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Leonardo DiCaprio & Bar Refaeli Take Cover

Leonardo DiCaprio & Bar Refaeli Take Cover

Leonardo DiCaprio and Bar Refaeli are seen shopping at the re-open of Armani Exchange in West Hollywood, Calif. on Friday (March 5).

Earlier this week, when the 24-year-old Sports Illustrated cover model was interviewed and asked about the ring she has been wearing on her finger, she answered by saying that the ring was from friend. Asked if there was a proposal involved with receiving the ring, Bar said, “No, there wasn’t. Let me explain: These rings—which are beautiful and made by a friend of mine—won’t fit any other finger except this one,” she told E!

“Yeah, what can I do?,” Bar said in response to all of the engagement rumors. “I’m 24 and there’s still time. I’m in no hurry. I’m happy with where I am.”

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  • miss_aveiro


  • …I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    …c’mon, `how old is leo now?! …and he’s still acting like a douchebag. ahahahahahahaha… `i’ve seen that idiot try to drive just like that, tons of times.
    ..`bar should date the situation! ahahahahahahaha..

  • http://! ivanka

    i like her, she is beautiful and i like the couple

  • miss_aveiro

    people, c’mon …if u don’t like them 2gether then stop posting!!!

  • Not a fan

    What a couple of a##es. He lost his looks quickly. Maybe he’s trying to hide his scrunchy little face.

  • miss_aveiro

    bar is the bessssstt! she is sooo h ot… I like her new hair-colour I think this blond fits her best… I want the same hair-colour… and also a bellybutton piercing.. she’S just sooo beautiful! I ADOR HER

  • http://justjared deke

    Why do they even go out if they don’t want to be seen?

  • Candycotton


  • coco

    Bar is full of cra.p. She could wear the ring on her other hand. Her finger on the other hand is the same size. She likes wearing it on her wedding finger to spark rumors. Full of S.h.i.t !!!!!!

  • french

    ” Spotted: Leo DiCaprio and gf Bar Refaeli shopping at Armani Exchange this afternoon in LA. They look so cute together! ”

    Yes they look very cute, Leo doesn’t want even to be seen with her

  • b l a h

    Dumb and dumber are out shopping again! Fascinating!

  • yes

    “These rings—which are beautiful (nothing special plain gold ring) and made by a friend of mine (Nordstrom’s department store) —won’t fit any other finger except this one (LIE LIE LIE – it fits the other hand same finger) ,” she told E!

  • brightside

    Oh so dumb – they’ve been spotted so no use hiding – put a smile on it and wave to the paps. Make a joke of it. Using the arm to hide the face just looks so dumb….

  • brightside

    Actually hands are like breasts, feet and ears – you always have one slighter larger than the other – truth.

  • duh

    who cares about the stupid ring? this is not her first stunt for publicity!
    it is so obvious that the SI promo is over. before the movie opened they didn`t have problem being seen ( back ) together in public, they even posed for paps during their vacation in mexico. now back to hiding. power of PR … for both. lol

  • ke$haluv

    looking great BARF, just keep the face covered and all is well, a true butterface. Leo on the other hand doesn’t even want people to know it’s him with the gross BARF and covers his face for that reason, we all know Leo is HOT!

  • Naima

    As a huge Leo fan, I am so disappointed to see such an intelligent man make such poor personal choices. It makes me sad because it completely throws off the thought that this guy has depth to him. How sad that he’s so insecure that he can’t be with a REAL woman, someone of his caliber in regards to brains and talent. I was cool with Gisele because she’s on top of her game and is very smart despite what people may think. This thing right here is a manipulative opportunist and she is not attractive.

  • rio

    this girl is so fake its scary.Its such a performance for leo the way she pretend like she doesnt want to be seen..when she is away from him she poses like the perfect press ho she is.

  • brightside

    Shutter Island – great book – great film. Do watch if haven’t already – all plot-twisting shivers, very dark and baffling :D

  • m

    I am not going to lie, i am sick of him covering his face, it isn’t like he is hot or anything, just walk quickly to avoid the photohogs instead of trying to cover your face. Plz. :rolleyes:

  • Give it a rest

    Funny he was not covering his face when he was promoting that movie. neither was she.. I hate when celebs use the media this way. Leo is not that saught after.. really.. and neither is she. Yes he gets his picture taken,but I really doubt he is stalked like a lot of other celebs

    this stupid drama is beginnig to get old.. Grow up Leo and deal with your fame.. Other do so quite well..

  • tom

    The only person behind the “engagement” rumors is Bar herself.
    That’s her career: to call the paparazzi when Leo is about to to be near by, and calls the gossip mags and uses his name to get some coverage.

  • Lisa rose

    thanks for the pics Jared!!
    Bar’s hair is really beautiful!! (=

  • Lisa rose

    and you haters, just need to get a life!!! or maybe go to Gisele’s posts if shes that good.

  • @23&24

    Yeah, her hair seems to be less greasy this time, indeed. lol
    And yes, Gisele is that good. She managed to find a guy who respected her enough to marry her and now she has a family and an incredible career that I hope she is going to continue soon. All in all she doesn`t need pathetic gold rings on her finger to get attention ( but not many jobs ) or call the paps to keep herself relevant.
    you seem to be the biggest hypocrite BTW. Your opinion changes based on their current situations. When they are off you think it`s better for both of them, when they are on you say it`s better for both of them, when Leo+other woman rumors are around you don`t think he is good enough for her, when they are together you think he is good enough… etc. At least most of us has an opinion and we stick with it. Grow up already! lol

  • Leofan

    It’s always a pleasure to see pictures of them together. Yes, they need to hide because they don’t want to sell razzi pictures…. and YES, Bar needs to lie and deny when she is asked about marriage and a ring. Can you imagine what both would have to go through if they’d confirm an engagement? An awful media circus.

  • Laurel

    I thought Bar was Jennifer Aniston at first. hah

  • lol

    Can you explain why weren`t they hiding while Leo was promoting his new movie? None of the two seemed to be bothered by the attention. Barf keeps putting those stupid rings on her finger and she is not shy showing them off so it is obvious that they are asked about it and `poor thing` has to deny it. Clearly nobody would care about her without those rings and Leo…

  • Audrey

    I admire Leonardo DiCaprio as an actor, really, but I have to say that I don’t understand the choices he makes in his private life.

    Well, nevermind.

  • goldie03

    Just checking in- apparently JJ is blocking my posts! I do not swear, use vile language like a few he does allow to post so he must be getting favors from bar or her mom-!

    I posted about the preOscar parties. I guess that was insensitive? I guess if it offends anyone the countdown to how many days someone scams out of paying taxes which is approx day #60, oh well. The truth hurts!

  • goldie03

    I think they look foolish and stupid for their behavior in pics- especially a grown man of 35! Not side by side- just poor manners and a dis.
    She had blonder highlights, but roots still show! Now instead of greasy hair it will be dried out and fried to match her personality.

  • goldie03

    I guess my other post was blocked. Basically said I think they look foolish. Imagine a grown man of 35 behaves this way in public. Ridiculous! Bad manners.
    Those new hightlights are much lighter. Now ladies instead of greasy hair it will be dried and fried to match the personality.

  • K

    o my god goldie03 SHUT THE H ELL UP ur so anoyning always bi#ching and moaning and u clearly have no life seen as u always post here and thers a valid reason why jared has blocked u just F OFF!!!!

  • ………

    love these to together and they just got voted holywoods hottest couple by some magazine so HAAAA!!!

  • lol

    I`m not annoyed by goldie03 at all! :)
    The truth is that they do look pathetic with this `let`s cover our faces` act.
    Both of them need publicity ( Barf clearly more ) and this is just getting really laughable. Especially Barf who only covers her face when she is around Leo. And especially after the past couple of weeks when they had no issue with being seen together in public.

  • sam

    why is she covering her face…. she’s becoming as loser like him, relax it you don’t want to be in the public , don’t become models and actors, these 2 are so ridiculous.

  • ………

    what ar u all talking about no issue being seen in public together the past couple of weeks anyone remember pompeii…….i dont remember seeing any paparrazi pic of them being aware of the papz and being ok with them taking pics, correct me if im wrong which im sure u loy would b glad to do…….

  • boo

    LOVE LEO!!!!!!
    and i hear from reliable sources hes got a huge peen and knows exactly how to use it……….uhhh lucky bar some girls get all the luck!!

  • …….

    haha where’d you hear that boo??

  • boo

    hehe friend of a friend……………u can tell in pics anyway hes got that ‘bulge’ goin on!!:P

  • goldie03

    @ K- Thanks. U just showed what a complete nut job u r since u post.
    I appreciate your comment, but I have to admit these 2 r rather boring! Same old thing. Think about it if u were w/ him- would u really accept or tolerate his juvenille antics? It is a dis and insult. Its that simple.
    Fortunately I do have an extremely fulfilling life. I only check when I need to break from my dissertation that will be published.

    As 4 K’s kind words- it is terribly amusing that some ppl think in such a manner.
    The F comment made my day- LOL!!!
    Oh, and by the way countdown today is day 60 for someone who believes they r above all others. What a joke!

  • goldie03

    Oh, and the size- not true! Haven’t u seen him in those outfits like catch me if u can.
    Plus inside info knows otherwise. Explains the baggy pants.

  • K

    how did i show myself as a nutjob goldie, please enlighten me?? ur always talkin about people should be alowed express their opinions well that was my opinion, ur not a hypocrite now ar you………wow ur personality just keeps getting better and better ……..

  • @34

    I`m sure the Barf fans went crazy on Us Weekly website to vote for them. lol
    There were several photos of them before the movie came out when both were aware of the paps and they didn`t seem to mind… Promo for SI!
    @38 I heard about the size different stories as well.

  • boo

    not true eh i seriously beg to differ. what outfits in catch me if you can?? i dont even know what u mean by that………. dude u dont know shit……i know belive me I KNOW!! hmmm ow this is a strange convo just take my word for it no point in arguing!

  • K

    not true eh i seriously beg to differ. what outfits in catch me if you can?? i dont even know what u mean by that………. dude u dont know shit……i know belive me I KNOW! hmmm now this is a strange convo, just take my word for it theres no point in arguing!

  • K

    i copy and pasted that to show how ridiculous that conversation is ur talkin about the mans dick…….haha come on ppl we have more class than that!!lol

  • goldie03

    @ K- Class? How could possible entertain the idea that u even know what class is?
    As far as nut job- your post is ridiculous! When one finds it necessary to use profanity it shows their lack of ability to have a rational conversation. Or lack of intelligence, thereof.
    I do not care @his size. I know someone who was with him. Look at the white tight pants in his LA home while having a party. That is far as I will say on size.
    Any one is entitled to their opion- u just happen to convey your thoghts as cheap and tasteless.

  • lisali

    According to & pagesix, Leo left a pre-Oscar party Thursday night with 3 blondes in tow.. no Bar.
    Bar is either desperate, or the relationship is a sham…cause’ no girl with any pride would put up with that kind of behavior!!

  • lou

    that bs was denied…….duh!