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Rihanna Gets Friendly with Robots at the Echo Awards

Rihanna Gets Friendly with Robots at the Echo Awards

Rihanna rocked Berlin at the Echo Awards on Thursday (March 5) with a performance of “Rude Boy”!

The 22-year-old beauty from Barbados performed with robots on stage, one of whom gave her a kiss and another that smacked her behind during the song!

Rihanna has reason to celebrate – “Rude Boy” hit the charts at #8 and marks her fourteenth Hot 100 hit in her career, a record broken from 2000! Congratulations, RiRi!

Rihanna – Rude Boy at the Echo Awards

15+ pictures inside of Rihanna performing and leaving Berlin on a private jet…

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Photos: WENN, Flynetonline
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  • ay

    dont like the song, only the parts of the background singers

  • oseary

    She looks ridiculous.

  • twin peaks

    @ay: Her background singers are good.

  • Lindsay’s Tatas

    Her thighs looks big there.

  • pavlo

    She is very pear shaped.

  • angel

    Love the robotos!

  • angel


  • FK HER


  • truly

    her stage costumes are not the best. at least she seemed to be having fun.

  • frosty

    Is that a woman or a man in a wig?

  • Dreads

    FOURTEEN? Did I miss some of her songs? I don’t remember that many “good” top 100-worthy songs of hers?! Oh well, the only think I can say (since I have never been a fan of neither her looks nor her voice) is that she has looked better in a far away past!

  • Don’t Do It

    If we keep seeing her in fur, she will make PETA’s Most Wanted list.

  • Dreads

    * I meant the only thinG I can say …..

  • dk

    Jeez, tough room… Anyway those robots would give me nightmares…

  • elis

    Rihanna needs a new stylist.

  • dim

    this performance is a little weird…but u know beyonce is like watching eovery move intently on youtube… regardless rihanna has become more raunchy lately. she lost her creativity, and now has to literally bend over to get any kind of attention…

  • ha!

    Those robots are hilarious and a good distraction from her singing.

  • royalwoman

    i like the song her voice is getting worse and her hair and outfit looks like crap, and whats with the robots??

  • kdots

    @Don’t Do It: One day she will end up covered in red paint.

  • just

    @royalwoman: She has two new boyfriends.





  • Silence of the Hams

    She has gained some weight and she looks just like Dionne Warwick in the face.

  • Mac N Cheese

    Why is that trainer suing her?
    No way she worked out.

  • villa

    It’s time to let go of the mushroom do’ and try something new!

  • Lyla

    ROBOTS! I love it. And the song is awesome!

  • faith87

    …is she hitting on those robots?

  • Lilly

    Ladies & Gents, Ghetto Gaga !

  • yo sista

    She can’t sing.

  • Ilia

    I have nothing bad to say about the way she looks and the studio recording of the song. However, when it comes to performing live, it is painful to watch this girl, in that sense she reminds me of Britney Spears. Do you guys remember way back when here and there she would try to perform a song live? Anyhow, when you cannot sing, put that tape on and mime, please…

  • Miranda

    ….god her voice is so annoying – and so bad live.
    sometimes i think she is a total cutie, others i’m like eww. when she does the sqautty position in her music vid with that voice, she looked like she was taking a poo lol. sometimes i just think “gross” with this girl.

  • THG

    Her voice :x

  • …..

    My friend and I were talking about which female celebs we’d let our boyfriends or husbands kiss in a steamy music video after watching Shakira’s vid with Nadal.
    Shakira? “yeah” “yes”
    Gaga? “……yeah” “yeah”
    Beyonce? “Yeah” “yep”
    Kesha? “ummm” “I really don’t know”
    Rihanna? “cringe” “ew omg lol”

    Why is the thought of kissing Rihanna so awkward and gross lmao?
    Because technically, she is a stunner and cutie. But we both went “ew!” after the kiss question lolll.

  • bajan


  • Weber from Brazil

    A M A Z I N G performance

    Rihanna getting better and better as a singer every time I watch her ^^

  • Liv


  • Rime_m

    I liked the performance” She rocked the stage”, and the idea of robots is genius… Like the costume “so edgy”. And the song too: ” come on rude boy boy can you giddy up, come on rude boy boy is you big enough” .
    I like her dance moves. ” the butterfly one”… And her make up and even the fact that she do whatherver she wants without thinking about other’s opinion… And she is having fun with her life actually…


    SHEEE CANNTT SING FORR SHITTTTTTTTTT! how can she even sin livvve its soooo embarassinngg

  • enoughalready


  • waffle bowl

    Wow. That was one of the creepiest performances I’ve ever seen. She really comes off as a poor man’s Lady Gaga in this performance (and yes, I’m aware Ri-Ri’s been around longer than Gaga, so spare me the tired lecture). The robots have more rhythm than Rihanna, and speaking of which, why is she bumping and grinding all over them? That is just… ew. And she can’t sing, her vocals are just awful. I’d say the only thing she has going for her is her looks, but not even that she has. She’s a butterface. Cover her head with a paper bag, and it’s all good.

  • punctuation

    Its amazing with so much hatred on this post for rihanna, it doesnt matter wat u think it is written whatever is in store for her she will receive half of you sound bitter , are fulll of pain, you hate her so much that everyday you have to comment on her. y waste time. No wonder our world is n peril 2 much negativity.

  • b*ugger off

    disappointed, Rih. That opening line was f*cking terrible. My ear drums just about collapsed in on themselves. I know shes better than that..

  • Romeo

    Jealous? Why is everyone dogging on Rihanna? She’s got talent and very creative.

  • Adriana

    Why is everyone hating on Rihanna so much? You all sound like jealous A holes. What did she ever do to you all? Half of what you are saying about her is really disgusting and commented on by the SAME people: GROSS, Yo Sista etc. Just give it up, Rihanna isn’t going anywhere anytime soon so just sit back and STFU. It’s really sad that the comments that are really mean get thumbs up and the ones that are positive gets thumbs down. And I’m 100% positive that it’s the same 8 people too which is really sad because it just shows how envious you are. Lighten up people, she’s just an insanely popular international pop superstar, no need to jump on everything she does and automatically trash her.

    This performance was great, she sounded really good, she looks amazing and the robots are cool. Sure she might have been out of breath near the end but if you check her AOL sessions, she is an incredible live singer who sounds just like the record sounds. Her voice may not be for everyone but you can’t say she can’t sing because she can. And you can’t say she’s ugly because she really isn’t ugly by any standards unless you’re a racist bigot who can’t appreciate her unique beauty. If most journalists think she’s beautiful, then there is a broad consensus that she is in fact beautiful.

  • Adriana

    @b*ugger off: Also, how can you be disappointed when it’s clearly obvious that you would trash it anyway. It’s called correct english you dim wit. Disappointed means you are expecting it to be great but were let down. Yet you follow it with opinions you you already had of her. That means you obviously don’t like her voice or ever did. And you clearly didn’t expect her to be great because you already don’t like her. People are so DUMB!

  • guns&

    @Adriana: How does it feel to stan such a talentless wh0re? The only think she has are her looks and she’s ruined them these days anyway.

  • b*ugger off

    @Adriana: Look you presumptuous little tart, if anyone is going to back Rih, or at the least able to appreciate her without going goo goo eyed slobbering twat, its me. shes the one POP star I not just tolerate but like. Considering my taste in music tends more towards Led Zeppelin, Tool, Metallica etc some people might even consider my liking of Rihanna offensive. Do you even know who they are? Those are bands who really have contributed to, and some might say, changed the face of music in their time. Not saying that Rih hasnt.

    You might learn to read, or at least to take your own advice. I was, as you so correctly stated, disappointed. Disappointed because that was off key, off beat and the performance itself was LACKING. The most entertaining thing about it was the robots. I say I am disappointed because I have seen far better performances from her where she was spot on vocally and with awesome effects. Manchester in 07 comes to mind. so yes, I expected better. Wouldnt you from someone whose JOB it is to get up and sing for a few minutes? God knows shes paid well enough for it.

    Get a life bro, learn to read. Well, no, I would say you can actually read fairly well. Maybe I should say stop reading into sh*t so much.

    And for your information, I like Rihanna. Like her enough I would pay to see her. But if I had paid to listen to a couple of hours of that, I would damn near ask for my money back.

  • b*ugger off

    @Adriana: Did you even read the I know shes better than that bit at the end? Would that not indicate to you that I was, infact, disappointed and not just saying that even when I had already come into this with the mindset that I dont like her? Even though I do, infact, like her. I would like to retract my earlier statement about you learning to not read into stuff and repeat that you should just LEARN HOW TO READ.