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Nicole Kidman & Sunday Rose: Family Fun!

Nicole Kidman & Sunday Rose: Family Fun!

Nicole Kidman holds hands with her husband Keith Urban while carrying her daughter Sunday Rose in Sydney, Australia on Monday (March 8).

The 42-year-old Hawaiian-born actress skipped the Oscars this year and decided to relax back in Australia this year. Nic is reportedly attached to a new project called The Wedding Doctor, where she would play a relationship analyst.

10+ pictures inside of Nicole Kidman and Sunday Rose having family fun…

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nicole kidman sunday rose family fun 01
nicole kidman sunday rose family fun 02
nicole kidman sunday rose family fun 03
nicole kidman sunday rose family fun 04
nicole kidman sunday rose family fun 05
nicole kidman sunday rose family fun 06
nicole kidman sunday rose family fun 07
nicole kidman sunday rose family fun 08
nicole kidman sunday rose family fun 09
nicole kidman sunday rose family fun 10

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  • Joy

    So glad to see them away from Hollywierd and going to spend time with her Mom for her 70th birthday. They all look happy and Sunday Rose is just too precious. Great pics.

  • lela

    she’s so beautiful!

  • Ms Anonymous

    She is so refreshing.

  • Emma

    She looks so much like her dady! But with her mom’s complexion.

  • tulip


  • Sam

    Ummm, anyone notice that Sunday is not smiling in any of the pictures and that she has bare legs and no jacket on? Both her parents are wearing long pants and her mother even has on a jacket and scarf. Ummm, just saying.

    Where are Nicole’s two first children – don’t they like parties and especially with their own grandmother? Cost of plane tickets are nothing for this ‘family’.

  • irene olson

    So nice to see a couple devoted to one another. They are truly good people. How many Hollywood people would give up the Oscars for their mother’s 70th birthday? Good morals, good people, great parents, and a beautiful child to compliment them.

  • notbusy

    There are some adorable pictures of Sunday smilling, but they didn’t post those as usual.

  • tasha

    The other kids have maybe to go to school

  • yawn

    Is she wearing her own personal tribute to Michael Jackson? Her Mum’s b-day was the 7th – so unless JJ’s date is wrong she didn’t skip the Oscars to be with Mum on her special day – more like a good excuse to get out of town because maybe some one wasn’t asked to present or she couldn’t get front role seats this time around.

  • LC

    Why don’t she ever have her two adopted kids with her? Every picture we have seen its her, Keith, and Sunday Rose! With Tom, you see ALL his kids, WHY? Once she had Sunday Rose, I have yet to see her in a picture with her other kids. Whats up?

  • I won!

    @tasha – the other kids don’t go to regular school. They are home-schooled as scientologists so I don’t see why they couldn’t vist their grandmother for such a big occasion. I wonder when was the last time they actually saw their Australian grandparents?

  • I won!

    LC – even before Sunday Rose was born! I haven’t seen a photo of NK and her two eldest for years.

  • terry

    wow, what a bunch of hateful people!

    sunday rose smiles in these pics, take a look ot zmbio link

    AND yawn, little troll. if you’re not intrested in nicole kidman, just avoid posts about her.
    she took a plain from LA 7th march in the morning. oscars were the same night…it was pretty clear she skipped the oscar to stay with her family.
    I just don’t get why people like to express hateful commments agains someone they don’t know

  • Puffin

    @terry: “it was pretty clear she skipped the oscar to stay with her family.”
    Wouldn’t that include Isabella and Connor?

  • andres

    She looks very nice to me

  • http://Yahoo Lizzie

    Here we go again, same old, same old. You could at least try to be original. After a plane trip from Calif to Australia, they’re amazing.
    Re why they weren’t at the Academy Awards, you’re off base. If you saw the show, you’d have noticed there were very few stars there. Believe me, the committee would have been thrilled to have had Nicole.
    Finally, don’t know where you’ve seen all these pics of the other children with their father. In fact, I saw one where they were cropped out of a pic of mom, dad and the little princess.
    Let it go. Nicole is beautiful, Keith is the ‘ whole package’ and Sunday is a sweet little 20 month old baby who is obviously loved and nurtured which includes not being ‘on’ for the paps. That is what good parenting is all about.

  • Puffin

    @Lizzie: “If you saw the show, you’d have noticed there were very few stars there.”

    Were you watching the same Academy Awards show last night?

  • Swimming along

    Connor Cruise was very clearly photographed with Tom at last month’s Superbowl. If they’re cropped out of the photos, that’s by the paps – not by Tom!!

  • Swimming along

    yes Puffin quite right , there were celebs galore at the Oscars – as per usual.

  • billie

    Sam: Ummm STFU!

  • juniper

    I am glad Nicole has gone back to her reddish hair, it is her signature and suits her coloring best. The family looks happy.

  • sowhat

    Tom’s sister is the older kids teacher. I personally wouldn’t take Tom’s sister on vacation with me to Australia to tudor my kids.. And they aren’t allowed any schooling not w/Tom’s church. Whatever, this is a happy gorgeous couple and they just spent 2 months in LA so I’m sure they had plenty of bonding time w/all 3 of the kids

  • male


  • Hammel

    @sowhat: This is a signficant trip to see Grandma & Grandpa – especially when it is a milestone birthday for Grandma. What parents don’t take their kids out of school to go on a trip to visit their grandparents? It happens all the time. Have you ever heard of a family only taking some of the children to go on a vacation to Grandma’s house? Who cares IF they bonded in CA, which I doubt. The point is, why aren’t Isabella and Connor seeing their grandparents too?

  • JLK

    Sunday Rose is quite a beautiful little girl. Does Nicole need to attend every Oscar ceremony? She has been multiple times before and I am sure we will see her there again. Sometimes other things come up!

  • janet

    Wow, Sunday Rose is turning into a real beauty. She looks more like her daddy but I’m seeing more of Nicole in her as she gets older. She seems very tall for a 19 month old toddler. She’s just adorable and has very loving parents. This family is just so fun to watch. Keith is hot too!

  • Anon

    Apparently some people don’t have children and think the little tikes should smile constantly. Good luck with that when you finally have them and God bless those children.
    Keith was great in the Jimmy Kimmel skit last night, Handsome Club along with a bunch of other HW and star leading men.

    I didn’t see Ben and Jen at the Oscar’s either, but they were both in Jimmy’s skit. Matthew McC also.

  • webvisitor


    Sam, HQ pic of sunday smiling
    and its still summer in Australia there is no need for jacket ,you can see also Keith wearing a summer clothes .Nicole is the one who always cover herself from the sun that’s way she has an amazing skin .

  • lilly

    Sunday Rose have a big smille, but this site never put those pictures!

    And Nicole haven’t gone to the oscar because was her mother birthday! =]
    And i don’t care, i realy prefear see Sunday Rose! ♥

  • idani

    I have to agree with Lizzie, there wasn’t a lot of star power at the Oscars last night. Whether you like the following or not–they are the big power A list stars–Brangelina, TomKat, Affleck-Garner, Halle Berry, Aniston, etc. Normally when a picture is nominated, most of the main stars attend–but the folks from Nine, Basterds, etc were not there in full force. There were a lot of young and upcoming stars which is fine. But there were also a lot of wanna-bees and why they were invited is a mystery–probably to fill sits.
    As to why Nicole wasn’t there, she was invited (as were the Brange and I believe TomKat). However, I also believe aside from her mother’s birthday that her sister Antonia is getting married within the next few weeks.

  • http://Yahoo Lizzie


    Maybe your idea of a celeb and mine don’t jibe. Besides those who were nominated for awards, I missed the Hollywood star power.

    Please stop with the ‘other children’ harangue. Yes, the auntie has to accompany them wherever they go. Perhaps the ‘powers that be’ are afraid the kids might enjoy themselves. It’s a very complicated situation and Nicole has gone above and beyond to remain so civilized in ignoring all the ‘Scientology’,’ Keith’s, Tom’s and Katie’s” over zealous fans and just plain mean-spirited loonies. In some of the additional snapshots taken at the airport, Sunday is pointing her finger and looking away. I assume she’s pointing at the press. She catches on pretty fast, doesn’t she?

  • AutumnM

    Sunday Rose never looks happy. One of the most miserable children i’ve ever seen.

  • Puffin

    @Lizzie: You are right. I guess Lauren Bacall is a nobody in Hollywood. There were plenty of previous Oscar winners there last night.

  • idani


    Is your finger broken? Several people have supplied links to Sunday smiling in this group of pictures.

    Do you have kids? If so and if not, try to imagine how it must feel to be so small and then suddenly be accosted by tons of paps screaming and shouting with their flashing cameras? Brad Pitt said a neighbor chastised him for always carrying his kids–she said they were old enough to walk. He pointed out what she didn’t see was thirty to fifty paps rushing at him and his kid(s). Same goes for Kidman when she hits Australia. So is it any wonder this child looks a bit bemused?

  • FaithLynette

    Baby is adorable…I see both parents in her! When these two (Keith/Nicole) got together [I was never much of a fan of her's, though I love Urban's music/country music 'in general'] I thought they were a VERY mix-matched pair. Glad to see (atleast on the ‘outside’) them doing well and enjoying family life with their beautiful daughter. Keith Urban has been through a lot and needs a strong/loving support system to stay clean/sober ~ and I hope/pray he has found *HEALING* in his role as husband/father.

  • ii

    It looks like kidman is carrying Sarah Palins baby

  • Zoe

    AutumnM- Here’s a link for you:
    Sunday is one of the cutest children I’ve ever seen. And for the people who ask about Nicole’s older children, they are hardcore scientologists. And Nicole is not. Just google the words ‘scientology’ and ‘disconnection’ and you’ll understand why they are never with her.

  • Hammel

    @Zoe: Why were the older kids allowed to attend Kidman’s wedding in Oz? Google custodial parental rights!

  • kizbit

    Thank you, ZOE #38, for your post. No one listens to the truth about Tom and Scientology and the fact that Isabella and Connor go to school there at the Center in LA. And that Nicole left Scientology and now is out of favor with her other 2 kids. Blame them, not her. She saw the light and got out of that nut house. Thank God Tom left her. Best thing that ever happened to her. Not to mention Nicole said long ago that those two kids call her “Nicole” and call Katie “Mom.

  • Zoe

    Because they were accompanied by a scientologist ‘minder’? (aka one of Tom Cruise’s sisters). They just went to the wedding and left the next day. That’s weird, don’t you think? As for the custodial parental rights, if the children say they don’t want to be with their mother, there’s nothing she can do. Scientology completely brainwashes people and makes them believe that non-scientologists are bad for them and for their progression on the scientologist ladder. Again, google ‘scientology’ and ‘disconnection’, you’ll find many stories from people separated from their children, parents, spouses, brothers, sisters because of scientology…

  • Puffin

    @kizbit: “Blame them, not her. She saw the light and got out of that nut house. Thank God Tom left her. Best thing that ever happened to her. Not to mention Nicole said long ago that those two kids call her “Nicole” and call Katie “Mom.”

    That’s a REAL horrible thing to say about two minor children. They had to live with one parent or another, and if she didn’t want her children raised that way, she should have kept them. Kidman didn’t see the light – don’t give her that much credit. Why didn’t she file for divorce first?

  • AutumnM


    WHy don’t you Nicole Kidman fans relax? You guys are the worst fanbase on here, so rabid and defensive. I posted that comment before I saw the pic of Sunday smiling, but even she wasn’t really smiling in that pic that much. It was like a half smile.

    Every time I see pics of this kid she always looks miserable. She almost never looks happy. That’s my opinion and i’m sticking to it.

  • tori


    You need to google scientology suppressive persons. The cult uses bribery, blackmail, physical brutality and more to get their way.

  • idani


    I think part of the reason “we” Kidman fans find it hard to relax sometimes is that the criticism heaped on this woman for nothing is so pervasive. For instance now the Daily Mail (which is a total rag) from the UK is saying she “snubbed” Paltrow by not calling her as Paltrow is filming in Nashville. Now all the anti-Kidman blogs have picked this up. This is not true since she has hardly spent any time in Nashville this month and she and Paltrow are working on a movie together later on in the year. You don’t see the same stories about Jolie snubs Stefani (her friend). Or TomKat snubs Elfman (a fellow scientologist who just delivered a baby). Or tons of other stars. This is just one example.
    I’m not saying Kidman is perfect, she is not. But it totally seems like any tiny misstep she takes is blown out of proportion. And the tabs make up mean stories about nothing. Bloggers are constantly on her for botox when most actors AND actresses over 30 are using it. Tom Cruise looks terrible these days and he is obviously using botox, had hair plugs, and some plastic surgery. We don’t hear anyone calling him out.
    And then any time a movie flops–it is her fault even tho all but five or six of her movies have made tons of money–maybe not always in the US, but definitely world wide. Yet there are both male and female actors of her stature that have more flops than she has.
    So I guess sometimes we Kidman fans just reach a breaking point.

  • Hammel

    @tori: If what you say is true tori, Kidman should know all about what happens to its members. Yet, she is allowing that to happen to her own children. What parent allows that to happen? She has legal rights.

  • bertha

    What a beautiful family!!!

  • francisca

    @idani: Get a grip idani. Take out Nicole’s name in everything you wrote and place it with some other celebrity’s name. All celebrities get negative stories/gossip written about them. And give it up already, she is widely known around Hollywood as box office poison.

  • Zoe

    “If what you say is true tori, Kidman should know all about what happens to its members. Yet, she is allowing that to happen to her own children.”
    Hammel, would you say that to the thousands of people who lost a family member or a friend because of scientology?

  • Zoe

    “Kidman didn’t see the light – don’t give her that much credit. Why didn’t she file for divorce first?”
    She did see the light. She left scientology. And Tom left her. Again, scientology and disconnection. If you choose to believe Kidman is a terrible mother, go ahead. I’m sure you also believe that every parent who lost a child to a brainwashing cult are awful parents. I mean they should have kept their children away from this cult. It’s so easy. Bad, bad parents. They allowed that to happen to their child. (*sarcasm*).