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Miranda Kerr is Pretty In Paris

Miranda Kerr is Pretty In Paris

Miranda Kerr arrives at the Balenciaga: Paris Fashion Week Autumn Winter show during Paris Fashion Week in Paris, France on Thursday (March 4).

The 26-year-old Australian model checked out the new line of clothing by Balenciaga‘s designer Nicolas Ghesquière.

In the past, Miranda has shown her support for the Spanish design house. Last October, she gave attendees a casting surprise when she modeled and worked the catwalk for Balenciaga‘s Spring 2010 line during the last Paris Fashion Week.

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  • sara

    She wasn’t there to check out the clothes, Jared.
    She walked in the show.
    And she was great!
    PS: That slicked back hair-do was for the show.

  • rtyu

    Balenciaga isn’t a Spanish design house, Jared. Its French!

  • so cool….

    Miranda always looks so effortlessly stylish and very beautiful,
    just stunning.

  • http://hotmailaustralia laila

    Miranda is such a beautiful and elegant lady.

  • yes!

    Hate the hair (even though I know that it was just for the show).
    LOVE her!
    And I love that she walked for Balenciaga again.


    I love how the Delphi Loons are getting mad as hell at the moment!
    Miranda walks PRADA and BALENCIAGA! — and all they can think about is the ‘ugly clothes’ HAHHA! It doesn’t matter if she wore a paper bag at Balenciaga as long as she walked the show!! Do you guys think insulting the designers clothes is going to make her walking these high profile shows less remarkable??
    I love how they keep going on with the SAME insults, they’re so repetitive!

  • can’t wait..

    to see photos from the show. Loved the clothes last year

  • jack1

    ummm. gross. this girl tries hard to be someone she isn’t :::famous…

    Think about it. without VS paying to look like a flat board, she would be working in the mall, or doubling for a chipmunk at Wallyworld!!

  • Obsessed/Possessed

    kito09….. instead of disguising at @/HAHAHA/or whatever it is your calling………. why not use kito09@, kito09@whoever said Miranda isn’t all that great/stunning

    so obvious girl…. so so so and it’s not funny anymore

  • @8…jack1

    ummm……delusional and jealous much???

    Miranda IS famous, hugely successful and stunningly beautiful, so
    no matter how many nasty untrue comments you post about her it’s never going to change that fact…..and oh yeah….Orlando Bloom loves her….lol.

  • @obsessed/possessed

    Actually Im not kito09 nice try though! I dont even have an account on the TFS. (bellazon and FMT, yes. but I need an invite for TFS.)
    Haaa but you must think all miranda fans are just one person. Popular opinion with you guys.

  • Sia

    Miranda looks great. I like her leather jacket.

  • Sia

    I like what she’s wearing. Very pretty.

  • @jack1

    Yes, we know that she’s famous because she’s a VS model. Just like Angelina Jolie is famous because she’s an actress, or Bono for being a musician.
    And we also know that if they didn’t have that job, they’d have another. So thanks for the info, captain obvious.

  • @14

    I love you.

  • The fuss?

    I never understood all the fuss about this girl. Whether negative or positive fuss, you guys are putting WAY too much energy on her.

  • @ 16

    Tell me about it.
    Every time I come here it’s like world war 3

  • @16-17

    Well, it’s all her fault for dating Orlando Bloom.
    He has some pretty nutty fans on both sides of the fence.
    Fans who will love any girl he is with, and fans that will hate any girl that he is with.
    The ones who don’t really care who he dates get caught in the crossfire. That’s why I rarely come here.
    I’m a fan of Orlando, so I pay attention to who he is with, but I don’t really CARE about her. As long as she seems like a decent person, and she makes him happy, then she’s OK by me. It’s not like he is going to date someone who drowns puppies in the bathtub, or steals the shoes from a homeless person.
    The only thing that bothers me is the extremes that some of the so called haters will go to. They know no middle ground. And they admit no positive news.
    They condemn her for not being a high fashion model. Then when she walks for HF houses, well then, they aren’t high fashion enough. They never admit that they may be wrong, and they say such hateful things.
    If they would tone it down a bit, so would her ‘shippers’. It’s a viscious circle.

  • @18

    Finally, an Orlando Bloom fan with some clear sense. Thank you.

  • Jess

    she is so beautiful and looks stunning on the catwalk for BALENCIAGA!!!


    “”"If they would tone it down a bit, so would her ’shippers’. It’s a viscious circle.”"”"

    You are kidding right? Someone say here “I dont like her for….” whatever reason, dont prefer her face, or whatever and you all go apeshytcrazy on them. You wouldnt know how to tone it down. I find her dull and nothing special. Awaiting your “jealous much? 6 million men voted her most beautiful, 10th highest paid model in the world, Orlando bloom loves her…..” and your other repetative phrases. Go on…..I’m waiting. Whatever you retort with, she is still dull.

  • not natural

    Does she look in the mirror after putting on those sunglasses she is wearing? She looks like she has a clown face. She can be so freaking ugly sometimes.

  • @21

    Are you kidding me? Lets see, opinions are opinions. they are objective. No one is going to go apeshytcrazy on people posting minor opinions. It’s when these haters state an opinion that is very offensive as if it is a fact.
    ‘tone it down’ is what you guys need to do, and when we say ‘tone it down’ we mean stop stalking her fans, minimize the obsessing with such ill behavior, stop turning this place into a constant war battle. And maybe, just maybe, Miranda fans won’t go all apeshytcrazy.


    WTF are you talking about? You think everyone that doesnt like her, stalks her and her fans saying horrible things? LOL!!!! Okay dearie…. lay off the whatever it is you are sniffing. Bwhahaha! Wow that was funny.


    and BTW not everyone is going to like her. That does not mean they dont have the right to say so even if the “we” you talk about as her fans at this place dont like it. Do you think you own the rights to Just Jared? Go start your own private forum if you want to praise her without interruption.

  • Brit

    I love Miranda. Keep posting her, Jared.. I love to see these haters get pissed off.

  • @25

    Am I talking about people who don’t like her or the Orlando bloom obsessed haters that @16-17 is referring too?
    And where did I say I own rights to Just Jared? I’m talking about the Miranda obsessed haters. Not people giving a negative but still respectable comment.

  • love the boots

    Anyone know who the maker of the boots are?
    She looked good walking HF
    I think she will be heading back to La.


    Uh yes you are. You whackos attack anyone and everyone that says something negative about her. You are deluded if you think you dont.

    Yes Jared keep posting Miranda because no matter how hard she tries she is still dull. The poor thing needs you to keep her relevant.

  • sara


    if you think she is so dull, why do you keep coming back to this post so often? you are the member with more posts here! lol!!! it’s just show you are obsessed hater with no real life.

    i think she looked ok on the runway but the clothes were really bad. she was much better at Prada!


    Just to torment you.


    So it’s okay for you to “torment” Miranda fans by leaving comments such as ‘you whackos’, ‘what are you sniffing?’, ‘poor thing needs you’, ‘apeshytcrazy’ but it’s just so wrong for a Miranda fan to bring up facts like she is an overall popular model when someone leaves horrid comments?



  • ke$haluv

    god who dressed her, pretty girl but the cloathes and sunglasses WTF

  • crazy woman

    The sunglasses look trerible on her pupkin shaped face. HAHAHAHA

  • @32

    Well don’t you know that they are experts on the double standard?
    They have perefected it.
    And I love how she keeps complaining about how anyone who doesn’t like Miranda is attacked, when she is the only one attacking.
    Lolling – she’s ugly
    Fan – I think that she is pretty.
    lolling – stop kissing her @$$ you shipper
    Fan – I just said that I thought she was pretty
    lolling – stop telling me that I can’t have my own opinion
    Fan – no one said that you couldn’t
    Oh, and Lolling…you aren’t “tormenting” us.
    You are entertaining us.
    Thank you.
    *big kiss*

  • DOH!

    Cold meds cause typos.
    That’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it.

  • mirandakerr

    she’s adorable

  • YAY!,2769

    Miranda is going to be photographed for US Vogue!!

    She was being interviewed by the editor of Australian Vogue, so maybe she will be in that version as well.

    She’s really moving up!

  • @39

    Wow! Blake Lively was also on the cover of Vogue last year. So exciting indeed!

  • @39

    That’s great!

    Popping popcorn to sit back and wait to see the haters spin this one.
    Maybe they will say that US Vogue isn’t important. Even though they insulted her for being in Vogue Russia, because it wasn’t “important” like US Vogue.
    Way to go Miranda!!!

  • Ferula

    OMG….. this chick is nasty.
    Only looks decent with Photoshop + Makeup + Lighting.

  • JJ

    How about getting a life???

  • orlando

    my p***s parking spot!

  • @43

    awwww, someone is mad because Vogue spoiled their fun
    And sweetie, if anyone needs to ‘get a life’, is you pathetic haters who spend your lonely days scanning the web for news on this girl.
    We all know that you saw the Vogue news before any of her fans, but you just ignored it until you could come up with something hateful to say.
    Sorry to spoil your plans by pointing that out.

  • 23

    oh how i love this girl!
    she is so inspiring and seeing her makes me happy<3

  • !!!!

    Scoring a shoot for Vogue is a major coup!
    I can’t wait to see it!

  • belinda

    Call me whatever you want but this girl is ugly as fvcking fvck and no runway is going to alter it. When are these posts about the cabagge patch doll aka chucky going to stop? Who in the world would care if it wasn’t for her boyfriend, whom I also don’t care about.
    Get on with your bloody life and for fvcks sake spare me from your idiotic remarks about being jealous. I am not, I am simply refusing to be brainwashed into thinking that chucky is beautiful!

  • @48

    I don’t see the need to be rude about it. You don’t find her attractive, thats fine. Everyone has different taste and we can state them in a respectable manner.
    A lot of people find her attractive, and some don’t. It’s fine. But stating opinions like ‘ugly as f*cking f*ck’, ‘brainwashed to think this chucky is beautiful’ is just down right rude. I don’t see why you need to state things in such profanity and vulgarity.

  • !!!!

    I won’t call you jealous.
    But I will call you ignorant and obscene.
    If you are so upset that you resort to incoherant vulgarities, then maybe you should stay away from her threads.
    Miranda has fans, and is getting more every day. Including, evidently, Anna Wintour. Is that why you are so upset?
    I think that YOU are the one that needs to “get on with your bloody life”. No one is trying to brainwash you. You aren’t important enough for us to care about you. But I do think that you could use your mouth washed out with soap.
    You are a very angry little person.
    That level of anger is just not healthy.