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Alexander Skarsgard is LA Times' Millennium Man

Alexander Skarsgard is LA Times' Millennium Man

Alexander Skarsgard is heralded as the “Millennium Man” in the latest issue of the LA Times Magazine.

The 33-year-old True Blood actor talked about his ego-free personality. He shared, “I’m not a ‘Hollywood’ actor. I am a social guy, but I’m not one of those actors who will show up to a shoot with 15 agents and managers and publicists. An entourage like that just makes me uncomfortable.”

Watch the video below of Alex talking about growing into his own skin as an actor. And read the full interview at!

Alexander Skarsgard is LA Times’ Millennium Man

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Photos: Chad Pitman
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  • Nicki

    I like him

  • Classy

    Looking very classy here! He should keep it that way in all aspects of his life and he will go far.

  • VampFan

    @Classy. Read the full article about him… the people doing the shoot say what a terrific, unassuming, genuine, non-ego person he is — and was a dream to work with. He has had that reputation for years. I’m sure he’s human and has flaws… but daaaamn they are hard to find. Please don’t be fooled by the gossip sites that just make up crap to get hits.

    Thanks JJ for the post. I can’t get enough of Alexander Skarsgard. I’ve never been a fangirl like this before. Jai. Its true. He really is a walking skarsgasm. *winks*

  • sweetie

    He is so handsome and talented. Seems like a very nice guy too. :-)

  • true blood

    Alex looks great. Glad to see he’s getting the recognition he deserves. He is a great actor and gorgeous ( inside and out).
    Thanks, Jared!

  • Sugar

    Love him

  • Wow!

    Props to the L.A. Times. Hope we see this man on more covers.

  • Emily i didnt think it was possible to love him more

  • Liv

    Um, is he wearing guyliner in the interview? It seems like it. Or am I the only one who thinks so?

  • comment

    Nice to see an unassuming actor in Hollywood, a rare creature indeed.

  • Looking Good

    Alex always manages to make me love him even more after each interview. He’s a gorgeous man with a wonderful personality.

  • gina

    He speaks such good English, it’s incredible. I’ve heard many other Swedes speak English and they have this Swedish accent that sounds kinda strange lol. With Alex you can only hear it here and there.

  • Mouse

    @Liv: LOL! Yep, he’s DEFINITELY wearing guyliner. Quite a lot too.

  • SweetMe

    He seems really nervous in the interview.

  • Veruca

    Good god that picture of him looks like a painting – so perfect. And for a blonde he grows facial hair quite nicely. As for the guyliner, no matter how perfect a person is to look at, makeup is quite needed on camera or in pictures – that’s probably his makeup from the phtotoshoot.

  • Lola

    @VampFan: I agree with everything you just said. Did you see that pic of him on the Straw Dogs set? Shirtless? I just about fainted!

  • Gorgeouzz

    I respect him, he’s very talented. The only thing I hate, or dislike is that people in this bransch don’t always get through to much of struggle to be successful, it’s all about having good connections. There’s only a few people who have worked their asses of, and I really admire them for it. Alex is one of those who has had both connections (since his father is a famous actor) and he has also attended theatreschool, which is a sign of hard work.

    Anyway, I hope Alex, my fellow Swede, continues to be down to earth as he seems to be. Hope I’ll get to meet him one day :D

  • Looking Good

    Urban dictionary has a new noun;


    1. the physical and emotional sensation experienced upon seeing a picture of Alexander Skarsgard; usually accompanied by squeals, hyperventilation, dizzy feelings, sighs or an inability to stop smiling.
    jamie- omg i just saw a picture of the alexander skarsgard! *sigh*

    kristy- you just had a skargasm didn’t you -_-

    jamie- you know it!

  • Zui

    Heja Sverige!

  • nanny825

    He’s just gorgeous. He does look like he’s wearing eyeliner, I wonder what that’s about. He is just a perfect specimen, Great pics and good article. Nice job LA Times. He seems to have his spark back.

  • yo sista

    I think i just melted. His voice and eyes!!!!!!!!!!!! God have some Mercy!

  • Nyx

    Love him!

  • really


    er sieht so gut aus, yummy mummy.

    he looks my husband, and I love my husband!

  • VampFan

    @Mouse… Hi… Yeah he is wearing guyliner, but for the photo shoot… gives it the 1920′s silent movie look… these photos are high end works of art not the usual stud shots. Very dramatic. Love them.

    @Gogreouzz Hello. I may agree with you on the connections part in some instances, but Alex is not one of them. Sure, his father is a star in Sweden but his name pulls little weight in the Hollywood. Alex has struggled for a long time to land a meaningful role here (4 or 5 years before he got GK). Even in Sweden, they may love him but he was only offered hunky boyfriend roles which he didn’t want to do anymore. I respect the fact he left the security of his home country to come here and give it a shot. So in my humble opinion, Alex’s success now was not handed to him on a silver platter.

  • VampFan

    HI again Gorgeouzz… I would love to hear more about what you know of him as a Swede. I’ve heard he really is a nice guy.

    I reread my post to you and wanted to clarify I was agreeing with you, and only clarifying in case people from Sweden think he had it easy here and connections got him jobs. I actually think the phenomenal thing about his success here is that he is from a foreign country where no matter how talented the star is, the accent lands them stereotypical Russian agent or Nazi roles. *grins* Too bad, cause I am a big fan of all countries movies and I prefer the mother language and subtitles to dubbed in. *smiles*

  • British Latin American

    I am a big fan of Alex’s but one negative thing I have to say is that his voice often seems a little too American. I don’t want him to be too American.

  • Nicole

    Finally an article where they are talking just about him! He is wonderful and beautiful and standing there on HIS own merits. It makes him more lovable and enjoyable to watch. Tired of seeing people trying to pair him up with “actresses” to make him more relevant. This guy needs NO ONE and NOTHING to make him more relevant. Not an actress, relationship, etc. When those things come naturally then fine but he does not and will never need them to make people talk about him. LOVE Alexander!!!

  • libero

    so classy. he will be the new rudolph valentino, hes so charismatic and got a unique kind of charisma.

  • eva

    so damn delicious. MMMM, I need a candy bar named after him!! This is one man that I just can’t tear my eyes away from. Thanks for the new word “Skargasm”!!! I think he so easily can take Clint Eastwood’s place. He is so much sexier, but he’s got that manly and rugged side to him, and that model side combined, mmmm,magically delicious.

    Thanks Jared !!!

    Please do not come in here and ruin the mood, Haters!!! LOL

  • Hopeful

    I hope this good article and excellent photos are an indication that Alex is getting his focus and sanity back. I really want to see him in roles that allow him to use his excellent range and depth of acting ability as in Generation Kill instead of the dreck level of True Blood and Straw Dogs.

  • powerless


  • g

    He doesnt sound swedish at all. Did he grow up in America?

  • limitless

    @Hopeful the article is wonderful! He is incredibly, deliciously adorkable! They mention how completely unaffected he is by all the HW hype. His big on-set demand for the photo shoot? “A cup of coffee, please.” They noted that he was so “easy-going and ego-free” that they almost didn’t know what to do with him. He also volunteered to stand in for the lighting set up for the shoot. Quote: unheard of! End quote. As for the dreck of True Blood and Straw Dogs, I’d have to disagree on that front. TB is good campy fun, and Alex is one of the amazing talents who helps bring it all together. He steals nearly every scene he’s in and his performances are mesmerizing. I’ll hold judgement on Straw Dogs until it is released, but if Alex’s demonstrated talent to date is any indication of his performance there (and if anything he’s proven consistency is one of the keys to the level of his acting ability), then at the very least I have no doubt about his performance in Straw Dogs. Until I hear or see otherwise, that’s a win as far as I’m concerned.

  • L

    The interview was taken on-set of the photoshoot, which is why he is wearing eyeliner.

  • VampFan

    @G… Hello. No Alex was born and raised in Sweden… he never spent much time, if any, in the States until 5 or 6 years ago when he came here looking for different roles and give it a shot here.

  • thrillagilla

    @really: du bist dann ein sehr glueckliches Frau

  • Hopeful

    I know how to read, dear. What the article says and what I wrote have nothing to do with each other. As for our differing creative quality opinions of True Blood and Straw Dogs, we’ll have to agree to disagree.

  • mindy

    Many of actors who are just as “unassuming” as he is. You might as well disassemble your shrine now because the minute he does something remotely human you’ll be set to tear him apart. Fans like you make it impossible for celebrities to just be themselves and not gods to be worshiped. Liking him the most is okay, but making him perfect to the exclusion of everyone else is unrealistic.

  • eva

    @mindy: Maybe Mindy, but stargazing is what it is. Of course he isn’t perfect!! None of us are, but nonetheless, he is scrumptious eye candy!! That is my main concern right now…LOL..I don’t have to live with him, wish I could, but damn I could look at him all day long, with much, much pleasure!!!

  • Lauren

    @mindy: They’ve already ripped him apart for dating Evan Rachel Wood and Kate Bosworth. He’s not allowed to get laid.

  • jen

    perfect man!!!

  • katherine


  • Connie

    Another one who always looks greasy. Not impressed with him. That’s all I’m going to say.

  • GreenCAT

    Woooww! Alexander looks freakin HOT! And he is super sweet! Glad he is a down to earth type of guy. :D

  • Drew

    @Lauren: He never dated Wood.

    Alex is a great guy.

  • camila

    wow how hot does alex look!! he looks freakin gorgeous!!!

  • Bee

    How about this hot piece of sex??

  • dipsy

    He looks nice. Very sexy. Nice interview.

  • pbt

    Congratulations to Alexander for being chosen as Millennium Man. Chad Pitman’s photographs have captured the essence of Alex. He is pure sex. Good choice of clothing and the black and white photography. B&W takes away anything that is non essential. Alexander exudes a presence that is unmatched by many in Hollywood.

    Stay the way you are, Alex.

  • Nadia

    Last night he attended the Montblanc Charity Cocktail Hosted By The Weinstein Company To Benefit UNICEF with Kate Bosworth. They are going to Oscar Parties tonight together as well