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Rihanna is a High Top Hottie

Rihanna is a High Top Hottie

Rihanna cracks up as she grabs a flight home to Los Angeles from London’s Heathrow airport on Saturday (March 6).

The 22-year-old beauty from Barbados looked super cute in a bright pink hat and high top sneakers.

RiRi is heading home after a trip around the globe – over the past month, she’s been to South Korea, Australia and all over Europe!

On Thursday evening, RiRi rocked the house at Berlin’s Echo Awards – peep her robo-chic performance here if you missed it!

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rihanna heathrow airport high tops 01
rihanna heathrow airport high tops 02
rihanna heathrow airport high tops 03
rihanna heathrow airport high tops 04
rihanna heathrow airport high tops 05
rihanna heathrow airport high tops 06
rihanna heathrow airport high tops 07
rihanna heathrow airport high tops 08

Photos: Flynetonline
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  • bajan


  • E. Norma Stitz

    Enough of the 80′s……Time to move on RiRi

  • Tim

    She’s a nottie not a hottie.

  • eka

    looks like tenn)) still love her

  • eka

    *i mean teen

  • Dreads

    My Gosh, I WANT those sneakers !!!!!

  • davinci

    Too much of this girl.
    Give us some real celebs.

  • swifty

    I hate this hair style on her.

  • good kitten

    @davinci: Good point. The Spirit Awards were last night and we’re getting airport pics of Rihanna. That’s just not right.

  • pashy

    Cute from the neck down. She is a butterface.

  • Ocean

    @davinci: JJ has to make bank and DJ’s checks must be clearing.

  • ClaireD

    Post JESSICA LOWNDES’ pictures at OK! Magazine Oscar Party!

  • Katy

    Her sneakers are cute.

  • blonde lover

    The curly blonde do’ was not bad in comparison to this bowl cut.
    She needs a new wig.

  • powerless


  • cute

    Cute girl but not a great dresser.

  • blue bear

    she is photographed a lot but you don’t see her in the papers that much anymore.
    her people must call the paps.

  • SayWhat?

    Go on home and rest now child. Detox, mask up, facial up, and just charge up to hit em HARD, so HARD with your world tour about 2 get started next month.

  • Bob A. Booey


  • cheetah

    Is that her real hair or a weave?

  • Funda Mijhunk

    She needs to take her umbereLLA ella ella ella outta show business!





  • gfreeze

    Loves it. She looks manlicious!

  • fashion 911

    She looks much better in her candids. She should fire her stylist. She usually looks terrible at red carpet events.

  • …I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    ….ahahahahahahahaha.. she’s funky fresh. `ahahahahahahaha.. she’s flyer than a air plane. `ahahahahahahahaha..

  • lol

    love her. shes so cute

  • yo sista


  • Sheryl

    Enough of her and her ugly face here.She has nothing to offer,has zero talent,has no beauty,is a professional s.l.u.t.,a liar and a loser.
    Serious,people.Stop showing her and she will go away and take her ugly a.s.s back to Barbados and disappear from the media forever.This girl doesn’t deserve attention or “fame”.
    She may think she’s hot and cool,but she’s ugly and a joke.
    Even her tacky hair and her stupid outfits are ugly…this crazy girl is a joke.She isn’t even a real celebrity,she’s a nobody and futile.
    Just said…:)

  • punctuation

    @Sheryl: girl y u stressing out over rihanna , jeez your having a jealousy fit and its hilarious, grow up

  • lala

    look at her face!! so ugly without make up

  • Lyla

    LOVE her! You people must all be so ugly and fat to hate on her the way you all do. Too bad for you trolls that Rihanna is outselling Gaga and Kesha…Her album just sold over three million copies worldwide. “Rude Boy” is gonna be #1 next week worldwide including: US, UK, Canada, Germany, Australia. Suck it haters! “That Rihanna reign just won’t let up”.

    BTW, the hat and jacket are from a Japanese clothing company that Rihanna just signed a modeling gig with. On top of the world!

  • Lyla

    @Sheryl: Wow Sheryl. You must be really jealous of her, it’s VERy obvious you wish you had her beauty, success and youth. She’s only 22 and she is more successful than you will EVER be. Sorry to break it to you loser.

  • Nick

    This girl will not be around in 3 years. The label will have traded her in for the next hot young thing. At least Gaga has talent even if she is ugly.

    Even B-list celebs can score Japanese promotional gigs. They pay well.
    She is not looking too good here. Hasn’t been for a while.

  • Adriana

    @Nick: Well that’s your opinion. Anal party for 1…



  • HBO

    @Adriana: Yep, they’re like ass.holes. Everyone has one including her stan. Though I do agree with this guy. The girl cannot sing.

    Cute faces are a flash in the pan. She will not have the staying power of a Whitney, Christina or MJ. Hope she saves her money and starts writing her own songs so she can get a royalty on those too. She’ll need it.

  • oh my

    @Nick: That is true. They even hire Tara Reid.

  • hot

    looks like 1 beyotchee fan is going crasy over here, Rihanna got more style, than your fat trash fake be

  • b*ugger off

    @Sheryl: are you enoughalready? Havent seen any comments from that sad sack for a while, although your comment is sounding a whole lot like theirs did..

  • ++Logan++



  • Adriana

    @Nick: Whatev! Rihanna has movies, fragrance lines, a potential fashion line, another album in the works. Rihanna is gonna be around for a long time, mark my words. And she DOES write her music. She co-wrote 9 out of 13 of the tracks on Rated R. She also was the executive producer meaning she called all the shots this time. JT wrote Cold Case Love for Rihanna but it was inspired by Rihanna. She personally chose “Photographs” for her album because she had to have it and gave it to her. Besides, Madonna and Britney have been around forever and they don’t have great voices, they just have a persona that the whole world loves. Rihanna has that x-factor. People don’t fall in love with songwriters in the background. Those songs would not be the hits they were without Rihanna’s name attached to it. “Disturbia”, “Russian Roulette”, “Umbrella”, “Don’t Stop The Music” etc. would not have been the hits they were if it were another singer doing them. Rihanna has the whole package: Looks, great voice, killer style, and she’s also really sweet and down to earth and very modest off stage. You obviously know nothing about her so quit trying to put in your opinon because you just sound retarded and jealous. Lady Gaga won’t be here in three years. Peel away the outfits, makeup and she’s just an ugly little rumplestiltskin troll. She’s what I like to call a “flash in the pan”. Rihanna’s on her fourth album and she has more hits than Beyonce. “Pon De Replay”, “SOS”, “Umbrella”, “Don’t Stop The Music”, “”Disturbia”, “Take A Bow”, “Russian Roulette”, “Rude Boy”…Those songs are HUGE and Rihanna made them huge. Rihanna, like Madonna has been written off so badly by many people but she’s still here. There are hundreds of millions of people who hate her but there are also hundreds of millions of people who adore her. Not since Madonna has anyone been so polarizing, but she’s talked about everyday. She’s a trendsetter and the more people talk about her, the bigger she gets and the brighter her star shines.

  • high five

    @Adriana: This girl is not a trend setter. She follows trends instead of making them. She has a stylist, not a very good one, who tells her what to wear.

    It’s not hard to get a song writing credit. Just ask Beowolf. No comparison between Rihanna and Madonna. Madonna is a tough workhorse who constantly reinvents herself. She may not have the strongest voice but she sounds a million times better than Rihanna who sings all her songs exactly the same. Rihanna is a girl who does pretty much what her label tells her to. She will not have a career anywhere near Madonna’s. She lacks the drive and discipline to parlay an average voice into a recording empire.

    And no comparison between Rihanna and Lady Gaga. Gaga may not have much in the way of looks but she has talent and a voice nearly as good as Xtina’s. She is no more a “flash in the pan” than Elton John or David Bowie. Even Elton sees her talent and performed with her at the Grammy’s.

    Rihanna’s the flavor of the month and she will be on her way out as soon as her label finds their next cute face to market based on youth demographics and sex appeal.

  • tiger

    She should grow her hair again. She does not look good with short hair. Some ppl can pull it off — she’s not one of them.

  • Rime_m

    She is lookin so cute… and happy… Love her …. She seems to have fun… Good for you RiRi … Keep doing your thing….
    And love her snickers and T-shirt

  • carol

    i dont like the look and all the look of rihana :( .. now she have a very rare style … she is beautiful . but her style .. mmm i dont have words ..

  • Khristi

    I love Rihanna…..she doesn’t have the best voice in the world, but at least she understands the entertainment business and her approach to music and fashion as an artform. She’s smart about it. I think people who love her because she is so beautiful are the ones that overlook the fact that she is, indeed, artistic. Whitney and Mariah are really amazing vocally, but they have always lacked in their understanding of the art world. Maybe that will be her saving grace.

  • Lukas

    Riri is wearing a quick weave!

  • Tanya

    ……WHAT is up with the hate parade on this girl woooooooooooow!
    I can’t stand her voice but hating on her the way y’all are doing what it UP with that ? So many of the comments are pure nasty, not hilariously snarky just plain derogatory. Someone said she “lies” – what did you mean by that? Err maybe I missed something lol? Are you all Chris Brown fans or…?! Every interview I’ve seen with this she comes across so cute, she is so happy and smiley these days, yet people are hating on that? And dam.n what’s up with hating on her looks? Rihanna’s a pretty girl, yeah she was prettier with long hair but people don’t stay the same forever. Seriously though can someone elaborate why she’s deserving of so much hate for me??

  • lashawna marsh

    i love u so much girl . i loved ” rude boy”. i don’t care wat nobody got to say about u. u the real deal girl and u keep makin dat money Rihanna who cares what they got to say about u. u the best ever p.s. im your biggest friend love u.