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Kate Gosselin: Dancing with the Stars Promo Pics!

Kate Gosselin: Dancing with the Stars Promo Pics!

Kate Gosselin shows off a little bit of leg in these new promo pics for the upcoming season of Dancing with the Stars.

While on break from raising her eight children (twins and sextuplets), she will team with dancer Tony Dovolani. Also pictured below: Baywatch babe Pamela Anderson, astronaut Buzz Aldrin, The Bachelor’s Jake Pavelka, reality mom Kate Gosselin, figure skater Evan Lysacek, sportscaster Erin Andrews, Pussycat Dolls singer Nicole Scherzinger, football star Chad Ochocinco, 90210 alumna Shannen Doherty, soap star Aiden Turner and comedienne Niecy Nash.

15+ pictures inside of Dancing with the Stars promo pics…

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dancing with the stars season 10 promo pics 01
dancing with the stars season 10 promo pics 02
dancing with the stars season 10 promo pics 03
dancing with the stars season 10 promo pics 04
dancing with the stars season 10 promo pics 05
dancing with the stars season 10 promo pics 06
dancing with the stars season 10 promo pics 07
dancing with the stars season 10 promo pics 08
dancing with the stars season 10 promo pics 09
dancing with the stars season 10 promo pics 10
dancing with the stars season 10 promo pics 11
dancing with the stars season 10 promo pics 12
dancing with the stars season 10 promo pics 13
dancing with the stars season 10 promo pics 14
dancing with the stars season 10 promo pics 15
dancing with the stars season 10 promo pics 16
dancing with the stars season 10 promo pics 17
dancing with the stars season 10 promo pics 18

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65 Responses to “Kate Gosselin: Dancing with the Stars Promo Pics!”

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  1. 1
    Alias Says:

    Note to Evan, take off the frickin medal, you egotist!!

  2. 2
    Kay Says:

    This seasons going to suck ass and what the hell is Kate Gosselin doing in this show? Is she looking for a way to make more money instead of getting a real job.

  3. 3
    TMZZIE Says:

    A gold medal is to be worn and be proud of…wheres yours?

  4. 4
    John Griffin Says:

    Kate always insisted that the reason she did Jon and Kate Plus eight was so she could work and be home to take care of her kids at the same time. Um….what is her excuse for Dancing With The Stars? Her children have been through so much this past year. Quit being a tv ***** and go home and be a real Mom to your kids Kate!

  5. 5
    sarah Says:

    Can’t believe Evan took the picture with his medal on—so lame!!!! Bring on Johnny Weir, he is way more interesting and way less stuck on himself!

  6. 6
    Payson Says:

    WHO IS kate gosselin? Let’s hear about the OTHER DANCERS!!!!
    How about daily info. about Evan,Nicole,Jake,Shannon,Pam? ANYONE …kate is a “not nice” mommy wanna be star……time to move on. Watch the Jon and Kate DVD’s and you’ll see who kate gosselin is. She has NO friends,NO family….all kicked to the curb.

  7. 7
    lexy Says:

    I can’t watch this season – especially if this piece of trash Kate is the biggest draw!! I mean I could see them promoting Pam Anderson (she’s trash too) to try and capture the horny male viewers hope for a wardrobe malfunction but come on?? Kate Super B!tch Gosslin?? It makes me thankful that ABC and Cablevision are feuding!

  8. 8
    Joy Says:

    Won’t be watching for MANY reasons but Kate & Pam are the main ones. Already been stated that the skater or the pussycat doll would be the winner. Not exciting or interesting to watch anymore.

  9. 9
    leapord Says:

    what about the kids?

  10. 10
    Sara Says:

    I will watch the show and I look forward to see her dance :)

  11. 11
    J Says:

    How is anyone ever on “break” from raising twins and sextuplets?

  12. 12
    Frida Says:

    @J: Exactly what I was thinking, being a mom is a full-time job, there’s no “breaks”.

  13. 13
    Alias Says:

    #3 – locked away in a vault with my other 10 and is Evan the egotist going to wear it while he dances?

  14. 14
    Payson Says:

    Jon took care of the kids and kate YELLED the orders–still he didn’t do it right….to get away from the verbal abuse and hitting must have been a GREAT DAY!!!!! She still doesn’t take care of the kids…NANNIES!!! She’s trying to be a star and the NANNIES raise the kids,play with them like Jon did. On mothers day Jon made breakfast in bed for her–what happened on fathers day? Hmmmmmm? She did nothing for anyone. She always would say “oh,they love us”…..who do you love kate…..anyone? Someone,something……?
    Don’t have an answer-no wire in your ear coaxing you along……..go home to you mansion—ALL MINE – ALL MINE was what you said.

  15. 15

    Kate said she would be practicing at her home, so she will be able to watch her kids…..and Evan has to wear his medal ’cause we wouldn’t know who he was otherwise…..and Johnny Weir is unable to dance because the pair wouldn’t know who should lead.

  16. 16
    tracey Says:

    What is with so much focus on Kate Gosselin on JJ? It is like she is the new Suri Cruise on here and even less relevant. How does she have time to do this and spend time with her kids? Everything that comes out of Kate’s mouth is a lie and it seems that it is starting to dawn on more and more people that she is a hypocrite who puts herself before everyone else including the 8 little meal tickets who got her into the public eye in the first place. Of course there are still a few die hard Kate fans who like to claim jealousy whenever a post dares to question her motives. I am sure that those “8 little faces” will have their 8 little asses planted in the front row for as long as she is on the show. Got to keep up the exploiting for as long as possible because the kids are growing up and the public is losing interest. That means that Kate, who has no other talents other than for exploiting her kids will soon be facing the end of her 15 minutes. On the other hand, Kate is still young and has time to orchestrate another pregnancy of multiples so maybe there is hope for her yet.

  17. 17
    rock_chick_chic Says:

    wow kate must be one of a few mums who can actually take a “break” from looking after her kids, in order to go on some stupid reality tv show. that woman makes me sink.

  18. 18
    rock_chick_chic Says:


    meant sick not sink lol.

  19. 19
    w Says:

    Do ALL the pros get a solo shot or just Mark Ballas? Because that seems unnecessary and unfair to the other pros.

  20. 20
    w Says:

    Evan wears his medal so you’d know why the eff he’s on there. It’s not like he’s a household name really. I didn’t even know who he was before he won the medal. So stop dragging him into the hate locker and keep your focus on Kate G, a worthy target if ever there were one.

  21. 21
    emmy jay Says:

    Aren’t Jake, Niecey and Kate all throwbacks from Reality TV?

    The next thing you know we’ll have a REAL HOUSEWIVE FROM OC on there.

    No matter, it gets the ratings. All the old ladies down in Florida plan their nights around the piece of shite show.

  22. 22
    emmy jay Says:

    Wait a minute, how does one take a “break” from raising their kids? Is Jon at home watching them, or do we have Nannyville going on back in Pennsylvania?

    Talk about a recipe for some really screwed up kids…here it is: Two parents who put their egos before taking care of their kids. Parenting isn’t something you take a “break” from.

    Those kids will be as whacked as they come with those twins really close to being there.

    Oh well, it will be fun to watch this clumsy oaf make a fool of herself on national tv….oh wait she’s done that already!

  23. 23
    kcx Says:

    Kate looks great! But she is still bringing down Dancing With the Stars – Check this out – all about Kate’s appearance on DWTS

  24. 24
    Rhonda Says:

    the ***** had a litter she needs to go home and take care of them, but they probably are better of with the nanny!

    I won’t be watching, Dancing with the stars has jumped the shark with this snake! NOT WATCHING!

  25. 25
    ...I n F a m o u s l y C o o l Says:

    ..dancing with the nonstars. …ahahahahahahahaaa..
    ..there’s only like 3 “stars” (irrelevant stars) on this show.
    ~ i typed before.. the kate gossip jokes write theselves.

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