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Miranda Kerr is Pretty In Paris

Miranda Kerr is Pretty In Paris

Miranda Kerr arrives at the Balenciaga: Paris Fashion Week Autumn Winter show during Paris Fashion Week in Paris, France on Thursday (March 4).

The 26-year-old Australian model checked out the new line of clothing by Balenciaga‘s designer Nicolas Ghesquière.

In the past, Miranda has shown her support for the Spanish design house. Last October, she gave attendees a casting surprise when she modeled and worked the catwalk for Balenciaga‘s Spring 2010 line during the last Paris Fashion Week.

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  • hmmmm

    Now where is that poster that accused her FANS of attacking anyone who disagreed with them?
    Little Miss Sunshine at #48 just blew your martyrdom out of the water.

  • bob’s your uncle

    Wow, I came here to see if there’s any pics of Orlando at the Global green party but instead I find a boxing match. Can I place bets?

  • @52

    According to Sebastian, he was supposed to be there. But it looks like filming ran over and her wasn’t able to make it.
    I guess that it wouldn’t look very good if the star, who also happens to be a producer, shut down filming so that he could go to a party.

  • the worst fans

    Another Miranda Kerr thread successfully derailed into a bytch fight, Her fans do more damage to her threads than the detractors ever could. I’m sure she’s thrilled to have this bunch standing up for her. Miranda may be a gracious woman but her fans, not so much.

  • @54

    Yeah. Right. Her fans are doing so much damage to her thread! Yes! They are the ones who are attacking. Who are insulting. Who are calling everyone names /sarcasm.
    You seem to be forgetting that it’s actually the other way around. Sorry to say, sorry for you to hear. Fans defending is normal. Haters stalking fans, ridiculing them is not.
    But yes her fans come in much more numbers then her haters but they are not attacking like her haters are.

  • OBfan

    I’m a fan of Orlando’s and agree that with a comment that I only care about who he dates as much as it makes him happy. I came here to glance at a picture of her and there’s such nastiness! The fans have every right to defend her and the others who don’t like her sound like low class, obsessed lunatics. I don’t blame her fans for defending her against such derogatory comments. Most Orlando fans that I know are a level headed group that respects his private life. These people are the fringe and its pretty sad. Go Miranda! She’s laughing all the way to the bank and Orlando’s arms ; )

  • @54

    So the obscene, vile haters are normal and her fans are horrible?
    Her fans “do damage” by defending her and themselves?
    I guess that you must think that ‘a fan’ posted that disgusting rant at #48?
    But I guess that type of post is just fine and dandy with you because you feel the same way.
    A bit of a hypocrite, aren’t you.

  • wow

    I found comment 48 tragic. It’s terrible to see someone get that angry because things go well for a perfect stranger.
    Gee, humanity svcks. I want to be a dog in my next life. They don’t seem to find pleasure in others’ disgrace or anger in others’ success.

  • @the worst fans

    I don’t understand. You make it out as if her fans are the ones who hang out here all day attacking any and everyone. I can tell you, first hand, A LOT of her fans don’t come to JJ at all. There is like two or three who come to defend but a lot of them prefer to stay in places where haters (a.k.a Orlando obsessed haters) don’t come in at all. Such as places that are solely dedicated to her. Whereas all her haters do come here, whether it’s to read, or to insult. They practically live here, and they’ve turned every single Miranda thread here upside down. Of course it’s not as bad as when Miranda first started dating Orlando (Because ‘the hater’ group is decreasing, while her fandom is increasing. That’s a fact.)

  • Tres

    To Miranda fans: I’m a big Orlando fan and like some other Orlando fans, I only care if she makes him happy and smile. I hope you guys don’t believe every Orlando fan are like some of the crazies. They just give Orli fans a bad name. :(
    But anywhoo, I was wondering why you guys hang out in JJ? I mean JJ is the original place of the Delphi’s, it’s were all the craziness began. Like if some of youse completely left JJ the crazies would have noone to argue with constantly, no one to piss off, and then well, eventually they’ll get bored. I mean there is many, many, many places that are dedicated to Miranda and appreciate her to the fullest, she has sites, forums, threads, dedicated to her. Wouldn’t it be nice reading praise rather then utter b*llsh*t?

  • @60

    So, you are saying that her FANS don’t belong on her threads?
    That’s just ridiculous.
    Why SHOULDN’T her fans post here? We have a right to our opinions too, don’t we?
    You have it backwards.
    If her HATERS avoided her threads, there wouldn’t be any fights. Differing opinions are welcome. But the type of hater that posted at #48 is why her fans are so determined to defend her.
    They are so hateful, and spout such lies that they would LOVE to be able to claim anything that they want without question.
    That isn’t going to happen.
    We fans DO frequent her sites more than we come here. But we also know that the haters (all four of them) flock to any Miranda thread to post their venom. So we know that we HAVE to come here to point out their irrational hatred.
    If they get angry because we don’t let them get away with their lies, then THEY can be the ones to leave.

  • Darn

    I guess that she and Orlando stayed in last night.
    I imagine with her just flying in from Europe, and his filming until the early hours of Sunday morning took their toll.
    I was really hoping of some shots of him at some of the post-Oscar parties.

  • kiki

    miss kerr bloom is a natural beauty. she is a model, that is her profession. we hate her for this? she fell in love with a man who is an actor by profession. he fell in love with her. they chose to marry. they created life together. we hate her for this? and, how odd to hate a person for the face and body they happened to be born with. i wish the kerr bloom family the best. they are gorgeous together, seem truly in love, and are a natural couple, despite her incrediable beauty (which shines from within if you havent noticed).