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Gerard Butler: Artists For Peace And Justice

Gerard Butler: Artists For Peace And Justice

Gerard Butler supports Artists for Peace and Justice hosted by Vanity Fair and Brioni on Wednesday (March 3) held at Bar Nineteen 12 in Beverly Hills, Calif.

On Monday, the 40-year-old Scottish actor hung out with Terrell Owens at Cosmopolitan magazine’s Fun and Fearless Males of 2010. At the event, he joked, “To be honest, I’m surprised I wasn’t nominated for an Oscar.”

“I mean, did they see Ugly Truth? Did they see Gamer? But I have the honor of presenting at the Oscars, and I had this genius idea that I was going to record it on my DVR, and then just watch it backwards, and then I’m going to feel like I won. Who’s going to know the difference?,” Gerard told NY Mag.

FYI: Gerry is wearing a three-piece navy checkered suit, solid blue silk tie and white and blue plaid collared shirt by Brioni and Bally “Salurn” shoes.

30+ pictures inside of Gerard Butler supporting Artists for Peace and Justice…

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gerard butler artists for peace and justice 01
gerard butler artists for peace and justice 02
gerard butler artists for peace and justice 03
gerard butler artists for peace and justice 04
gerard butler artists for peace and justice 05
gerard butler artists for peace and justice 06
gerard butler artists for peace and justice 07
gerard butler artists for peace and justice 08
gerard butler artists for peace and justice 09
gerard butler artists for peace and justice 10
gerard butler artists for peace and justice 11
gerard butler artists for peace and justice 12
gerard butler artists for peace and justice 13
gerard butler artists for peace and justice 14
gerard butler artists for peace and justice 15
gerard butler artists for peace and justice 16
gerard butler artists for peace and justice 17
gerard butler artists for peace and justice 18
gerard butler artists for peace and justice 19
gerard butler artists for peace and justice 20
gerard butler artists for peace and justice 21
gerard butler artists for peace and justice 22
gerard butler artists for peace and justice 23
gerard butler artists for peace and justice 24
gerard butler artists for peace and justice 25
gerard butler artists for peace and justice 26
gerard butler artists for peace and justice 27
gerard butler artists for peace and justice 28
gerard butler artists for peace and justice 29
gerard butler artists for peace and justice 30

Photos: Charley Gallay/Getty
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  • alicia

    I absolutely love him!

  • GB overload again

    Its that time of the year when we have total GB overload, I will be glad when he finally gets round to doing another cheesy movie, at least his famewho*ring might wind down at bit .. wait a minute, we are talking about Gerry – attention is the air he breathes. LOL
    Good suit courtesy of Brioni, well done there, at least someone else takes the responsibility of styling him for one. His humor does not translate into print, once again he ends up looking stupid and juvenille.
    At least Artists for Peace and Justice are getting a bit of publicity for Haiti and I appluad that at least, though his heartfelt pleas from January look a bit hollow after a whole month of partying in Mexico and Rio.

  • CJ

    Looking good Mr. B…at least from a distance..♥


    Too much plugging can cause the opposite effect. Just so you know, its all riding on Gerald’s back. lol

  • nyc

    When will Gerard Butler work out that his words give critics and writers the chance to take a (justified) dig at his acting (or lack thereof).
    His dumba$$ comments from an even dumber Cosmo party award means that it is open season for reporters to take a quick swipe at his acting chops. This report is one of the first, but I am sure that there are many to follow. Way to go Butler and in Oscar Week! Duh!!!

    … item reads
    ” Los Angeles, CA, United States (CNS) – Sometimes it’s just not enough to be tall, dark and handsome. Scottish actor and Hollywood stud reveals that he is surprised that he wasn’t nominated for a best actor award at this year’s Oscars. The 40-year-old joked to NYMag: “I mean, did they see “The Ugly Truth?” Did they see “Gamer?” The “300″ actor continued: “I do have the honor of presenting at the Oscars and I had this genius idea that I was going to record it on my DVR, and then just watch it backwards, and then I’m going to feel like I won. Who’s going to know the difference.”
    Despite not being recognized for his talented acting chops, Butler does have a new film coming out opposite Jennifer Aniston in “The Bounty Hunter” which is due in theaters March 19

  • Fritz

    *morning, JJ’ers!

    LOVE the pic. with Diane.

  • Booom


    Suit in a cage do not wear with a shirt in a cage!
    But to whom I tell?
    Who is his stylist?

  • eliott

    His hair style is dangerously close to “Alfalfa” territory.

  • Stinkylouise

    @nyc: Maybe next year he’ll be nominated for TBH.

    Morning guys!

  • oh well

    Three parties in three days and a flight across the country. Plus all that before in Rio and Barbados. And more yet to come for the Oscars! And he looks great! This life would never work for a woman. The camera could not be so forgiving. Maybe he is just working out and getting spa treatments off camera. I see he is wearing a Chinese healing beads on wrist Tuesday night. Reiki anyone?

  • sarafina

    Love GB with that Scottish Accent, i have a Scottish Accent please do not lose that accent. KEEP IT REAL.

  • cubedweller

    @Fritz: Hi Fritz! Love that he’s hanging with Diane Lane – she is one of my top pics for a costar for Butler. She just keeps getting better. And thank gawd the Mad Hatter pulled it together, stylewise, for this do. He looks amazing.
    Morning JJrs – xxoo

  • Fritz


    Yep, Cubie! I’ve loved her ever since “A Little Romance.” Diane is the coolest chick around.

  • Stinkylouise
  • I Wonder?

    Whose the asian women in pic 11?

  • ManLESSton, I likely

    The Great Scot is looking so nummy. Looking good Butler. :-)

  • cubedweller

    Lainey should just man up and say what she thinks, no more of this sugar-coated nonsense LOL.
    Seriously, she makes the worst haters here sound like phangurls, in comparison. Hamm has always been one of her crushes. And she never misses a chance to snark on his girlfriend.
    Lainey is evil, but she makes me laugh – whatever.

  • Tina

    God – I hope we are not going to see him and Aniston together at the Oscars – I can’t stand that woman.

  • Lainey is a sow

    Lainey is as predictable, boring and unimaginative as F*ck. She is a parasite of the worst kind making money by being the cesspool she is. That’s why I never give her the time of the day by visiting her site.

  • CynicalButNot

    Loooooove the suit, G! Hard to believe this is the same guy from the Elmer Fudd thread — but the paradox is just one of the reasons I/we are fascinated with this guy. No?

    Got exhausted wading through the other thread’s posts from last night and what seems to have been another “Groundhog Day” discussion on G’s private parts … I’ve decided it’s better to hang out here during the daylight hours (US time, that is).

    Hello JJers!

  • Old Mia

    G looks handsome in that suit. He can really rock it when he wants to.
    But, I liked the Fudd hat on him. It’s the only hat I’ve seen him wear that didn’t change the look of his face. (That is make his nose look really big.) The dieting/cleansing/whatever is certainly working on the face as well as the body. The chubby cheeks are disappearing. I bet he’ll be a knockout in Coriolanus.

  • Dani

    Diane Lane is gorgeous. She does not age.

  • tuesday night
  • Poor girl

    @tuesday night: That’s all i can say. Poor girl!

  • Interesting

    nc @ 03/04/2010 at 1:45 pm

    I think it would be awful to be Gerry’s date. I get the feeling he’s THAT guy who asks you out only to find out hes got an entourage there waiting for him. His dates probably don’t get much of his attention. Shes just one doll he can pull out of his toy box. If these girls are smart they will enjoy the places he takes them and meet other people- network- for their own benefit.

  • http://guido guido
  • angel
  • Stinkylouise

    @angel : He won’t be alone.We all know who he’s going to bring.LOL!

  • angel

    @Stinkylouise: I forgot about Alan, that’s right. His soulmate.

  • Legal peen eagle

    OMFG! Now the number of the uncut bunch has grown under Legal peen Eagle’ scrutiny. How the f***k do you know they are all uncut? Do you follow them to the bathroom to have a peek or did you bribe their girlfriends for this piece of info? Are you their peens “personified” to be privy to their sensitivity? Why do you go out to get yourself some real peens instead of blabbering about them here? Do you have a peen shrine at home? Peen deprived much?

  • Stinkylouise

    @angel:He won’t be alone.We all know who he’s going to bring.LOL!

  • Legal Eagle

    @p e n i l e obsession:
    First, the comment was directed toward @larathecablegirl so don’t take it so seriously. Second, I don’t need to work in a urology clinic; my husband is a urologist and he sees these problems a lot with European men.
    He usually sends them to a plastic surgeon if they want to have it removed.

  • Legal Eagle

    Why should he get married when he could hookup a new every week? That’s just madness to think he would. A man in his position is in no hurry to settle down. Unfortunately, by the time he does want to, no one good will spit his way.

  • TrollAlert

    Don’t judge Legal Eagle you guys, she’s cool really. You see, this is what she has to deal with at home. Let’s stop being haters and understand where she’s coming from. Peace.

  • angel

    @Legal Eagle:Oh I’m sorry… let’s see… I don’t give a sh!t.
    Who was talking about marriage anyway?
    Mixing meds with alcohol isn’t cool kids. Be careful. Later.

  • KyrieM

    Gerry looking gorgeous in that suit… And I love Diane Lane, since “street of fire”, great actress and beautiful woman!!
    I see that legal eagle is still here lecturing us with his/her medical reports…

  • Legal Eagle

    Thanks for the peen pics – you’re so talented at finding these wonderful images. Kudos to you.
    BTW, the 2nd pic, is kind of how it looks when the uncut gets yeast inflammation – it grows to double its size. Yayks!

  • Legal Eagle

    First of all, I wasn’t the one to bring out the peen issue last night. Someone referred to what I said a few days ago and I responded. Then other people got involved and we ended up discussing the peen issue.
    Second, people talk about all kind of frivolous stupidities on here so what makes one stupidity more worthy than another? It’s all the same garbage so stop taking it so seriously.

  • ManLESSton, I likely

    Thanks for trying to keep it light. I see the resident thread killer (Manny’s Phannie) has landed again.
    For the life of me I can’t figure out why the f*ck (pun intended) Manny’s Phannie is here. Maybe a need to be fulfilled? Why bother, I mean really. The lectures just make you look like a troll with nothing in your life. And the Pe*en obsession… very Freudian. The issues you must have. OMG.
    What a sad life… I guess when all you have in your life is a bunch of d!cks, what else can you do? :-(

  • @Tuedaynight

    Gerry’s date? Hah! If he is on a date, why bring fryguy and all the others? Besides she kinda fugly.

  • stupidfans

    Jon Hamm is the man. Even Gerry has a mancrush on him. He was all over him at the Golden Globes last year and now at this event. He probably wishes the more they’re photographed together, the more he’ll be seen as in Hamm’s circle of hotness, as in, “Hollywood Hunks Hamm and Butler…” Forget it, Gerry. Hamm is the sh/t and you won’t ever come close to that.

    Hamm & Spittle

    If we’re talking man to man, there’s no question. Spittle, step off for Jon Hamm. Especially being here in LA, it’s a f-cking mystery how they managed to turn that skeeze into a star. A mystery. Even among industry players. Somehow his management team pulled off the ultimate play. Because as far as celebrities go, real celebrities, Gerard Butler is a goddamn fraud.

    Here he is last night at the Artists for Peace & Justice event hosted by Vanity Fair posing with Jon Hamm and his girlfriend Jennifer Westfeldt. It was an early event, and I was at dinner when Jon and Jennifer arrived afterwards, and soon as they were seated, they started kissing in their booth. It’s very sweet. He’s totally into her. Really solid. But her face in person is like Madonna. Makes me sad.

    She’s popular though. A lot of people dropped in at their table, and she’s the kind of woman who knows how to talk to other women. In a comfortable girl’s girl kind of way. And she did look really spectacular in her red dress, and she seemed really lovely to everyone around her, and together they front like a strong team, by all accounts as real as it gets around here.

    Not sure if it shows up in pictures but the way he wore his suit, it was a thing of beauty. Like ART. Jon Hamm in a black suit is ART. And he has the sexiest stride. And the most quivering way of lounging back on a couch that implies ownership but not arrogance. Don Draper without all the character flaws and a terrific sense of humour. He walked out with one hand on the small of her back, and the other in his pocket, nodding to people left and right, and I wondered whether or not he and George Clooney have ever been in the same room before and maybe that’s not a good idea because can the world handle so much dashing in such a small space?

  • spanky 29

    For the hell of it i looked up Eric Lewis (ELEW) and listened to his version of Clocks by Coldplay…not bad…

    As far as date night who knows? She looks BOOHFM though, but fits his criteria.

  • spanky 29

    @stupidfans: Love me some Jon Hamm, watched all the mad men episodes over Xmas break…amazing well written and well cast series.

    Lainey although canadian.. blech..try MK @ Dlisted..hilarious.JMO

  • KyrieM

    @ManLESSton, I likely:
    Manny, I don’t know why you bother to reply to her… she doesn’t understand or better she doesn’t want to get it, she’s obsessed.

  • Legal Eagle

    You’re all obsessed on this site you idiots, you’re obsessed with GB so stop calling the kettle black.

  • ManLESSton, I likely

    @Legal Eagle:
    Manny’s Phannie – why all the tears and the jumping up and down and whining? You have been getting what you have sown.
    You came on here a few days ago with guns blazing lecturing everyone here ad nauseum about something that has most of us here rolling our eyes and laughing our a$$es off. You stated Gerry is unclean, uncut, and spreading STDs. Anyone that didn’t share your point of view got a lecture. Then we find out you are assuming all the sh!t you are spewing about Gerry. As your highly libelous statements continued to spew (BTW, legal eagle, Gerry’s people do read these threads) other posters tried to gently nudge you away from your actionable diatribes. But you are a dense little cookie.
    And calling me an old hag? How very mature of you? What are you 12? 14? 16? You obviously have some serious issues that you are regrettably airing on a public board. I’m actually starting to feel sorry for you…well sort of.
    BTW I call bullsh!t on your significant other if there even is one (is that why you have a pe*en obsession). You have been flooding these threads with nothing but speculation and presenting them as facts. So I call bullsh!t.

  • MFM

    @@Tuedaynight:”If he is on a date, why bring fryguy and all the others?

    I hope she didn’t end up between them later that night

  • Legal Eagle

    @ManLESSton, I likely:
    You’re such an idiot, it’s pathetic. I’m not the one who started to spread rumors about G. If you go back to old threads, you’ll see tons of comments regarding his sex life and the STD issue. People unashamedly discuss all the aspect of his life from his sexual escapades to his movies.
    In addition, no one attacks me like you do. Why are you so threatened nutcase? Who died and left you in charge? Oh, of course, you can’t take it when you’re not running the site and being the center of attention, you loser. Again, that tells me that you need lots of lovin’ from strangers since you’re not gettin’ it at home, manless.

  • Botox schmotox

    that heavy, placid expressionless brow has returned. Since he Botoxed up for the movie (TBH) guess he figured he had to shoot up his forehead for the promo too. it’s sad. His eyes still look natural at the outside corners, but in the movie the crows feet are kept to a minimum. We can talk girlfriends, no girlfriends, STD’s, boyfriends, but if you’re an Actor and you’re injecting your face THAT is what is going on with you – THAT.

  • Tonto

    Talk about obsessed, #47 Legal Eagle, anyone who reads these threads knows that all you’ve talked about is Peens and stds, specifically GBs. Most of the people on these threads discuss GB, yes, but just for FUN. Your discussions center around body parts and disease. That’s not fun, that’s kinda sick, don’t you think? Maybe you should go to a medical board and discuss your theories, because that’s all they are is theories. Maybe you should do a clinical study and then let us know your findings. NOT!