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Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt Take The Twins for a Spin

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt Take The Twins for a Spin

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt board a boat in Venice with twins Knox and Vivienne on Wednesday (March 3).

Joining the twins for some family fun was Shiloh – she held Brad‘s hand as they walked to the boat!

Yesterday, Angelina filmed scenes for The Tourist waving and blowing kisses on a balcony.

FYI: Ang is carrying an “Ame” bag in black by Loewe.

10+ pictures inside of Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt and their family boarding a boat…

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  • brad

    i hate the view women they are liers as well….If JD is girl wants him to drop out…..i guess JD must show her how he is attracted to Angie.
    he himself said that Angie loves her man….wow! if his girl is saying this she must be very insecure women….brad went after Angie…He said it over and over again….wow I am appalled that the view bring this stupid gossip to television….

  • brad

    i hope brad will take the part……

  • brad

    i don’t believe this I am so upset with this. JD’s girlfreind….who in the stupid mind leave their children and husband ,……

  • umm

    Why are you upset about tabloids lies? Ignore it.

  • Anon

    I have tried looking for Angie’s interviews in the monthly magazines, but some how they are are hard to find to verify what she actually she said. It is rather suspect that the responses are easily found online, it makes me really distrust the media and publicists. It is interesting though, who benefited?
    Thanks to those who have posted some of Angelina’s past interviews and those who set the record straight.
    It has gotten disgusting how many people/tabloids that have fatten themselves of rumors and lies via Brad and Angelina for fame, greed, vindictiveness or to make themselves feel good about their own pitiful lives.

  • Yoco

    Hey someone please link the NYTimes article titled’ Hollywood gets tightfisted….” it basically says Angie is one of the few movie stars who still commands her stated salary upfront everyone else’s salary is defrerred to the backend like Clooney and even Roberts. Of the Oscar films Brad got the largest upfront fee 10 million . Thanks in advance I DK how to post links. BTW that Vanessa story came from the Post sister pub. to NOTW

  • gg

    I think “brad” is probably bet or one of those manny hens. I mean
    Who cares about that kind of garbage after seeing Brad and Angie like that except ofcourse the hate camp people like those ?

  • Passing Through

    # 159 Jill @ 03/03/2010 at 7:46 pm +21
    I sent an e-mail to Alana Kelen, one of the people Lies & Sh*t quoted in that article about Shiloh, to ask her if she really said what they said she did, and she responded within 5 minutes saying Lies & Sh*t took her comment completely out of context. This is the text of her e-mail:
    Personally I hope this woman is getting bombarded with e-mails from irate parents, not just J-P fans. She should have known better than to speak with a tabloid rag to begin with. I have zero respect for any of those so-called mental health or early childhood psychologists and social works who speak on the record to a tabloid. They should know that whatever they say is NOT going to be quoted in full and will be taken out of context and twisted to fit the negative slant the tabs always give a story – especially when it comes to Brad and Angie. She was a fool for even taking their phone call and deserves to have to deal with the fall out from talking to the likes of Lies & Shite in the first place.

  • anoble


    Good Afternoon JP fans

    Here’s the link, Yoco

  • Passing Through

    # 202 GLAAD @ 03/03/2010 at 11:48 pm +13
    Life && Style Off the Mark in Targeting Gender Identity of Angelina Jolie’s Child
    March 3, 2010 by Jonathan Rosales, GLAAD’s Entertainment Media Manager
    Woo-hoo! Go GLAAD! L&S is fvcking with the wrong group of people. GLAAD likes to kick ass even more than PETA does…

  • Gracie

    We all know that the tabloids lie so why bother repeating their lies. it only helps them spread their lies further. The haters will come here and pick up on it, just ignore and it will die like it started. I don’t believe JD’s GF said anything of the sort, we knew this was coming the minute Angie and JD were paired to act in a movie. Brad and Angie have a solid relationship and all these lies make them stronger.
    I think Brad and Angie should sue Life and Shite and any other tab that tries to defy their warning. It will put a stop to all these bs. None of the UK mags or tabs dare to print anymore bs about them. If they are faced with the possibility of being taking to court, they will stop or at least retrain from spreading fabricated lies.

  • nypost

    Johnny Depp’s Girlfriend Wants Him to Quit Film With Angelina Jolie

    Johnny Depp’s longtime girlfriend does not intend to join the trail of Hollywood ladies left brokenhearted after Angelina Jolie stole their men, the New York Post reported Thursday.
    A source revealed that when French supermodel Vanessa Paradis found out her “Pirates of the Caribbean” stud and Jolie were to shoot a passionate love scene in their new movie “The Tourist,” she ordered Depp to find another gig.
    But by all appearances, Depp was not able to cut himself out of the shoot.
    Filming started last month, and Depp and Jolie were spied sharing a laugh Tuesday on set at the Palazzo Pisani Moretta in Venice.
    In the flick, Jolie plays an Interpol agent who seduces a tourist, played by Depp, in order to flush out a criminal she slept with in the past.
    Paradis “found out that there was a real long and intense love scene between (Depp) and Jolie,” a source close to the project said.
    “He’s currently trying to (get out of the movie), but I don’t know if he’s succeeded. But he’s trying and they’re talking about replacing him with (Jolie’s partner) Brad Pitt or Leonardo DiCaprio.”
    Paradis, Depp’s partner of 12 years with whom she has two kids, did not need to look deep into Jolie’s past to find reasons to worry.
    The puffy-lipped siren and Pitt hooked up after they steamed up the screen in “Mr. & Mrs. Smith.”
    The 2005 movie was largely credited with busting up Pitt’s Tinseltown union with Friends actress Jennifer Aniston.
    Years earlier, Jolie got her hooks into Billy Bob Thornton while the “Sling Blade” actor was reportedly engaged to actress Laura Dern.
    Reps for Depp, Jolie, Sony Pictures and producer Graham King could not be reached for comment Wednesday.

  • Gracie

    Can anyone be sure this Alana Kelen actually said what they claimed she said. remember the Law firm the NOTW quoted as the lawyers handling Brad and Angie’s separation, only it turned out they’ve never had any dealings with Brad and Angie. I’m a bit sceptical about these tabloids, they lie and fabricate a lot to make themselves look credible.

  • Gracie

    NYP is becoming like tabloid, close sources but no names. Before you accept a script, don’t you get to read it and understand what parts you’ll be playing? How come they only found out after the filming started. i think some of these papers surf the net and pick up their lies from the gossips. This is why it is good to sue, it will put a stop to all these garbage.

  • Passing Through

    # 203 lucky @ 03/03/2010 at 11:49 pm +11

    This is a decent article.
    Shiloh Jolie-Pitt’s tomboy style ignites blogger buzz, but is no cause for worry, experts say
    “Kids change their style constantly,” she says. “There is so much pressure on kids today, and clothing helps them discover who they really are. It’s a way to put yourself out there. Shiloh’s a toddler, so this is probably just a stage. It’s important to just let it run its course.”
    The tabloids – and a lot of stupid people – want so badly to think ill of Angelina that they lose all common sense. Kids go through stages. That’s why it’s called “childhood”! Parents who don’t want their kids growing up to be anal repressed twats let their kids experiement and stumble and fall and get back up and try something else. Dollars to donuts none of these idiots commenting on this know that Brad’s mother was a school counselor for donkey years. And remember in the VF article last year the interviewer was talking about how Angie gave him an article from a parenting magazine on using star stickers as reward system for the kids. So obviously she’s reading parenting magazines and has researched the notion of what to do and formed her own opinions – opinions some dipshits refuse to respect. And that’s what it boils down to – a refusal to respect Angie and her right to raise her children as she sees fit. Notice how I left Brad out of the equation? That’s because these people apparently think Angie makes all the decisions herself and is solely to blame for whatever they thing is wrong with her children. Brad’s the innocent bystander who’s swept along in Angie wake. PFFFFT. As fvcking if. We’ve been saying for years – people who think Brad’s Mr. Middle American Values are living in a dreamland. Even when he says he’s pro gay marriage, pot legalization and doesn’t like organized religion and is 80% agnostic and 20% atheist these people still claim he’s clinging to the values of his Missouri upbringing. Idiots.

  • Passing Through

    # 209 lucky @ 03/04/2010 at 12:00 am
    That new so-called bio is yet another British author compiling tabloid stories and calling it a biography. Golly…wonder where she got that idea from… I bet her book doesn’t sell any better than Mr. IUC’s…

  • here we go

    So the stories about angie and johnny already began.

  • well

    About the new so-called bio, when Angie and Brad first got together there was an article or about Jolie having dinner with Ralph Fiennes in New York.

  • justme

    These women on The View are making Vanessa look insecure. Vanessa is no “deadend wife”.. Depp loves her and she knows that. They have a very loving, solid relationship. Tabloids have to make money, so they have to make up lies. I am sure Vanessa is OK with Angie or Depp would not have accepted. Relax fans, we believe in Brad and Angie’s love for each other. Remmeber those beautiful twins, plus four? Ignore this one. We all knew this was coming. As far as I am concerned, more publicity the better. RELAX!!!

  • andamentothat


    LOL.. I am worrying too.. My 7 year old has a moratorium against dresses.. and I have not been dressing my toddler in dresses either.. too much work to find bloomers to cover diapers.. and my little one shares her birthdate with Shiloh.. so worried… damn L&S, like i had less going on in life.

  • Anon

    I don’t watch The View anymore, it is apparent they go after the ratings and drama and don’t look in their own backyards much. Whoopi gets drowned out by the producer or else she would call their butts out…including herself, imho. It is all about the ratings, Sherri Shepherd…flat earth, lose your own baggage. Your act is soooo old, everyone knows your man cheated but do you know your son is watching YOUR every move?

  • dianad1968

    @Passing Through:


    PT, IF, as she said she was misquoted, then she should have no problem calling out Lies & S*it on their lies. Somehow I doubt she will.

  • mmsic

    Didn’t Angie worked with Whoopie before,why is she ragging on her?Anyone! Could it be because Angie won the Oscar and not her? I’m really curious! Anyway,i don’t read the tabloids,it’s bad for my health and for my sanity.It’s better not to know anything than to know a lot of things,that’s just me.

  • dianad1968



    NYP, is not becoming “like tabloid”. It has been that way for years. I refuse to even look at that excuse for a newspaper.

  • Anak

    Their kids never smiles! Wonder why …

  • rachel

    brad looks old and gross with that beard,he looks like a homeless,nasty and angie…eat woman ,you need to eat something

  • rachel

    everybody is worried about angie and johnny have something,..johnny dosent see her like a woman ,he only has eyes to vanessa and he loves her ,oh and johnny is hotter than brad ,that is a reality,he is the real sexiest man ever.

  • brad & angie fan

    @Neleh: Thanks, very cute video specially with Pax, having a blast with the people around. I like when he said ” go,go”. That’s cute.

  • lylian

    too much work to find bloomers to cover diapers.
    TOO RIGHT. I didn’t bother with bloomers either. I just let her go about in diapers in the house and put on the long cotton knit pants when we were out because of falls, bites etc.

  • kacee

    so beautiful!!!

  • rachel

    It seams that in Just Jared there is NOT democracy, I can’t write a comment here,it will be censured,what hapens?? who do this?? I can say only pretty words of angie and brad,well,… I dont care:: JOHNNY IS HOTTER THAN BRAD BY FAR!!!!

  • soi

    I hope you feel better now that you got that out #281-psycho much.

  • lakers fan in boston

    these ppl are super boring!
    daily posts of them getting on a boat
    my god…

  • Smell Like Skunk


  • zen2

    It’s wonderful see the twins more frequently. They are CUTE!

  • gracie

    It’s weird what people can do with technology these days. I went over to JJB to look at pics and I saw this video of Angie and JD on Tourist so I thought I watch it but half way watching it, I thought, Aaa! the scenes look familiar to the ones I’ve seen in Mr & Mrs Smith with Brad. You know what? it was, they have used all the love scenes with Brad in that movie and replaced him with JD pictures except it didn’t quite look or feel right. It was funny though. Whoever made the video has some wild imagination. This video has You Tube name attached to it, meaning it is on You Tube and some people might see it and think it is the real thing from Tourist. I thought I share with you. I couldn’t stop laughing thinking about it.

  • old lady

    Better than watching the Oscars, isn’t it? Thanks JJ and God bless everybody.