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Tom Cruise & J.J. Abrams Talk 'Mission: Impossible IV'

Tom Cruise & J.J. Abrams Talk 'Mission: Impossible IV'

Tom Cruise and J.J. Abrams are all smiles at the “Oscar Wilde: Honoring The Irish In Film” event held at Los Angeles’ Wilshire Ebell Theatre on Thursday (March 5).

The 47-year-old actor presented J.J. with the Oscar Wilde for his outstanding work over the past year, calling him “a filmmaker who doesn’t set borders – a great guy and an incredible artist,” according to the BBC.

J.J. also gave a sneak peek at what to expect from Mission: Impossible IV: “We have a really cool idea that we’re playing with and I’m looking forward to that coming to pass,” he said (via UKPA). “[T]here definitely will be a European presence but there’s a whole crazy story, it’s definitely a jet setting movie.”

10+ pictures inside of Tom Cruise presenting J.J. Abrams with an award…

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tom cruise jj abrams oscar wilde irish in film 01
tom cruise jj abrams oscar wilde irish in film 02
tom cruise jj abrams oscar wilde irish in film 03
tom cruise jj abrams oscar wilde irish in film 04
tom cruise jj abrams oscar wilde irish in film 05
tom cruise jj abrams oscar wilde irish in film 06
tom cruise jj abrams oscar wilde irish in film 07
tom cruise jj abrams oscar wilde irish in film 08
tom cruise jj abrams oscar wilde irish in film 09
tom cruise jj abrams oscar wilde irish in film 10

Photos: Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty
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  • Luiza

    OMG Tom looks hot again

  • So Judgemental

    Grreeeaat. The world is waiting with bated breath for another completely forgettable Mission Impossible movie… and praying that the Mayans are incorrect and we might get to see another Star Trek before the end of the freaking world.

    Why JJ??? Does he have compromising pictures of you? Did you make the mistake of getting e metered by a scientology “minister”.. seriously WTF!!??

  • kizbit

    Just one question…WHY??????

  • Celia

    Tom gets better looking with age.
    I can’t wait for MI:4!

  • Katie

    Who is the Oompa Loompa with JJ Abrams?!?

  • pr person

    Oh BLECH!!! Who cares? Crazy is still a crazy loon and if he wants to stink up another movie… well… how unfortunate.

  • BlacKat

    What’s up with his hair??

  • Green Tiger

    I know the man can be an idiot, but you’ve got to admit he’s looking good (aside the hair – did he stand in front of a wind tunnel to dry it?)

  • Perez

    Tom Cruise is the man, he owns all of you

  • http://yahoo rasha

    i think jennifer garner the best actress who can play with him this movie

  • Liz

    Why is he dressed like a 16 year old?? It’s ridiculous!

  • KMcG

    plastic surgery – he definitely looks different.

  • missy

    How is he dressing like a 16 year old? He’s wearing pants, a plain black shirt, and a motorcycle jacket. If he was going around in baggy jeans and a punk rock t-shirt, I might see your point, but I don’t see anything childish about his outfit.

  • Pac Man

    Cruise is just a good friend and Abrams isn’t a bigot like you, #2.

    Right, #13.

  • karen

    I am not fan of Tom and usually don’t comment on his thread. BUT that being said.. I wish he would not do another Mission Impossible..

    He was wonderfully funny in Tropic Thunder. Just so anti what I think of when I think of Cruise.. He has some talent in the funny. It would be nice for him to do more. I think his movie with Cameron is supposed to be a Action/Comedy. That would be great change..

    But all these 2, 3 4 part movies are enough already.

    he has made his mark. At this point in his career he can take chances..

  • juniper

    Tom Cruise is a good looking guy, although that spray tan is not working, too orange. He needs to try a lighter shade next time.

  • Liz

    Haters………..please go away.
    Tom Cruise looks amazing.
    My favorite actor of all time.

  • Ewww

    TC is such a FREAK!

  • Audrey

    Looks like Cruise had a little pre-Oscar touchup at the plastic surgeons!! Looks like botox and a lower face lift to me. Somebody needs to tell him that the tan in the can he’s using is turning him orange though. He looks like a orange tinted ass.

    Oh….and as far as Mission Impossible 4, I guess when everything else is flopping, you go back to what you think will make some money in the box office. Cruise is desperately trying to be relevent again. He’s more famous for being a cult following nutcase and having Suri for a daughter than for being an actor these days. Thats why the pathetic jerk and his even more pathetic wife pimp out that poor little kid.

    Go Away Cruise. The crazy is out of the bag and no one cares anymore, no matter how much plastic surgery and botox you have!

  • jiggy

    The only thing that could make this new MI worse than the others is if they put untalented, cankle legs, golddigger Kaite Holmes in it.

    She’s so pathetic Tom won’t even do a film with her. LMAO

  • Eric

    If he was standing on the street I would give him money.
    Come on man where is your dignity, a shower isn’t that difficult.

  • emma#2

    He looks pretty natural to me , doesn’t seem to have had work done, he looks like one of these guys who will always look youthful , no matter how old he is , I think it’s his smile. As for his wife I think she is going to be busy the next couple of months, she’s making a movie with Channing Tatum and Al Pacino……….Son of No one.

  • it’s xenu’s spawn


    Well if you go back in JJ’s archives or google-images for Cruise his hairline has receded forward (which must make him a medical miracle).
    Furthermore when stars where bangs suddenly it usually means they have had a wee bit of a nip and tuck on their forhead. He definitely has had the bags below his eyes worked on. He is also botoxed up. His forehead is smooth and shiny and the wrinkles at the corners of his eyes are straining to get out.
    Cruise of course continues to play macho action heroes trying to prove to the public that he is young, virile and still at the peak of his popularity. God forbid he age gracefully into movie roles like Harrison Ford, Cary Grant et al.
    He has lost a lot of his popularity and he won’t get it back for a lot of different reasons, many out of his control. Unfortunately that won’t stop him from trying to be 25 again.

  • lydia

    He looks like a freakin’ Oompa Loompa!! He’s just as orange and just as short. lol I used to be a fan but not anymore. he’s a crazy frickin loser who uses a little kid to get attention.

  • Mayanktaker

    Haters go away…..
    I don’t care what peoples thinks about Tommy.. I know only one big thing that >
    Tom Crusie is the Man.. TC rocks..
    TC lovers: Thumbs up. :)
    TC haters: Finger up on the mirror.

  • quncymob

    TomKat critics = patriotic and classy
    Tm Cruise = pinhead

  • Marcus

    why does he look so filthy, why would he go to an event looking so disgusting. that’s not natural that’s nasty.

  • it’s xenu’s spawn

    @pac man

    Nobody really cares about him anymore. His threads used to generate at least a hundred comments here and on other blogs. Now he is lucky if he gets 20-40.
    He messed up really bad with the count jumping, post-partum, ADHD attacks. His apologies were insincere. He further compounded this mess marrying Airhead who stabbed the Batman cast in the back by do so little promoting of her own movie. He probably lost War of the Worlds at least 50-100 million ticket buys also.
    He has shown himself to be a self-centered xenu narcissist with short man’s syndrome.
    Never liked Nicole until he dumped her for Cruz, but for Nicole, it was probably the best thing that ever happened to her. She has a man now and not a shallow little tin god.

  • To PacMan

    Excuse Me?!?!? Who the F*CK do you think you are you moronic little twit!! I shared my opinion! Who do you think you are calling me names!?!?! If anyone is an idiot around here, it’s quite obvious it’s you. Furthermore, if you continue to call names, I will absolutely get in touch with the owner of this board and have your account banned. I don’t take crap from sick little miscreants like you.

    Finally, I know for a fact that Cruise had work done and I also sincerely believe that his next film will not do well. He has jumped the shark. Deal with it.


  • elsa

    look, i watched most of Tom Cruise movies cuz they are good, but I have to admit, he is not aging well . . . honestly, he looks a bit gruesome now. He looks goooood when he was young – - -BUT just look at him now! I can only imagine when he’ll be sixty! LOL, he’ll be hecka fugly probably. . . just saying the truth.

  • Tom Cruise

    Hey you alllllllllll
    do’n tinsult me okay…..

  • quncymob

    Tom has a deeply ingrained hatred and misunderstanding of science so maybe the villain will be a scientist? Hard to pick on communists these days when they bankroll our society.

  • anna

    @it’s xenu’s spawn: you’re such an ass. poor brainwashed cuckoo; stop reading tabloids crazy!

    cruise is smart, funny, very man, deserve to be call the biggest star of Hollywood ever, shove that upon your ass!

  • Tom Cruise

    Thanks you anna.