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Rachel Bilson Gets Clogged Up

Rachel Bilson Gets Clogged Up

A solo Rachel Bilson struts down Hollywood Blvd. in ripped pair of rolled-up baggy jeans and clogs as she heads to an office building on Friday (March 5).

The 28-year-old actress will be hitting up a few of the private dinners and exclusive parties this week in celebration of this year’s Oscars ceremony. Looking forward to it!

FYI: Rachel toted around a 3.1 Phillip Lim handbag.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Rachel’s clogs — UBER HOT or NOT?

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Credit: Pedro Andrade / Kevin Perkins; Photos: Pacificcoastnewsonline
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  • jessalyn

    If this wasn’t so sad it’d be funny…

  • georgia

    Hey Jared!

    Why do you keep posting this girl on your blog??

    i’m sick of it! and i’m not alone when i say that

  • Virginia

    Agreed. She’s jobless and not even tht talented. Stop posting about her basically walking around LA.

  • francia

    … does the girl have a job? sorry that was a rhetorical question cause she can’t act … i guess today you only need to be pretty to have some sort of “talent” to hit the big screen.

    @ georgia: how do u want the website to survive? Jared is paid to do so !!!

  • rb

    Sorry, but WHY is she going to oscar dinner’s / parties ? Does someone think she is an actress ? Or is she looking for new clients ?

  • Emmy

    This has got to be a joke right?????

  • lexy

    Perhaps InStyle is having some sort of party other than that I can’t really imagine Rachel being invited to any other parties…If she does go she better get glammed up or people might think she’s part of the wait staff.
    See Rachel, everyone – including your friends and mom have JOBS to go to. Even your sisters have school or things going on. Perhaps it’s time to go back to school. Acting school or your best bet would be college so you could be a kindergarten teacher. You’re cute, kids will like you and think your valley girl talk is great and their dads will love the fact that you’re dating Darth Vader. Imagine, having something to do with yourself other than paying the paps to keep you company!

  • Carrie


  • brian

    You must be kidding

  • shaar

    why not post pics of zoe saldana, a beautiful, classy and talented real actress attending the essence awards? That lace dress she was wearing is divine!

  • lexy

    Shaar you answered your own question…as you can see for some reason JJ prefers tacky, untalented psuedo-celebs like Rachel and Kate Gossling! Though I suppose at least Kate has a job.

  • max

    Listen, Jared and Rachel have some sort of agreement. How else would he know such up to the minute details and her schedule for this weekends events. They have a tactic to get us to talk about Bilson, which we are doing, but they don’t they realize that is not going to lead to anything…rachel reads these posts and comments, and I cant imagine why she would subject herself to this any more, she should end this deal fast, over saturation at its finest.

  • *Yawn* *Snore*

    Another picture of Bilson wandering around LA shopping or eating or shopping or getting coffee or shopping or going to the airport or shopping. I’d bet anything this office building is just someplace she told Jared she would be but has no appointment. She just goes in, walks through the lobby and comes out another door.

    How much does it cost to get your photos posted on the web every day and sometimes many times a day, with cutsie little comments about what you’re wearing or where you’re going if you’re an employed actress, Jared?

  • Nikki

    Technically it’s not his fault. She’s the one that calls the paparazzi to take the pics. He just buys the pics and puts them on his site because it gets hits, obviously. And her PR people are brilliant to get her irrelevant butt into Oscar parties. That’s the closest she’ll ever get to being important in that town.


    Are you serious? Camilla Belle and Dita aren’t on here nearly as much as Rachel is. Please. Try another angle. And wtf did you say about black people? What do black people have to do with this at all?

  • shaar


    yep lexy u’re right, Zoe has way to much work on her plate to be featured here.

  • Riley

    @ 13

    Excuse me? What do black people have to do with a comment someone else made? Maybe you need to watch what you say.

  • Taylo

    Lighten up everybody. I like her red clogs!

  • Bring back The OC

    I LOVE HER JEANS! She’s so cute. :) I love her.

  • Viper

    Sure the hell hope that this isn’t a job interview she is going on b/c she looks like cr*p. Guess she needed an outfit that she can talk on and off quickly. The shoes don’t make this outfit and the bag i’m sure is more then most ppl’s salary in a year.

  • lexy

    I think Rachel’s people buy the pics and give them to JJ for free. This site is no Perez Hilton or E!. It’s a small site and buying pics of Brangelina and REAL celebs cost money.
    Arabian Nights has constantly made racist and homophobic comments in these Rachel threads and negative comments about Natalie Portman’s religious beliefs. Since RB’s “fans” can’t really say anything about her lack of talent or career they bash other celebs (did Camilla or Dita claim to be actresses???) and tried name calling and they’ve now tried to make it seem like if you don’t like RB it’s b/c you’re a minority who hates on white people (right Alias). Oh and suddenly it’s important that Kate Gossling’s name be spelled right.
    As sad as Rachel is, her fans are even sadder. What’s next – if you don’t like Rachel you are followers of Hitler??

  • jil

    Rachel has gotten a lot of her past jobs due to her connections. Jumper because of Doug Liman, Chuck because of Josh Schwartz, NY I Love You because of Hayden Christensen.
    Her best friend Jill is married to Josh Schwartz so I’m sure she gets first dibs if Schwartz has an upcoming project.
    Too bad her connections and acting weren’t good enough that Kristin Kreuk got the role in Josh S.’s Hitched pilot instead.
    CBS had the final say and decided to pass on Rachel and give it to Kristin Kreuk instead.
    So now she’s back walking the streets, being a “fashion icon” and tipping off the paparazzi. On Waiting for Forever, which I’m sure is going to be hyped by JJ if and when it gets a distributor, she worked on that for barely a week and a half.

  • @21

    lexy aka Ashla700.

  • Kelly

    WOW – two in one day??? Rachel must have given Jared a raise!

  • LuckyL

    Jared…what the F*CK is this girl doing that’s so important???

  • JK

    nice pavement…

  • asdf

    clogs are hideous, blazer is nice.

  • Jax

    @21, who the heck is that?



  • mml20

    She is a GREAT actress!!!!! Some people don’t know talent when they see it!

  • Chax

    @29, she’s a “great actress,” seriously? REALLY? LMFAO, OMFG, you don’t know what that even means. This is a good time to get an education, it’s Oscar weekend after all. Check out the works of Helen Mirren, Kate Winslet, Meryl Streep, and yes, even Sandra Bullock since she’s “recent” and you might know who she is. These are actresses. NOT fame whores who have nothing to offer, like Ms. Bilson, who is a has been TV star. Those are a dime a dozen. Great actress. OMG, that’s hilarious beyond words.

  • Amber-louise

    i dont like the shoes

  • brightside

    ‘A few of the private dinners and exclusive parties this week in in celebration of this year’s Oscars ceremony’….oh please….wtf for? Does every little redundant part-time tv actress get to go or is this just a few pity parties for the brainless Bilson. It’s certainly not because she can act…because she can’t. More Carey Mulligan please…she’s actually been nominated, can act and deserves the attention.



  • betty

    “WHAT DO YOU THINK of Rachel’s clogs — UBER HOT or NOT?”

    NOBODY cares but you, Jared. I hope the money she pays you is good.

  • brightside

    More subversive word-play from JJ?

    Solo (way to remind everyone that her fiance spends little time with her?).

    Struts! (prostitutes strut, JJ, not a good word to use, it invites, positively begs, comparison!).

    Hitting up? (makes it sound like gate-crashing, a whiff of desperation about it).

    And why the exclaimation mark after the phrase ‘Looking forward to it!’. An exclaimation mark makes it come across as a real sarky little remark.

    There’s no such thing as an attractive clog. Even the Dutch know this.

  • whizbang

    BilPooo could show off his random face to any parties she wishes to be in to beg for work but never in her lifetime that it will be in any “actual” acting award-giving body ceremony unless were just talking about Teens &/or Kids Choice Awards where she seems to be fit more now as an ageing teeny-tarded has-been that never-was!

  • WHAT!!!!!

    @ 5, RB,
    she blew her way into getting a few private dinner invite’s
    what other reason would she be there?.

    and for these so called job interviews she goes for,
    does jj mean for her $35,ooo a hour hooker job?

    who in there right mind goes to a job interview looking like that?.

  • PuppyJuice

    I like her clogs, but those wrinkled jeans are a mess. She must have been half asleep when she got dressed.

  • lexy

    Hey Brightside – Carey is probably working like other successful actresses – that’s why JJ can’t post so much on her!!

  • lana

    -”That cute stuff Rachel Bilson, fresh from doing the Olympics with our local Darth Vader, Hayden Christensen, tells Us magazine that she wants Zac Posen to design her wedding dress. And now you know.” – The National Post

    Cute! They are planning the wedding :D

  • Alias

    LMFAO! There’s worse cr@p written on here and I get censored, the truth hurts!

    oh yeah whizbang aka venom LOL, no one else uses the term “Bilpooo”, is that what they taught you in kindergarten last yr?

  • lexy

    See what I mean, RB fans can’t really say anything credible about Rachel to defend her so they resort to attacking posters and making racist comments.
    @ Lana – who said they weren’t getting married. She’d be a fool not to marry him. How else will she pay her mortgage, shop and go out to eat all the time? With money from HER acting jobs – LOL!! Is she going to start shopping at Walmart and eating at Taco Bell??
    @21 – Josh has a lot of movie projects coming up – let’s see if he gives his wife’s BFF anything more than a small role. I doubt he will unless he wants to destroy his career. His wife can find a new friend or Josh can find a new wife but once you’re done in HW, it’s hard to come back.

  • lana

    Lexy, I can’t do anything if you have jealous of her. ;D

  • gilmorie

    And her so called fans (that looks very few & rapidly diminishing) cant help “her” either to upgrade her HW radar after all this time w/ those numerous photo-ops & media hype as being a “Permanent ZLister”.

  • amaranth

    “When your career is over or never was to begin w/, seek out to gossip blog sites religiously”.
    Obviously, this media leech has ZERO screen charisma, talent and star power. That’s why she’s constantly out of job!

  • brightside

    Odd isn’t it…..Carey Mulligan, a very talented and endearingly pretty, young working actress, Oscar nominated and dating a well-known handsome, young working actor (Shia Labeouf)….gets far less mention on JJ than Rachel Bilson, who hasn’t one tenth of Carey’s talent and charm, and whose fiance has had less critical success (and, I suspect, less name recognition) than Shia…

    JJ’s criteria for promoting certain individuals is baffling as it’s not based on either fame or talent…and some of his comments are definitely two-handed…

    I would love to to see Carey win an Oscar…I have always thought the Brits produce such quality acting and quality films…rather than a lot of the big Yank blah-blah movies (and I include Transformers in this).

    But not Dune, Dune was weird, incomprehensible to anyone who hadn’t read Herbert’s books, but oddly watchable…and had Patrick Stewart in, another quality Brit.

    My big wish would be to have David Tennant mentioned on JJ…crush time…but no one here knows who he is, though.

  • suellen


  • Venom

    I agree with Viper on this one. Clogs you can just kick off. A job interview where you can throw all the clothes off and get on the couch trip and, put the clothes right back on afterwards. Wham! Bam! Thank You ma’am!!! LOL!!

  • Viper

    @ Lana

    Both have been known to say anything to make more press for themselves. HC told his one Web Mistress that he was doing an interview on her site yet never did it. Plus a ton of appearences he never once went to. RB will say whatever it is to get herself in the news or in this case in the tabloids. Zac Posen does his designs with Natalie Portman in mind she is his muze. I don’t think Zac Posen would give someone like RB the time of day if she presses out his line goodie for her but, I don’t see ZP wanting to design anything for this woman gown or wedding dress. Vera Wang is best known for her styles of wedding dress or did she not understand that is who is the prime designer of wedding dress’s not Zac Posen. Again proves how stupid this woman is.

  • Reed

    Agree with you on the wedding dress thing, my wife got her dress at Klienfelds in NY and the dresses that were sought out were Vera Wang’s but, the price tag on them started almost at $8k and went up.

    Also add to the lies she just told the press she wasn’t planning a wedding, told another one she plans on eloping. Vader boy doesn’t look like he truly is inclined to wanting her for any long period of time. Nor does she look like she can handle Canada it’s not US and far from cry from the LA she loves. She isn’t showing signs of moving there. Carrie Underwood is getting married in June, Hillary Duff marrying a Hockey jock too all in my preception will be married long before this woman will. Plus seems that lying runs rampid with Vader and his family not surprised that this chic does the same to get the media attention. Isn’t it said that this dude is Bi so guessing either she is too dumb to understand Bi means she has to share him with a man.