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Adam Lambert Debuts 'Voodoo'

Adam Lambert Debuts 'Voodoo'

Check out the latest from Adam Lambert – it’s “Voodoo,” a track from international versions of For Your Entertainment!

Adam, 28, linked to the song on his Twitter and shared, “Song will be released soon in US on [Whataya Want From Me] & [For Your Entertainment] Remix EP!”

The track was co-written with Aussie artist and producer Sam Sparro, Adam shared.

Be sure to catch Adam on VH1′s Unplugged this coming Wednesday (March 10) to hear acoustic renditions of his hits!

Adam Lambert – Voodoo
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  • pup

    Repetitive much? -_-

  • Joshua

    Great song. Good blusey vibe. I like it

  • Nina

    He looks like a woman.

  • Nina

    His prerogative…

  • sasha


  • KenzieQ

    LOVE it! So sexy & hypnotic ~

    Hope you get pics of Adam from the Aussie Mardi Gras, I heard Adam looked amazingly fierce and sang “For Your Entertainment” with lots of dancers on stage. He got to close the show!

  • john

    very 80s vibe. i persoanlly like the song, but it wont be a hit

  • KT

    This song sticks in your head forever. I’m looking forward to a dance remix.

  • nice

    I love the bridge!

  • Mel

    Oooh, I like it! Very sultry and atmospheric. I can see why it’s a bonus track on the international version though, more vibe-y than a showcase of Adam’s voice. Hoping for a bumpin dance remix too!

  • Suan

    Amazing track!


    WTF did they leave this off the album?

  • Sydney

    He just closed Mardi Gras he’s so fkn amazing

  • Mush

    LOVE this! Shout out to Sparro.

  • !!!!

    Adam Lambert in Sydney yesterday:

  • wow

    MAGIC SHROOMS IN MY EARS, release this gorgeous shiiii

  • Michael

    His voice is so f-n versatile it’s insane.

  • Sacha, 23

    I love it, Sparro’s a brilliant producer. I love Adam’s voice so much.

  • James

    He SHOULD release it. It WILL be a summer Hit, trust.

    Way better than FYE.

  • VJada

    Gorgeous voice and the melody is way addictive.

  • lucas

    really like it actually

  • IKeaton

    Lambert’s voice is a throwback to a couple of legends often that’s an awesome talent.

  • Dixon

    Thumbs up.

  • CPAndrew

    @IKeaton: this. even tho it’s soft electro, he sounds like Bassey at 1:50.

  • melia


    so catchy in a good way

  • Ali

    he is over. i don’t think he can revive his career.

  • Kayko

    Nope. His image is so strong, and his music so generic…

  • weeks

    Adam’s ex, Drake LaBry, comes from Louisiana and has a Cajun accent. Makes you wonder….

  • Jory

    Amazing song I FLOVE IT <3

  • Kelly

    It’s gorgeous, especially the bridge. Makes me swooooooooooon.

  • anna

    Voodoo is an awesome song– great vibe!!

  • yaya

    my type of song,love it.

  • slambang

    Adam is awesome!!!

  • Cindyg


    You wish he would, but he’s not going anywhere.

  • IMO

    @Kayko: His music (and voice) is anything BUT generic, like his personality. He is so unafraid. Of everything, y’know he thrives on taking risks. Like genuinely LOVES it cos he gets bored quite easily. He loves the package deal in his own heroes and artists and I see it with him. As in Voice – Visuals (whether you’re talkin stage design, dancers, air acrobatics, album art, costumes) sex/appeal/charisma pull – he can also dance and act. Package deal y’know what I mean. People said and still say that about Gaga, the image overshadows the music but her album is now Diamond certified. She really worked for it and got there eventually. Despite everything said about and to her, she got turned down so many times, she’s made it. Really, if you want an only-music artists there is always peeps like Jack Johnson, Mraz, The Fray. Adam’s a performer though. He does Performance Art. His image might be too strong sometimes but sometimes he also tones it way down, it’s like his personality; he is both chill and earthy yet spirited and naturally eccentric, he’s not one-dimensional. “There hasn’t been anyone who’s brought that ’70s eccentric over-the-top operatic thing to a stage in a while. A lot of people on the charts are stylists, but not great singers. He’s lucky to be both.” As long as he doesn’t lose his voice, it will always overpower everything else. I think he balances it well personally.

  • listen

    Labyrinth Bowie

  • JJ

    @James: You mean Hit not Summer Hit cos Summer hits are usaully uptempo right. Speaking of summer Hits (When Love Takes Over) Kelly Rowland wants to collab with Adam.

  • snowtown

    I think it’s more of a back scene song. Actually it reminded me of a Bond film with the black silhouettes.

  • NCV

    This is better than some of the tracks on the album like A Loaded Smile although I love that song’s lyrics:

    ~A loaded smile, an empty glass, and one last dance~

    but I like the fact that they didn’t put this on the album. Introducing better tracks later is clever. I would remix and sample this.

  • goldfrapp

    @weeks: Well, yesterday at the Oxford HUM Oz signing Adam was asked what influenced the song “Voodoo” and he said “a past boyfriend, actually…”.

    Last year when Rolling Stone asked him about Drake he described him as “Cajun, voodoo-down, dreamy”. So yeah Drake may have been the muse for this track. Songs are what you make them to be though :)


    I remember loving Gaga’s first single Just Dance but tons of people saying it was just another generic dance track. As her music grew with her (whether it was an intentional plan or a natural progression) so did her fanbase and credibility. Where would we be without dance music tho? Everyone needs to dance. This isn’t exactly a dance song, unless remixes make it to be, it’s an atmospheric vibey track but do you get what I mean? If you’re a legit artist, you will evolve and experiment constantly and/or gradually with time. Some do it moreso and better than others. When you listen to Adam speak, everything makes so much sense. He has such a balanced and strong perspective of……everything. He was given under 2 months to make an album – whilst killing it on the Tour every night – and the end result turned out exactly how he had described his vision at the start. He is so driven and in control. FYE debuted at #3 and is now Gold and still selling. & he’s only just started promoting it outside the US. He’s a vocal and visual chameleon honestly. It’s good that he has many many well-respected musicians on his side already just for his voice and personality alone cos it gives him confidence (I hope). It’s exciting following an artist from the start (yeah I know he’d worked in LA for over a decade but he wasn’t visible) because you see their fanbase and popularity and their performances evolve and grow. My cousin and I knew Muse before they made it and it makes me proud to be a fan.

  • shontelle

    @Kayko: if you want a singer who’s image is stronger than their music and talent just look at rihanna. don’t you think adam balances it well? ppl have mentioned gaga whose image is so dam.n strong but she pulls it off, you’ve got to be biased if you refuse to believe she has mad talent to back it up. adam’s not as creative as gaga (who is) but he has mad talent and brains so it also works. and the thing is his image is not a seperate thing, it’s really part of him ever since he was a baby dressing up in cowboy hats or putting art-makeup on his face to look like an old man or halloween gear and wtv. the creative expressive side of his brain has always been On. he gets into character with a look like all the Greats did bbut he also just loves it. he can sit around or dance in huge metal wings or oversized spiked shoulders and be comfortable.

  • Twitter

    LOL at what Adam’s dad tweeted him:

    Go to 0:50

  • eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    omgggggggggggggg the Mardi Gras pics omgggggggggggggggggggg
    i won’t post them here though haaaaaaaaaa

  • what

    @eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee: POST THEM

  • kegs

    A few bars in the steady percussion dance beat begins. Who would have guessed? A bland, predictable, lifeless cliche from start to finish.

  • gtfo

    @kegs: LOL little uptight troll. Who pi$$ed in yout cheerios? It’s an easy listening soft electro track nothing less nothing more. Sparro’s ace, Adam’s mad talented. You’re lame ;)

  • Kayko

    @IMO, @Shontelle

    Chill. I don’t mean to start an intellectual discourse on music, which is mostly emotional, and so is usually an either you like it or you don’t thing – you can’t convince someone to like certain music if they don’t. I also don’t want to start a discourse on the industry and what an artist needs to do to establish themselves to make it. There are really novel artists out there that put out good music… I love Adams image, and I’m sure he is a wonderful person in person. I think his image is a really strong, backboned one, and I like it. I like him around. But I do not like the music he puts out – and there is no intellectual reasoning for that. I think it is generic, you could easily have someone else sing some of his songs, or be in the videos, and it wouldn’t lessen the quality….I really saw Britney Spears all over his For Your Entertainment video. I liked Whaddaya Want From Me, but only the acoustic version, which added more depth to the song..otherwise it’s radio fluff to me. Sorry. I won’t even get into Lady Gaga…I don’t know since when shock jocks became amazing artists (although I do like her music) but if that’s what artists need to do to get our attention so that we will listen and keep listening to their music, then I guess that’s what they need to do. And this song, Voodoo, I do not think it’s a great song. I like the title though, it draws everyone to listen to it…

  • F0ck

    Moon shine on the bayou~
    His voice is gorgeous.

  • Shontelle

    @Kayko: lol i’m chill bro. sorry if it didn’t come across that way? lol. i actually enjoy talking about music. absolutely everyone is entitled to their opinion and i was just replying to yours with mine, no biggie.