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Kate Gosselin: Practice Makes Perfect

Kate Gosselin: Practice Makes Perfect

Kate Gosselin leaves her New York hotel to meet up with her dance partner Tony Dovolani (wearing Creative Recreation‘s Dicocos) in preparation for her debut on Dancing With The Stars on Thursday (March 4) in New York City.

Earlier in the week, the 34-year-old reality star mom shared with Jimmy Kimmel what she hopes to get out of the show this season.

“I am gonna win,” Kate said.

On Good Morning America, Kate‘s DWTS partner, Tony, also shared how he’s been impressed with her so far.

“She has no bad habits,” he said on the show. “I’m seeing a lot of potential. … One thing that she’s got, for sure, is drive. She’s a very good student. … She listens well.”

You can check out the other contestants for this season’s DWTS here.

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Credit: Jdonelly; Photos: INFdaily, PacificCoastNewsOnline
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  • Cayenne

    What’s with the pointed toe shoes? Dance shoes? Just sayin…

  • Whamo

    For a women whose husband is “never around” how does she find the time to do 800 TV appearances a week, DWTS, what next a few months of shooting Celebrity Survivor and then a few weeks’ vacation to get away from it all?
    Every week I see this woman on TV somewhere or a least doing something that’s certainly not with the kids. I realize you’d go nuts being around your kids 24/7 but a least be around them 7 out of 24days.

  • Anon

    Maybe the Gosselin parents can mind fences for the sake of their children. I read Jon wants to spend more time with the kids while Kate is off DWTS. Too bad they cannot work something out, I’m sure the kids would be happy.

  • corinnanniroc

    she must be having a really tough time. feel so sorry for her. she has to take care of so many kids and her husband is not even there with her.

  • LynnieKrantzFatMeanGirl

    I think this is the best I have seen Kate look in a long time. She has really slimmed down (Me and Kami are always on diets but we are still big fat pigs) and her hair looks great. She looks ten years younger. I think they are going to do great. I hope she wins. The kids must be so excited to see their mom on TV. I bet all their little friends are so excited too. Good Luck Kate. Love ya!

  • victoria

    she looks so much better with that new hair style!

  • kizbit

    Can someone explain to me why she’s in NYC when she (and her 8 children!!!!!!) live in PA and the show is in LA????????? This is too weird. I’ve had enough of her already and the show hasn’t even started! I wish there was a number to call to vote her off!!!!!! The line would be swamped with calls!

  • …I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    …`she’s going to get kicked off the show sooooo fast. `ahahahahahaha.. people hate her. i’m going to enjoy watching STD anderson last longer than stuper-mom.

  • to kizbit

    i have to tell you this but you’re dead wrong. the lines are being swamped with questions as to whether or not kate’s training for dancing with the stars will be showen on her show. believe it or not people want to see it all.

  • NDM/RA

    I was just talking to Brutus about Kate’s new hair. We both decided I should get extentions. I just became a red head and Brutus is a brunette. Brutus needs to mind his business before I pour buckets of my sweat all over him and drown him.

  • Chris

    OMG she is leaving her kids for her Dancing With the Stars castmates… they’re getting divorced again:

  • Ireen Smith

    Someone should warn Tony about the crazies. They will probably take over his facebook and try to get ahold of him. These Kate Haters are vicious and know no boundaries. I bet they are sending letters as we speak.

  • lexy

    She’s just disgusting. I can’t even watch Dancing With the Stars. I mean if they consider this loser a “star” when they’ve had great celebs like Jennie Garth and Apollo Ohno then the show is definately losing it’s spark.

  • http://justjared deke

    She makes me so sick, so full of herself. I hope she goes out 1st.

  • Ms Anonymous


    Jon is around far more than Kate is.

  • Ms Anonymous

    @…I n F a m o u s l y C o o l:

    Pam is a nicer person than you.

  • lexy

    I’m hoping she falls and has to leave before the show even starts. Perhaps something can fall on her throat leaving her unable to speak. Or maybe a light can hit her in the head and give her amnesia and she’ll wake up and not be such a desperate media whore!

  • …I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    @Ms Anonymous: ..and you’re still stalking me. ..ahahahahahahaha… `i still own you, sweet! …ahahahahahahahahhaa..

  • Liz



    “HAS”, not “got”.

    Of course, the sentence should have read ” Gsselin’s attribute is her drive”, but …..

    ENGLISH, it’s not just a 2nd language.

  • haha

    she’s come a long way since her pre-TLC days.

  • ke$haluv

    long hair doesnt suit her

  • lexy

    @ Keshaluv – you said it!! She needs to “Go Green” and put a paper bag over her head!!!

  • Nora P

    She is so full of herself that it is unbelievable. She absolutely believes that she is a superstar rather than someone leaching celebrity off of having paraded her children in front of the public. I do not know anyone who like this woman anymore. Kate seems to think that simply by saying that everything she does is to be a good mother means that we will all believe her, regardless of so much evidence to the contrary. She needs to lay off the tanning bed visits, she is starting to look like leather.

  • marion

    She even had the courage to say that she is taking part in DWTS to give a good example to her kids! …’When you work hard, you achieve results’, she said

    When they started jon and kate plus 8, she definetely wasn’t as beautiful as she is now, but I prefer her more as she was. Now she is too full with herself.

  • Casey

    When people are sincere and not surrounded by a pr tornado and seem deserving, most will want good things for them. When people are insincere shrews who have not picked up on the old adage that actions speak louder than words, most of the public will not support them and actually want to see them get their comeuppance. Kate is a perfect example of that. She is completely fake in both appearance and personality and is becoming more obnoxious and conceited by the day. Some may say that those who appear on DWTS are not big stars but at least they have had some pretty great past accomplishments that deserve respect. Kate on the other hand orchestrated a litter and exploited them and that is not an accomplishment worthy of being in the company of world class athletes, singers, an astronaut and even a Baywatch Babe. She is way out of her league. She is running around with a bodyguard? I agree with the person who said it is probably to protect her from being punched in the face. No one else is behaving like that. I bet when Kate is alone at home, she parades around in a tiara. Delusion rules supreme for her.

  • Gwen

    Kate is georgeous now , you’re so jealous Teresa youre jealousy is cloggin up your tubes lmao …… oooooze lol

  • georgeous

    It is funny how the Kate supporters all have a problem spelling simple words correctly. No one close to sane is jealous of Kate, she looks fake not gorgeous. Personally, I though Kate looked fine before her “makeover”. I don’t think she looks good now but I would certainly not call her ugly as that is not fair. No one with a brain would be jealous of her. She is hated by a huge number of the American population and is only a celebrity for using her children for attention. If we had makeup artists and hairstylists at our disposal, we would all look the same as Kate. She is a selfish, self absorbed person who puts herself and her need for the limelight above everything else including her marriage, children, family and friends.