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Kate Gosselin Discovers 'Life'

Kate Gosselin Discovers 'Life'

Kate Gosselin and her dance partner Tony Dovolani attend the premiere of Discovery Channel’s Life at Alice Tully Hall, Lincoln Center on Thursday (March 4) in New York City.

At the premiere, the 34-year-old reality star mom explained why she joined Dancing With The Stars. “I am all about new challenges, facing my fears – this is like the hugest fear ever because I have never ever danced in my life,” she said.

Kate also had high praise for her partner Tony Dovolani. “He’s a great teacher, because this is not analytical thinking, this is not books, this is not schedule planning, this is like all that other art stuff and he’s very good at explaining what I need to do.” she told ET.

30+ pictures inside of Kate Gosselin discovering Life

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  • Marisa

    A premiere now?! For those who think she’s just trying to provide for her children and isn’t some fame-whore, I can’t help but disagree. She turns up at a freaking premiere – where all the cameras will be, she knows what she’s getting into. I think this woman is obsessed with fame and fortune and it clearly shows not just in her actions that the public can see, but in her face. She’s so fake to me. Before all the hoopla about her began she actually seemed to be very determined as a mother (on the show). But once she got a taste of fame its like she’s desperate to hold on and keep herself in the media. She’s putting herself in a position where paparazzi WILL follow her around and she WILL be in the spotlight. That’s all her doing. She did an interview a while ago and said she’s not out to be a celebrity. I roll my eyes to that. Her actions prove her otherwise….dancing with the stars, a premiere, what’s next? Auditioning for movie roles? I bet that’ll be the next step she makes, a woman who doesn’t want to be a celeb. Well, if that were the case, she’d try different ways of making money and not just throwing herself into the spotlight. She’s famous for no reason.

  • manipulative witch

    “art stuff”—— haa………though, conning people is an art form of sorts, and she is truly a master

  • Jeanne Gilbert

    God, when is this woman going to go away. I can’t believe ABC thinks she’s a star….btw, did she get a boob job?

  • coreen

    Who does she think she is.? I have never, ever, felt so much negativity toward another human being. She absolutely oozes narcissism and seems to really think she is some sort of super talent. For those who continue to worship her and her every move, I cannot understand what there is about her to like anymore. The fake boobs, teeth, hair, tan, nails, the delusional that she is a “star”, the lie that “it is all for the kids”. It is all for Kate and Kate alone. She was on a reality show that everyone watched to see her cute little kids and without those kids, no one would know who she and her husband are. She has a PR machine behind her that is making her ex-husband look even worse than he is making himself look. Her kids will not appreciate all of this later on. I can’t believe that in three short years this whole family has imploded. It goes to show what can happen when someone get the fame bug and decides to put the desire for the spotlight ahead of everything else, no matter the cost.

  • Anon

    It all comes down to making her indifferent, people.

  • KMcG

    Nasty. The aunt and uncle were right about her parenting skills – she lacks them completely. Go home and get a grip and try to stay put and actually parent your children.

  • lisali

    Oh Kate.. where are your children? I see new pictures of Kate almost daily..not a child in site.

  • lily

    fake smile
    fake hair
    fake teeth
    fake tan
    fake boobs
    fake mom


    Can’t stand Kate. Hope she gets eliminated first week.

  • kc

    I know this sounds mean but she really needs to cover up her legs. They are not her best feature.

  • -8

       /ɪnˈdɪfərənt, -ˈdɪfrənt/ Show Spelled[in-dif-er-uhnt, -dif-ruhnt] Show IPA
    without interest or concern; not caring; apathetic: his indifferent attitude toward the suffering of others.
    having no bias, prejudice, or preference; impartial; disinterested.

  • missy

    poor Tony, being stuck with that hag! he always seems to get the short end of the stick. somebody is pushing this bitch on

    I wish she would have gotten Max cause he’d dump the bitch on her ass, when her smart mouth got rolling!

  • Alicia

    Just don’t vote for her on DWTS, don’t buy her books, don’t watch her TV shows and hopefully she’ll go away.

  • Rhonda

    I think liberal, man-haters are the ones who love this fame whore! Or women whose husbands have left for another woman!

    They like the way she deballed her husband and she was so smart!

    She was an extremely good example of how to become a devorced woman with eight kids.

    I hope she gets voted off first, but whoever is pushing this whore on society probably isn’t gonna let that happen.

    This has got to be the end of dancing with the stars the line up is so bad, or there aren’t any stars anymore!

  • L

    Out of all the DWTS celebrities that we’ve seen ‘out and about’ since the announcement, note that Kate Gosselin is the only one who has a ‘bodyguard’ wherever she goes! WHY?!?!? Is it to make her look more important? Is it to attract the paparazzi’s attention? My questions are rhetorical….

  • Mollie

    She probably has a bodyguard because she is so hated and iw worried about someone punching her in her smug, fake tanned face. She is the perfect example of a fame wh#re. No talent, no charm, needs to have answers fed to her because she is such a caustic witch that she can’t be allowed to talk for herself. Honestly, if I win the lottery, my gift to the world will be to pay her to go away. She has driven away her entire family and has alienated her friends who are no longer coming to her defense. I think that Kate being Kate thinks people are to be used and expendable. When her 15 minutes are up she is going to find herself very alone.

  • ReaderLady

    I think Kate is a geat addition to the show. I think it is a wonderful thing for her kids to see. this is positive for the kids. I support her 100%.

  • boo

    I wouldn’t have such a problem with her if she hadn’t thrown Jon, the father of her children, under the bus on her quest for fame. There is nothing wrong with her doing DWTS because Jon is home with their children but why can’t she be honest and say, “I’m doing dancing with the stars and Jon is home taking care of things on the home front”. She is so fake and dishonest.

  • hELEN

    She`s looking older. She should avoid the tanning beds.As a nurse she she know the consequences of UV exposure.

  • barbee

    Wow, I think Kate really looks great these days. The hair and weight loss are really flattering. I will be voting for her repeatedly over losers like Evan and Buzz. He is too old. Come over the the “Z on TV” blog and join me and my Kate supporter friends. Even though a lot of haters like Irene and Sherry T are saying TLC is paying ABC to get Kate to win, I do not believe it. Kate is the best

  • L

    @barbee: are you delusional??? You are calling Evan and Buzz ‘losers’???? Are you typical of Kate Gosselin’s fans? It’s fine to be a loyal fan … but don’t put others down, especially those who have actually made historical contributions and achievements.

  • http://justjared deke

    Yuck. I guess we will be seeing more of her now.

  • Macchiato

    god what a famewhore ! she is a mother she should be ashamed of herself

  • boo

    @L: As you probably already know, Barbee is a typical Kate fan. Completely ca-RAZY! She is the laughing stock of Z on TV.


    When will she discover she has children at HOME being raised by a babysitter and more likely Jon.

    I was NEVER fooled by her publicist’s media backlash at her husband. ANYONE who has seen the show and I watched it only once, knows who the only parent was and is, Jon.

    Jon knows the children’s personalities, fears, likes, dislikes and their NAMES, unlike Kate.

    It was also obvious that while Jon stayed home raising babies, Kate was fame seeking all over the US AND having an affair with her bodyguard.

    Only after the separation did Jon date. Normal behavior.

    I marvel at how some tabloids could ever fault a man for dating AFTER his wife made a public announcement ending their marriage.

    One thing is certain, Kate is EVERYWHERE seeking fame and media attention. Jon is home in rural Pennsylvania raising toddlers, as always.

  • barbee

    No one said you had to have historical achievements to dance with the stars. Unless Buzz danced on the moon, I don’t care.

  • lauren

    I really wish sites like this would stop posting pictures of her. I think all reality people who walk around acting like they’re important are pathetic but she takes the cake. Where are her children? Fame whore.

  • L

    @barbee: I didn’t say you had to have historical achievements or any kind of important achievements to join DWTS (Kate Gosselin is a pefect example)… And you don’t have to care or vote for anyone else but Kate… but you haven’t earned any right to call Buzz Aldrin a ‘loser’! ‘Nuff said…

  • who’s Jon?

    worthless jizzbag

  • http://justjared leslie

    There are numerous pictures of Tony, Kate, and Steve escorting her. Tony has his arm around her waist, she has her arm through his arm, she is smiling like I have NEVER seen her before. You can check out these sites: ET, ROL,, for some of the photos.

    Over a hundred hours of tape that I’ve viewed of Kate on Jon & Kate Plus 8 tv show, I have NEVER, ever seen her that happy or that kind of a smile when she was with her family. So sad and proof that she loves, loves, the limelight.

    She will have to practice 6 to 10 hours a day for DWTS. And fly to and from LA for weeks on end. Then after DWTS, she will go to an expo in Indiana where she will be a speaker, then to the View, then her book tour, and then finally she will film for her new TLC show. When will she ever spend time with her kids?

    Why the bodyguard when she has Tony (who is very fit) by her side at all times. After her christian book tour, will Kate then announce that she JUST recently fallen in love will Steve?

    Jon paid her $7,500 per month during their seperation (per published legal papers) and is now paying her a 5 figure amount (at least $10,000) per month in child support. Remember that TLC just announced that the ENTIRE Gosselin family is under contract. That is how Jon is affording the 5 figure amt. in support. Kate lives in a $1.2 million estate on 22 acres with a full-time nanny and babysitter. She DOES NOT need money. She is doing all this for the fame and fortune. The only talent she has is the 8 kids that she produced.

  • mary ann ogle

    barbee, are you an idiot?? Calling Buzz a loser over KATE GOSSELIN? Do you know who he is and what he has done? Kate has done NOTHING!!! She is the loser. She has 8 children at home who do not have a mother anymore because she is out seeking MONEY AND FAME AT HER CHILDRENS EXPENSE!! She will be voted off the first night. She always said on the show that she is not coordinated enough for sports so how in the hell will she dance? Besides that she has SO MANY HATERS NOW AND RIGHTFULLY SO. SHE NEEDS TO TAKE CARE OF HER CHILDREN INSTEAD OF PRETENDING TO BE A STAR. SHE IS MAKING A COMPLETE FOOL OF HERSELF AND HER CHILDREN ARE GOING TO HATE HER SOMEDAY. I HOPE NO ONE BUYS THAT STUPID BOOK THAT SHOULD BE PRIVATE ALSO. JUST ANOTHER WAY TO MAKE A BUCK OFF OF HER CHILDREN. ANY LETTERS TO THEM SHOULD BE PRIVATE NOT PUBLISHED FOR THE WORLD TO SEE. THEY WILL HATE HATE HATE HER SOMEDAY. MADY AND CARA PROBABLEY ALREADY DO!!!!!

  • toni

    No disrespect, but who are taking care of the EIGHT children while her and Jon go around the city of New York and LA being fame whores. I know I might get some hate, but why isn’t she and Jon taking care of their kids outside of the spotlight. I used to love her and Jon along with their eight children, but now I ust wonder when will they leave Hollywood. And please don’tgive me the excuse of the paparazzi follows them everywhere in Pennsylvania because outside LA, NY, and Miami, where else would you think the paparazzi would be at. I just feel sorry for Cara, Mady, Aiden, Joel, Collin, Alexis,Leah, and Hannah and hope what there selfish parents are doing to them aren’t affecting them emotionally and mentally

  • barbee

    @mary ann ogle:

  • kami


    Oh please beeotch, you never heard of him before Kate Gosselin was picked to dance. Who are you kidding. You don’t give a rat’s a$$ about him or his walking on the moon. loser

  • HocusPocus

    @mary ann ogle:

    mary ann ogre: you are just JEALOUS

  • Go Ask Alice


    I have nothing else to say with my typo self, because you said it first and best.
    Thanks Marisa.

  • Go Ask Alice


    Second posting honors of truth goes to Leslie.

    You know how this is going to be played out.

  • Coreen

    How can anyone think that Kate Gosselin is worthy of jealousy? Jealous of what? Fake body parts?, Fake personality? Delusions of grandeur? Being hated more and more with each passing day as more people realize what kind of a self absorbed, attention seeking person she is? Unless you are her new best friend, why do you care if people don’t like her? The “you’re just jealous”as a response to anyone who had found multiple, worthy reasons to dislike her is ridiculous. She is being talkied about because she is become hated as being an example of a mother leaching celebrity off of her kids. No one with a brain in their head believes the “it’s all for the kids” lie anymore. It has become painfully obvious that it is all about Kate and probably has been all about Kate from the very beginning.

  • sasha

    As hard as this woman tries, or someone is trying to make her…beautiful…she still looks…well fake and trashy :(

  • sasha

    Has everyone in the media forgotten what a nasty woman she is? Alot of you say “I watched the show some…or I never watched”. Well I watched it and the way she treated her poor husband was abusive to the max. No wonder he went off the deep end and started womanizing. I’m surprised he had any respect for women at all after the way Kate treated him. All people have issues and as Kate has stated Jon had his share but she delt with it by emotionally and verbally beating the man to a pulp. Why would Hollywood want to capitalize on a woman who is so capable of demasculating her husband on camera then acting like she’s such a saint and a good mother? If she so loves her children then why did she treat their dad so badly in front of them? What does that tell them about dealing with difficult relationships in their own lives? Hollywood do you think the American people are that desperate to be entertained? Well…I’m not and I’ll vote with my remote and when I see her money grubbing face I’ll switch the channel.

  • Casey

    When people are sincere and not surrounded by a pr tornado and seem deserving, most will want good things for them. When people are insincere shrews who have not picked up on the old adage that actions speak louder than words, most of the public will not support them and actually want to see them get their comeuppance. Kate is a perfect example of that. She is completely fake in both appearance and personality and is becoming more obnoxious and conceited by the day. Some may say that those who appear on DWTS are not big stars but at least they have had some pretty great past accomplishments that deserve respect. Kate on the other hand orchestrated a litter of children and exploited them as much as humanly possible and that is not an accomplishment worthy of being in the company of world class athletes, singers, an astronaut and even a Baywatch Babe. She is way out of her league. She is running around with a bodyguard? I agree with the person who said it is probably to protect her from being punched in the face. No one else is behaving like that. I bet when Kate is alone at home, she parades around in a tiara. Delusion rules supreme for this woman.

  • Gwen


    comment about ‘Man in a Hurry’ posted 3/25/2004 2:55:29 PM PST:

    “Man in a Hurry! is my favorite one of all. when i hear andy and barney singing and humming “the little brown church in the vale” and then Mr. Tucker is standing there with his cigar and fondly reflecting about his childhood. it is AWESOME! opie giving him the penny to protect him in his travels and aunt bee running out and bringing him some fried chicken and a piece of chocolate cake and she tells him it is alot better than you would get on the road! and i love it’s an 8 cylinder and she’ll take 8. and goober says hey and hey to goober and how can we forget? good luck to you and yours that was soooo funny when andy got gomer back with that when mr. tucker was going into the house and gomer was taking the car back to wally’s gas station so “wally” could look at it! Classic! Outstanding! very moving!! teresa sigler” – Teresa Sigler from Albertville, Alabama

  • Gwen
  • Gwen

    Shes never going away teresa though you might when your tubes get clogged lmao awww wouldnt that be a shame. CLOG CLOG LOL

  • stacey mcintyre

    @Gwen: Get the doctor to up your meds. Whatever the comment , positive or negative yours were the most bizarre and rambling. If you are a Kate lover, you should reconsider your approach as it only confirms that those in your category don’t have a grip on reality.

  • kara

    The most odious woman alive.