also haters. the oscars are a show, which i never like the way the awards happen. but hell all u people who r saying sh!t just need to calm down, watching the awards r a choice u dont have to watch. but y set here saying all this stuff.
    me, myself, i have watched these almost every year but last havent been good so this year i wasnt going to watch them but knowing that my favorite actor the one the only KEANU REEVES will be there i will be watching them and looking all over the crowd trying to spot him. he is an amazing actor and has been at the oscars b4 and it is good to see him going this year. he is one of the actors that has been in the acting world a long time and he conts to work, even with all the stupid crap that he has to put up with he is still going strong.
    u dont have to watch if u dont want to be that’s no reason to throw down on the show or the people going to watch them.

  • curious cat

    Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn…who presents. What matters is who wins ‘em. This is typically a drawn-out circus, but too fascinating not to tune into off and on anyway.

  • gg

    Can’t wait to see charlize!! glamour is back!

  • pretty young girl

    OMFG Sam is so handsome and Gerard looks so fine sometimes. Finally not too many geezers and saggy nuts.

  • Celia


    I know right! Where are the REAL actors aka Johnny Depp, Brad Pitt, Leonardo DiCaprio, Sean Penn, Angelina, etc.
    They’re getting all these B-Z listers this year. With the exception of Kate Winslet.

  • Ann

    Can’t wait, definitely watching this one!!! Chris is the hottest of them all.

  • Marie

    Damn…. Chris Pine but no Zach Quinto? The bromance is incomplete :(

  • celti


    Umm there will be sean penn, Charlize Theron, Penelope Cruz, Winslet….Blister plz bitch you are almost funny .

  • cali

    I wish people wouldn’t complain that these guys aren’t
    “worthy” or past oscar winners. They are up and comers, and that is fine. Some will be the next big name and some will be the “one hit wonders”.

  • Matt

    Pathetic I just had a cable alert that ABC is wanting money from cablevision and threatening to pull the channel. ABC will host the oscars this year. I wonder when they will pull our local channel hopefully, on sunday. lol. HGTV and food network was gone for a few weeks but somehow came back without my cable bill increasing. I guess Oscar isn’t pulling enough big advertising dollars.. I missed foodnetwork, could care less about abc.

  • dogloversdate

    He should marry anistan

  • Bradley

    Nice presenters here. I would like to know who the lady presenters are though. I wonder who all these men will take as dates.

  • jojo

    Bradley Cooper should be receiving an Oscar, not just presenting! He is very talented! Love Bradley

  • maria

    I like all them but Jake G I love him, certainly the best and talent young actor at moment.

  • CICI

    hell yea keanu reeves i def watching this year KEANU REEVES so AMAZING and STILL AS SEXY AS F^CK

  • MElina


    i so agree with you.
    and yea keanu reeves is just so amazing love that he is going this year makes it worth watching.

  • I usually

    don’t watch the Oscars. Just the best and worst dressed stuff after. But this year, with Gerard Butler a part … I’ll be watching. In RL, he may be a candidate for THE worst dressed a lot of the time. But when he gets all dressed up for one of these things … there is nothing better. He’s like the Dr. Jeckle and Mr. Hyde of fashion. Oh what eye candy the Butler is when he is all duded up. He makes my teeth sweat.

  • me likey

    KEANU CHARLES REEVES ooooooo hell yea

  • Chegs

    Yesss, Keanu! Will have to watch now :)

  • nasra

    Wonder whom manniston will cling to at the Oscars; G.Butler or B.Cooper??