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Miranda Kerr's Swollen Fingers Spark Engagement Rumors

Miranda Kerr's Swollen Fingers Spark Engagement Rumors

Miranda Kerr arrives in Paris to work some of the fashion shows on Wednesday (March 3).

The 26-year-old Aussie supermodel recently denied engagement rumors. She told UK’s Hello! magazine, “I think Orlando [Bloom] is an incredible man and he’s a very genuine and authentic individual. I’m grateful that he’s in my life. No, we’re not engaged. You can’t always believe everything you read!”

She continued, “We were in Cannes at the [2009] film festival and it was so hot that my fingers were swelling. I was wearing it on that finger because that’s the only one it would fit on. It was totally an innocent thing.”

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Credit: Eliot Press; Photos: Bauergriffinonline
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  • Maria

    Can somebody identify her bag?

  • Alias

    Some women look great without makeup unfortunately this isn’t one of those times

  • YAY!!!

    LOVE that she is doing high fashion.
    If I heard correctly, she will be walking for Balenciaga tomorrow morning.

  • @2

    I think that she looks great. Well, except for the pic where she is frowning at the pap.
    She looks very pretty and chic.

  • Kate

    its a Balenciaga bag.
    she’s pretty, i love her

  • WOW

    First she walks for Prada, and now Balenciaga has invited her back.
    She did so well at both shows, I hope that this opens more HF doors for her.

  • ++Logan++

    It is funny how High Fashion brands are now begging Celebrity Models to come and walk for their catwalks. They need the sales and exposure and they are using a overexposed Victoria’s Secret model to do that.

    Sad, how Prada and Balenciaga are now relying on mainstream catalogue models.

  • @7

    I do think that Prada used the VS girls for publicity, but at least Miranda looked like she belonged on the HF catwalk.
    Balenciaga is different, though. She walked for them last season too, with no fanfare. She was just being a model doing her job. Which is really a compliment to her. They didn’t hire her because of her celebrity, they hired her because they liked her work.
    She looked amazing at Prada. And I’m looking forward to seeing her at Balenciaga again this season.

  • ke$haluv


  • Gorgeous girl.

    Miranda’s so effortlessly stylish, love the boots and bag…..can’t wait
    to see her walk for Balenciaga.

  • Brit

    I love Miranda, but I can’t stand her hair like that. I wish she would wear it in a ponytail. This one makes her look like a house wife. I feel awful for saying that about her, but I do adore her. She is very gorgeous.

  • a housewife….

    she can come over and clean my house! lol

    she looks great!

  • GAH!

    She looks gorgeous, BTW.
    And I guess that walking for Balenciaga makes up for missing the Global Green party with Orlando.

  • nina

    Get over it. Orlando and Miranda are not engaged! They will be over by the years end. Wait and see.

  • susan

    She usually looks so pleased to be photographed. She doesn’t look happy. Missing lovely Orlando? Nah! She just probably wished she’d gotten that awesome bag in another color. Love the girl’s style!

  • @14

    Uhmmmmm, no one said that they were engaged. The article that JJ referenced mentioned that old rumor, no one here did.
    But it’s nice to know that an ‘insider’ with super secret information has arrived.
    What would we do for entertainment if it wasn’t for you *ahem* insiders.
    Oh, and BTW, if you had read the article instead of just posting your usual garbage, you would have seen that Miranda herself said that they weren’t engaged. But I guess that you were too anxious to start a fight and didn’t want to bother with any of those pesky little details.

  • LuckyL

    ++Logan++ @ 03/03/2010 at 8:40 pm

    It is funny how High Fashion brands are now begging Celebrity Models to come and walk for their catwalks. They need the sales and exposure and they are using a overexposed Victoria’s Secret model to do that.

    Sad, how Prada and Balenciaga are now relying on mainstream catalogue models.
    I didn’t even bother with all this information to the mindless broads in her other thread. In the words of Anna Wintour, “You either know fashion or you don’t.”

    By the way, Miranda does not look like an epic fail unlike Bar the other day.

  • LuckyL

    All this isn’t a knock on just Miranda or Miranda in general, but it is just a common fact. She’s just a part of the line-up, that’s all. As written from the Prada show:

    “Behind [Miuccia Prada], models, hair done up in sixties beehives, were changing. Among them were Doutzen Kroes, Catherine McNeil, Lara Stone, and Miranda Kerr, young women whose relatively curvaceous beauty has generally exempted them from being cast as exemplars of female gorgeousness on runways such as Prada’s for the past few years.”

    They’re becoming more inclusive, the need for publicity, etc. etc. Many things have factored in for the presence of people like Miranda now, but let’s not pretend this is Coco Rocha. Indeed, she and others like her have been generally exempted, though pretty for mainstream society’s standards.

  • @18

    Then why did Balenciaga use her last year without any publicity?
    Prada did pull a stunt. But Balencuaga is using her as a model, not a billboard.
    No one is saying that she is the next Naomi. But she has shown that she can be HF material. And if you aren’t willing to admit that she got rave reviews from fashion reporters for her turn at Prada, then you are too biased to continue this conversation.

  • LuckyL

    You can take it personally if you like. I don’t think she’s ugly and she obviously is a horrible model. She’s just not exceptional and it’s fine. The NBA didn’t need everyone to be Michael Jordan and C’s get degrees too.

  • LuckyL

    I meant **is not** a horrible model.

  • LuckyL

    And please post those reviews if you can find them. I’d read it.

  • @20

    Who took it personally?
    I simply disagree with you.
    Maybe you should stop pontificating and actually read what others are posting before responding.
    Or would reading the posts of “mindless broads” be beneath you?

  • sara

    As others have said on the previous threads, i think that she was paid the highest compliment when the fashion reporters used her photo in their articles without knowing who she was.
    They didn’t post her picture as one of the angels modelling HF as a gimmick, they posted her picture as “a model”, because she looked so amazing on the runway.
    That alone tells me that she may have a future with a HF designer, or two.

  • LuckyL

    Yawn, why? Mad because you’re one of them? Just post those rave reviews sweety. G’night.

  • @LuckyL

    Wow, you’re a bit of a snob, aren’t you.
    Can’t people admire someone and think that they did a good job, without someone else (who THINKS that they know more about a subject) insulting them?
    Calling people “mindless broads” because you don’t agree with their statements or taste was juvenile.
    I can see why others would be offended.
    I wasn’t part of this, or the other conversations, but I find you offensive. Guess that makes me a mindless broad, too. But coming from someone with your attitude, I’ll take that as a compliment.

  • sara

    I remember reading several articles from web sites about the angels in general, and several focusing on Miranda. But I don’t think that they were actually from fashion reporters. I think that they were more like regular event/celebrity/gossip type sites.
    The girls on The Fashion Spot sure liked her though.
    Even the ones who usually only come to her thread to put her down were throwing out compliments.
    I loved it!

  • melli

    Her Face is big and ugly.that´s why she has Sunglasses on.

  • Danni7

    Swollen (edema) fingers and face is also caused by protein deficiency. This girl has got to start eating again!!

  • Ferula

    Oh my Gosh, she’s UGLY!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jayne

    orlando and kate broke up because of being way from 1 another 4 2 long so whats going on with them 2? 7 to 8 weeks is a long time 2 b away from the 1 u love. and b4 u go on 1 that is what i think.

  • @29

    Not if it’s a temporary swelling as what happens on hot days.
    The girl is healthy. You don’t have skin that beautiful if you aren’t feeding your body.

  • @31

    Why there you are!
    I was wondering when you would show up to post the same thing that you do in all of Miranda’s threads.
    Please post the same thing 10-11 more times to keep up your track record.
    Oh, and while you are at it….try to come up with a rational explanation that tells us why you think that Miranda should have turned down Prada and Balenciaga to be with Orlando for a party in LA, without also claiming that if she cared about him she would give up her career like a good little housewife.
    Come on.
    We will be waiting.

  • seems like…

    ob & mk are working it out to me…i’m not losing sleep at night worrying abou them.

    Maybe they aren’t engaged, ’cause after all these years they’re probably already married.

  • @34

    Surely so! after almost 3 years they are married for sure…they got married on a plane while coming back from somewhere they joined each other.

  • Gee

    Some marriages last 6 months and some unmarried couples last decades. Marriage has nothing to do with how strong a relationship is.

  • sara

    Well, she did another great job for Balenciaga!
    I’m not a fan of their styling for their models, but she still looked great.

  • ]{

    Miranda Kerr’s Swollen Fingers, nose, cheeks and EGO!!!

  • @38

    ya, I’m sure that you are right.
    I mean, who knows her better than an anonymous poster on a gossip site?
    Surely not the multitude of stylists, photogs, dressers, make up artists, hair stylists, reporters, and fellow models who have worked with her, and who all sing her praises.
    They all think that she is sweet and down to earth, but what do they know, right?

  • talan

    To Sara 24

    “As others have said on the previous threads, i think that she was paid the highest compliment when the fashion reporters used her photo in their articles without knowing who she was.”

    Well Sara, you obviously try to give Miranda the complimennt. But what you said is that “fashion reporters” DO NOT RECOGNIZE HER. They are “fashion reporters” and she is supposed to be one of the most popular models. Or maybe not if she is unknown to the bunch of reporters who are ONLY doing fashion. Realy interesting wiew on MIrandas popularity.

  • mia

    Where is her hair? How can someone without any hair have a big hair on the show? Wig?

  • @talan

    Fashion reporters who cover HF probably don’t watch the VS fashion shows. And even fans had trouble recognizing her in the first photos that surfaced.
    She looked AMAZING at Prada, and did a great job at Balenciaga. You’ll have to try harder in your attempts to bring her fans down off of their high.
    Oh, and BTW.
    you never came back to that previous thread to explain your reasoning on how close up, n*de ctotch shots of top models and models wearing bondage gear in Love magazine were more tasteful and artistic than Miranda’s rather demure GQ ed that you had ctiticized so harshly.
    Still waiting for your spin on that.
    It seemed that you ran away with your tail between your legs.

  • talan

    I still have the same oppinion about Mirandas naked photos. And I still think that they are not classy and that they are cheap. But, why waisting the words on discussion with you- obviously, you are so non objective Mirandas fan that you are blind when it comes to her. If she was (and she was not- I wonder why??? but maybe you know the answer) among the models who WERE INVITED to appeare totally naked but still managed to be powerfull and beautifull and classy I would find her photos attractive. Like I think that one old photo with naked VS models only in shoes and glowes – if you remember that one- is pure art. Miranda was among them. I am not running away from any discussion. I have my oppinion, and you are not going to change it- like I am not going to change yours. It is ok. And about fashion reporters – give them some credit. We are talking about proffesionals. Do you really thing that everyone can enter the HF show and make photos, write articles and comments? They have a lot of materials about the show in advance. They have a lot of informations about the show before the show. Simply, they know Miranda is there. It is their job to know.

  • @talan

    OK, you think that close up crotch shots are “classy”
    that tells me everything that we need to know about you

  • Jayne

    no im not saying that 4 the last time, but i would pic the 1 i love over work any day. So your saying in 7 to 8 weeks she had no days off .

  • Jayne

    and 4 1 thing im not in all miranda’s threads that would b u.

  • @46

    She told she is headed to LA for some VS work, so I am sure we’ll see pics of the private couple at some Oscar after party…

  • @47

    cuz private couples never leave the house!
    and private couples would never want to go to a party to be entertained by Elton John or Prince, or to network with the movers and shakers of your industry
    who would want to do that?

  • tsk

    I know I’m changing the subject a bit, but isn’t is curious that someone soooo private is doing a photo shoot/spread with Hello magazine? Including her whole family. Can’t see OB and family going along with that though.

  • @49

    But that’s jus it. It was HER family, not Orlando’s.
    And besides, Orlando’s mother has been interviewed before, and he isn’t shy about being out with his sister, so I think that you are barking up the wrong tree.