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Jessica Simpson: Oscar After Party with Ken Paves!

Jessica Simpson: Oscar After Party with Ken Paves!

Jessica Simpson hits the red carpet with hairstylist and BFF Ken Paves at the Vanity Fair After Party hosted by Graydon Carter at Hollywood’s Sunset Tower on Sunday (March 7).

The 29-year-old singer sported a gorgeous one-shoulder black gown with pockets at the party celebrating the 2010 Academy Awards! Jess adorned her gown with a diamond and platinum brooch by Neil Lane.

Jess, who snapped photos with her own digital camera at the party, was spotted chatting with Jennifer Lopez, Victoria Beckham and Anderson Cooper!

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Photos: Barritt/Le Segretain/Getty
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    A lady NEVER places her hands in her pockets.
    Certainly, NOT for a photograph.

    Overall, an elegant, classic dress.

    Why am bored?

  • Anna

    I love her dress!


    Alright, let’s discuss.

    The gown doesn’t fit properly and is simply too tight.
    Tight to the point whereby it has squashed and flattened Ms. Simpson’s derriere’.

    The one shoulder cut is not for a woman with a short thick neck, nor are bare arms best for those not toned in that particular area.

    The fabric is dull and not enough of it was used, the skirt demands a bit of a flourish to add femininity.

    Need we discuss posture, too much shiny skin and dark roots?

  • brightside

    Oh no, no, no – it puts years on her – years I tell you. I know black hides a multitude of sins but that doesn’t amount to a hill of beans if it’s going to age you by 10 years when you put it on. This dress is so very, very ageing. I’d rather have my sins on display than look as old as Jessica does in this widow outfit. Who’s she burying?


    Correction, blonde roots, dark hair. Odd, indeed.

  • Jen

    she looks good

  • ace11

    i think Ken Paves is secretly hiting that…

  • yo sista

    She’s ok for once.

  • Ali

    her face and hair look lovely, but the dress does not flatter her. makes her shoulders look like a linebacker’s. it is beyond me how these women keep making fashion mistakes with so many stylists out there to help them. i am not fond of the one-shoulder style unless you are tall and thin.

  • ++Logan++

    She looks good.

    But she used to look a thousand times better before her nose job.

  • liveevil

    this girl never gets it right. she is just goofy and awkward looking and the faces she pulls are ridiculous. she needs to find a rock, get under it, and stay put. there is nothing left for her.

  • Bella Coola

    She just looks chunky, goofy and stupid.

    Trying so hard to “suck it in.”

    Suck it in, Jessucka.

    You’re a loser who gets dumped all the time.

  • A

    She did get a nose job, didn’t she? That dent she had in it isn’t there anymore. Ease up people. It’s not the best dress, and yes her tush looks smashed into it. But she is looking better than she has in awhile. She seems more fit. She is a beautiful & sexy woman, no matter what size she is. She just is.

  • j

    I wonder if Ken is getting some of that crack cocaine, John Mayer was talking about. LOL

  • Go Ask Alice

    Good. She looks good.

  • nat

    I think that she looks great!

  • slambang

    Such a thick neck. Yikes!

  • Kira

    Pathetic haters…. Jessica Simpson looks wonderful and so does her good friend and business partner, Ken Paves. As long as he keeps her looking classy, I think it’s great they have a brother-sister (friend) type relationship where they can support each other as two single people looking for long-term potential relationships. She’s prettier, sweeter, and a greater business woman than any of the women who hate upon her. Every man should dream of being with an attractive and sweet woman who is insatiable in the bedroom. Mayer just made himself look really bad…I hope Jennifer’s attorneys have sent him a letter of warning about sharing his bedroom experiences with her. If you don’t have something nice to say about sweet Jessica (when she looks this good), don’t say anything at all.

  • Elle

    She looks good! She has nice skin!

  • Dog Lover

    Well we know she didn’t get any action from Anderson Cooper.

  • Ryan

    jessica is a hog, i bet she smells like pork rinds

  • Ryan

    flat ugly pancake ass, MOO

  • jaye

    She looks great, but i have no idea why this dress would even have pockets. She gets a lot of flack from people and I don’t know why. I like her and think she’s handled herself well with all the criticism she gets.
    What Mayer said I believe is that she’s hot in bed and sex with her is like a drug. Not exactly an insult, but certainly isn’t anyone’s business. But what can you expect from a pig of a man. I’m surprised Jennifer Aniston went ONE round with him let alone two. But hey, I don’t know her maybe she likes it like that. Round 3 might be right around the corner. It’s of note that while Mayer thought Jessica was HOT in bed, Aniston was the sweetest person, ( oh, and he loves her so much he threw her over TWICE); kind of like having a wonderful personality when you’re not all that otherwise. Faint praise indeed for Aniston.

  • blah

    I think she looks good, Im not sure what ppl always criticize her

  • Sucks

    Wow, she actually looks kinda ok in the front shots, except for her ugly man face, which is beyond help. The behind shot is terrible though, horrible flat man ass.

  • fashionista

    She’s looky very manly here. She gets too much press imo

  • Jessica

    Jessica still has her bump in her nose, she looked SO good before and during Newlyweds, her face looks very odd for 29.

  • Venom

    Sexual Napalm is looking a little heavy here but who cares, she is Sexual Napalm and I want a piece!

  • crystal

    KIRA AT 7:06 PM, WHAT KIND OF WEIRDO ARE YOU!!!!! SEEK HELP PLEASE. YOUR OBSESSION WITH JESSICA IS BIZZARE. I don’t know what everyone is looking at, but she looks awful, and she is no size 4. That dress just does not suit her at all. I don’t know what she is doing at an Oscars show since she hasn’t done anything relevent in a long time. I guess she is trying to get attention and publicity for that dumb show of hers that is coming out.

  • jessica

    she used to be sooo pretty. but now not so much.

  • lexy

    She looks awful in these pics but I’m impressed that Papa Joe got his daughter an invite to the Vanity Fair Oscar party!!
    Good thing no one asked her what an Oscar was? She probably would have thought it was Oscar Meyer and told them she was at a party celebrating Oscar Meyer’s Weiners!

  • Stella

    Dress is too tight, she looks like a stuffed sausage. That hair is not flattering at all.

  • Jojo

    NOT a good look on her…

  • Taylo

    She’s starting to not look like Jessica anymore — plastic surgery?

  • cmoo

    Her butt is not smashed by the fabulous dress. It is smashed by “shape wear”.

  • Rocky

    She looks lovely. Love the dress. Thank goodness she doesn’t have something growing off a shoulder like JLo’s. Good for Jess.

  • she looks awful

    Her butt is so wide and so flat. She never looks good. Nothing flatters her strange figure—stubby legs, broad shoulders, thick short neck, beefy arms, pudgy mid-section.

  • jaded

    I guess the question is: why was Jessica even at this party? The Vanity Fair party is for A-listers i.e. people with real celebrity status. She has a VH1 reality show coming out and her tabloid fodder life. She should have hit the Elton John party..would have been more her speed. Oh well, only Jessica Simpson and Ken Paves would have the misguided cajones to roll into a Vanity Fair oscar party as if they belonged.

  • meetsinglenurses

    I want to motor boat

  • melody

    She’s looks beautiful and I think she is beautiful inside. Most of these comments I’ve read are so disgusting to me. It’s like she’s talked about not as a real person with feelings but as an object to be critisized by horribly and cruelly. Why go out of your way to do that? What does that do for you? Try putting yourself in her position. Maybe that will open your eyes. No wonder she feels like she’s not accepted by society.
    If could say this to her: Jessica, so much more people love you than hate you or don’t like you. That also think you’re so beautiful.
    PS: you are not what you look like! Your looks do not define you.