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Carey Mulligan -- Oscars 2010 Red Carpet

Carey Mulligan -- Oscars 2010 Red Carpet

Carey Mulligan looks dazzling on the red carpet at the 2010 Oscars held at the Kodak Theatre on Sunday (March 7) in Los Angeles.

The 24-year-old actress, who’s nominated for Best Actress for her role in An Education, chose a Prada black strapless dress with a voluminous skirt and train in “Raso Doppio Tec” – a unique material made of silk and for a modern look.

Carey paired her look with a black duchess satin hard case clutch and black pleated duchesse platform heels, also by Prada.

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Photos: Rodriguez/Getty
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  • Jen

    Not a fan of this dress. I also liked her brown hair color a lot more.

  • …I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    …gorgeous dress. `the hair rocks.

  • Mia

    Love the dress! She looks gorgeous.

  • yo sista

    She’s so plain.

  • s

    she looks like a old lady. What is the appeal with this girl?

  • S3WA

    She looks lovely. Interesting dress, the little forks add a touch of whimsy.

  • Dreads

    I can’t believe it but I actually love everything about her here. Her hair rocks, the shoes are great, the dress is amazingly beautiful. She’s like a doll. A very cute doll. Ugh, she looks breath-takingly stunning.

  • lexy

    She looks beautiful. I don’t think she’ll win but she’s still talented and looks great!

    Why doesn’t JJ just do ONE Oscar thread with EVERYONE’S pics??

  • thighmegatampon

    I find it hard to comment on her dress but I’m distracted by her hair. She was so cute and charming in An Education. I wish she dyed her hair back to reddish brown for the oscars. The dress is just whatevers but her overall look could’ve looked better with different hair. Still a very cute girl.

  • Lisa2

    Did some clean out their junk draw and sew all the nuts and bolts they found on the dress?

  • bruin

    she does look like a doll. she has that cute appeal, but she looks pretty in this dress

  • DD

    she is always making that annoying face

  • John Ford


  • m

    it’s an improvement from the BAFTA dress that’s for sure.

    I am actually liking this on her.

  • fashionista

    Too matronly

  • gaunt

    @John Ford: lndeed. ln time she’ll disappear. She’s not pretty to look at–at all, too bad some people consider her ”attractive”.

  • jami

    this rocks!

  • L

    she looks beautiful

  • kate

    She has such an ugly face

  • shortpeopledate

    she is pretty

  • betty

    She is SO boring! My grandmother has more style.

  • Joy

    Very cute, very stylish and it fits her look.

  • Its_me_talking…

    OMG she looks so pretty, I love that dress and her earings are so dainty. Her dress is so Urban Outfitters.
    I just hope that Shia Labeouf is not using her for $ex or anything like that. I don’t want to see her heart broken.
    I hope by tomorrow at this time we will have good news that she won the Oscar!

  • Cami

    @Its_me_talking…: I sure hope that Shia is not using Carey but I can see what you are saying. Carey seems so “innocent” and Shia seems like he would say to Carey all the time “lets do it babe”. I just don’t see Shia the kind of guy who would be as in love as she is. I could be wrong but I personally think that Carey is in for a major heartbreak with a guy like Shia. She needs to run (dump him) and fast.

  • Dot

    I sure hope that Carey is on a Xanax pill or something cause I am really worried that she will be so nervous that she will pass out tonight, seriously, I am am someone who has had a panic attack before, so I can understand why she would be nervous as hell.
    Also I agree with those who said that she looks really good and I too hope she wins tonight.

  • worst

    Carey mulligan looks so smug ALL the time

  • Que

    What? The only thing that is not pretty about her is her hair but give that time it will grow.
    I feel sorry for Carey OMG to have someone like Shia always grabbing inapproprate areas in public, he is always groping her, that is nasty why on earth does she allow that behaviour from him. Shia is a sex machine or something. Carey is far better than that rubbish. I am sorry but Shia is not classy at all, he seems like one of those controlling rednecks.
    Carey you can do better. I hope that he is not draining her emotionally.

  • heather

    Her dress is alright, her makeup and hair are great. Ilh

  • Annabelle

    One of few I rally like a lot. Naturally pretty in beautifull dress.

  • Song

    apparently carey did not want Shia to go with her to the awards cause the way he is a drunk and all:
    “Oscar-nominated actress Carey Mulligan has warned her boyfriend actor Shia Labeouf to stay away from alcohol and be on his best behaviour on the big night.
    The ‘Transformers’ star has a reputation for hitting the bottle and taking his own alcohol to VIP events, which has become a concern for Mulligan, who is taking her family for the awards ceremony.
    “(I’m taking) my mom, my dad and my brother,” said Mulligan.
    At the New York premiere of her nominated film ‘An Education’, the 24-year-old actress had a ‘lover’s tiff’ with LaBeouf, who had sneaked a bottle of whisky into the event and drank alone in a corner, reported Daily Mail.
    “It was very awkward for Carey. Shia stayed in the bar drinking whisky all night and not chatting to anyone. It was very unchivalrous and they had a huge row.
    “Carey has said that he has to be on his best behaviour and support her at the Oscars – or not to come at all,” said a source”

  • ok

    she has a big mouth

  • SADD

    So sorry Carey, you should have won tonight. Hey at least you don’t hae to worry about your drunk boyfriend Shia ruining your night for you. I would personally stay away from someone like Shia Labeouf, he is bad news for ya. Drunks can be very violent. :(

  • Fioni

    Yeah it is best to dump Shia cause that guy is so full of himself and selfish to drink and “do it” all the time…..(which I think that he does).
    Careys hair is awful she needs some style to it, it is way to short and flat. I hope that she does not feel ugly and that is why she is settling with someone like Shia, that guy is bad news.
    Love is blind… Carey please wake up. I hope that her family sees that Shia is no good for her. Unless Shia has a “front” around them.

  • brightside

    Congratulations for the nomination, even if she didn’t win. The dress is stunning and she looks radiant.

  • shaar

    that dress looked way better on tv and it suited her well. she’s so cute!

  • Twinkle

    I think she looked the best tonight. Young, chic, effortless! She’s so cute!

  • wtf

    I think this girl is cute, very, very cute. But really, that’s it. She’s not adorable or pretty, or hot, sexy, etc.

    I love her hair, but I think she’d look better with it darker. And that dress…I’m in love with that dress! Overall, she looked great on the carpet tonight.

  • Bad_Taste

    No not in Carey’s style or anything but her choice in Shia Labeouf. You guys have to check this out apparently Shia went with them to a nice dinner place wearing the same thing, grey jeans and a hoodie he looks very homely.

  • SteveDenver

    One of the best performances of the year — certainly far above Bullock’s leftover Steel Magnolia’s role.

    Didn’t realize until this blog that Carey is associated with Shia. He’s a loser, keep looking honey.

  • Jako


  • tootsy

    I really don’t get what Carey Mulligan sees In Shia Labeouf. This guy is a majro “don’t” for her. She really can do much better than him. Shia seems like someone who would mesh well with someone like Megan Fox, not her fake look but her personality, kinda trashy I guess is the right word for the two of them (Megan and Shia), Carey is quite the opposite, I think. I read somewhere that her best friend Kara said to stay clear away from Shia. I hope that she listens to her.

  • Woman

    I hope that, IF (I stress IF cause I don’t know the Lad) Shia is abusing Carey, that her family is smart enough to see it right away. I also hope that her family is strong enough to tell her so, if this is the case. From my experience abusers have a “front” and many do not see their abusive behaviour, or they choose not to. Carey may be nieve to see such a thing as well, if this is happening. Or she may very insecure and does not want to leave Shia. Abusers have a way of making the victim feel very insecure on themselves from my experience, again I am not saying for sure that Shia is doing such a thing, just going by what I have read about the lad (it could all be hear-say stuff)
    Now there is a flip side to this, if Shia does have a major problem abusing drugs and/or alcohol then maybe Carey is what Shia needs. I once read that actor Christopher Plummer was an alcoholic and when he married his last wife she helped him through his problem and he became a changed man. He became a much better person. But it takes a really strong person to deal with someone who has a problem with abusing drugs and/or alcohol. Maybe Carey is that person.
    Whatever the case is, if she is abused or not no one deserves to be abused in any manner.
    I say stand your ground people; I am simply trying to reach out to those who are abused. I hope that Carey is not one of these victims.
    Oh and yeah Carey looked so cute last night, she really knows how to dress perfectly not too over done. Sorry that she did not win, I was really rooting for her last night.

  • MeLike

    Love the quirky Prada dress. And Carey’s hair is devine.

  • Rolls Eyes

    Don’t believe everything you read. Daily Mail is nothing but a garbage tabloid. Check around and see how often they been successfully sued by celebrities for making crap up. I would say go to their wiki page for a list, but the list of libels suits against them has been vanished over the last 24 hours. Some ass deleted that helpful info.

    Carey took her mom as her date to Oscars = Shia must be an angry drunk and that’s why she’s not taking him. Just unsubstantiated speculation trying to smear Shia.

    Carey takes her mom to ALL these awards events. This isn’t a new occurrence.

    Tabloids love to trash Shia.

  • Tan

    cute as a button and already a brilliant actress.

  • chloe

    nice dress i love the shape and scissors and key detail