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Rachel Bilson: Girls' Day Out

Rachel Bilson: Girls' Day Out

Rachel Bilson heads home to check the mail and hang out with a female friend on Monday (March 8) in Los Angeles.

The 28-year-old actress carried her new favorite red 3.1 Philip Lim bag with her as she went back to her place in her cozy sweater.

Rachel was spotted out on Sunday heading to some Oscars parties – peep her gorgeous Zac Posen gown and vintage cape if you missed them!

10+ pictures inside of Rachel Bilson spending time with a friend…

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rachel bilson friend pick up the mail 01
rachel bilson friend pick up the mail 02
rachel bilson friend pick up the mail 03
rachel bilson friend pick up the mail 04
rachel bilson friend pick up the mail 05
rachel bilson friend pick up the mail 06
rachel bilson friend pick up the mail 07
rachel bilson friend pick up the mail 08
rachel bilson friend pick up the mail 09
rachel bilson friend pick up the mail 10

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  • GoodGirl

    OMG!! More I see about her, and more I HATE her!!!

    I can’t believe that you dare to continue to post about her!!!!

    Jared you need some serious HELP and PRONTO!!!!

  • Virginia

    Agreed! Why is she even on here?!!! She’s talentless and jobless. She hasn’t dun anything substancial in 4ever!. Jared, STOP POSTING ABOUT NOBODIES!!!!

  • Alison

    Normally I love this site, I say we boycott it until she’s stopped being blogged about every single freaking day.

  • bri

    she has the cutest style. who cares if shes not a good actress. she knows whats in. :) and chill out everyone, this is justjared’s blog he can talk about whoever he wants. if you dont like it, dont read it.

  • Alison

    I think most people care if she’s not a good actress because her job just so happens to be acting.

  • Bonnie

    Why did she always hang about on the street ?She’s jobless quite a time!

  • max


    Has any of Just Jared’s readers purchased the 3.1 Philp Lim bag that is promoted over and over again? We get that its a Philip Lim bag, and I doubt anyone will be like Oh! rachel bilson has it, let me buy it!

  • GoodGirl

    Me think she own this blog, and that Jared is just the writer of her site!

    Can’t find other explanation for the everyday-post-of-this-NOBODY!

    What a disaster!…Hope you enjoy the money Jared?!!

  • L

    She looks miserable.

  • just shit

    every day jared? really? stupid girl and stupid blog.

  • Emmy

    Ahahah!!! I’m starting to appreciate the fact she’s on this blog everyday… It’s just too darn funny seeing her photographed wandering the streets in staged photos.. I mean it’s so sad that its funny..only reality tv stars put this much effort into fame w horing!!! I tell you there should be a drinking game..

  • w

    Seriously, enough already. Why are you posting about all these do-nothing actresses? I want a week where you don’t post Rachel Bilson, Reese Withersppon and Kate Bosworth walking around doing nothing.

  • ke$haluv

    what a hot mess!

  • jamie

    Jared, WHO CARES???

  • LadyB

    Jared, if you really like her, then you should ease on the postings. People are now starting to insult her and I’m sure she doesn’t appreciate it.

  • laylalee

    actually she writes a column for a magazine and has a clothing line, both are two jobs besides acting

  • @suckit

    someone is obsessed havent you seen the movie or the song JARED??? Jeez wtf do you find in this HO that you think one day if she met ur fugly face that she will suck your dick. ENOUGH!!!! ALREADY WITH THIS HOE>>>!!!! STOP IT!!!!

  • laylalee

    shes miserable because photographers sit outside her home and stalk her like an effing animal. so much open jealousy and down right ignorance towards another human being on here, im shocked. you must be a bunch of 13 year old’s with nothing better to do than obsess over a beautiful young and obviously magnetic woman. if she wasnt all those things she wouldnt be on here because jared is the best!

  • John Ford

    Did she breakup with her beard?

  • leimore

    Of course she will be… when she consistently/continously be a worthless, jobless & a dlister tart after all this time.

  • lexy

    @ laylalee – what clothing line does she have out?? Also why do you think the paps stalk her?? The paps do this for the money – how much do you think they earn “stalking” her and snapping a few photos of an out of work former tv actress whose career never took off?
    Everyone we all know JJ is sponsored by Rachel Bilson and her team!! Though JJ needs to increase his fees so we can get rid of some of the other ads.

  • Viper

    Lets hope one of ther two has a brain to end this fiasco it’s getting rather boring..She doesn’t have a clothing line that was a one time shot that fizzled fast. She doesn’t truly write this 3 question column that is in the magazine she gives imput someone else puts it together for her. She is JOBLESS she has nothing going for her and the b/f well he is in Toronto snapped with fans where he looks happier that she isn’t with him. The Llama sweater wrong style for her over big makes her looks like a drowned rat. wrong color as well. Please woman do something with the nasty hair dye job read the bottle next time please.

  • Iggles

    Ugh, I hate her hair!
    I don’t know why beautiful brunettes lighten the end of their hair with a orangey blonde tinge. It looks like they grew out their roots from a previous dye job — tacky looking. It would look nice if she stuck to a deep chestnut color or went full blonde. Half in, half out isn’t working!

  • Emmy

    @ laylalee. Are you mad.. L.A is full if actresses you hardly see this many Candids of Natalie , Zoe , sienna or whomever on any blog. Ofcoarse those actresses are papped but you have to put in actual effort to be seen this much..she eats and shops at papparazzi’s sad really

  • chadwick

    She would always be a PAP/TABLOID muse, never ever will be a casting agent / director / producer’s PET … pity poor chicklet LOL!

  • Alison


    and both are jobs she does as an excuse to stay relevant. not one’s that she would even come close to getting had she not been on the oc

  • Venom

    Oh GWADDDDD!!! She is like a turd that you just cannot flush!!!

  • R

    I think it is so funny how much people comment on these posts about Rachel Bilson, and how MAD they get.

    Jared’s obviously not going to stop posting about her. Maybe he thinks it’s funny, too. Maybe he just really likes her. Maybe he gets paid by her team. Maybe he gets paid by the companies who make her clothes and send them to her for free so she will wear them in her staged paparazzi photos. Who knows.

    But who really cares?

  • rmn

    The other actresses on The OC outside of Barton and Bilson aren’t doing too badly. Autumn Reeser just landed a pilot starring Michael Chiklis and produced by Greg Berlanti of Brothers and Sisters fame.
    Olivia Wilde is on House and will be seen in the big budget sci fi movie Tron. She’s also been cast opposite Daniel Craig in Cowboys and Aliens.
    These two don’t get anywhere near the exposure Rachel gets on this blog.

  • lexy

    @ R – do you go to other threads?? I love when people say this crazy stuff and have no idea what they are talking about. Go check out some other threads and see how “angry” people are. If you need some help – try the Abby C thread – watch how “angry” people get over a beautiful, talented and employable actress or try a Brangelina or Aniston thread. Or even the Kate B. threads.
    People are always commenting on negative comments about Rachel – people say negatives things about EVERYONE this isn’t a RB fan board – despite what JJ wants us to think.
    Nat and Zoe don’t get papped that much b/c they have jobs!

  • tennille

    I hate how she is (in)famous for no reason at all . I really do. And I don’t like her blah body &/ her dumb personality. And for the love of God will somebody please show her how to wash her hair (with shampoo plus conditioner)!!!

  • Amber-louise

    I think shes pretty but does she still act?

  • Ben

    Love her. She has a really nice sense of style. F*ck the haters!

  • Ben

    Out & about picks are the best, BTW.

  • Ben


  • Ahari

    In the last few pics I’ve seen of her from yesterday, most of which JJ doesn’t even have, she looks like an escapee from a Tim Burton movie. But, that would be a dream come true for her, too bad she has absolutely no talent at all and will never be considered for such a high profile gig. She’s nothing but a shriveled up desperate, pathetic little joke.

  • Chax

    Oscar parties. Please, oh please. As if. LOL!

  • Please!!!

    Pull the trigger and aim it her head… NOW!!!

  • tiffany


    Don’t let it bother you too much. It’s what they do on this blog. The fans enjoy the pics and a lot of the commenters enjoy the trashing. It’s their hobby. A lot of people post multiple times with different names. I tried it in a thread as an experiment. It’s easy to do.
    The ratings don’t really matter either since the comments mostly draw other people who enjoy trashing too. The fans post elsewhere.

  • Fugster

    To everyone out there… It’s me AGAIN… the always cutesy-coo now nearing in her 30’s Rachel Bilson… So stop what you’re all doing and look at me…. Look at me… Looook Aaattt Meeeeeeee… Everybody….. Anyone…. Damn it… Looooooooook Aaaaaattt Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! Arrrggg!!! LOL!!!

  • http://verysexy sharyllee

    Nothing special about her!!

  • bri

    high freaking five.

  • Madison

    ok… let’s cool it with the hating and the cussing. I, too, am annoyed by her, but I dont hate the girl. She used to have steady jobs, but she’s been out of the limelight too long. New/”hot” actress have come in while she was on hiatus. The reality is her assistant calls the paps…That’s how they know where she’s at and when she leaves…PR is trying generate some talks about Rachel on blogs… try to get her photos into PRINT magazines like US weekly (PR = business…especially, PRINT. Why? Print lands into the hands of Directors/Producers/Casting Directors more than online websites) It’s part of the business. She’s a product, and she needs to market herself like people still care. The wrong move she made was she decided to stop working. Instead of taking breaks between movies (3 months between filming). She worked on several simultaneously, then took a BIG break. It’s harder to come back once people forget….

  • brightside

    What is with all this daily posts of a person who does very little…doing very little? It’s like chinese water torture, drip, drip, drip…There I am scrolling down from notable to notable when suddenly up pops the daily doing-nothing Bilson post. I wouldn’t mind a daily post of some barely employed former TV actress if said actress were doing something photographable, instead of wandering aimlessly around, shopping, eating, scratching etc. JJ It’s like watching wood warp….

  • amaranth

    She cant really help to stop working if acting job/s is/are so scarced or (obviously) not really coming at all. Just go figure and you have to get real & needs to jump off from the fairyland – please & asap!

  • jello

    This is not the way for her to get noticed by casting directors.
    They don’t hire an actress because her clogs look nice or because she’s carrying a 3.1 Philip Lim bag or because she’s photographed leaving her house to go to a minor Oscar party. Rachel is doing this because she has deals with fashion designers and with Instyle Mag. And the photographers are in on it.
    If she wanted to be taken seriously as an actress, she could do a play to improve her skills, or do small parts in indie movies, or look for roles different from her Summer in the OC shtick, instead of this nonstop parading on the sidewalk that she does. What has she done to try to become a better actress? All the effort goes into her fashion. Jumper could have been her big break, because few TV actresses are lucky enough to land the lead in a big budget action film while on a TV show. Unfortunately that movie AND her acting ended up getting trashed by the critics so it did not help her career. She has relied far too long on her connections(her boyfriends, directors and producers she worked with, the guy her best friend is married to) to get ahead in her career, but without solid talent, connections can only take you so far.

  • brightside

    I think that if she wanted to be taken seriously as an actress then she would be doing that already. She isn’t so she doesn’t.

  • lexy

    She needs some acting lessons. And if the paps are constantly outside her house like this and stalking her like her “fans” say she should seek legal actions or move to a gated community where she could at least get her mail in peace – but that’s not what she wants.
    Why do people think if you dislike someone that you sit here and make up names to post?? Granted it’s easy enough but please!! I’d say judging by Rachel’s work and how well known she is it’s more likely in her case it’s her fans posting under different names. I mean the average person walking down the street in LA wouldn’t recognize her if you showed her picture.
    It’s scary that she pays to have her hair “colored” like that!

  • Selena


  • Alias

    @48 – in response to your question “Why do people think if you dislike someone that you sit here and make up names to post??” because they have no life and no one to talk to, so being the losers/haters they are, use different usernames to talk to themselves. For ex. Lexy/brightside or venom/whizbang

    Glad I could help LOL

    And I can’t wait for “arabian nights” to show up, she gets under the haters’ skin even more than I do, applause is in order LOL