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George Clooney & Elisabetta Canalis -- Oscars 2010 Red Carpet

George Clooney & Elisabetta Canalis -- Oscars 2010 Red Carpet

George Clooney arrives at the 2010 Oscars with his girlfriend Elisabetta Canalis held at the Kodak Theater on Sunday (March 7) in Hollywood.

The 48-year-old Up In The Air actor is nominated for Best Actor in a Leading Role at the Academy Awards tonight.

George is no stranger to the big awards show. In addition to being nominated multiple times, the Oceans 11 actor already has an Oscar under his belt when he won in 2005 for Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role for his work in Syriana.

FYI: Elisabetta is carrying a red satin clutch with silver ganicio by Ferragamo.

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Photos: Rodriguez/Getty
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  • um

    They look so blah but her dress is nice. Clooney is grwoing out his hair? he looks more and more like his dad.

  • ka-blamo

    George says: I’d like you to meet my personal cumb dumpster #1568

  • subway

    to Clooney’s chick: Enjoy it while it last. This will be your first and last Oscar attendance.

  • S3WA

    She’s attractive and has a very nice body.

  • jj

    why are these two there. are they even nominated? George clooney and his damn ego.

  • ke$haluv

    is he growing a mullet?

  • yo sista

    I love this man! The older he gets, the better he looks!

  • Faye

    The dress fits really poorly at the top, perhaps if she had a pretty necklace it would distract from the drooping….FYI JJ George is nominated for best actor

  • tweety

    LOL @ #3. you took the words right outta my mouth!

  • betty


  • wow

    Wow what happened to George Clooney. I don’t want to say he looks ugly but he doesn’t look pretty.

  • geeksdatingsite

    does goerge like to eat out

  • Dreads

    Her dress is too simple. I’m not impressed. Lol @ #3. You’re right haha. I don’t get the hype for Clooney though….What’s so attractive about him? I don’t think he looks better the older he gets. He’s not hot to me, has never been and probably never will. Not my type.

  • Rolecall

    George really likes George. What a sour, arrogant so and so this guy is.

    Hey GC, will your face crack if smile?

  • ….

    He is like the wine…This girl does not have any Charisma…she looks always so simple…..he does not have any taste for women…

  • foodiedatingsite

    he is the perfect man

  • Anon

    Am i the only one that thinks she looks like a transsexual?

  • Jacqueline

    Sometimes skanky women wear loose fitting dress at the top to enhance…class, lol, it fails to work here. George needs some sleep, better heterosexual taste and a haircut. Doubt he will win.

  • Bluesky

    She looks stunning..

  • dianad1968



    LOL, No you’re not the only one who thinks that. She looks like the transsexual who was on the ABC TV show Dirty Sexy Money.

  • Kim

    I’m sorrrrry but a barbed-wire tattoo around your arm is NOT attractive.

    She looks trashy!!!!!!

  • Harley Quinn

    Clooney is the man.

  • anonymous

    She sat down in the middle of Kathryn Bigelow’s standing ovation. Rude!

  • http://hotmailaustralia paras

    Very stunning couple. Hope they last.

  • Julie Smith

    George seems like a nice guy. He needs to get rid of the bimbo though. On the red carpet, she was so high. I was watching two of the Red Carpet shows and both times one could tell that she was on something. Also, take a good look at the pictures of her dress what did she have under the dress to make it so bumpy just below the waist around the belly button.

  • shaar

    i can’t get over how huge her chin is!!!!!!!!

  • anonymous

    Clooney is great. Canalis looks like a man in drag.

  • meli

    George looked great tonight. Too bad he didn’t win, but eff Bridges was the man this year. He clearly cares about Elisabetta. Hope she makes him happy whether they marry or not!

    And to those who are knocking her looks; I’d like to see YOU look better!!!

  • anonymous

    meli, you need new glasses. It’s clear he can barely stand to be around her. And I know many women who are far more attractive even without the caked-on makeup. I mean hours of hair and makeup, and this is the best she can look? Yuck.

  • http://verysexy sharyllee


  • rsgcsm

    george is like an good armani dress, simple and timeless, he is one of this man how could be old, he could be only better.

    i think his new flame is on the right way, she knows he is the star, so she wear an unspectuially dress, but if he gives interviews at the red carpet, she dont look at her man,she look uninteresstet at the cameras, i think she really knows what she want, to push her career.

    poor perfect man, every woman on your side want a little of this glamour.

  • Nic

    this girl never smiles

    besides, what is the thing in her belly? I can see there is something like “v” under her dress?is that an underwear?:)

  • cici

    She’s got a manly face.

  • http://http.// rosadimaggio63

    Personalmente credo che i vestiti della nostra Canalis sia veramente belli e di grande eleganza.
    Oltre che bella, la Canalis è anche molto elegante perchè la vera eleganza stà nel saper portare un vestito con molta semplicità.
    Tutte le Americane non sanno vestire, addirittura vanno in giro con scarpe più grandi dei loro piedi e si addobbano come alberi di Natale.
    Prima di criticare la nostra Canalis sarebbe meglio che la smettiate di essere così invidiose e di confrontarla con le vostre star.
    La Canalis forse non è una star, ma si sà presentare sempre con discrezione ed eleganza.
    Forza Elisabetta, fai conoscere il nostro stile italiano a queste americane che non sanno vestire e che amano le baracconate !!!


    @Anon: NO YOUR NOT.

  • oscarwatch

    Maybe it’s a European thing? I noticed when they would flash here and there to the audience, she always looked miserable and was not clapping. She seemed to be terribly bored, leaning on GC, and looking disinterested. Maybe because the camera wasn’t on her, I mean, him.

  • @rosadimaggio63

    Molto ‘elegante’ da parte tua insultare in italiano le donne americane su un blog americano…Cmq, in parte hai anche ragione, ma generalizzare è sempre sbagliato. Ci sn molte donne americane che vestono benissimo, magari dai un’occhiata ai vestiti di alcune attrici agli Oscar…Demi Moore ad esempio era stupenda. L’invidia penso c’entri poco con la Canalis, dopotutto che ha fatto di così eclatante per essere ricordata?? In Italia, prima di George, ne parlavano sempre cm la Ex storica di Vieri ed in America è solo la ragazza di Clooney…Riparliamone quando sarà riconosciuta per qualcosa che ha fatto lei sola con le sue forze.

  • lela Italy

    Elisabruta has a bad dress and a bad man-horse-face with a lot of pimples in forehead and wrinkles. It’s hard to believe she’s only 31 years!
    in Italy no one can see her and she’s famous only for a lot of boyfriends (a lot of famous soccers, Muccino, Valentino rossi, ecc.), naked photo, shows boobs and because a big for fame, attention and money! she tried to make movie also with Muccino’s bed ! this couple seems so fake, a bad movie that needs a ending!

  • mimi

    He could have gotten a better looking beard.

  • @37

    Fra l’altro lei ha fatto una figura da cioccolatino sul red carpet qnd hanno intervistato Clooney…manco capiva cosa le stessero chiedendo, tanto che George è dovuto intervenire ed ha detto che lei nn sa l’inglese…ma come?? Non andava sempre a passare le vacanze a Miami prima di mettersi cn lui?? Dovrebbe quantomeno capire 2-3 parole elementari…

  • SteveDenver

    Too bad that every time the camera was on him, he looked bored or disapproving… until they got to his category.

    Agreed, his plaything was trying to appear posh, but she came off as cheap. Should have left her in bed.

  • The Serious

    I find Canalis beautiful.But I didn’t see her smile at the oscars.She seemed SO SERIOUS!!!!

  • @42

    Cause she barely speaks english so she didn’t understand half of what they were saying…

  • Kats

    They are seriously looking like a Father who brought his bored Daughter to the Oscars. Come on George either date older women or start washing that grey out of your hair. It’s very disturbing, they dont look good.

  • TOM


  • JOHN


  • kk

    Im not the only one thinking George Clooney was so arrogant at the Oscars yesterday. How bored and arrogant he was looking … I just thought why are you there when you’re having such an awful time there just because he was nominated … man thank god he didnt win.

  • petemora

    Quite honestly, I think they both just look TIRED! All that work for Haitian relief! Give them a break!

  • Ila

    yes, thank god he didn’t win! he isn’t a very good actor, not as Johnny depp, robert Downey, S.Penn ecc. he’s overated!
    and he’s ridicolous with his ugly soccers groupie looking like a trans!

  • anonymous

    Canalis was rude inside the theatre, refusing to stand up for Kathryn Bigelow’s and Sandra Bullock’s standing ovations. All she was concerned about was getting into camera shots. She kept twirling her red throw around like she was a matador flagging down a bull whenever the camera cut to the audience, and she kept trying to lean into George’s camera shots. She has been rude on past red carpets and premieres, too. Canalis is both ugly and rude, not such a great combination. Whatever drugs she’s doing, and many Italians say it’s coke, I hope she gets caught and shipped back to Italy a.s.a.p.