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Gerard Butler: Pre-Oscar Prep

Gerard Butler: Pre-Oscar Prep

Gerard Butler gets pampered and ready for the Academy Awards by getting his hair done at Chris McMillan Salon and then heading to a tanning salon on Friday (March 5) in Beverly Hills.

The 40-year-old Scottish actor is one of many actors expected to present in tomorrow’s Academy Awards.

During last Wednesday’s Artists For Peace and Justice event, Gerry also shared who his date will be for the big event.

“I’m not taking a date — unless I have a serious girlfriend, which probably a lot of people know is very rare,” Gerard told Extra. “There are enough rumors about what’s going on in my life without sparking another one.”

FYI: Gerry is wearing Oliver Peoples “Connolly” sunglasses!

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Photos: Bauergriffinonline
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  • Lina

    Looking good Butler. Hope you’re not rocking the orangina look sunday.

  • Ohhhh look

    Goodness, this man is gorgeous. He can stop dieting now. He’s just right.

  • liz

    omg, this awesome actor is so gorgeous!

  • brightside

    Ohh – looks very manly there – he could give me a cuddle any day. Nothing nicer than having a strong man’s arms wrapped around you. One of life’s greatest pleasures that – and he definitely fits the bill. Nice manly man :)

  • brightside

    Oh god – have a terrible urge to ruffle his hair – must look away now…

  • Lisa

    There is no other man in the world who looks THAT GOOD rumpled just walking down the street. It’s just not fair how gorgeous he is.

  • Heidiho

    Can you imagine walking down the street and running into him … looking like that … thud.

  • JJ


  • advice for G

    Oh, Gerry, say it isn’t so. You did not get another orange tan for the Oscars! Didn’t you see the Rio photos? Look at yourself in the pictures posted with this thread. You don’t need anything else. You’re great just natural. Please, get in the shower now, and start scrubbing until it all comes off.

  • Dreads

    His hair looks good here but I find him neither sexy nor “gorgeous”. I guess he’s not my type of man. And Brightside, I’ve seen more “manly” man on here. Then again, I seem to love another kind of manly and sexy men.

  • Maria from Texas


  • Why

    are you bringing Aniston into this, Maria?

    Well, Dreads, sorry you feel that way, but I, for one, am very happy with JJ for posting these amazing photos. I can’t get enough of this guy.

  • go

    Love him

  • Lisa

    Oh yes yes yes!!! The epitome of MASCULINITY walking down the street. I can’t wait to see him in a beautiful tux tomorrow night!

  • atrium

    Damn Hooot

  • Missy

    If you go to page 4 on this site there are pics of Gerry’s LA home.
    I don’t think I’ve seen these house pics before but maybe they’ve been posted here on previous threads.
    Anyway, here it is:

  • Kulu

    10 pounds less and you can see every bone. Please, no beach pictures in the next time! i can remember when i stood in front of him … he`s a skinny little man. Nothing special, but nice.

  • great

    Oh great, he’s going to be orange for the Oscars.

  • Heidiho

    Thanks for the link to the house pictures. Really beautiful. Wouldn’t you love to see the inside. Imagine Lolita waddling around the place. LOL.

  • martha

    He’s right, It would set tongues wagging if he brought his latest boyfriend.

  • @Missy

    @Missy: Thank you for the link to the pics of GB’s house! The pool looks really nice! :-)

  • CJ

    Why does he have to do the whole Nice and Easy hair color and Spray tan malarky – I would have so much more respect for him if he was proud to be himself

    Read more:
    He does it because he is a insecure man/boy/actor…♥

  • pamster

    I KNEW he would make his way to a tanning salon before Sunday!!
    And what’s even worse is that I don’t think Gerry settles for the usual tanning bed because it takes a while before you get a tan and the Oscars is already on Sunday. I bet he gets the AWFUL spray tan and voila! he’s orange again.

  • @ Heidiho

    @Heidiho: Well, there is one interior picture, the one of the staircase ;)
    But yeah, I agree, I would definitely also like to see more of the inside of the house.

  • he is 6′ 2?

    he is 6 2, how can you say he is a little man?
    Is he shorter than 6′ 2?

  • curious

    does anyone know in which neighborhood he lives in NYC?

  • leah

    I see the phannies have taken over JJ now. What a shame. They’re such freaks.

    CJ thanks for being one of the only voices of reason left on JJ. ITAWY completely.

    @pamster: He gets sprayed. I hope he doesn’t do the pancake makeup thing again too. Shave Gerry. For the love of God it’s a formal event. Shave.

  • Lavender

    @Missy: That Brunopress site is great! They have loads of Gerry pictures, some I hadn’t even seen before. Too bad you can’t click on them to make them bigger.
    LOL, they call him “Gerald Buttler” here

    I also found GB pics under “Gerald butler”, “gerry butler”, “gerrard butler” AND “jerry butler”! That site needs to learn to archive under “gerard butler” ONLY lol! ;)

  • Noelle

    He looks a lot like my boyfriend whose Irish. I like how Gerard is so rugged and masculine…I’m not into all the girly hollywood men out there. It also looks like his recent diet and excercise plan paid off! He looks great!

  • ManLESSton, I likely…

    @he is 6′ 2?:
    I think that Kulu is from an Amazon tribe and is 8 feet tall. How else could a man 6’2″ be considered shorter and little… he he

  • Lavender

    @curious: I’m pretty sure it’s in Chelsea.



  • Lavender
  • curious

    I saw pics of his apt in NYC, it’s so gothic looking, almost like the phantom’s abode

  • curious

    Do you think his true girlfriend is his assistant in LA? Maybe they have an arrangement of never appearing together in public and also he gets to flirt with whomever he wants in public to keep his fans still interested and his ego boosted.
    What do you think?

  • Mia

    @curious: What makes you think his assistant is his girlfriend?

  • Witch

    I saw the photos of his NYC loft too. It’s beautiful, and it does have a goth edge to it! The photos I saw were on the decorator’s site. I don’t remember the name now. So even tho I’m sure he had input, it’s basically a decorator’s creation. I do remember a huge 300 painting thing that looked like it might cover a wall TV.

  • curious

    Because things develop between men and women at close proximity, especially under this circumstance.
    At the every least, I think he has a physical relationship with her – it’s not possible that he doesn’t, unless she is old, fat, or very unattractive. But somehow, I don’t think he is the type to be around unattractiveness.
    Is his current assistant the same he always had, or does he have a new one now?

  • cubedweller

    Butler’s daily to-do list:
    Wake up whenever
    Hunt around on floor for clothes
    Shower (hopefully), but do not shave
    Get a latte
    Get a spray tan
    Touch up roots
    Eat out where paps can see
    Search for cameras
    Stick tongue or worse in random strangers
    More latte
    Eat out again
    Hit a club
    Hit another club
    Hit another club
    Sleep (maybe) and repeat
    My it’s taxing being him. Exhausting just thinking about it. Must lie down.

  • Mia

    @curious: Do you know where I can find a pic of his assistant?

  • leah

    @brightside: Manly men don’t get spray tans.

  • curious

    Probably spent at least $2 million redoing it.
    If you remember the website, please post it.
    Do you think he really spends time living there or does he live mostly in LA?

  • Witch

    I don’t remember it, but I just Googled Gerard Butler’s NYC apartment and up popped a list of things. One is on gals with a bundle of pictures …. if you can tolerate going there! But it’s in the gallery not in the forum so you don’t have to read any gush.

  • stupidfans

    @Mia: I can’t believe you denied being a phannie on the other thread and then you say something this STUPID. WTF is wrong with you? You want a picture of his assistant because Curious hypothesized that they might be dating? If that’s not the definition of a stalker phannie, then they lowered the bar to the ground. Leave his assistant alone. He isn’t poking the help.

    Cube, Leah – I completely agree. A manly man doesn’t care if he’s gray and doesn’t get spray tans. A manly man could deal with aging gracefully and wouldn’t feel insecure because of his natural skin color. Gerry is a poser. Always was. Always will be.

  • stupidfans

    @he is 6′ 2?: He is a little man – not in height but in other ways.

  • Witch

    Stupidfans: You’re talking to the wrong Mia. It was Old Mia who said something like she never denied being a fan, but wasn’t a phannie. As I recall, OM changed her name when some other Mias came on. There was some kind of hassle at the time. Gawd, I’m around here too much!

  • stupidfans

    @yazzie: Don’t help the stalkers.

  • stupidfans

    @curious: He didn’t spend $2M renovating.

  • curious

    I never seen her, except in a pic from a distance so I couldn’t take a good look at her. However, yazzie @yazzie:
    just posted some news that I suspected, namely that he has relationships with women under the guise of assistance. For heaven sakes, it’s not like he puts an ad at or gets a head hunter to fill this positions for him with real professionals. He gets to know pretty women from his many connections and friends, or unabashedly, from an EX who probably stupidly introduced her girlfriends to him at some point and he made his moves when their relationship ended. I’m inclined to believe that this is how he gets his sexual needs as opposed to hooking up randomly. What we see on camera probably doesn’t go past the camera, unless it’s someone he is really attracted to, usually a very famous and beautiful woman. To get such woman to bed, feels like an accomplishment to him at the time (for example, right now, he has his designs on Megyn Foxx). The rest of the time, he has his assistant serving double duty. Unfortunately, even when he gets the women he is after, usually these women are so easy, and there is no challenge for him, he ends up losing interest in them after a few hookups.

  • stupidfans

    @Witch: Thanks for the update. They’re all starting to sound alike.