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Natalie Portman: Vanity Fair Party Perfection!

Natalie Portman: Vanity Fair Party Perfection!

Natalie Portman opts for a strapless dress while walking the red carpet at the 2010 Vanity Fair Oscar Party hosted by Graydon Carter held at Sunset Tower on Sunday (March 7) in Hollywood.

The 28-year-old Star Wars actress recently sewed up a deal to produce and star in a road-trip comedy called Best Buds. Vendome Picture’s CEO Philippe Rousselet will co-produce the film. Nat will play a woman who is about to have a nervous breakdown on the eve of her wedding and decides to take a roadtrip.

FYI: Nat is wearing Lanvin dress, Tiffany & Co. jewels and Aldo shoes.

10+ pictures inside of Natalie Portman showing off her Vanity Fair party perfection…

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natalie portman vanity fair party perfection 01
natalie portman vanity fair party perfection 02
natalie portman vanity fair party perfection 03
natalie portman vanity fair party perfection 04
natalie portman vanity fair party perfection 05
natalie portman vanity fair party perfection 06
natalie portman vanity fair party perfection 07
natalie portman vanity fair party perfection 08
natalie portman vanity fair party perfection 09
natalie portman vanity fair party perfection 10

Photos: Craig Barritt/Getty
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  • bubbey

    She looks like a crow on crack.

  • bubbey

    Oh yea and im first for once.

  • Venom

    OMG my princess. mmmm

  • lexy

    Nice to see Natalie taking time off from her busy schedule to enjoy a party!!! She looks beautiful!!

  • brian

    so beautiful

  • jess

    I don’t like nothing, the makeup and dress make Natalie looks old. She is so beautiful, should wear light colors, or a pink dress like last year.

  • yo sista

    She’s nothing beautiful, sorry but she looks Evil.

  • qwerty

    Poor colour choice.She can do so much better than that,Just look at her pics from 2005 Oscars.Or Cannes 2008.Or any other,really…

  • Alias

    What a homewrecking, hypocritical sk@nk!

  • jamie

    @9: I think this comment is perfect for another celebrity who is always on that site, not Natalie. LOL

  • jamie

    Well, this other person is not well known, so we can’t call it of “celebrity” LOL

  • Alias

    @9 – I think it’s quite perfect for this one thank you very much! Truth hurts!? LOL

  • Alias

    ^I meant @10 LOL

  • Alias

    @9 – and how is that other person a homewrecker? Got anything to back your sh!t up? Another dumb pathetic hater LMAO

  • Alias

    ^@10 – i meant, LOL just woke up!

  • jamie

    @alias: you’re so ridiculous it’s funny

  • Alias

    @jamie – no, what’s funny and ridiculous is when someone says they’ve worked hard to build a good girl image and then voluntarily shares in a mag interview they’ve done pot and gotten wasted. Add to that, the question of how her current boyfriend came to be (how does she do it, her boyfriends keep getting uglier than the last), yeah a real laugh riot this person is.

  • cece

    Natalie is beautiful, however 85% of the time her fashion choices are terrible. She looks good in lighter soft colors like pink, and lavender.

  • Ela


  • Claudia

    I LOVE NATALIE! she is the best!!! =)

  • the truth

    Alias and buddy you must be the same people. Should put your money on Natalie. She earn to be there cause she do work and she was invisited to come. Not like rachel bilson who came to crash it. No one invited rachel.Daddy just pulled some strings for her.Natalie is the one that get acting gig . If you both didn’t to see her then should went post someone elase. Natalie has a futuire in the biz and she also stay there too. You both are the ones on crank.You don’t see the paz folling her around like the one we see here all the time.Natalie has class and she has talented to prove it. And i like what she got too. She is class act and everyone knows that. I will continue to supported her in whatever she does.And hope she has a good caeer in acting. Always good to see her. A very lovely girl and sweet.So stop hating her and go away!

  • @alias

    do you have an clue how she got together with her boyfriend or do believe everything the fallible NY Post says?

  • Venom

    Natalie looks beautiful and appropriately dressed for an Oscar party other, then Bilson who looks and acts as if she was invited to the Oscars. LOL! Oscar winner or presenter Rachel will never be. That voice alone would kill ppl. Bilson looks like a flat chest Elviria and Natalie looks perfect.

    Go back to your beloved Bilpoo Alias or alia$$!!

  • Laura25

    She is nice and sweet and the dress fits her, but she is a little bit sad or very tired

  • soi

    One of my faves- beautiful and wonderful actress.

  • celticview

    Natalie is wearing approriate attire here she wasn’t’ in the lead for a movie so the long ball gown isn’t fashionable this she knows. The other who was mentioned can’t get work unless you call making couch calls working then I guess she got her ticket into the parties but, Vanity Fair is particular who they let in. RB isn’t on that guest list if she is then she did a few tricks to get in.

    Nat’s a wonderful person those who work with her, fans who have met her say the same thing, Very intelligent and sweet woman.

  • Giselle

    My god..she’s stunning!

  • Alias/Anti-Venom

    @Venom aka whizbang(anyone) – still using that term “Bilpoo”, did you get that from your grade 1 class this yr? LOL

    I never mentioned RB by name here, and why isn’t it surprising you’re always the first idiot to mention RB in a NP thread? Props for the consistency of being a mongoloid. Big friggin deal NP went to the VF party, it’s not like RB hasn’t already been to one, if you do your research, maybe you’ll find the time once you finish your own grade 1 homework LOL. Btw, NP has a flatter chest than RB, if that matters so much to you or is your eyes/head still up your @ss to see that? .Oh and your little Miss Perfect Homewrecker/Hypocrite NP also smokes STRIKE!!! A 2 faced good girl that smokes , the horror! LOL

  • padme

    Natalie is just as gorgeous as ever! She has earned her way to super stardom and won numerous accolades from her peers, directors, and critics. Even Ratchel Biatchson has said that she wants to be like Nat. Too bad the same can’t be said of RB. Who in their right mind wants to emulate someone who is a stupid, talentless, selfish, fashion fraud???

  • padme

    @Venom -
    Love the Bilpoo nickname….very appropriate for such a shiitty dog like RB. She is bad news….everything she gets involved with stinks. The OC was so much better before she came along and then it went down hill after Mischa left. Millie in Jumper was supposed to be really smart and vibrant, but Rachel ruined the character with her lackluster performance and own stupidity. Of course, we’ve all heard and seen what happened with her attempt with fashion designing. It’s no wonder no one wants to hire her. Natalie, on the other hand, is always in demand.

  • Em


  • Venom

    Who is the 5 year old that is stealing my screen name?
    That is pretty pathetic, even for a gossip site.
    I guess this is the purpose of avatars…

  • In The Know

    Hott Doll…

  • brightside

    The dress is too short – as much as I admire Natalie for her talent and beauty – the dress is too short. I don’t like it – I’m just not a big fan of women’s thighs….really who the heck wants to see so much thigh all over the place. Not us females, that’s for sure.

  • Alias

    How is the name the same when the word “anti” is place in front of it??

    Just when you think people couldn’t get any dumber, someone always exceeds your expectations LOL

  • Wow

    Dress is short-seen her look better.

  • gdm

    Tiffany and Co. Jewels, unusual, but she deserves to ware such things. Guess it is the Oscars. Though one of the things that always impressed me about her, was the fact that she while she has the money for almost all the glitter she wants, she has the guts to generally put together a beautiful ensemble waring things that would cost multiple paychecks for people on ordinary salaries.

  • gdm

    oops meant “not cost muliple paychecks”

  • honestydate

    she is pretty

  • jill

    @34 brightside i agree the dress is wy to short even though shes young i dont like it so short and to be honest shes doesnt have the greatest legs her face is better much better to look up at her not down

  • lori

    love her makeup her eyes look beautiful

  • rb fan

    she looks ridiculous what is that thing flopping around the side of her face her hair hanging down have some class and pull it all back but she has no taste she needs rbs help


    my dog looks better then her

  • Abigail