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Michelle Obama: Let's Move!

Michelle Obama: Let's Move!

Michelle Obama joins in on a youth soccer clinic to help promote the national fight against childhood obesity with her ‘Let’s Move!’ campaign in Washington, DC on Friday (March 5).

The 46-year-old First Lady played soccer, sprinted, and ran through obstacles as she encouraged children to get at least 60 minutes of active play every day.

“I’m not a soccer player, so you’ve got to help me out here,” Michelle told the young athletes at the event. “OK, let’s get moving. Let’s move! Let’s do this.”

15+ pictures inside of Michelle Obama encouraging children to move through fun and play…

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Photos: Watson/AFP/Getty, Fame Pictures
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  • LuckyL

    Super cute. Would love to see her in her sport–basketball.

  • Dave

    RuPaul actin a fool

  • Elsa

    love the FIRST lady

  • I N F A M O U S L Y C O O L

    finally a first lady willing to play spoirts and get down and dirty. she definitely not like all the prissy ones that were more concerned with their wardrobes than a real cause affecting everyone. Halelujah!

  • MollyMakeout

    love her :)

  • missy

    She looks great for her age, and she seams really hands-on. Good for her.

  • Carinne

    i guess u rather see laura bush, nancy reagan, or martha washington?? smh

  • voe

    Oh please, if she were not concerned about her wardrobe, she would not have worn $540 Givenchy sneakers, $5K Alaia outfits, four figure clothes from Micheal Kors, Jason Wu et al. Enough with the kissing!

  • LuckyL

    ^^You’re such a dumba**. And at what functions were those for? And it’s called “being able to afford sh*t.*”

  • Sam99

    That’s not Michelle Obama. It’s a very good lookalike though. You can tell because she’s wearing sleeves. Shoulda done her homework.

  • josephine

    what, no thick belt right under the bustline?

  • Khristi

    I fcuking love our FIRST LADY!!!!

  • tcs

    She seems really mean and before she starts an anti-obese campaign she really needs to work on her own fat a**.

  • tcs

    She seems really mean and before she starts an anti-obese campaign she really needs to work on her own fat a**.

  • jj

    I just love the first lady! She just seems so real.

  • my opinion

    first lady’s camel toe need to be hidden

  • E

    Good for our First Lady, get the children up and active. She’s looking good herself. Shame on the nasty comments.

  • toks77

    Really…you think she has a fat a***.? you obviously have a very sad soul, and need to rail on someone else…If you have nothing important or significant to say, shut the f**k up!!!

  • nobama!

    one of the FUGLIEST 1st american “ladies”…

  • Sam

    @I N F A M O U S L Y C O O L:

    You forgot about laura bush being an elementary school teacher for years, I guess because in your world teaching isn’t a “real cause.”..regardless of your opinions you should not put down other first ladies who also made a positive difference in the lives of people, especially children.

  • carolina

    She really is a babe.

  • Ms Anonymous


    It puts down everybody, they have no respect at all.

  • elle

    GO MRS O!

  • ashley

    That’s awesome.

  • Delicious

    Michelle Obama is one super fit First Lady.

  • http://JUSTJARED kate

    Sorry but she is not that attractive, and her eyebrows are scary, and she is the biggest first lady we have every had, Start helping the veterians and the country, stop parting and playing around. please, and stop telling your husband not to talk to Oprah.

  • Missy

    These little photo ops are only costing 13 BILLION DOLLARS! You guys think you can “move” without costing the nation 13 BILLION DOLLARS, in an economy where 7 MILLION people have lost their jobs since wonderboy put his hand on OLD ABE’S Bible and swore to faithfully defend America. It is estimated that by the time Obama leaves office (with the GRACE of GOD in three years) YOUR generation will ONLY be 7 TRILLION dollars in debt. If you take all the Presidents from George Washington to George W Bush and put them TOGETHER they would NOT equal the debt of BARRICK HUSSEIN OBAMA in just over ONE year! ITS YOUR FUTURE THEY ARE SPENDING. GLAD YOU LOVE THEM! only when you grow up will you know what you have LOST!

  • Silvergirl

    Awesome…she looks great. I love her.

  • fitnessqueen

    I guess by black people standards she’s fit and beautiful.

  • happy girl

    i love michelle obama! she is very fit!

  • jelly

    You go girl.

  • jelly


    blah, blah, you are just a Limbaugh parrot and he is an ass.

  • AutumnM

    Michelle looks awesome!

  • AutumnM


    How many first ladies have actually been good looking? Jackie O’ and a few others, but very few have been good looking overall! And Eleanor Roosevelt and Barbara BUSH are the UGLIEST and most unnatractive first ladies BY FAR. Michelle looks like a star compared to them, so I don’t know why people give her such a hard tim for her looks.

    Michelle rocks!

  • AutumnM


    You stupid racist biatch! Black people’s standards? Please. What the heck is that supposed to mean? There are good looking black people and ugly ones, just like there are good looking white people and ugly ones you idiot.

    Btw, who cares if Michelle is “big”? Michelle is a tall woman, but she isn’t fat and no she’s not beautiful but she’s not as ugly as people make it seem. She dresses well and always carries herself well.

    As I said, no one is uglier and frumpier than Barbara Bush and Eleanor Roosevelet and they are white, so stop trying to make this into a race thing! Ugly people come in all colors

  • Ronda

    I love that Mrs. Obama is actually doing what she’s asking others to do. Get out there, get active stop sitting around on our arses and complaining,criticizing others but do something to improve OUR lives. I’m inspired.

  • powerless


  • a realist

    First Lady Michelle, is the coolest, most exciting first lady of all time.

  • Jane

    FL Michelle is so beautiful.

  • Denise

    First Lady Michelle is awesome., and pretty. I can’t imagine any of the prior first ladies doing what she does.

    The other first ladies, were just ceremonial, you only saw them during White House events. And we practically never saw Laura Bush.

    Love you FL Michelle.

  • ii

    # 27 You are so right

  • voe

    @LuckyL @ 03/05/2010 at 11:24 pm
    It always take one to know one, little one.

  • voe

    @ AutumnM @ 03/06/2010 at 12:18 pm

    How many first ladies have actually been good looking? Jackie O’ and a few others, but very few have been good looking overall! And Eleanor Roosevelt and Barbara BUSH are the UGLIEST and most unnatractive first ladies BY FAR. Michelle looks like a star compared to them, so I don’t know why people give her such a hard tim for her looks.

    Beauty is in the eyes of beholders. Your eyes see Michelle Obama as beautiful. Others, myself included, don’t. Not all people are giving her hard time for her looks because you are one who doesn’t, and there are others here. But you want ALL people to deem her beautiful, smart, etc. LMAO!
    Btw, I think Barbara looked grandmotherly and it’s a good thing for women her age. Hilary Clinton was rather unfortunate, only better looking than her own daughter.

  • voe

    Didn’t see your next post re. your take on M.O.’s beauty. Sorry for jumping at you. To me M.O.’s style is miss and hit.
    But as long as you accuse anyone throwing criticism at MO or any black person just because black is stereotyped, you too are a racist. The fact is every race has a set of common traits or looks or builds just as people from certain region or economic or social class view things or conduct themselves in a certain way. As long as you are overly sensitive, you are part of the problem, whether your intention is good or bad.

    Many years ago, black Americans used to hold their own beauty pageant and I remember as I watched the pageant with my newly arrived immigrant eyes I thought the crowned person was utterly ugly. And of course the crop of Asian supermodels gracing the runways in NY, Milan and Paris are not us Asians’ ideal beauty. All in all, every one see things differently. As an Asian I don’t find jokes stereotyping Asians’ bad traits done by other races racist. Many of us have slant eyes, just as many blacks are quite full (and whites are too), so why get all worked up when someone voice such observation?

  • sparklefirefly

    If the First Lady can’t play soccer, then the President needs to issue an Executive Order to get David Beckham, to Cease, and Desist from whatever he’s doing in the world, and come to the White House to teach the First Lady, Soccer. And of course, it needs to be on C-SPAN, including how Michelle keeps her arms so toned! OH! And for the record, Laura Bush, even to this day still has a “girlish figure”, even with two grown daughters. I’m so proud of President Obama and Michelle, and President Bush and Laura on how they all make it a point to include exercise somewhere in their routine. And it shows!

  • Danielle

    This campaign is a real good idea. Studies have shown that not only does physical play and recess lead to less obesity, but also to better grades. This was reported on CNN last week. Blood flow is increased not only throughout the body but to the brain as well, thus yielding better grades. Michelle needs to fight against schools reported trying to put a lid on recess or physical education. These things lead to a healthier society. The aerobics i do NOW at home as an adult are most of the moves I learned in school. And I’m STILL lean and fit! Not only did I graduate highschool and college, but both with high GPAs.

  • Halli

    She;s so fit and looks great! She’s fit and looks awesome for her age!

  • Rory


    Try again. She is the most fit first lady since Jackie O. She doesn’t have an ounce of fat on her waist and arms. She is just naturally thicker on the legs but not nearly as big as Laura or Hillary.

  • Elkoo

    GO GO :)