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LeAnn Rimes: Short Shorts Lunch Date

LeAnn Rimes: Short Shorts Lunch Date

LeAnn Rimes, wearing a Daisy Duke inspired outfit, catches lunch with boyfriend Eddie Cibrian at R+D Kitchen on Thursday (March 4) in Santa Monica, Calif.

The 27-year-old singer seemed to have enjoyed lunch and immediately parted ways with the CSI: Miami actor afterwards.

LeAnn has a few gigs coming up, including a few performances in San Diego during the summer.

15+ pictures inside of LeAnn Rimes grabbing lunch with Eddie Cibrian in short shorts…

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leann rimes short shorts 01
leann rimes short shorts 02
leann rimes short shorts 03
leann rimes short shorts 04
leann rimes short shorts 05
leann rimes short shorts 06
leann rimes short shorts 07
leann rimes short shorts 08
leann rimes short shorts 09
leann rimes short shorts 10
leann rimes short shorts 11
leann rimes short shorts 12
leann rimes short shorts 13
leann rimes short shorts 14
leann rimes short shorts 15
leann rimes short shorts 16
leann rimes short shorts 17
leann rimes short shorts 18
leann rimes short shorts 19

Photos: GSI Media, Flynet
Posted to: Eddie Cibrian, LeAnn Rimes

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  • Daisy

    Those Daisy Dukes look like their made out of latex and those aren’t Daisy legs. What kind of tramp ass shoes is she wearing? She better keep a tight leash on that boy.

  • Christi


  • michaela

    Personally, I don’t like the shorts with the heels on either LeAnn or Brandi.

  • Lilly

    Does this homewrecker even sing anymore?
    She looks like a hussy

  • Anon

    Eddie seems to like the shorts just fine, I think that’s the point of her wearing it. It is no different then some women in the media having their boobs hanging out or using those plastic nips at 40. Ack!

  • Jason

    Michaela, such a thumbs down comment for la-de-da-LeAnn. Are you feeling okay? Does LeAnn pay you for your lunch when you take these pics or do you have to pay for your own? Again, with the oh so lame caption of concert dates! Are you running out of things to say? Why don’t you use some of your old comments: “They were SO EXCITED” at lunch, or “THEY WERE VERY AFFECTIONATE”, at lunch, or “THEY WERE ALL OVER EACH OTHER”, at lunch. Here’s an oldie but a goodie, “After lunch she performed on a stripper pole for her boytoy and then proceeded to give him a lap-dance with her face.”

  • haha

    LOL!!! She has to prove to ppl that she can wear short shorts, too. Too bad, she ain’t got nothing to show off. Her thighs aren’t made for short shorts.

  • lisali

    Actually,whatever faults Leann has, her legs are not one of em’..she has good legs,and she looks pretty good in short shorts!

  • michaela

    Anon….I was giving a personal opinion. Eddie’s would be 180 from mine, to be sure.

  • michaela

    There is a totally HOT! pic with Eddie looking at her rear view with a very appreciative look of pure pleasure on his face. That is a fantastic photo!

    Just because I personally don’t like the short-shorts with that high a heel on either Brandi or LeAnn doesn’t mean I think there aren’t some great photos in the batch…there are!

    And thanks! to Just Jared for putting them up.

  • http://deleted cbme

    Wow!! Why didn’t we hear all these put downs when the mother of two wore the short shorts to grocery shop. LeAnn’s legs look much better than the skinny legs on the ex. My, my all the name calling for a young woman wearing short shorts, but not a put down for the ex. I think the shoes look good on both women – does something for the legs.
    Jason, why the change of heart on these pictures? All of this stuff looked good (her fans said) on the ex – mother of two showing all the things LeAnn is showing – scrawny legs and all. I am still waiting for someone to tell me why the ex felt the pr was needed.

  • Porsche

    OOOOOuch, LeAnn darling I love your singing but his ex posted her lady limbs last week in her shorts. This makes you look like you’re trying to hard. He left her for you so stop the desperation. I do have to say that comparing you with the ex, I’d suggest you stay with the pants that show off your behind. She has the limbs dear.

  • http://deleted cbme

    LeAnn looks good in the shorts; LeAnn does not look fat in the shorts; Eddie probably likes LeAnn in the shorts – anything else? LeAnn is only 27 in the shorts; the ex is 38 in the shorts and her legs look skinny; both look good in the shoes; LeAnn’s eyebrows look good; that is all I can think of just now – give me some more ideas, y’all.

  • Flower

    Le is a beautiful woman. She looks great in everything. I’ve been trying to find reviews of her concert with Amy Grant at the relief for Haiti benefit in California. The Nashville benefit was a big success. Does anyone know if the concert took place or how Le and Amy performed?

  • Maryjo

    Eddie isn’t looking at her behind. He’s looking at her wallet.

  • michaela

    Flower……..the Ca. event was canceled and I haven’t seen or read any reviews from the Nashville one….would love to.


    No, simply NO.

    Daisy Mae has escaped from her trailer park.

  • dundies

    hot shoes

  • michaela

    Maryjo or Jason or….. or….. or……. that’s the “broken record” comment. LeAnn is a lovable and competent woman and she comes with added benefits. Talented people are very attractive to others, especially superbly gifted singers, like LeAnn.

    Eddie has a well-rounded woman and he looks like he knows it and loves her. Don’t be so cynical or one who parrots the mob.

  • Jason

    Hold the phone!!!! Relief concert for Haiti cancelled????? The irony here is so thick you can cut it with a knife.

    First of all. Another Rimes concert cancelled!!!! That is not news but rather it’s getting to be more common for her than an actual performance.

    A concert with Amy Grant!!! Isn’t that special. Amy’s husband, Vince Gill who is producing Rimes’ next albumn must have called Rimes and told her to get her butt down to the concert to help out his wife. Now, I think Amy and Vince have a true Christian faith but they too are adulterers and if they are going to associate with Rimes, their adultery is going to be pointed out as well. Ticket sales must have plundged after it was announced Rimes was being dragged to a charity event.

    Flash back a month ago. LeAnn is approached by a homeless black woman and instead of Rimes giving this person a few bucks and asking the cops to be gentle and kind, the homeless person was arrested and her shopping cart with all her Worldly Possessions was confiscated while Rimes drove off in her $70k Audie to her $5 mil home where she complained to Eddie that all homeless people should be removed from the LA area, especially the black ones.

    Flash forward to a week ago. Rimes is trying to get some good PR by performing for a Christian charity event for BLACK HOMELESS PEOPLE IN HAITI WHO LOST ALL THEIR WORLDLY POSSESSION!!!

    Michaela, no wonder you do not seem yourself. Rimes was offered the perfect PR opportunity by a homeless person who has nothing but Rimes’ natural selfish instincts took over and the woman spent the night in jail and was left with nothing. Karma has got to be stalking Rimes. At least she washed her hair this week.

  • michaela

    Jason..your heart is black!

  • michaela

    Jason…….are you stating facts or opinions? Opinions are just that – but stating opinions as facts over and over can get one into some warm water. Isn’t that true?

  • Jason

    Michaela, don’t hate the speakers of truth. I have an idea for you. On Easter Sunday get pics of Eddie and LeAnn sneaking out of the back door of a church service. Tell LeAnn to wear a nice colorful Easter bonnet and not the black one she wants to wear. Perhaps you can get Eddie to wear his NICE PANTS with his janitor’s shoes. We all so want to see Eddie in his nice pants. Have LeAnn wear her nice shiney cross necklace if she can find it. Make sure its the cross necklace without the bottle opener on the other end. Also maybe LeAnn could carry a bible in one hand and her Bare Minerals in the other. That way you get twice the promotion for the price of one.

  • lisali

    Jason- aka “Gwen”

  • Jason


    Surely you heard of the homelss woman and you just told me her concert was cancelled. What facts are pretending to be unaware of? Your Rimes PR rep and we all know it.

  • Jason

    You must be a new comer or a part timer. Michaela knows exactly who I am.

  • michaela

    Jason…”we all know ” …you and your aka’s? Is that who you mean by “we?”

    You wish I were LeAnn’s PR…that would mean she has no fans as you and your sidekick keep regurgitating ad nauseum .

    Why do you like to defame?

  • Jason

    Come on Michaela, you blew it big time last week with that diversionary post of Rimes in her tent and then posting first. You have no plausible deniability left and you haven’t for months. Hell, I continue to follow this story because you make me feel I’m so close to Rimes that I could personally spit in her face. You and yours want to keep the “buzz” alive until Rimes can try to fake her way through her next albumn so why are you getting all excited? You and cbme said it yourselves that even bad buzz is good buzz so don’t complain. If you don’t post, no one will feel the need to respond to your crap. Not even Gwen.

    PS-Don’t start up with me about “warm water”. You and Chris should know better.

  • paul

    brandi looks great with short shorts, you have to have nice legs to wear them. leann looks aweful, her legs are fat. She is a copy cat.
    and shoes look bad also. It doesn’t matter how old you are, you can wear what ever you want. Brandi just looks better, leann doesn’t.

  • michaela

    No clue who Chris is. In fact I’ve never seen a Chris post here. Are you sure it’s not one of the multiple aka’s you use? It must be very confusing to remember who you are when you use so many.

    Sounds like you’d like to spit in LeAnn’s face. That is really ugly. True colors showing.

    I can imagine only a relative or friend of B’s could harbor such strong hatred. Condolences.

  • Rosa

    I think Michaela and Jason are secret lovers (LOL). Quick comment: Like her voice, no on the shoes, too much thigh for her, and I think it’s Sheer Cover not Bare Minerals. That’s my two cents.

  • Rake

    She has the thighs of a wrestler. I heard she’s really a 42 year old man-midget. Is that true?

  • E

    You know, at this point it is what it is, Eddie and LeAnn are together. It is hard enough to get over feelings without “fans” fighting over it on message boards. A wise counselor once told me, you have to watch what you say because this woman might become your kids’ step-mother, I have and she sorta did, they didn’t marry but live together. They call her by her name, she never tried to take my place but I’m thankful she has been there when I’ve needed her and for my children, even for my ex–father of my kids.
    Let it go, it is what is best for the children. Perhaps if there is any back and forth between the females, they too will grow up and see, IT ISN’T GOOD FOR THE KIDS, no matter who is with who.

  • Bethann

    To: E

    The children are my concern as well, so when Eddie leaves his kids on Christmas day and vacations with LeAnn for the week his child is home from school, I have to ask “is he really the sort of “dad” who should raise children”? Biology be damned. This guy couldn’t make the payments on the house his wife and children were living in and yet he kept a mistress and bought her expensive gifts as well as took her on vacation, all the time his wife was pregnant. If this is the sort of man LeAnn wants, then she has gotten what she paid for but I see nothing good for her or this man’s children if he is granted shared rights.


    Me thinks E stands for Michaela.

  • Peg

    This is hilarious. Is this chick insecure or what????? Grow up LeAnn.

  • michaela

    Bethann or J…how can you be 100% certain that Eddie couldn’t make the payments? Maybe Brandi wanted to start fresh elsewhere or move to another neighborhood to be away from the ex. Maybe she wants t split the equity rather than aintain that home.

    How do you know Eddie left the kids on Christmas Day? Isn’t it possible that B and E worked out a child-sharing arrangement that was abided by?

  • michaela

    Bethann or J…how can you be 100% certain that Eddie couldn’t make the payments? Maybe Brandi wanted to start fresh elsewhere or move to another neighborhood to be away from the ex. Maybe she wants to split the equity rather than maintain that home.

    How do you know Eddie left the kids on Christmas Day? Isn’t it possible that B and E worked out a child-sharing arrangement over the holidays?

  • Ms Anonymous

    They are the new Brangelina. Time to accept it, people. Gwen/Jason is so obsessed with putting people down to make themselves feel better. It’s sad.

  • Susan

    I guess you gotta do what you gotta do to keep yo man.

  • J

    She has a terrible shape. No hips, flat butt, and her legs are nothing special. Believe me, if she had nice legs, I would admit it. She’s a tramp and a cheating man stealer, and he’s no prize, despite everyone thinking he’s so great and fine. He looked sneaky from when he was on the Young and the Restless and that was YEARS ago. I was never impressed.

  • Jason

    It was Rimes’ who put out the story that she spent Christmas Day with Eddie and her parents and the day after Christmas “YOU” posted the pics from Aspen. Whitewashing Eddie is not going to work for you and painting Rimes as someone with a conscience who sings “What have I done” is bull.

    She understood her career was in the dumper 3 years ago and when her last albumn didn’t get a single award, she planned to get out of music for acting. That’s why she dumped Deane, Nashville, Country Music and her fans for Eddie. The problem is, is that she can’t act and she’s been told so by the producers. So now she’s trying to weasel her way back into country music by hiring Vince Gil to produce her music. She’s nothing but a liar and manipulator.

  • Hot Cougar

    “The new Brangelina”. They wish. Really funny. These two are way way way down on the “does anyone care” list. He looks yummy, like a chocolate cover cone but when you bite inside you realize it’s filled with poop.

  • michaela

    Bethann/J….how do you know Eddie didn’t have the children because of an agreement with Brandi? Is that fact?

    LeAnn was nominated in 2007 and 2008 for a Grammy for best female country singer. So she has honors and recognition. This is only early 2010.

    And you know – again for a fact- that she has been told by producers what you just wrote?

  • Delores

    Must this woman dress this way? She could take a lesson in how to dress from our ladies on top of the charts Miranda, Carrie, and Taylor. Even Gretchen would not wear such an outfit and then wiggle her fanny in public. Is this LA’s idea of a redneck woman?

  • Jason

    Nominations for awards are bought and sold in the music industry like cheap hookers and gigolos. Rimes won her two grammies over a decade ago and they like the rest of her career is covered in dust. She cancells concert after concert without regard to her hard working fans who are begining to recognize that LeAnn is not ENTITLED to their loyalty.

    Whatever happens with these two is fine with me. LeAnn is already starting to neuter this guy and the clock is ticking down to July when he has to put up or get out. If he marries her, he’ll be just the next Deane Sheremet, that’s already starting to show. Either way, if Eddie doesn’t lose his manhood all together, one day she’ll wake up to find a note taped to the fridge that reads, “I just can’t take anymore of your crap. The money isn’t worth it anymore.”

  • Jules

    LeAnn looks hideous in this outfit – the shorts, the top, the shoes, the blue toe nails, IT’S ALL HIDEOUS. She looks like she could be working that corner!

    And, his ex-wife looks 1000 times better in shorts and everything else for that matter.

  • michaela

    Jas…how do you know what you state is factual? Can you answer or is it nothing more than conjecture? I asked in post #44 but nothing yet.

  • michaela

    So you’re saying Carrie Underwood, Taylor Swift and the other winners bought their awards?

  • Jason

    Perhaps you could be a bit more circumspect in your reading. I was talking about the nominations of the losers. Not the winners. Remeber, I gave you that one.