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Jessica Simpson & Jeremy Renner 'Flirting Up A Storm'?

Jessica Simpson & Jeremy Renner 'Flirting Up A Storm'?

Jessica Simpson may have her eye on a new man!

The 29-year-old entertainer spent time with The Hurt Locker star Jeremy Renner at a cocktail party last night in L.A. to celebrate the film, and they hit it off, according to a People spy.

“Jeremy spent the night hitting on Jessica like crazy,” the spy said, adding, “[t]hey were really flirting up a storm.”

Jess and Jeremy reportedly exchanged numbers before going their separate ways!

DO YOU THINK Jess and Jeremy would be a good couple – YAY or NAY?

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  • Andrea

    NAY….I say a big fat NAY!

  • not natural

    she would flirt with a Cocker Spaniel if it got her 1 more minute of fame.

  • Go Ask Alice

    ifeel sorry for her.
    She is pretty and likes good looking men-Tony Romo,NickLachey.
    Mayer the mess was because she needed someone and he was available.
    Jessica is one of those girls who NEEDS a man to feelcomplete but she goes way overboard.
    She should just date and move on and date and move on.
    It isok not to see a wedding with every man you are interested in dating, having fun with.

    Nick was her real deal and her dad and her staff gave him walking papers.
    It is hard to find that one real deal.
    Tony Romo was just a Cowboy Casonova as the Carrie Underwood song goes.

    What Jessica wants from the men she finds, they don’t want the same relationship.
    I feel sorry for her there.
    Welcome to Hollywood.

  • lexy

    She may want to lay low on the dating scene right now. She’s always been cute and had the big boobs (her dad loves so much). But now that Meyer has told everyone she’s a moron but great in bed, I’m sure her phone is ringing off the hook!

  • runnergirl

    He’s heard about the napalm of course.

  • anne

    According to Entertainment Lawyer it’s not Jessica Simpson who Renner may be hooking up with but Charlize Theron.

  • Ckayed

    I’m not certain what is going on with Jessica. She is attractive and used to be a very popular singer ~ the country thing not so much. But honestly, there is something just not quite “right” with her. She was on Oprah yesterday and seemed so uncredible and fake. It has been rumored before that she has a problem with alcohol. Maybe she is simply trying to find her niche ~ she and Jeremy? No, please no for his sake.

  • Kallie

    Oh I hope not for Jeremy’s sake. His star is just taking off and he seems like such a nice guy in all his interviews. He deserves so much better!

  • andamentothat

    people spy?? is that a code name for her agent dropping this info to keep her relevant before her new show.. pls, this is a planted info..

  • Anonymous

    who thinks he’s too good for her – raise your hand.

  • Danielle

    If this turns into something, I’ll cry.

  • purple poet

    No Jeremy. Go with the classier, more beautiful and all around cooler and more talented Charlize. But I hear he and Charlize are just good friends. They would make a great couple and are both single now.

    Jessica SImpson is just so tacky. She makes any man she’s with look tacky.

  • rose


    JEREMY JEREMY JEREMY….U can do soooooooo……….. much better mate.

    Love Renner, awesome actor and he deserves all the credit he is getting and deserves to be with someone genuine.

    I want him and Charlize to hook up!!!!!

  • Darla

    She’s just a serial dater now..girls like her kinda make sick.. They date their way through relevency .. They leak stories and get press through relationships .. Me no likey.. Bye bye jessica please and thank you

  • Chrissy

    Listen, I don’t want to be one of these high horse people and I love The Renner too but…..all of this “she’s not good enough for him” stuff….I mean come on guys. Why do we give so much credit to men sometimes? Why do we assume she’s not good enough? She’s a human being with feelings and the ability to change. She deserves the chance to be with a good man just like every other girl does.

  • Alexa

    Well I think Jeremy has more smarts than that so no. Unless he just wanted a shot of napalm, then I couldn’t really blame him.

  • Lucy

    Staged by her creepy dad.
    Poor gal, too dumb and in love need to validate herself through others to’ realize she’s the joke of Hollywood.
    Let’s face it: for Hollywood standards she’s a fat nobody.
    No one there would ever get it on with real for someone her weight.
    It’s all her dad pr move.
    To’ have a nice life, she better focuse outside LaLaLand.
    With no in the business people.
    But she is not bright enough to’ acknowledge truth…
    I am sorry for her.
    I don’t like her, but I am still sorry.

  • Don

    Two days ago it was “Jeremy spent the night hitting on Charlize Theron like crazy”.
    What happened to Jeremy’s girlfriend, did he dump her?

  • jaliah

    I think her intelligence level is probably on par with Jennifer A but Jessica S seems a little sweeter.

  • IHLoneWolfxx

    from what I heard the guy who reviews these comic books is her new man…….
    Better check your sources i’m sure i’m right about this

  • Deedz

    He was sexier in the Hurt Locker. =/


    For anyone who is leaving a mean comment you should really take a long look at yourself in the mirror… this is the reason why young people have eating disorders or feel bad about what they look like and even sometimes commit suicide!

  • anonymous

    For those that think Jessica has that alcohol problem you may want to take a good hard look ay Mayer & Romo these days. Jess has toned herself down exceptionaly well in comparison & everyone needs a nite out don’t you think.
    Get off the judgements people. Were not perfect & if you think you are you are lying to yourself. No one has the right to jusge so harshly.

    Go Jessica find the man for you.

  • Marilyn

    What’s the big fricking deal. So they get together. What difference does it make. They’re people just like everyone else. Maybe they are attracted to one another, maybe they’ll be buds for awhile, maybe it will or won’t work. Everyone needs someone, right. Why be so against Jessica, we all make mistakes. I personally think Romo was the jerk in that relationship. Like “anonymous” said, who are we to judge and why judge so harshly. Let it be.

  • cmoursler

    fat? She is a size 4.
    What is with people believing anorexia is beautiful.
    People in America need to wake the frick up.
    While ya’ll are worshiping at the alter of the bony supermodel, supermodels and teenage girls are dying and the rest of the country is getting fatter.
    Could we please, please, please, start promoting health instead of bones?
    I have two daughters. One is a size 8, the other is 8 years old.
    I want them to have healthy role models.
    I don’t know about any other aspects of this young ladies life, but she is a healthy weight.
    nuff said.


    Lucy’s right—this is a pr stunt. Jessica crashed the party and this guy was there and that’s it. Then Joe called the tabloids.