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Rachel Bilson: Hungry, Hungry Meter!

Rachel Bilson: Hungry, Hungry Meter!

Jumper actress Rachel Bilson feeds the meter on the way to another meeting on Saturday (March 6) in Studio City, Calif.

The 28-year-old former OC actress paired gray cuffed cropped-pants along with a cuffed black blazer.

Earlier in the week
, Rachel carried around the same red 3.1 Philip Lim handbag while wearing yet another blazer from her wardrobe!

WHAT DO YOU THINK of RB‘s cuffed look – YAY or NAY?

10+ pictures inside of Rachel Bilson feeding the meter…

Just Jared on Facebook
rachel bilson feeds meter 01
rachel bilson feeds meter 02
rachel bilson feeds meter 03
rachel bilson feeds meter 04
rachel bilson feeds meter 05
rachel bilson feeds meter 06
rachel bilson feeds meter 07
rachel bilson feeds meter 08
rachel bilson feeds meter 09
rachel bilson feeds meter 10

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  • brightside

    Nice jacket but the pants are having a definite ugly attack. The jacket is smart and business like but WTF is with those pants. Ugly! Sorry, no style award…

  • Jax

    Oh. My. God. It boggles the mind. Seriously. What a waste of film and space on a gossip blog. Pathetic person.

  • John Ford

    What type of meetings is she having?

  • Emmy

    WTF!!!! this is craaazzzzyy..!!..! I can’t believe it ..Again seriously !!

  • Al

    Someone should create a drinking game involving this chick ..this website and her shopping excursions..

  • kristin

    wow stop bagging on her, if you don’t like her then stop paying attention to her. if you knew anything about fashion, what is in and how to put different pieces together, you would appreciate her style. she is one of the biggest fashion icons in the industry. she was asked to be a guest judge on project runway because they respect her style and view her as a fashion icon.

  • brightside

    Only once…..

  • Ahari

    Yeah, she’s so fashion forward that she has a stylist to dress her, and don’t forget, she stole her fashion designs. Yes , I said it, she STOLE the fashion designs she tried to pawn off as her own. She’s an idiot. I have no idea why anyone even follows this pathetic and desperate loser.

  • kelli

    Jared, what exactly is this fascination with Bilson? Why are there posts about her EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. I’m getting sick of seeing her going shopping, going to business meetings, going shopping…it’s getting quite redudant and boring now. Can we please, please, PRETTY PRETTY PLEASE get some more Carey, Gabby, Zoe, heck, I’ll even take Keira Knightley over Bilson! At least wait until this chick has something promote—Jeez, we see her like 365 days 24/7 doing absoutely NOTHING with no film, television show, in sight.

  • gemma

    “she is one of the biggest fashion icons in the industry…”

    hahaha. So big in fact that she outright plagiarized somebody else’s design for her fashion line, and then went around acting all cute and adorable and innocent as if she wasn’t capable of such a thing.

  • gemma

    “she is one of the biggest fashion icons in the industry…”

    hahaha. So big in fact that she outright plagiarized somebody else’s design for her fashion line, and then went around acting all cute and adorable and innocent as if she wasn’t capable of such a thing.

  • betty

    NOBODY cares Jared!!

  • ariel

    If you’re a good actress but know nothing about fashion, you can always get a stylist to help you out later on.
    But if you’re a bad or so-so actress to begin with , dressing stylishly won’t help you get the job.
    Somebody else who is photogd in trainers and sweats but is a better actress will likely get it instead of you.

    So to all up and coming actresses: focus on becoming a better actress.

  • tasha

    what’s wrong? we are missing lexis comments here!

  • kristin


    i never said fashion designer. FASHION ICON. the truth is the majority of people do pay attention to what she wears and how she wears it. most of her outfits are put together well and she wouldn’t be in tabloids and magazines if the majority didn’t think she is somewhat important.

  • kristin


    is it really that hard to scroll down and skip the post about her? im sorry it takes not even a second out of your pathetic life. celebrities: we either hate them or love them and because of those reasons they’re famous. you just have to deal with it and stop your whining. its pathetic. zoe? gabby? wtf!!

  • Lucie

    Seriously, if you don’t like her, then why are you losing your time on this post ? If you don’t care about rachel, just scroll down and go comment a post you care about !

  • frenchy

    I appreciate miss BILSON. She made her proof as actress in the OC. I think it’s difficult to find roles when a figure is also notable. I find that this young woman neads a normal life with friends and family. That to say about girls as Lindsay Lohan or Paris Hilton… BEURK…. Sorry for my english

  • monreal

    The pants just emphasizes how “vertically challenged” she really is!

  • periwinkle

    Idiotic expression – Check
    Attention whoring – Check
    Paparazzi addiction – Check
    Loser – Check
    Emotional & intellectual development of a 12 year old – Check
    Uneducated & unemployable – Check
    Chasing something (a Hollywood career) without any “legit” entertainment industry talents. – Check
    Everyone’s Pass-Along – Check
    Must be… BRATchel – C-H-E-C-K!!!

  • Alias

    @19 – that comment just emphasizes how “mentally challenged” you really are!

  • Pepetebleu

    I don’t understand you at all. You say you don’t like her so why are you wasting your time here ? ^^

    I think she’s a great actress and she has a great look. The article may be pointless but so are the Robsten gossip post. Or the Brangelina breakup article… -_-’

    You must respect everyone’s opinion. Don’t criticize. If you don’t like her, don’t read the post. Simple. Everyone’s happy ! =D

    And don’t forget that she’s a person. Don’t blame her. She didn’t ask JJ to post it. :D

  • Cicely

    @ 6

    She dresses cute and all. But you’re going way too far with the “biggest fashion icon in the industry” thing. WAY too far. And naming Project Runway as an “example” isn’t helping because people like Sandra Bernhard and Eva Longoria Parker have been judges. You may want to rethink what you said, lol. When Rachel starts snagging magazine covers, pictorials, perfume ads, and beauty contracts, then we can talk. Because right now it’s just a big fat no. Also, honey this is a gossip blog. The point of gossip is to express whether or not you like a star or what information is being presented to you. Right or wrong? I don’t understand it when people tell others to scroll down and not comment. JJ is a gossip blog. The point is for people to comment on these posts. Whether it’s negative or not. Which is why these are made. This isn’t a fan board where you only come in if you like her. They’re just doing what this blog was made for, same as you. Even if they are just coming in to say that they don’t care and mean things of that nature. It’s done on every single entry on this blog. When did she become the exception?

  • kaleigh

    The “Microscopic Twin Sister” of Khloe Kardassskank strikes again but still hitting nowhere & anywhere – anyways, I would like her “better” if & when she’s “nowhere” to be seen here in HW or in LA,…

  • lexy

    Fashion Icon??? LOL!! Thanks for the morning laugh!!
    @ Frenchy – it’s difficult to find roles when you have NO talent and you’re acting stinks.
    Yes, she’s going to marry Hayden – she’s no fool. She needs someone to pay for her shopping sprees!! Though it seems John Mayer is single and unlike HC he seems interested in being in the media and helping the women he dates stay in the media.

  • oona

    “on’t blame her. She didn’t ask JJ to post it.”

    @ 22
    Ah but when JJ knows the most minute details of her life, and in fact this blog has acted like a mouthpiece for Bilson’s PR on several occasions, then you know that there’s more than a passing connection between this blog and Bilson’s handlers.

  • Khloe

    I think I’ll head into the Kate Bosworth post and tell people to stop voicing their “negative” opinion on her. Because people now seem to think that these blog posts are reserved for only saying nice things. And that coming in to say something as simple as “Wow, another post” is a waste of your time. You may not think it is. But others do because you should only post if you have something nice to say. I think I’ll also head over to ONTD and tell the people there that if they don’t have anything nice to say about the person in the post….move on. I think some of you need to get a grip a realize just where you are at. Like #23 said, this isn’t a fansite.


    So you’re comparing two extremely popular stars of Twilight, and two of the most famous people in the world to a former teen idol walking down the street going to another meeting who has been on here almost everyday? Yeah, OK then, lol. They’re r-e-l-e-v-a-n-t. She can’t even book a job.

  • tennille

    RB is surely & quickly getting on the road of those no-brainer celebtards (i.e Jessica Simpleton, Kardashians or the Hills gals). She’ll be a jobless actress for the rest of her life if she does not get her media addiction under control. OINK OINK OINK!!!

  • monreal

    @ 21
    Your responded comment just merely emphasizes how Retardedly-Fartnatic you really are… chillax, try to really “discern” what #23 had posted but if you cant still get it, just simply take a “pill” LOL!

  • Alias

    I wonder who the more obsessed is, JJ, who posts her here almost daily sometimes more than once! or the haters who post in her threads? The yin and the yang LOL!

    Can’t have one without the other! LOL

  • sidony

    Maybe she’s on her way to another casting call a.k.a. “personally- servicing-client”…
    Work it right Douchel LOL

  • Alias

    @30 – oh my, we’ve got an urban talker here, or is that a mongoloid?
    and by the sounds of it, it looks like you’ve had too many pills LOL

  • fitzroy

    Imao, those outrageous “pants” simply serves just like a “streamer”, continuously & silently screaming… LOOK AT ME 3X… PLEASE PITY HARD & PAY ATTENTION TO ME… I’M JOBLESS & DOING NOTHING RELEVANT (AS USUAL), CAN ANYONE IN HW COULD GIVE ME ANY JOB ASAP?!?!

  • Alias

    @30 – you mean you were just responding to #23(7:11am), how the cr@p did you do you respond to a post that didn’t exist when you first posted at #19(6:45am)???? A mongoloid clairvoyant like yourself can predict what people are going to say LMFAO. You should change your username to mongoloidreal, LMFAO!!!!

  • Alias

    ^I meant @29 – that comment was so funny, I can’t even type right! HAHA

  • lexy

    @ Khloe – Rachel has these 2 or 3 fans (or it could be one using alias names) who insist this is a RB fan board. They don’t go to ANY other threads so they don’t seem to realize how much negative stuff is said about ALL celebs on this board b/c that’s how these blogs/boards work. Additionally b/c Rachel’s got nothing going on they accuse people of being jealous of her and then bashing actual posters and best of all turn around and call others immature!!
    For goodness sake go help her other “fans’ and be sure to click on the FORUM topic so you can discuss Natalie Portman

  • leapord

    cute outfit

  • Deedz

    It pains me — but I love her outfit.
    Purge me.

  • jess

    what she does in these meetings? I never see her working on something, just curious…

  • Venom

    Everyone has a right to express their own opinion if, it happens to be good or bad. PPL can say whatever they want about Rachel. It is a public board and everyone has the right to give their honest opinion on her. I just hate when, only 1-2 of you come in and say malicious things to the PPL that don’t happen to like Rachel. It is their own business if they want to post about Rachel or not. PPL can talk about whatever the hell the want!

    Besides Miss. Media WH&7% how put herself out their being papped doing nothing important everyday. So PPL are bound to comment all the want to.

    Looks like Rachel is going for the Annie Hall look. LOL! That look has been dead for a while and, only Diane Keaton could really pull that off b/c she was taller and skinny. Those cuff pants Rachel has on are tragic. The jacket is nice. The pants need to go!

    Like Rachel reads this cr&p in JJ anyway.

  • monreal

    Oh yeah just laugh you azz to the max! Such a dumb idolatry & a much dumber fartnatic… only thinking that haters of this OC twat are only exclusively living in America – do check out some / different TIME ZONE somewhere in Europe, Africa or somewhere far away in “Asia” perhaps where its almost a “day in advance” in the US. And I’m no wondering you dig this Lil’ Ho. Both of you are brain-dead – only thinking on one easy to get direction / uncomplicated topic & nothing much else. So get a brain 1st will you or in a much simplest form, buy a “globe or a map” – yeeesh!

  • Venom

    Good for you Monreal. I honestly don’t think Alias is from the US! She talks big by using big words like, clairvoyant and mongoloid which, make her sound from the 1800′s. We have at least over 100 year bigot on the board?! Nothing better to do at the nursing home I guess? Or we have a teenager looking up words in the dictonary trying to sound intelligent is probably more like it.

    I wish PPL would not call PPL mongoloids and, retarded. Making fun of special needs kids is clearly not acceptable. That is far worse then bashing Rachel who clearly is a media Ho!

  • leimore

    All I can say is JJ’s daily nonsensical post for this “just-an-oc-sidekick” turned her out to be the most (in)famous non-working tabloid star successfully… but still unsuccessfully, failing & now looks rottening on being even a bit of a genuine HW star!

  • leimore

    All I can say is JJ’s daily nonsensical post for this “just-an-oc-sidekick” turned her out to be the most (in)famous non-working tabloid star successfully… but still unsuccessfully, failing & now looks rottening on being even a bit of a genuine HW star!

  • Alias

    @41 – mongoloidreal, you really are one of a kind, now are you going to respond to a post that doesn’t exist yet again? LOL!!! Does your crystal ball tell you that you could get even dumber than you already are? LOL

  • Alias

    @42 – you’re using “Venom” today not “whizbang”, no “Bilpooo” reference????LOL Wow you think clairvoyant and mongoloid are big words, boy your vocab must be really small. You have no complaints about mongoloidreal using “chillax”, what a hypocrite!

    You haters have called RB worse names, so please stop with the faux outrage. Bilpooo???? I guess that’s how far your grade 1 education’s got you LOL

  • Toni

    I don’t really understand the overwhelming hate for her and her career, but giving an opinion about this outfit as JJ stated, it seems forced. It doesn’t seem like she just woke up and picked the clothes out without fully thinking. As a supposed “style icon” your clothes are supposed to come off naturally and it doesn’t seem like it does for her. The outfit seems planned and not just put on whatever and walk out the house. When I think about “fashion icon” I think about Grace Jones and Audrey Hepburn who were natural with their clothes and not plan too hard fully every detail of their outfit for a camera. They didn’t seem fake and didn’t seem like they were trying too hard which is what I believe Rachel, Kate, Rihanna and many more the “fashion icons” lack of today.



  • Mike

    These pants make her look like a midget.. Believe me she working hard to stay in the press.. Where’s Natalie portmans sexy ass.. Or maybe Zoe .. Or how about any young WORKING actress Jared..

  • monreal

    And you should be ASSLIAS!
    Dunno really how your one-track-mind really work but hell goes… I 1st posted at 6:45, then you ASSlias at 7:09, then #23 is at 7:11, then I responded back at 7:52 – how really is that mind-boggling?!
    If you’re not even aware of the term time zone, dont you even know how to use the “refresh” command whenever your using the net?! Tsk, some say that dumb is forever; I would likely to believe in that now. And as much as I would like to squeeze your static brain, my time zone is now up for being too late (truly to say that Im really not from the US), so till the next thread perhaps as Im sure its a new one as its another day for another bloody & trashy thread just as always/consistently is!

    :-) ;-) ;-)