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Adam Lambert Takes 'Whataya Want From Me' Down Under

Adam Lambert Takes 'Whataya Want From Me' Down Under

Adam Lambert rocks So You Think You Can Dance Australia with his single, “Whataya Want From Me,” on a episode airing Thursday (March 4).

The 28-year-old singer will be signing copies of For Your Entertainment in Sydney on Saturday before the Mardi Gras Party down under.

For Adam fans stateside, you can catch him on VH1′s Unplugged next Wednesday (March 10) – can’t wait to hear acoustic versions of his songs!

Adam Lambert – Whataya Want From Me on SYTYCD Australia
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  • cacey

    I UNDERSTAND MANLINNER, but the guy is always in full blown MAKEUP including BLUSHER, AND lipstick and he has bad skin to top it of.

  • Jada

    Kelly Rowland met Adam at Mardi Gras and posted this on her blog:

    “OMG…I love Adam! We had so much fun chatting it up. It was my first time meeting him and Oohh I’m in love”

  • rock_chick_chic

    he was really hot on american idol but now he just looks like a woman.

  • xxx

    Get some proactiv, mate.

  • ugh

    @cacey:I DON’T understand men who only wear eyeliner like Navarro and Wentz, it looks fkn douchy as hell.

    I DO understand men who “get dolled up like pretty ladies” (Adam’s own hilarious words) like Prince, Bowie, androg singers, even metal bands. There’s a video of Adam talking about all that, that whole glamrock SPIRIT. His straight bandmate TJ wore bright red lipstick at Fantasy Springs. Adam doesn’t wear lipstick unless you’re talking about blue lipstick which he wore to his crazy gig last month and used to wear to Burning Man. Oh and I REALLY don’t understand the skin comment because 1. It never matters when it’s pulled over perfect bone structure and cheekbones and a perfect nose like Adam, Knightley etc. and 2. he KNOWS his skin so I don’t get why you say it like he don’t know? Save all that for fratboys who are in love with themselves.

  • belle

    So very talented. Amazing singer, performer. Always leaves me wanting more. Love you so much, Adam!

  • :)

    I haven’t watched his performance yet but apparently they had two men dancing together :’)

  • cacey


    PULEASE, DAVID bowie did not wear full blown MAKE UP TO THE grocery store, ADAM wishes people will take him seriously with all that cake on his face.


    @cacey: You’re so wack. WISHES lmao? If you mean people like you who are insecure then YEP. If you mean people like Slash, Spielberg, Queen, LedZep, Macca’s band, Tim Burton, LPerry, Cavallo, Hawkins, Muse, Gaga, Marshall….who are all FANS and FRIENDS of Adam’s then, WRONG lmfao.



    RT: @ novafm @ adamlambert is insane…

  • Jet

    @cacey: I bet you are particularly lovely – LOL!!

  • NVogue

    @Jada: Has there been ANYone who hasn’t fallen in love or like with him after meeting him? His personality and energy is magic.

  • rach

    umm are you sure he is celebrating mardi gras? cause that was last weekend

  • James

    Why the hell do people talk sh^t – the dude can sing his face off. He is getting more and more famous around the world and the petty freak’n Americans just talk about make-up and skin. Wake up fools! This dude is mega talented.

  • Terri

    @cacey…….not sure what point you’re trying to make. Sure, he wears make-up most of the time, and it’s hot as hell. He also strips it all off sometimes too, and that’s hot as well. He’s a sexy, intelligent, hot guy. The fact you have to point out he has skin issues is beyond childish. Someday Americans will be more accepting of people that won’t be put in a nice little box that appeals to the masses. Adam was recently asked in a Canadian interview if he thought Americans were square. He replied that some Americans are square…but some are also round. I can’t wait for the day that the majority of Americans are “round” like other countries. We’ll get there eventually.

  • ohplease

    @cacey: Oh HI facist. Not only did Bowie and so many male singers wear full on makeup, they dressed in WOMEN’S clothes too. The ONLY difference is the fact that people like You can not get past Adam’s orientation linked with this fact. IF he were a straight dude like his bassist wearing women’s clothes or ridiculous makeup, you would just laugh. Adam laughs. A LOT. People take him SO seriously. “When I roll out of bed in the morn I’m a dude. When I go to the store, I look rough, I’m a dude. When I’m going for promo or social events? Oh I’m on Girl’s time. Most of the time I don’t bother taking my eye makeup off, looks better that way the next day anyway. Residue all the way.”

  • Jet

    @cacey: How the F’ing hell do you know what David Bowie wore to the grocery?? David Bowie was really into make-up and costumes and loved to go out in his garb. As did Lou Reed and Poison. Adam isn’t the first guy to dig this scene, go do some research.

  • cacey


  • Jazie

    @rock_chick_chic: Well you are entitled to your opinon but I think he is hot as hell and even if you don’t like his looks, who the freak cares – the guy can sing can crazy!!

  • Jet

    @cacey: No I mean narrow mind little boys with small ones.

  • WOW!!!!!

    For the backwards makeup-fearing Americans up there:

    each url . com /p7
    each url. com /p6
    each url . com /p4

  • LMAO

    Adam Lambert plays Chatroulette with Mezdoolsricki . He’s now known as LAMBO lollll:

    “I’m not easily offended y’know. But I can pretend to be if you want.”

    These Ozzy interviews are so much funnier than US ones.

  • Jenn

    I saw Adam in Indio and he was amazing!! If you haven’t seen him perform live you are missing out. The guy really is phenomenal. My husband went expecting to be bored and walked out a huge fan. Adam has a great band and they tore the roof off the place!! Adam sings live better than most people can with enhancement and auto-tone.

  • Sydney

    Powering space ships and battling superheroes, Adam Lambert and his jewelry can do it all.

  • Aron, 24

    @Jenn: He and his band are epic live.

  • Jenn

    Toi@Aron, 24: Totally agree!! It was one of the best live concerts I have seen and I have seen a lot of concerts.

  • cheri

    Okay, now positive things. He has an exceptional voice. He is a performance artist, meaning he wears makeup and dresses for the lyrics of the song, or the venue. Most women love the rocking guyliner. He adds glitter and eyeshadow that is part of his “glam”. It makes him unique and sexy.

  • Terri

    I was at Indio also….that acoustic Whole Lotta Love performance was epic. I swear we were all on an 8 minute acid trip with him. Everyone around me was speechless. A man and his wife who was sitting next to me looked at me after the concert was over and said…”WTF did we just witness?” He was in a zone that night like I’ve never seen him in before. What a performer.

  • LuckyL

    God this guy is so successful <3 <3

  • Traci

    And this matters because…. Adam has an incredible voice, is intelligent and interesting, and a remarkable entertainer. I, personally, LOVE the way he looks, imperfections and all (he has fewer of those than 99.9 percent of the people I see on the street, btw), but, ultimately, it’s about his singing, which is always pretty much perfect.

  • Isaac

    there’s some 5 year olds on the first page d a m n

    adam congrats on the GOLD single dude to match the GOLD album
    stay real as you are bro

  • KRB


    “I DON’T understand men who only wear eyeliner like Navarro and Wentz”
    Navarro will go the whole 9 yards when the occasion warrants it. I met him before a show once and he had just had his makeup done – gorgeous! Don’t know about Wentz though.

    Whoever mentioned about Bowie – in the early 70′s, he rarely stepped out of character in public. If he did go to the grocery store himself (which I doubt) he probably would have done it in full makeup – it was all part of the show. Boy George was the same way in the 80s.

  • nooooo


  • KRB


    The parade was last weekend. Sydney Mardi Gras lasts for over 2 weeks! The Australians know how to party!

  • OJohnson

    @Terri:ACOUSTIC WLL was shrooms and s.e.x . His voice is rare. Sounded unreaaaaaal on Broken Open as well.

    The only other dudes that can sing like that are Buckley and Wainwright but their voices weren’t/aren’t sexual or sensual.

    The only man who DID have a sexual precense and vocal was Plant. No one tops Plant. But now that he’s older and gone Country Blues, Adam has his own space and box — bring it on. He’s brainy creative crazy driven fun proper charming and charismatic (since everyone that meets him ends up befriending him or in love with him) so I don’t see him going anywhere anytime soon. ESP. with the amount of support he has from both human fans and legend fans.

  • cacey

    i DID NOT MEAN to get the whole clan angry. I guess the truth hurts, and b4 u go accusing me of being homophobic, get ur facts straight.

  • taze

    recent new fan of his, I really enjoy his talent despite all the past controversy, he has really major potential! it really is time to get past it,because despite what some verbal antagonistic sayers and spewing, he is getting more and more popular and recognized for his talent everyday. and I think it really burns you negative people up that it is happening,so you come to these boards to express your frustration by being petty and mean. which is strange to me, If I don’t like something, I stay away from it……the makeup thing has never bothered me, to each his own, I say. I just here for the talent.

  • ?????????????

    Ew to the childish comments on page 1.
    I really LOVE and appreciate the fact that Adam Lambert mixes masculine sexual swagger with sensuality. It’s fxn refreshing today.
    He’s a chameleon thru and thru how are some not gettin that??
    He always looks diff, always. He’s not afraid to look pretty and he ain’t afraid to look ridic or rough (did you see his rock my town gig where his purpley blue black lipstick was smeared all over his face).
    Take it or leave it cos there’s no way he’s changing for you.
    It’s like all you shifty insecure little boys think of when it comes to Adam is sex and the way he looks. Ummmmmm……………….LOL.

  • Eddie

    @James: They can’t. Americans are reta*rded like that.

  • jen

    Amazing performance

  • Vanessa

    Nice style as always,
    and voodoo is greeeeeaaaaaaaat :)!

  • Troierkjet

    @cacey: idiot, moron….lol

  • Article

    Adam Lambert dropped a bomb on So You Think You Can Dance last night. He told Australia that he was performing at the Mardi Gras Party.

    “I didn’t realise it was a secret,” Adam told us earlier today.

    “I’m excited. I know the audience is going to be pumped, they’re going to be a little cracked out probably – which is fabulous!” Lambert admits.

    The Mardi Gras committee has been very hush hush with the talent they’ve secured this year, in what’s set to be the biggest Mardi Gras Party ever.

    He’s be serving some high crazy as$ fashion.

  • Dorena

    Hey Jenn my hubby did the same thing at FS – now he’s obsessed with Sleepwalker which he loved on Jay Leno also!! LOL. Anyway Adam is hot with or without make up. He is a doll. Voice is out of this world live. Can’t wait for a tour!!

  • Ben

    @cacey:It’s not just you and no one called you a homophobe. Americans don’t like gay men glamming it up, gay men who try to act as publicly “straight” (wtv that means!) or neutral as possible, included. Time for a change. He’s a fkn unintentional pinoeer and you people can’t even see it. At least the legends can. Give him time trust me.

  • taze

    please do not generalize us americans by what you see and read. that is not cool or fair.There is a very very very large (I mean huge) amount of people that like him and it is growing every day, it just seems the more negative people are more verbal, we regular people have lives and do not troll blogs to post negativity. I think his true fans are fighters, they work hard to get his name out there and defend him against many.(I’ve seen it, they could run the country if they wanted too) so no not generalize them…..not a die hard fan yet but getting there.

  • Son

    @cacey: I just saw your “tranny” comment. TOO BAD no one called you a phobe you piece of *****. Do you know what that term MEANS? Do you know what it’s short for moron? It is just as offensive and ignorant as using the F and N words. It is like fcuking calling me a N**** because my skin is not the color YOU want it to be. If you as accepting as you say you are in your heart, don’t be throwing derogatory terms like that around!

  • amazing

    I’ve probably watched every performance of this song and it’s different each time, which is great because it makes it exciting and fresh every time. Adam’s a freaking genius.

  • frak

    @James: People talk sh!t because they’re intimidated by Adam. He’s gay yet he gets girls left and right throwing themselves at him. He’s open and honest about everything so there’s nothing left for haters to dig up and shame him with. The guy is fearless and not ashamed of anything anyway so… LOL haters.

  • headradio