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Rachel Bilson: Oscar Party Princess!

Rachel Bilson: Oscar Party Princess!

Rachel Bilson leaves her home wearing a gorgeous Zac Posen gown as she heads out to various Oscars parties in Hollywood on Sunday (March 7).

RB accessorized with a Vintage cape, a Vera Wang cuff and a Cecelia white python convertible clutch.

The 28-year-old former OC actress has recently been seen around town attending meetings for future projects. What does RB have up her sleeve?

Check out the red 3.1 Philip Lim handbag she’s been toting everywhere!

10+ pictures inside of Rachel Bilson, the Oscar party princess…

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Photos: GSI Media
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92 Responses to “Rachel Bilson: Oscar Party Princess!”

  1. 1
    mika_says_hi Says:

    her gate is pretty

  2. 2
    jill Says:

    How did a paparazzi get a super clear shot of RB at the exact moment when she is at her doorway. Couldn’t they have at least made it a little bit blurry so that it doesn’t look so obviously posed?

    Hmm. This reminds me of that shot of Mischa Barton going down the steps of that church right after she got her DUI.

  3. 3
    Andrew Lee Says:

    Who’s waiting right at her door , right at the moment she stepped out at the OSCAR night ? Please !

  4. 4
    jill Says:

    Rachel fans,
    If you are still in deep denial about RB tipping off the paps, then this shot is for you. Paps rarely wait outside the home of a celebrity to get a shot of them in a gown. They usually take pictures on the red carpet or of the celebrity entering and leaving parties, and inside the parties. So which red carpet event did she go to and why is it that no pictures have shown up so far?

  5. 5
    John Ford Says:

    Is this

  6. 6
    bluesky Says:

    heading off to a d list party

  7. 7
    brightside Says:

    I had hoped that all JJ’s Oscar coverage would provide a respite from the seemingly never-ending daily posts of d-listers, but no. That being said, it’s a stunning dress (a little too low-cut on the ‘cleavage’ front), very elegant. It does seem a shame, when she’s made such an effort with the dress, not to do anything with her hair, though. What’s with her? A sophisticated dress needs a sophisticated hair style. She looks more like a child playing dress-like-mother because she hasn’t taken the time, energy or effort to do something nice with her hair.

  8. 8
    Cindy Says:

    The dress is really pretty on her. But OMG, this is really pathetic. LOL. No one else did this, not even the people that were nominated. Is this all she does nowadays? I never got why people hate her, that’s just stupid to me. But I can see how you can be annoyed. Just like people are annoyed by the Kardashians.

  9. 9
    emily Says:

    This is the day of the Oscars. The craziest, busiest day of the year for the press in Hollywood. Are you telling me there’s a photographer who is patient enough and who has all the time in the world to stand outside Rachel Bilson’s house, on the same day when he could be earning more money taking pictures of other celebrities who are actually relevant at Oscar events? But instead he chooses to wait outside her house and surprise! he’s lucky enough to get an unplanned unposed picture of her? Gimme a break.

  10. 10
    jeezzum Says:

    Oh she just wish that it would be “actual” Oscar night but its never going to happen even during her whole lifetime.

  11. 11
    Lily Says:

    I love her since her start in the OC which I guess was in 2003. She always been a sweet girl with a great style. But now, many years later, she remains the same and she has no “real” career and I am sorry for that. She has a kind of potential as an actress that she should improve. She begins to be boring…

  12. 12
    crapshack Says:

    Just go back / stay home, Crapchel!
    Don’t be that thick-faced; just come back when either you or your movie is ever nominated or to a more easier thing to get done, is when HW considers you already as an employable/working actress.

  13. 13
    chauncey Says:

    @ Oscar Party Princess!
    Its Oscar Party POOPER is more like it!

    @ 4 – So which red carpet event did she go to and why is it that no pictures have shown up so far?
    She’ll probably go GATECRASHING coz seriously, she’s still “remarkably unknown” to many… that she should put a “name tag” on her chest that some people might mistaken her to be the “usherette” during that event instead of a celeb – just sayin’ LOL

  14. 14
    lexy Says:

    JJ you’ve got to be kidding us with this obviously staged photo opp. It’s one of HW’s biggest nights, parties galore all over town WITH REAL CELEBS attending. And we’re supposed to believe the paps are waiting right outside the home of a Z-lister television actress??? Get real!!!

  15. 15
    Sad Says:

    I feel sorry for this girl. Is this the best advice she is getting from her manager, publicist or whatever people she is paying to help her with her carreer? These pics make her look pathetic. The pics scream “I had to arrange a photo op because I wasn’t invited to any of the Oscar events”

  16. 16
    sheesh Says:

    Tila Tequila isn’t the only one who calls photographers to her house…
    Rachel, how low can you go. Like #15 said, you need better people to give you better advice.

    If there’s an event you’re invited to, let me guess, it’s the In Style party am I rite?

  17. 17
    @15 Says:

    She was with Jill at the In Style party.

  18. 18
    jess Says:

    Why Just Jared is the ONLY site that gives attention to this girl?

  19. 19
    poor girl Says:

    Just Jared and InStyle are the only means of communication that she can get some attention, poor girl. LOL

  20. 20
    sterling Says:

    I earlier though that It’s like everyone who has “no” acting skills come to the Oscar these days (i.e Twilight & HSM cast?!). But to still mixed it up to some who “never” even had any HW career to speak of?! Jeeez, its insanely disgusting – Oscars truly going to the dogs now!
    Anyways if Midge(t) could feel a bit of being out of place somehow, she should look for “Nicole Ritchie” in there, and try to bond w/ each other. They have something/s in common… such as that they continues to get busy for their non-existent careers’ merely thru endless photo-ops, media-hyping & partying/socializing – shooo!

  21. 21
    phat-ruley Says:

    Vanity Fair Party are for AListers while the InStyle Party are for the Zlisters… right?! SO RIGHT!!!

  22. 22
    Alias Says:

    She looks grrrrrrrrrrreat! and props to JJ for taking down that stupid ratings system he had going on here, all the haters must be so sad!

  23. 23
    linn Says:

    omg so pathetic
    RACHEL: You will NEVER be nominated!
    so don’t party and pretend like you will ;)

  24. 24
    hc Says:

    The photographer who took the pictures is an event and portrait photographer for Getty, not a regular paparazzi.

  25. 25
    jamie Says:

    HORRRRRRRRRRRIBLE! Jesus, this girl looks like an ET – LOL

  26. 26
    Steele Says:

    Absolutely beautiful!!!

  27. 27
    SteveDenver Says:

    Pitiful! Another disposable beauty from TV. No real talent, but she’s pretty on the outside.

  28. 28
    someone Says:

    Hayden is in NY with Tove, but, why?

  29. 29
    amy Says:

    I really dont like her, but got to admit (apart from the hair) she looks really nice love the dress and the small bolero

  30. 30
    @someone Says:

    the photos are from last year

  31. 31
    amy Says:

    the Hayden candids in NY are from LAST YEAR and you can clearly see Rachel with Hayden and Tove in the last pic

  32. 32
    lida Says:

    my lovely sweet heart she’s so cute in this dress; going to oscar party coooollll

  33. 33
    Transparent Says:

    I used to like this girl but her constant appearance on this website and blatant attention whoring is grating on me. Stop phoning the paps, get a proper job and do something worthwhile instead of polluting us with your bland outfit choices and repetitive shopping excursions. I don’t understand why all these ‘actors’ go to Oscar parties when they will quite obviously never win one in their entire lives, if I was say Kate Winslet or Meryl Streep I would be pissed off with these useless s’h'i’t's invading my space.

  34. 34
    Kathy Says:

    This is so staged. All the talented actors/actresses got their picture taken on the red carpet. Oscar party princess? What a joke. Oscar princess wannabe but never will be. She must have paid this person a lot of money to waste his time taking a picture of her looking like she was going to an Oscar party when he could have been taking pictures of the real talent on the red carpet. Funny Hayden is not with her. He is probably to embarrased to stoop that low.

  35. 35
    Kathy Says:

    This is so staged. All the talented actors/actresses got their picture taken on the red carpet. Oscar party princess? What a joke. Oscar princess wannabe but never will be. She must have paid this person a lot of money to waste his time taking a picture of her looking like she was going to an Oscar party when he could have been taking pictures of the real talent on the red carpet. Funny Hayden is not with her. He is probably to embarrased to stoop that low.

  36. 36
    brightside Says:

    She’s reduced to being the ‘former OC actress’ again.

    And ‘What has RB got up her sleeve?’

    Judging from both the photos and her track record, I would say Zilch, Zero, Nothing, Not Even A Sausage.

  37. 37
    Bubbaness Says:

    I’m lost as to how the overexposure of her here helps her at all. Yeah, she was cute on The O.C. years ago but isn’t talented and does nothing but pay people to take her picture while she shops. *yawn*

  38. 38
    chiles Says:

    Good question @37
    Jared, how does this over exposure help her career? She comes out of it looking extremely pathetic and desperate instead.

  39. 39
    the truth Says:

    Rachel got up her sleeve / Nothing really after all the media attention from last week thought she would have had enough. Who is doing this for her anyway? need to leave hayden out are this one. He is seem the bad guy since her and adam broke-up.Saying that he was hurt don’t think so. Unless she was still messing around with him still. Thought that she didn’t like to go to parties that deal with hanging with the true A-lists actress/ She nothing but a liar anyway.Her pr team trying make her measure up with hayden and natalie ( are just natalie)She not a princess far from it.The realtionship are her relationship with hayden is about to go south meaning it is about to ened. Nothing she does can bring back what they had before. Does that mean the enagaement off for now. JJ said furure project. So this the gown she was talking about in Us weekly? She trying find her someone else to use to help her career. Cause her relationship with hayden didn’t do it so far. JUst trying make her lok good for the tabloids again. That don’t look like her house.Also hayden is at home and won’t be coming back to LA anytime soon and she won’t be visisting him much either!

  40. 40
    hide and seek Says:

    someone is standing behind the gate

  41. 41
    Venom Says:

    God! She only was invited to the post oscar party. She is dressed if she was attending the Oscars. Dream on Ratchel. She will never come close to be even a presenter someday. She looks like a flat chested Elviria. Oh please?!

    Natalie Portman wore a cute cocktail dress and was dress a lot more appropriately for an Oscar party.

  42. 42
    scrug Says:

    why her?

  43. 43
    the truth Says:

    hey jared why not show her coming out are the steakhouse last night.?that’s where she went to get something to eat. Not an oscar party.i bet she won’t be shown being there at the others A-list parties. Its shame that she has to get that low with herself like that. when she wasn’t invited to the others.All this for attention when she hasn’t done any all.Don’t really care about what you all say about the engagement that i mention. Look like she won’t going back to canada anytime soon.she just making a fool out are herself now.just because you’re not a great actess doesn’t mean that you to make yourself look silly in a zoe posen’s gown to go a steakhouse to wear it to.Suppose to worn at a event and there was no instyle party to go do. stop making excues about what she do.Like said if suppose to work what leaves her and hayden relationship now.Is he going to move to la now or stay in canada. causeit cost too much to be traveling back and forth like that.Also does that leave hayden out are picture now that shee wants acareer now now?Is that’s what up her sleeve?More attention from them tabloids like last week.

  44. 44
    brightside Says:

    @hide and seek:
    He’s not actually hiding – practically jumping up and down, saying ‘Look at me in my Hendrix baseball cap’. That’s not hiding, Mr Mystery Man is far too obvious. Just hope he’s standing on something because there’s tall and there’s creepy tall.

  45. 45
    hide and seek Says:

    yeah, creepy and tall, LOL

  46. 46
    nomystery Says:

    Mystery Man is giving Rachel instructions. “Okay, the camera’s in place… and… action! Walk down the steps. Pretend you don’t know that somebody’s taking pictures…”
    Notice that Mystery Man is looking directly at the camera.

  47. 47
    nomystery Says:

    Mystery Man is giving Rachel instructions. “Okay, the camera’s in place… and… action! Walk down the steps. Pretend you don’t know that somebody’s taking pictures…”
    Notice that Mystery Man is looking directly at the camera.

  48. 48
    Viper Says:

    What mystery man I didn’t see anyone inside or along side her at the door point him out please?? Wouldn’t suprise me if she has men on the side who just come to visit her. She is a total joke the outfit is ok if she was one of the nominee’s but, honestly she is going to some low ranking Post Oscar party PLEASE!!! Vanity Fair is the main Party you go to if you are anyone in the entertainment business. This is so a woman who wants to be thought of as top celebrity in HW. She doesn’t have a snowballs chance in hell of coming close to the talents of Sandra, Meryl or Carey she is what many would say is a jealous want to be celebrity. When you can’t make it in HW you act like you have such as calling out the press or having the MIA constantly b/f. No the press don’t rally to a celebrities home unless called out to do so.If that were the case most of the top A listers would have them camped out at the doors grabbing picutres all the time. Paparzzi make more money last night at the red carpet event and maybe the post oscar party but, not following around a no talent woman who gets her status by using JJ as her own personal facebook page.

  49. 49
    Viper Says:

    I found the guy at the door funny that isn’t her B/F is it now. One can see he is looking to get seen in the shot. Here’s a tip dude come out from the door we see you anyway. Only adds to the going rumors about this woman.

  50. 50
    brightside Says:

    He’s poking his head over the gate, blatantly. Second picture on the left, top row. Third picture on the left, bottom row. Can’t miss him, he’s wearing a baseball bat, is ugly and about 10 feet tall ;-)

  51. 51
    Kathy Says:

    I did not even notice the mystery man until it was mentioned. She is even more pathetic than I thought. Anyone who does not believe this is staged is in denial. It is sooo obvious. This is a dead giveaway!

  52. 52
    brightside Says:


  53. 53
    ocsethummer Says:

    As posted above – Instyle Oscar Viewing party with Jill.

    Cant say she is looking to amazing in this shot.,,20345679_20349336,00.html?cid=siterecirc-parties

  54. 54
    brightside Says:

    LOL – I should not say this….but…..does he look like a guy with $35k in his back pocket……hmm?

  55. 55
    photographed Says:

    You are right, #24, this looks like a photo session, not a random papparazzi photo. Rachel is employed by InStyle, she does a column for them, and they sent her to Africa, as well, as a contributing editor. She is seen in the photo link above at the InStyle party, so it is very likely this was an arranged photo shoot of her leaving for the party. The guy in the picture above the door is probably doing exactly what #46 says, he is giving her directions and probably telling the photographer that she is on her way outside, only his eyes are visible, you can’t see his mouth, but he could have a phone that he is directing both of them with.

    She had her photo taken all dressed up, on her way to a party. What is the big deal? She does look very nice, and there were alot of other celebs at the InStyle party, as well, and they are all dressed nicely. The photographer will sell the photos to people that will buy them,and JJ has a crew here that post incessantly on her all the time, why not buy them and post them? He makes money off of the hits she generates, whether you like her or not. It is amazing how fast her posts fill with comments, and people still wonder why she is on here! If you don’t want to see her, try not commenting on her so much, and see what happens!

  56. 56
    Viper Says:

    @ Photographed

    Is she that much of a headcase that she can’t walk out the door without direction. And that man isn’t the type of guy I would exactly see as some Instyle press agent would hire to attend to it’s so called Elite Contruibuting editor to their magazine. Also he would have made sure she was escorted to the car and not hiding behind the door. Is Instyle that poor that they can’t afford to pay decent workers to handle their clients. THINK NOT!!!! This guy more or less is someone she is seeing on the side he hides b/c he doesn’t want ppl to know the real story here.

    Her photo at this Instyle party please only made the dress look far worse then I thought. Actually thought it migh tbe good it would on someone else who can handle the clevage she can’t reminds me of that crap she wore to Japan’s Jumper premier she had to keep pulling it up was she walked. Woman needs a better coordinator or stylist during her day.

  57. 57
    Viper Says:


    One never knows who this kids Daddy might be guess he might think she is worth it. But, again he is playing hide and seek and now that ppl see him only adds fuel to that fire she is stewing on.

  58. 58
    *Yawn* *Snore* Says:

    So she went to an Oscar *viewing* party??? Oh the party must be sooooo exclusive since Rachelle Lefevre was there, the actress who played Victoria and was dumped by the new director. InStyle, the supermarket rag that is the National Enquirer of fashion, had an Oscar viewing party and she took her BFF Jill to that instead of her fiance. Ah huh. And the photographer was hired by InStyle to get a shot of her leaving her house because she’s such a loser she couldn’t get papparazzi to shot her leaving. They were all busy getting shots of REAL STARS. And she has to have someone to direct to leave the house so it make the best photo impact. OMG she is SO PATHETIC!!!!! I wonder how many casting directors or studio execs she had to **** off at $35K a pop to get that dress. Or maybe she borrowed it. She looks like a low rent Morticia Adams in it esp with the nothingy two-tone hair.

    Why the hell does this girl rate all this exposure? How much does she pay you, Jared?

  59. 59
    S Says:

    She is maybe very far from the story you are all creating, but, the more you posts, the more we get pics of her from JJ.

  60. 60
    brightside Says:

    Shame about the hair – I still think it’s one of the nicest outfits I’ve seen her in, but she should have done something with her hair. Why wear such a stunning dress and then just leave your hair as a messy mop, and go to a party? Bad decision.

    I don’t think anyone’s really taking random pop-up guy seriously LOL. It’s just funny – there you are getting your picture taken (for whatever reason) and random pop-up guy pops up lile a jack-in-the-box from behind the gate and totally ruins the shot. LOL. Don’t they fire the guys who do that in movies, or, at least, go all Christian Bale on them.

  61. 61
    photographed Says:

    @ Viper You made me laugh so hard, when you said the guy looking over the door is hiding, so we wil not know the real story! He has to be standing on a ladder to be visible over the top of that door, if he was hiding, why stand on a ladder to do it over the top of a door? He could have just looked out a window to see what she looked like as she walked outside. From his hat and eyes, how can you tell what kind of person he is? He probably works for the photographer that InStyle hired to take the pics, The photos are of Rachel, even if she had an escort, they would not be wanted in the photos of Rachel, if she wanted them for publcity. She is wearing her engagement ring, also, to the last events she has been seen at lately.

    You are entitled to your opinion, of course, and it is obvious you do not like her, but the idea of her taking the chance of a guy she is seeing on the side being seen in a staged photo shoot., while standing on something that makes him visible over the top of a door, is just hilarious!

  62. 62
    S Says:

    Thanks for the laugh, the picture of a pop- up guy ruining the shot, and going Christian Bale on him is really funny. Still i am on the fan side. I happen to like them as a couple.

  63. 63
    brightside Says:

    Cool – though if he worked for or with the photog you’d think he’d have more sense (first day on the job, perhaps). He could be a nosy gardener, or friend of the family, or pool-guy, whatever. His random pop-up head technique is so damn fantastic and I would hire him for all my photo ops. I would like him to appear, randomly, all over the net. He’s a star in the making.

  64. 64
    graybeard Says:


  65. 65
    Viper Says:


    It’s all press attention for a woman who is beneath morality this pop up dude is there getting his free picture press attention. Who cares how often she wears this ring..It’s “A R I N G ” and unless the guy who gave it to her is there it’s just an accessory piece. You love her GREAT maybe you and 3 others but, honestly she is just a press attention, glamour seeking, want to be actress who can’t make it. This dude made sure he was seen and known. I seriously doubt INSTYLE hired this guy to help her at all.. But, I’m sure she has his guy around plenty. Mr. Desperate to be seen.

  66. 66
    observer Says:

    she is heading out, looking for celebs to leech off of. whose next?

  67. 67
    Toni Says:

    She has a cute face, but that is it. In my opinion she can’t act. “The Jumper” was painful to watch – she and Hayden were just so bad…
    What is up with her two-toned hair? Dark in the roots, red at the ends… not good, sloppy, definitely not appropriate for the fancy dress.

  68. 68
    brightside Says:

    What’s with the appearing/disappearing/reappearing rating thingies? Can’t JJ make up his mind? I’m sure they weren’t here earlier…..

  69. 69
    Bella Coola Says:

    This has got to be a joke. Jared, you can’t convince anyone this person is an actress or has any relevance.

  70. 70
    francia Says:

    LOL for this post on her

  71. 71
    lexy Says:

    If this photoshoot was being paid for by InStyle why aren’t there more people around?? And more importantly why would they sell the pics?? I would imagine if it is for that rag InStyle it would be some sort of piece on Rachel getting ready to attend the only Oscar party she can get into – at ther “job” (that is such a joke but that’s another topic). Wouldn’t InStyle want the exclusive (since they are paying) for them?
    I think this is another sad staged photo shoot – like that “secret” photoshoot she had a few months ago. I think like that one RB is footing the bill for this one too. Again it makes no sense for InStyle to pay for these pics of their employee to use in their magazine and then to sell them early before the feature is put out. We haven’t seen her photoshoot pics from Africa yet (the ones taken for InStyle) b/c they don’t want them released. We only saw her pretending to be interested in the poor kids and hawking some lame bracelet.

  72. 72
    lexy Says:

    PS – Brightside you’re right – why wouldn’t she do something with her hair. It’s looks exactly like it does in the latest pics of her checking the mail. Also if she were going to a real party – why so light on the make-up? You’re supposed to get glammed up for the photographers and need to step up the make-up too.

  73. 73
    fugly Says:

    She looks like a midget dressed up as a witch for a Halloween party. That dress could have looked stunning on a pretty woman with more height and longer legs.

  74. 74
    But... Says:

    … she is a stunning & tall pretty woman… just in her own “wildest” dreams or more like in her harebrained mind.

  75. 75
    lexy Says:

    the score card is back

  76. 76
    honestydate Says:

    she is lovely, ltrdating

  77. 77


  78. 78
    amy Says:

    she looks gorgeous and is gorgeous you are all pathetic jealous loosers i never saw such jealousy in my life you guys are the pathetic ones look where she is going to some oscar parties looking gorgeous and youre all sitting banging away on your computers pathetic

  79. 79
    lexy Says:


  80. 80


  81. 81
    NP FANS Says:


  82. 82


  83. 83
    JILL Says:

    rachels hair is gorgeous its like cindy crawfords hair just longer stop being so jealous shes a beautiful girl

  84. 84
    nancy Says:

    she looks amazing beautiful gorgeous girl youre jealous if you dont think so

  85. 85
    BRAD Says:

    i think shes hot and shes a good actress she s to smart for you ppl hating her shes living her life and enjoying it what are you guys doing

  86. 86
    huge fan Says:

    love her shes beautiful and looks amazing in the black dress

  87. 87
    lori Says:

    she is so beautiful and shes so sweet everyone loves her we are big fans of hers she was great on the OC miss her but i hear shes going to be doing something really great soon cant wait

  88. 88
    screwed Says:


  89. 89

    jealous jealous jealous cant stay away

  90. 90

    oh how i long to be and look just like her

  91. 91
    rb fan Says:

    she is so gorgeous she looks amazing in this dress shes a naturally beautiful girl and very well liked

  92. 92
    lori Says:

    so gorgeous everything about her is beautiful

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