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Jessica Simpson to Oprah: I'm Angry with John Mayer

Jessica Simpson to Oprah: I'm Angry with John Mayer

Jessica Simpson opens up to Oprah about John Mayer telling Playboy she’s “crazy” in bed.

“I tried to read the article, and I was so disappointed in him,” Jessica admits on Wednesday’s episode of Oprah. “It made me so sad, and it was really discouraging because that’s not the John that I knew…I hope he gets his life together… He did apologize. I don’t accept it. It’s just one of those things that… I don’t resent him. I’m just going to let that go. That part of my life is over.”

She continued, “I’m not angry. I’m — well, I’m a little bit angry … I’m a little bit angry. Um — well, I don’t want people to know how I am in bed. I guess it could have been a lot worse.”

Jessica‘s new reality show The Price of Beauty premieres on March 15 on VH1.

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  • mickey

    I’m angry that Oprah has this no talent, useless cow on her show.

  • Fanny

    No, mickey you are angry because Aniston has been embarrased in front of the entire world. By Oprah and Jessica talking smack about Mayer it potrays Aniston as a looser. ha ha. GO JESSICA and THANKS OPRAH FOR HAVING JESSICA ON YOUR SHOW. She is a good girl who deserves respect.

  • Nic

    Wow Fanny time to take your meds, Jesus, how pathetic, and sad must your life be!!!

    Anyway who cares about this.

  • Rhonda

    Gayle’s getting jealous, watch that hand opie!

  • Dreads

    Can Jessica end a sentence? I know she was confused by the whole Mayer thing but she could at least speak better. I don’t hate her though. You people calling her fat are delusional because she is not fat. AT ALL

  • mia

    I am not sure where Jennifer Aniston was mentioned in this bit, so I am confused how we made the leap to her. Somebody must be a bit obsessed with Jennifer Aniston. Either way, what I want to know is, how Jessica Simpson really expects us to believe that her mom jeans were only a size 4! I wish these people would just ‘fess up so they don’t look like idiots.

  • sillyme

    I bet Papa Joe Simpson is just loving this! Hopefully, this will be the last word from Jessica, too. If she starts showing up on every talk show on TV to talk about this, then she’ll be milking it.

  • LuckyL

    She’s so stupid, trying to drag this out to make herself relevant, and she is so wishy-washy in her “outrage.”

  • Jinx

    John Mayer, like Kanye west, is helping a talentless singer get publicity for her new project.


    John Mayer is a douche bag. I feel bad for Jessica to have to talk about this long after they broke up but he mentioned her. I’m glad she and Oprah talked about it so she could half attempt to say where she stands with John. She was on Oprah to promote her new realty tv show which looks like another hit for Jessica, I guess because some people like her dumb blonde attitude.

  • Jessy

    Good luck Jess with your new show.

  • Elin Nordgren

    Jessica is fugly …next.

  • n.o.l.a

    She should have worked a little harder on her marriage to Nick. It’s been all down hill for her since the divorce. Let’s see…movies didn’t work; her singing career is a bust…she’s now D-list at best. If all else fails…back to reality TV.

  • yo sista

    Why was she on Oprah? Does she has an album? A Movie? Nah…
    Real Superstars like Britney or Beyonce go to Oprah to promote their albums, unlike Jessica Simpson or Jennifer Aniston to talk about lovers & ex husbands. NEXT.

  • haha

    Jessica and Oprah are the same size, maybe a size smaller at the most. And she claims she’s size 4…

  • Oliver

    I’m no fan of J.S., but some of you people are being callous jerks. John Mayer is a vile pig with a compulsive need to talk about anything that will bring him attention, no matter who he humiliates in the process. I’m glad J.S. took the high road and i hope Mayer feels like the turd that he is!

  • So Judgemental

    HA! Unknown to Jessice an assistant removed all the 1′s from before the 4 in all her jeans.

    Size 4!! LMAO! Those are some serious ass stretch jeans if those pants at the chili cook off was a size 4.

    Just fess up that for a brief moment your weight shot up.. kinda around the time you realized Romo was going to dump you and your studio dropped you and not even the Strawberry Festival or local Indian Casino wanted to book you.

    Please would have sympathized with you..but you make yourself an even broader target (no pun intended) when you deny it. Geesh!!

  • Ms Anonymous


    JA haters are so dumb they turn everything into a hate thread.

  • missy

    if Jessica simpson is fat, I don’t know what that would make someone like Beyonce! Whole hog?

  • LuckyL

    I agree, John Mayer is a D-I-C-K at the end of the day.

  • …I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    …i know oprah just wanted to laugh her head off at this blonde idiot. chessica simpleton has never been anything more than the stupid blonde who was britney & christina’s bish, and the moron who made the “chicken of the sea” comment.
    …picture john mayer caring about anything this big booobed imbecile has to say.
    some of you don’t know what fat is. cause i don’t think this dummy should be called fat.
    @Fanny: ..HUH?!? what the fcuk are you talking about?!!? what does [x] have to do with this? nutjob.

  • Deedz

    Is she serious? How can she possibly that she’s going to let it go, but then she says that she doesn’t accept his apology? Make up your mind Jessica.

  • Ryan

    How nice it must be for John Mayer all his rude racist, sexist, homophobic remarks are being ignored. Kanye was none of the above and didn’t get off that easy! Shame of you jessica to bring it up again

  • spicylily, Thailand

    John Meyer is NO gentleman

  • Elle

    You all do realize that JS is not the brightest bulb in the package, right? Everybody needs to lighten up a bit. Without him, she wouldn’t have publicity period. Take the good with the bad. At least he probably knows what “Chicken in the Sea” is (still one of the best moments in reality TV).

  • lexy

    This girl is such a moron! I agree Papa Joe is probably thanking God John Meyer mentioned his talented daughter. For once somone other than him was talking about his daughter’s sex life. I can’t believe Oprah would even have this talentless loser on her show.
    She and Papa Joe are probably already trying to come up with a new pitch for some sort of Jessica Sex Show! John said she was so great in the sack that Jessica wants to share her sex tips with the public!

  • Note to Mayer’s Bimbos

    John Mayer said it best : I ONLY DATES STUPID WOMEN.
    Well DUMB (Jessica Simspon) has every right to retaliate since her name was dragged by the douchebag. She actually showed more maturity and class in describing Mayer’s antics.
    Hope DUMBER (the ONLY one who took him twice) takes note. Next time you go out with a douchebag Maniston, don’t tell the world that you have never loved a man as much as this jerk you had no problem to take back after a street conference where he trew you under the bus. Have some dignity woman and buy at least two brain cells . Spare us your juvenile bragging about the way you like the way he think thoughts….thoughts that are now out for all the world to listen to and to judge.
    Idotic middle age woman, Jennifer Aniston-Mayer, the only woman on Earth who could take the NINJA back in her life ! What a pedigree !!!

  • jane

    Jessica is a liar. She first said she is not angry at John, then she said she is angry, so she cannot decide if she is angry or not.

    Believe me folks, Jessica is loving all this attention.

    Oprah is desperate for ratings to grab every controversial person and put them on her dying show.

  • jane

    Jessica and Jennifer need to choose better men.

  • Kirsti

    Jessica is not fat. However, she is no size 4! No way.

  • jaliah

    She is giving her opinion, nothing wrong with that. She is at least lucky that she didn’t wax lyrical about him because that would have made her look like a fool with bad taste.

  • Delicious

    Jessica is a sweet girl. John should keep his mouth shut but some how guys like that never know when to shut it.

  • nikki

    i think it’s quite sad when a woman’s trust is violated and people attack the woman. some of you people are pathetic. she has every right to have mixed emotions about what mayer said, and it’s apparent that she was upset when she spoke of the incident. not everybody wants to have that kind of information made public, and jessica would’ve had to address the issue either way, so why not do it on oprah and get it completely out of the way? and who cares what size she wears? if she says she’s a 4, then let her be a 4. it’s not like it’s taking money out of your pocket, and we all know none of you complainers can afford her wardrobe, so let it go.

  • LIAR

    SIZE 4 MY ASS!!

  • not impress with aj

    @Fanny: what? lots of people have exs that makes fools of themselves and it doesn’t reflect on the person. move on. brangelina! lol. it is a jessica, oprah and john thread……guess loonies can’t keep jen off their minds.

  • lylian

    @BUZZ KlLL:
    ITAWY. For those who say why is she in Oprah – read and comprehend. She has a new TV show. I wish her every success.
    And why shouldn’t she say she’s angry with Mayer and she doesn’t accept his apology. She has moved on from Mayer – she had another boyfriend, broke with him, got a new TV show. Successful or not, she’s not trying to lure mayer back to her. Good for her.


    @not impress with aj: OH and who does “aj” stand for in your name?

    In fact I see a name here on JJ called “not impressed with ja,” who has been posting on Angelina threads. hahaha You Jen hens are beyond pathetic… always accusing Brad and Angie fans to be obsessed with Jen, when they themselves don’t care for Jen, as much as they obsess over not Angie and Brad, but J-P FANS!!

  • monkeynmimi

    @So Judgemental:
    I was not a big fan of Jessica Simpson, nor was I against her, until I read her claim that her mom Jean were a size 4. Now she totally nauseates me. She must think we all are dumber than she is, which for the average american would be pretty difficult. I knew she wasn’t too bright, but this takes the cake. I have never seen a size 4 jeans with hips bulging out of them the way hers were.
    I don’t know why she is even on Oprah. I don’t understand why John Mayer felt the need to gossip the way he did, but he is still making hit records, Jessica is a one hit wonder, now trying to cash in on bad publicity. I am really disappointed in Oprah wasting airtime on white trash Jessica

  • Diego

    @Fanny I like both Jen and Angie I just wanna state that lol ok FANNY: You’re crazy noone mentioned Jennifer Aniston, this is about Jessica Simpson and if you gotta compare them, Jennifer Aniston is A-List and Jessica Simpson is Z-List

  • ++Logan++

    To me, Jessica looks really beautiful!

    There is a big big difference between being fat and having great curves.

    Jessica has nice breasts, hips and shape to her body. She is far hotter than Lindsay Lohan, Nicole Richie, Paris Hilton, Lara Flynn Boyle, Lady Gaga and Rachel Zoe who are all stick thin with bobble heads.

    Besides guys like shape and something to hold on to…and no that doesn’t mean they love fat women, it means they love women with a feminine shape.

  • KVB

    Sadly, there appears to be far too many young hateful women in the world?! A lot of jealousy, eh?…she is a great businesswoman who has built nearly a billion dollar business so stop insulting her intelligence. What have you done with your lives? Jessica is a sweet and sensitive Sun Cancer and no woman deserves to have her bedroom passion exploited by the man with whom she merges her soul at the time (whether it is a backhanded compliment). Believe it or not, most “real women” consider the actual of sexual merger as a sacred experience. I can imagine Jen A.’s lawyer has sent him a pre-cease and desist letter in light of what he has occurred with Jessica.

  • Sara

    @KVB then how come Jessica Simpson’s lawyer has not sent John a precease and desist letter. Jessica must want John to talk about her so she can get attention for her show.
    John said it best he only date stupid women. Jessica and Jennifer are showing them self to be very stupid for having anything to do with this jerk.

  • Iris

    Waiting to have sex until marriage really worked out for her and Nick…oh, wait……

  • lindsay lohan

    … John Meyer is “white trash”
    go girl jessica!!

  • Katsaridoula

    god she is fat and ugly…. run away and ever how your fat a.s.s. again… ou make us puke you empty headed idiot Simpson

  • lexy

    A great business woman?? All she’s done is lent her name to a bunch of products so she can make money. She has to do SOMETHING to afford her lifestyle and try and keep herself relevant since she has no talent. It’s not like she really DESIGNS handbags and shoes. And it’s not like she doesn’t wish she was Britney or Christina who earn their paychecks b/c of their singing and acting jobs.
    Speaking of Brit and Christina I guess Jessica should be thanking John Mayer – now she’s got something new to talk about other than how she was rejected by the MMC all those years ago!!

  • Ms I did I do I will

    When is Aniston’s turn to go talk about Mayer on Oprah? Hasn’t she got another romcom to promote?
    Just asking…peace!!

  • june

    jessica said that john mayer wasn’t the same man that she had been with, he had changed and she hoped he get back to his old self. yeah, jennifer aniston got a hold of him, that’s what happened. she used him with her narcissistic, self-promoting, fame-hoeing ways. Get back to music, john and forget boring 1998 ever happened.
    jessica, be angry but you did get positive attention just when you needed it most and john meant no malice.

  • Leah

    I like ASHLEE SIMPSON better!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  • Brit

    I’m actaully a little excited about Jess’s new show. I hope it turns out good and hopefully its really eye opening.