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Rebecca Gayheart & Eric Dane Welcome A Daughter

Rebecca Gayheart & Eric Dane Welcome A Daughter

Rebecca Gayheart and Eric Dane are the proud parents of a newborn baby girl!

Mama Rebecca gave birth on Wednesday (March 3) in Los Angeles. The name has yet to be announced.

“Mother, father and daughter are doing great,” a rep for the couple told the Associated Press.

“It just makes sense that I’m having a girl…I don’t know what it is, but I am excited it’s a girl,” Eric told People last month.

This is the first child for both parents.

Congratulations to the happy family!!

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  • alicia

    Yes! Congrats and they had her on my bday!

  • Dreads

    Aww congratulations. This babygirl must be so adorable with parents like this. Eric Dane is so sexy ….. And I’ve always thought Rebecca was oddly gorgeous too. I know a lot of people hate her for a story about killing a child or something? I don’t know about the story…..but I’m not the kind of person who blames someone like that. So anyway, congrats to them. I wish them the best with this new beautiful bundle of joy.

  • udontcare

    u don’t care that she cut in front of a car that stopped to let a child cross the road and killed the kid? maybe if it was someone u loved that died because of her impatience u might care a little bit. just maybe. she’s a celebrity so she can run over someone else’s kid, she has places to go, people to see, why should she wait two minutes to let a child cross the road? yes, rebecca, u go girl.

  • Kristen

    Sorry, but I can’t be happy for them when I know she killed another person’s child. And Dreads, you *should* blame her for that accident. Rebecca was found criminally responsible for vehicular manslaughter. She came to a crosswalk where a child was walking. Several cars in front of her had stopped to permit the child to cross. Rebecca was busy chatting on her cell phone, too impatient to wait, and apparently an incompetent driver who doesn’t understand why other cars would stop at a crosswalk; so she swerved around the other cars, charged through the crosswalk, and mowed down an innocent child.

    You can read about it on Wikipedia:

  • @Kristen

    She seems (Rebecca) like an okay person. Don’t you think she thinks of this every single day of her life?

    Who set you up as Jesus? God? And judge and jury?

  • Dreads

    @udontcare: Okay, so maybe I wasn’t clear enough….I never said that she is allowed to do anything just because she’s a celebrity. What she did was WRONG. Really wrong. There’s no excuse. @Kristen: I read it. I totally agree that this is unacceptable. However, you can’t blame her for the rest of her life….I mean, if you had done this, would you have liked it? People hating you for that and cursing your whole life and family, wishing you the worst or just not wishing you any good for that? I don’t think so. We all humans make mistakes. And I’m not saying this was a little mistake. It was a HUGE mistake, that nobody should do. But we can’t judge, call her names, and loathe her. I can’t. Even though, I repeat myself, I know what she did was extremely wrong. I am not able to hate someone. It’s her life. You live yours. Why can’t you just be happy with yours and simply not care about hers if you hate her that much?…..oh well….I don’t know what to say more.

  • juniper

    After reading about her on wikipedia she seems to have made a lot of serious bad choices, scary. Lets hope she cleaned up her act for her child’s sake.

  • Buttercup

    Don’t want to undermine her responsability cause a child’s death is always a tragedy, but… the kid was jaywalking. No, Ms. Gayheart shouldn’t have passed those cars, and no, the kids shouldn’t have been jaywalking.

  • appena

    3 years probation, 1 year suspension of her driver license, 2.800 USD fine and 750 hours of community service for what she did is nothing.
    I am sorry I’m mentioning this the day she became a mother but I see that a lot of you commented on that. It is horrible. Horrible.

  • pop86

    Congrats to Eric and Rebecca.

  • udontcare

    i don’t hate her and i’ve never called her names or cursed her or her family etc. etc. etc.. but yes i DO judge her. we judge every day of our lives whether we like to admit it or not. it’s human. i can’t even think of anyone who could possibly not judge, it’s taking a stand in what we believe in – right vs. wrong. every decision we make is making a judgment.
    for most people, taking a life is life-changing even if it was a horrible, horrible accident. i would probably be traumatized for life even if i’d accidentally run over someone’s pet, much less someone’s child! she was indignant and unremorseful. her only concern was what would happen to her, would she go to jail, what would this do to her career?
    i’m not going to say what she should or shouldn’t do but i can guess what i would do. for one, what about a career change? is acting the only profession available out there? can’t she choose something to do outside the public eye? is that too much to ask? most people would not be able to flaunt themselves after something so tragic because every time the loved ones of that child sees my face, my smiles and poses, and gowns and vacations they will be reminded of that painful loss. a life that will never be.
    for the person who thinks rebecca is thinking about this every single day, do u really believe that? was she thinking about the kid on the day of that threesome whatever the hell that was? we all judge. it makes us who we are. how can u ever have an opinion about anything at all if u don’t?

  • Anna

    I’ve just never liked her, before the vehicular manslaughter, and after. I’ve just never really cared per say. But I’m happy for Eric, he’s been waiting for this kid, so at the very least–I can be happy for him.

  • Kerry

    Let’s hope she has changed, if not, that kid is going to be in for a tough time. But parenthood makes you feel different, see different, act different–so maybe she can shed her previous image because of this new role as a mother. Or maybe not, I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. I feel like Eric Dane will probably be more actively involved, he seems way more excited than she, but that’s just my opinion.

  • http://! ivanka

    poor kiid, her mom gets high and killed other kid

  • greg

    congrats to the child killer

  • laurie

    I agree w/ all the posters she’s a looser!!! if that was my kid she ran over she wouldn’t be alive today to have a baby…..

  • Andrew_78


  • Bella

    In my state, her actions are considered vehicular manslaughter. Minimum two years in prison. I guess in California, one truly can get away with murder.

  • AGA

    Wow i can’t believe she only recieved 3yrs probation.Basically a slap on the wrist. Imagine the poor parents of that child,knowing she is married to a highly-paid actor living the high life,residing in mansions,going on regular holidays,glamourous events-While THEY recieve a life sentence.
    TO #8…..That;s pretty low to blame the child,even if the boy was jaywalking(Other;s have said drivers were stopped on crossing)- NO Blame should be put on the kid,kids make mistakes and if she didnt have her head up in clouds,gabbing on her ph she might have relized the traffic had stopped. Anyway…Low Blow!!!

  • Amber-louise

    As long as they arent still smoking crack like in that naked video with Cari anne peniche.

  • sven

    No one here knows what goes through her mind everyday. I believe that she was devastated by what happened and would give anything to go back and redo that day.

    I have been in the unenviable position of hitting a child that rode out in front of me on his bike. Fortunately he wasn’t seriously injured but it didn’t matter that it wasn’t my fault I still felt horrible.

    I have read that she had to have therapy for years after this to try and come to terms with what she did. I believe that’s closer to the truth than what these haters are posting.

  • Go Ask Alice

    BEST wishes to them.

    Wonder if she is still friends with her addicted friend ,Brooke Mueller.

    I bet the Daneand Gaybheart don’t want their precious daughter toever be around the Cahrlieand Brooke’s twin boys.

    Gayheart got a nothing sentence for the accidnet.
    Howit happened was easy. She was on the phone. Avery busy VIP living in her Me world and while the other cars stopped, she could not stop.Duh,common sense, so swereved around and hit the jaywalking KID,CHILD.
    Why did the cars stop?
    the boy was crossing the street.
    Gayheart could not stop. No one makes HER stop.
    Iamsure the boy’sfolks got a big pay off from her inusrance co.and from her.
    Endof story.
    I hope as a parent,she has best coming to her and will take that Me World First of hers and do some good including for the boy’s family.

    then again, being back in Hollywood,invincible, a parent, escaped any penalty from that accident, she may feel more entitled.
    These celeb types usually do.

  • sasha

    Quick Eric…hide that sex scene from last weeks Greys with you having sex with a drug rep. Your daughter doesn’t need to see that and your a much better actor then to have to do it. And tell Miss Rhimes to step it up because Greys is tanking bigtime!

  • offtheproperty

    Leave Rebecca alone! She’s a nice girl who has had the courage to live her life. Congratulations you two!

  • Denja

    she is cute =]

  • Sue

    I just think it’s in poor taste to go out of one’s way to show the world your newborn baby when in your past you have killed a child. It doesn’t matter if it was an accident–it may or may not have been her fault, but judging by her other controversies, it probably was! But it’s with you from that moment on, that child would be alive if not for you. Don’t go on to show the world that you now have a child to show off when the parents of that poor little boy lost their child because of you. It doesn’t seem like she has much class, anyway. I think her behavior sucks.

  • sindy

    You are doing a great job at your blog, I added your blog feed in rss reader – write more please..