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Christina Hendricks: Oh Oscar!

Christina Hendricks: Oh Oscar!

Mad Men actress Christina Hendricks shows off her assets at the 2010 Elton John AIDS Foundation Academy Award Party on Sunday (March 7) in Hollywood.

The 34-year-old redhead, who carried a Cole Haan “Angelina” clutch, has been brought up numerous times to play the Ginger character for the upcoming Gilligan’s Island movie. Warner Brothers is reportedly working with Brad Copeland (Wild Hogs) with hopes to shoot the film next year.

DO YOU THINK Christina Hendricks would make a good Ginger – YAY or NAY?

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Photos: Larry Busacca/Getty
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  • yo sista

    Tacky b!tch!!! I dunno ’bout YALL but she a tacky a$$ hoe! Not even good looking, cover them boobs we no they real.

  • The Comedian

    I wonder how she managed to close her dress with such boobs..
    Yeurk !

  • remember da truth

    Tacky, your name is yo sista! What an ignorant, illiterate post. Jealous of her boobs much? Get a life!

    Yes, Christina would make a great Ginger, but I don’t think the movie is going to be very good. It was a sappy, ridiculous show that could barely sustain a plot idea for the 22 minutes of a sitcom, and I don’t know why anyone would pay money to sit and watch it for two hours.

    More of Hollywood’s unwillingness to take a chance on a good original script and would rather make movies from TV shows, sequels, or comic books.

    The Oscars show that independent films with intelligent scripts and good acting and directing are the best movies. The masses can go watch animated blue people, but quality is aimed higher than visual effects or stories for 16-year-olds.

  • Melissa B

    Aren’t her boobs real?

  • Roar

    Horrible dress, hate the lenght…
    I would love to see her in a green dress…or maybe she woul look much better in the dress the woman next to her is wearing at the 5ยบ pic….
    This looks is so wrong….

  • Aya

    @The Comedian:

    When your boobs are so big and if they are natural, they are very soft and pliable. You can tuck them into anything it just takes some finesse and patience.

    For my summer wedding, it took mom, auntie and 5 bridesmaids and 1 maid of honour to arrange my breasts into my dress lol.

  • …I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    …her booobs have gotten her more attention within this award season than any amount of work she’s done on whatever show she’s on. LOL…

  • Just Joanie

    She stunning and has a sweet look too. Usually you have one or the other, rarely both. I think she’d make a great Ginger… and her character’s named after me on Mad Men, so I have to pull for her. LOL!

  • james west

    GINGER, WITHOUT QUESTION!!!! She’s got the look, but most most importantly she’s got the intensity, the sexual self-confidence that is absolutely mandatory. Tina Louise’s Ginger set a standard for sensuality that no other TV actress has even approached. That same ability is implied by Christina Hendricks’ Joan, and would be given a perfect vehicle as Ginger. The idea of Beyonce playing the role is driven more by the box office than her ability. She can’t act. She doesn’t even speak very well. Looks and popularity have never been relevant when creating good work. Gilligan’s island never approached high art, but as a “pop culture phenomenon” it contains elements that are firmly entrenched in the public’s consciousness. It is the filmmaker’s responsibility to re-create those elements as accurately as possible. No other actress on the scene today has the obvious traits that Christina Hendricks has for this role. Like Tina Fey’s Sarah Palin, Christina’s Ginger is a perfect match.

  • sweetie

    beautiful and talented lady. :-)

  • Vera

    She reminds me of those bombshells from the 50′s! She looks very sexy and alluring she oozes out body confidence!

  • eeeeeeeee

    So gorgeous, she taks my breath away. And her personality is the cutest!
    AND she’s talented! Don’t be jealous lol!

  • eeeeeeeee


  • Sacha

    Fabulous fierce bish! and THAT is what I call vuluptious, she has the most beautiful face and an irresistable body.

  • HOT

    She oozes sensualty and glamour. Plus she is cute and talented. Nothing bad to say.


    @Vera: I agree

  • James

    I love her :)

  • Liz

    Her boobs are too big and they look fat.
    She’s kind of fug too.

  • Andy

    Yay for boobs!

  • susan

    What’s wrong with her? Does she have to put those things on display every night? They are big, soft and veiny, what is so alluring about that? Whatever the allure wears down too soon when they are out 24/7


    @susan: You must be a bitter housewife if you can’t appreciate another woman’s beauty. She is as alluring as they get and at an Award’s show where you DRESS UP. She is not going to the Supermarket with her puppies out! There’s a time and place and this is IT! She is endearingly sweet and talented enough to pull it off not intimidating or tacky at ALL! She has a husband who she adores and is friendly and funny and intelligent with everyone. How can you hate on that! So many uptight people in the world.

  • ^__^

    her smile is the cuuutest omg

  • boobs

    @susan: BECAUSE SHE CAN. She is the HBIC and sets the bar up for everyone else. Her boobs are all NATURAL and when you squeeze them into a dress, they will naturally push up there is not much she can do about that unless she wears a freaking old fashioned curtain dress or unless she does not push them up – no one wants to see droopy bra-less boobs. She is actually a lovely lady, not a bi.tch or a tacky wh0re at all. I want to rest my head in her boxum.

  • KV

    She usually has stunning, classy style but the bottom of this dress is all wrong. Makes her look more mermaid than goddess. But I see a bit of Mariyln Monroe in her and you can’t say that about anyone else today.

  • yo sista

    @remember da truth: Shut up hoe!

  • she shall remain nameless

    Hell yes she’ll make the perfect Ginger….and a hotter one too!!!

  • Gabby

    I bet she thanks her plastic surgeon everyday!

  • joneblaze

    A good ginger,mary jane watson,black widow,hey give her every hot red head part and im there this is what a real womans body is!!!!

  • foodiedatingsite

    I want to motor boat


    Yes she can play Ginger and MOST OF ALL MARILYN MONROE.
    I know some people may not agree but if they styled and expertly
    colored her hair like Marilyn Monroe she would be perfect for
    THE PRINCE AND THE SHOWGIRL or any Marilyn Monroe

    Hey Simon Curtis and David Parfitt why didn’t you consider this
    sexy beautiful woman?

    this actress.

  • Kennedy

    my name is ken from africa i luv to know u ok
    You have to add me or you write me ok
    luv u…..

  • Guillermo

    She has the Ginger look. Not Tina Louise but then no one else is. I agree with earlier post, Tina Louise set a standard that none today can match!