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Gabourey Sidibe -- 2010 Oscars Red Carpet

Gabourey Sidibe -- 2010 Oscars Red Carpet

Gabourey Sidibe wears a Marchesa dress and Lorraine Schwartz jewelry at the 2010 Oscars held at the Kodak Theatre on Sunday (March 7) in Hollywood.

The 26-year-old actress is nominated for Best Actress in a Leading Role for Precious: Based on the Novel ‘Push’ by Sapphire.

Gaby called the media “dumber than the people on jury duty” for trying to instigate a feud between her and Oprah Winfrey. “Oprah rules the world,” she told Speakeasy.

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  • Peace in Time

    Why is everyone talking about her weight? The dress is beautiful, and she’s beautiful in it. She doesn’t need to “try” to be beautiful. For those of you “shocked” by her arms and her weight, you should really get out more. No one criticizes size double-zero actresses who look anorexic. Get off her weight!

  • Not Impressed by JA

    I respectfully disagree. Where have you been ? Everyone criticized actresses who are skinny, from Renee to Angelina to Thandie Newton, ect. And the words are often much harsher. As soon as one has lost weight, it’s all about being skelletic, being a sack of bone (we don’t hear about sack of grease per se), skeleton or worse not being a REAL woman as if skinniness stripped you of your feminine status which is a major insult.
    I for one am tired of the double standards and the hypcrocy and oversensitivity often dislayed when it comes to women who are overweight who should be treated differently.
    I don’t accept that any women because of her size shoul be insulted or put down which is ALWAYS the case for skinny women.
    And I don’t accept people being oversensitive when a person call Gaby FAT which she is when thoe persons have no problem calling skinny girls anorexic or skelletic, pointing endlessly to theur frame TOO.
    The double standard and the hypocricy should end !

  • xxx

    Is she even trying to lose weight? Come on Gabby its not that hard… work out for 30 minutes.. stay away from candy and soda… bang you’ve already lost 10 pounds.

    Please do something before you die.

  • mhds

    Nice look for her. Question does her skin seem to look lighter or it is just me?

  • wtf

    I haven’t seen this woman act so I can’t judge her off that, but for everyone calling her a fat pig or whatever, I’d like to see you be her weight and still get an Oscar nomination.

    I agree with the applaud for her trying, the dress is nice.

  • Noel

    There is nothing wrong with calling her fat. She is fat. In fact she is morbidly obese. She has a loose mouth and disrespectful. It is wrong to call the Media dumber than people on jury duty. I think she is dumb and she thinks that if she was assigned on jury duty, everyone there was also dumb like her.

  • notsleepinonthis1

    Some of you are so rude and probably wish you were in her spot. Gabby’s personality will take her further than any of you will ever go being thin. While she is heavy she has embraced her weight and is able to handle it. This is a young lady who was sitting at her desk as a secretary and got a call from a friend, who told her to go and audition for this part and got it. This was her first acting role and look at where she has been and is going. She has earned more money with this one role than she did in job as a secretary. She will get more acting roles and already has a weight loss gig in the works. She will get where she need to be in due time. When a person learns their purpose in life, there is no stopping them. Gabby has found her passion, stand back and watch her work. Sometimes you idiots should read rather just jumping on the internet and rambling on with no idea what you are talking about.

  • happy girl

    i agree with you. despite her weight, she went in and had the courage to audition for a part while she was a secretary. that shows courage and confidence that a lot of skinny people don’t have. i do think for her health she needs to lose weight but for tonight let’s cut her some slack and let her enjoy her cinderella moment. it’s a nice story she has. and if you ever hear her speak, she is a total valley girl and really funny. great personality but i do think the dress could have been better fitted.

  • Lorena

    She’s not a pig–she’s a human being.

  • Lorena

    Unkind remark.

  • Anderson

    I like her regardless, I find her super cool and easygoing.

  • oh lovely

    c’mon people, stop defending her. theres a difference between being a size bigger and having curves and being morbidly obese, near death.

    queen latifah is a size bigger and she has curves.
    this girl is morbidly obese and near death, she should NOT be complimented for being a good role model.

  • Ms. O

    Thats okay that some of you rag on this beautiful woman, but you self centered a**holes are just jealous because she is PAID, and living life. Some of you people need to have a reality check.

  • Ronda

    Gabby is beautiful. She seems to love her life and is always smiling and happy. I like that a lot. That is more attractive than the most beautiful person who has a stinky personality. I’d prefer Gabby any day.

    Keep smiling Gabby;)

  • Dan

    Obesity is not attractive and should not be celebrated. 26 years old? She’ll be dead of heart disease within the year. Yuck.

  • longchamp

    really curious to see what her next gig will be.

  • It can be done

    Gaunt and bony isn’t attractive – but neither is this! Plus BOTH extremes are unhealthy reducing life expectancy. Queen Latifah used to be too heavy – but she shed the extra pounds and now looks very healthy, curvaceous, and fit! If she can do it, there’s no reason this girl can’t.

  • lawyersdatingsite

    so hot

  • booger

    # 63 (Ms O)

    YOU need to have a reality check! Beautiful? No way…

    you are only kidding yourself!

  • pigglywiggly

    # 63
    Poster—–Ms O………………

    DUH? You kidding? NO ONE wants to be this big person’s body/shoes! Jealous ? Yikes…NO!

    She won’t be ” living life” as you say….very long you idiot! She is a heart attack about to happen if she does not get rid of that massive load of fat soon. I agree….YOU need to have a reality check…..and go back to grammar school……take a Miss Manners class and learn to not use low class language!

  • Adora

    She is great!!!

  • anonnymouse

    “Dumber than people on jury duty?”

    What the hell is that supposed to mean? Since a jury is supposed to represent a sampling of an unbiased, American public, is she calling average Americans dumb?

    That was a really, really unfortunate, misguided comparison to make. That said, I hope she gets called for jury duty.

  • cher

    I get that she was supposed to be fat for the role in Precious, but she’s missing out on the best years of her life right now by staying obese. Time to get healthy