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Adam Lambert Sleepwalks Onto Leno

Adam Lambert Sleepwalks Onto Leno

American Idol runner-up Adam Lambert debuts his new single “Sleepwalker” from his debut album For Your Entertainment on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno on Tuesday night (March 2).

Who was in the audience watching live? Sarah Palin! You think she’s an Adam fan?

Sleepwalker” was penned by Ryan Tedder, Aimee Mayo and Chris Lindsey and produced by Tedder. Watch Adam‘s performance below!

Adam Lambert Performs “Sleepwalker” On Leno, 3/2

Click inside for some backstage video of Palin,Lambert and Shaun White

Backstage at “The Tonight Show”
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  • Buzzy

    Love Adam, and would watch him on anything. Except Leno, that is.

  • James

    I sat through Leno and Palin for Lambert. He delivered though.

  • quincy

    it’s not his new single – just another song off his album since he sang whataya want from me on Leno a few months ago. he totally rocked it out though!



  • Cindyg

    Same here James. I did too!. Adam was the highlight of the night for sure!. =)


    Sarah Palin was so painful to sit through o m g. She’s so fake and retarded and cold and goofy and…just so cringeworthy I can’t even. Aaaargh.

    Adam was so goooood! I love that backstage interview with Bryan (hottie!). Shaun White’s pretty nice too.

  • umm woah

    he was amazing o_____O

  • Jory

    Love Him he is amazing he killed that song ….

  • shrooms

    I really fkn appreciate people who put hard work and effort into their performances. Because it’s like artists aren’t even trying anymore and yet getting into the charts.

    I loved Glambert’s Romulan Prince look haha!
    And he blew it out the box with his vocals.

    I love and respect how mad versatile he is:

  • Ashley

    Luv him!!!He’s amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Luv this song!

  • EMusic

    Best songs on his album:
    Broken Open, Fever, Soaked, Sleepwalker, IIHY.

    Best songs sang live:
    Broken Open, Soaked, Sleepwalker

  • Katie

    I saw this last night. It was an amazing performance.

  • VF

    He was the no. 1 (and then no.2) Trending Topics last night on Twitter for hours. This was so good, he got a standing O from the audience.

  • SL

    This isn’t his next single. It was just a one-off performance. However, it may be his 3rd single. So awesome live!

  • music lover

    Adam was a class act. Is it me or he’s getting better and better?! He left me breathless. I could actually see my hair raising.


  • sharon

    Adam electrified and mesmerised. What a pro! Wish all on cd would be on video and performed on tv like tonight. Jay was a generous host, as like last time. Welcome back to where you belong! Shawn was great and tho I disagree with Palin’s views, thought she was funny and belongs on SNL. Love Adam!!!!!!

  • If you want

    Follow Adam and his band on Twitter:
    (Monte Pittman – guitarist, used to play for Madonna, was in a band with Adam for years called Citizen Vein. Epic epic talent, hilarious dry sense of humor, he’s the man) (blonde quirky one. TJ for short, amazing bassist, used to play in a heavy metal band) (LP. Dreadlocks. He’s so badas.s on the drums and sort of lives in his own world, he’s just the coolestl. Used to play for Yellowcard)
    (new girl! Camila Grey on keys. She is fabulous and funny and so talented. Is part of the duo band UhHuhHer, UHH is still happening, she’s just doing this project as well while they’re in the studio)

  • …I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    …his album is fcuking incredible. from beginning to end it hot. he has at least 10 songs on there that should easily be a single.
    …`i don’t even know how many times i’ve bumped it in the car.

  • Ashley

    Luv this song luv adam!

  • Susan

    Its not his new single but dang I wish it was! Adam blew it outta da park last night! Unfreakingbelievable!!!! I love the song and Ilove Adam Lambert! What a voice, ROCK GOD!!!!

  • PR

    @SL: I think If I Had You will be his 3rd single.

    His management are stupid because they don’t pay attention to what the fans or casual listeners actually LIKE. They need to put up POLLS.
    Sleepwalker always gets a really positive reception live especially when he sings his face off on the heavy rock version. Songs like IIHY, FYE and Strut that are amazing dance tracks for the album, aren’t as epic live yet they’re still released.

    Don’t get me started on “Fever”. If they had ANY balls they would let Adam release that Gaga produced track, but just ONE pronoun scares them.

  • Jermaine

    they shouldve released sleepwalker instead of wwfm
    and fever instead of fye.
    and music again and soaked. and maybe broken open. that song reminds me of early radiohead won’t lie, it’s so ethereal. deserves a music vid.



  • Jada


  • KarenB


    It’s not, but I so wish this WAS the next single. Great cross over number with broad appeal.

  • Qlockwork

    adam was so good, i’m proud of him. i love his little interview up there. bryan is gorgeous. sarah palin was her usual annoying un-funny self, leno is annoying as well. monte tweeted a pic of palin with his little daughter looking terrified lmao

  • …I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    adam fcuked idol up forever. he set the bar way to high. not in comparison every season will suck. this seasons group of guys are horrendous. not a single one of them are even remotely close to anyone in from last season.

  • Keat

    Adam Lambert has found his vibe again lately. I hope he keeps getting better. : ]

  • lol

    @Keat: Well now you’ve just jinxed him.

  • Jenn

    So freaking awesome!!

  • Jet

    Adam really is impressive. The guy can sing his brains out!!

  • walkerwalkerwalker

    Show me another artist right now who can sing AND perform like this and I will give you my future first child.

  • Mary

    Of course she’s an adam’ fan!
    Who cant not be?
    AMAZING, like always


  • mary

    I have no words on how to describe his AMAZING TALENT!!! Go Adam!!

  • mary

    @walkerwalkerwalker: you tell them….I think Adam is the only true singer out there at this moment.

  • Steph

    Love him or hate him, you cannot deny that he is one talented dude. Idol sucks this year with out him. Hell I even miss Danny Gokey, and I did not think that would ever be possible.

  • LM

    And what I think is so incredible about this performance is that he and his team, if they were to be brutally honest, I bet, probably decided to be just a little cautious “performance” wise – and he, Lambert, just blew it out the box vocally! Not that it lacked performance quality, that’s the thing, that WITHIN the confines of this venue (and I’d be willing to bet a business-savvy call to watch his p’s & q’s just a bit) he still tore it up w/ his vocal and what he did go ahead and exude performance wise. And let’s just all collectively say that the band is sooo frickin’ awesome. This guest spot as musical guest only deemed it necessary to cut out guitar solo, we all must understand, but dang Monte’s amazing, as is the rest of the band! He just laid it down man – and if people are foolish enough not to run with it, they’re cutting themselves off from an amazing talent – and just a fun ride plain and simple. If you’re a fan who hasn’t bought the cd {or who has obtained via piracy ;) } support Lambert and pick it up.

  • lynnr

    Adam Lambert = gifted singer, totally glam, hot guy + warm, funny personality. He is the total entertainment package. Sleepwalker was an absolute beautiful song and he totally rocked it. Thanks for letting us know he got a standing ovation because he sure did in my livingroom. It was hard to get to sleep after that amazing performance.
    Welcome back Jay Leno.

  • LM

    @Steph: Too funny “Steph” and right on point… meant to say that in my post as well – love him or hate him, dude’s freakishly talented, detractors can’t take that away from him. AND YES, about Idol. I hate to add to that chorus of “Lambert has ruined Idol for me, even if only in a good way…” but dang man, he has… and yeah, I’m even appreciating Gokey more now – I was just saying that to my peeps. AI Season 8, to be fair, was so enjoyable because of Allison and Matt G and Allen and even Gokey… but the likes of our boy Adam – hate to gush but I don’t think we’ll soon see the likes of him again… on Idol, OR ELSEWHERE.

  • JDGurl

    What a night! Had to stay awake and sit through the most boring Leno show to get to see Adam. I can’t believe Leno would give all that time to Palin who’s an idiot. Shaun was OK but Adam was beautiful and sounded great…he IS getting better. I hated that he looked so good and Leno only let him have 4 minutes of air time while Mrs. Stupid got all that time before the cameras with her stale quips and scripted-by-others so-called jokes. So, I’ve learned my lesson. No more Leno for me in the future…I’ll watch Adam the next day without losing sleep and having to listen to all those major no-talents they keep matching him up with. Adam is too good to be associated with all the tripe.


    Cr@p, I forgot Doug!

    He’s not IN the band but he does all the lights and equipment and tweets twitpics all the time, so he’s awesome to follow.

  • Omaha Reader

    (ps. I didn’t even understand 1/ 2 of what Sarah Palin said in her interview. She was just strange!!)… I only watched the show because Adam Lambert. Worth the wait though… Adam Lambert’s performance was amazing… Go Adam!…

  • jonesy

    @…I n F a m o u s l y C o o l: it’s true this year of idol sucks. kris allen and allison iraheta also showed everyone waaaay up when they sang on the show last week. i hope that when adam performs on the show (he’s been booked but he’ll be on towards the end) he sings like this, or like he sang broken open at fantasy springs. something that will show off his voice proper.

  • kms

    I’m holding out hope for Sleepwalker to be the next single. Adam stated “maybe” for IIHY. This was Aimee Mayo’s tweet from yesterday – @kelliepickler I am freaking-I think I have the new Adam L. single. He played it on Leno. Found out at the Palm & I started screaming!!!!!!!

  • gossiphound


    Lady Gaga? To name but one?

  • Ryang


    Why are you saying Palin watched Adam at the Leno show???????


    She left to go see the taping of American Idol with the men singing. Yes she gave up a chance to see Adam live to see those clowns. More proof she’s an idiot.

  • slambang

    Adam rules. Leno and Palin are both idiots.

  • :x

    @Mary: EHHH WHAT??

    Are you joking….? Do you know who Sarah Palin is and what she stands for? She is an out bigot who prides herself on controlling other human’s human rights. She is against people of Adam’s orientation.

    “While White came out to shake Lambert’s hand at the end of the show, Palin, a vocal opponent of gay marriage, did not.”

  • Kite

    @kms: No, Aimee was just overreacting. She assumed it would be the next single since he debued it on Leno.

    IIHY is almost certainly his next single at this point. Even though everyone wants Sleepwalker to be. But I think they want to release an uptemo after WWFM. His album has too many solid tracks actually. A lot of them would make great singles.

  • Mari

    That was just HOT!