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The Hurt Locker Wins Best Picture

The Hurt Locker Wins Best Picture

Kathryn Bigelow shows off her two Oscars as she stands next to screenwriter Mark Boal and producer Greg Shapiro as they accept the Oscar for Best Picture for their film The Hurt Locker at the Kodak Theater in Los Angeles on Sunday night (March 7).

The 58-year-old director said in her acceptance speech, “This really is… There’s no other way to describe it, it’s the moment of a lifetime. First of all, this is so extraordinary to be in the company of such powerful, my fellow nominees, such powerful filmmakers who have inspired me and I have admired for, some of whom, for decades. And thank you to every member of the Academy. This is, again, the moment of a lifetime.”

Kathryn is the first woman to win the Best Director Oscar in the Academy’s history.

Also pictured below are stars Jeremy Renner, Brian Geraghty and Anthony Mackie as well as presenter Barbara Streisand.

10+ pics inside…

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  • Maria

    Wow. what an Oscar upset! I didnt know the movie was out. who knew? but she made Academy history. it’s about time a woman director won for directing and best picture.

    Did anyone noticed the shock in this woman? lol
    And is she really 58??? that’s almost 60! she looks FABULOUS!

  • Julienne


    This is Crash X Brokeback Mountain all over again.
    I hate this old squared minds!

  • sienna

    Hurt Locker was a great movie. I also understand that she did a great job directing it. After the best director went to her, I was honestly expecting the best motion picture to go to Avatar. When the best motion picture went to Hurt Locker too, all I could think of the disappointment James Cameron and crew must have felt. The Avatar had deserved the Best Motion Picture I believe. Again, Hurt Locker was great but Avatar must have gotten it.

    I agree with Maria. Kate Bigelow looks fantastic for her age. She was so shocked when she won the last two oscars. She was trembling. It must be a great honor to be the first female director winning Oscar.

  • Tiffany


    This was completely ridiculous! Avatar or Inglorious Basters should have won. EVEN UP WAS MUCH BETTER THAN THIS PSEUDO-WAR-THRASH-”MOVIE”.

  • g!na

    Kate Bigalow is so beautiful for almost 60! i hope i look that good in 22 yrs!

  • jake

    Its Hollywood politics. The Hurt Locker did not win fair. They campaign which was cheap if you ask me. Politics aside, it always has to be about the film. But this is the Oscars what do we expect. Everyone who saw Avatar felt something. Avatar was a wakeup call for people to look at the world differently. Hurt Locker won’t make much of an impact and it only served to humanize those involved in war. Hurt Locker wasn’t fearless. Avatar was fearless.

  • g!na

    @sienna: fyi, James Cameron was married to kathryn Bigelow for two yrs. And it’s ironic that they were going against each other for best director. Best woman won! yes, history in the making even though i liked Avatar alot.

  • Dani

    I was rooting for Inglorious…So i’m a little bit upset..

    Anyways, i’m from Argentina and we won best foreign film! And also the great Christoph Waltz won!

  • ck_always

    @g!na: They divorced years before Titanic was ever created, just sayin’.

    In other news, I loved Monique’s speech about ‘blah blah I’m so happy these awards are about performance and not politics’ and then in the following sentence she mentions Tyler Perry and Oprah. Talk about a freaking hysterical immediate contradiction.

  • Corey

    I grew up in the same town that Jeremy Renner did and I’m glad his movie did so well, but I’m also bummed about it to.
    Not because I traveled south to la la land in 1993 and worked 7 years to attain a sucessful acting career but didn’t.
    Not because I now have to watch a person do what I didn’t.
    Not because I’m forever going to be stuck with, “what if.”
    But because he was a Beyer High Patriot and I was a Davis High Spartan. It was bad enough that Beyer was always had a better baseball team that I never beat in four years as a pitcher. It’s bad enough for all the above reasons, but now a Beyer High Patriot got the career I wanted to!?
    Boy, whoever said “LIfe’s Not Fair” was really on to something there.

    I’m kidding of course. (sort of) Congrats to Jeremy and Hurt Locker. And thank goodness Modesto will be represented in Hollywood by someone other than George Lucas!

  • kay

    Yeah, avatar was great. She looks great for her age.

  • rpatzfan

    yay! Congrats Kathryn ,not everyone like Avatar which has no story more than Pocahontas in space , i know its beautiful but a film has to be more than special effects.
    Congrats for the Hurt Locker team!

  • Not Impressed by JA

    Avatar was great but was not artistically great in an Oscar fashion way and had a deja vu scenario.
    However i think that IB was Oscar quality and better than the Hurt Locker, having the artistic Oscar vibe as well as the commercial success.
    I am a little bit disappointed because it didntr won but i am glad too that she is the first woman wining in that cathegory

  • kitty

    it was a great movie, not so comercial like avatar and inglorious bastards, wich i liked also. but i admire small independent movies! i admire also a woman so talented and good looking! she is an inspiration for me!

  • w

    Shut the eff up about Avatar. Not everyone loved that movie. It wasn’t even that great. The Hurt Locker, Inglorious Basterds and Precious were all better than Avatar. The Hurt Locker was a great film that didn’t need to rely on special effects to be a great film. Just because it didn’t make a ton of money doesn’t make it any less worthy of winning Oscar. Sh*t movies make a ton of money all the time, doesn’t make them Oscar worthy.

  • Venom

    All the awards except for this were right.
    Hurt Locker was not even close to being Best Picture.
    Avatar, Inglorious Basterds and Precious were far better movies.

  • Not Impressed by JA

    kitty @ 03/08/2010 at 1:47 am it was a great movie, not so comercial like avatar and inglorious ********,

    IB wasn’t a commercial movie It was an independant movie who did commercially well, much more than any expectation.
    I also think that directing so many actors in different languages adds to the artistic challenge and put that movie on another level. I really think that intrinsecally it was better than the Hurt Locker.
    And i put them in comparison only beacuse they are both independant war movies.

  • Avid Fan

    I’ll admit I was a bit disappointed about Tarantino and “Inglourious Basterds” not winning but to me the most important thing is that neither did “Avatar” which was a pretentious and insulting film that even lacked originality.

  • Avid Fan

    And another thing No way that girl is 58! ;)

  • putri

    i dont understand why ppl doesnt like Hurt Locker. That’s a great movie,but yes, its not as commercial as avatar.

  • happy girl

    clearly women are happy this won. people always want to champion the little guy. and women are happy about this. just like when other groups win, their group is happy. natural human instinct. so this is good for women.

  • happy girl

    and why did they show jennifer aniston in the horror movie clippings? what horror film did she do? well, besides derailed. lol.

  • leah

    @happy girl: She did that film “Leprechaun” or something like that.

  • like they don’t know better

    this year’s decision is fully political. shame! ‘avatar’ writes the pages of the film history!!!

  • Neil

    I hope Cameron isn’t a shallow man because looks-wise it is hard to see how he could have traded Ms. Bigelo off for his current wife.

  • ck_always

    @Neil: You just compared one relationship to another roughly 17 years apart. How stupid ..lmao.

  • betty

    So happy for her!!! It was a really good movie.

  • idani

    Maybe the Academy decided to award the Oscar to a film other than Avatar since they awarded it to Titanic which was not deserving of it. It was basically a big budget soap opera. There were other films along side it that deserved the Oscar far more than this film. So maybe Hurt Locker, which has won a multitude of awards for best pic both internationally and domestically won on its own merits and by default.

  • Oscar is a joke

    The Hurt Locker was great, but not that great. In a way, the theme of Avatar was the opposite of the Hurt Locker: one culture invading another culture, but one culture is being defeated by the indigenous population. No wonder why Avatar didn’t do well, as well as other movies like Up in the Air and Inglorious Bastards. THR really didn’t resolve all that much accolades.

  • ameera

    This movie didn’t deserve to win. No one even saw it. The Oscars are a sham once again.

  • JLK

    Congratulations Kate! What an unexpected and delightful honor. I am pleased to see a woman finally take her place as best director among the Oscar winners.

  • Jen

    The other movies in this category where more deserving. Oh well

  • cutiemcfreckles

    you go girl!

  • AnonymousDiva

    Maybe YOU didn’t see it, ameera.

    Plenty of people did, and are happy with the result.

  • xiopio

    She’s 58? My new IDOL, LOL

  • to tiffany

    Avatar or Inglorious Bastersds?

    maybe inglorius basterds, but never avatar. i know two of the people who have voting prvileges for the oscars. i spoke to them both after they had mailed in their ballots. these two did not even consider avatar as best picture material and definitely not james cameron. as for inglorious basterds, they liked the film for what it was but not as best picture material. for the record, these two actually thought up in the air was the best film.

  • to tiffany

    well, we all knew that hurt locker would never appeal to right wing republicans.

  • to venom

    sorry you feel that way. but guess what it’s done. kathryn got the best director oscar which she more than deserved. in my opinion, that makes up the voters giving the oscar to sandra bullock for that insipid

  • S

    Oh man… 50 years in showbizz and still you got Streisand’s name wrong… it’s BARBRA STREISAND!

  • Ivana

    I’m sick of this American crap about war!! Seriously??! Americans are heros and they are all killers! YEAH RIGHT!~!! Does anybody knows in Us how many people in my country was killed 1999th in bombing attack by AMERICAN NATO????Noooo, in that time US people didn’t know what is Serbia! Apple, orange???!!! Nobody cared!!!

    Seriously, this stuff pisses me offf!!!!

  • Ivana

    I’m sick of this American crap about war!! Seriously??! Americans are heros and they are all killers! YEAH RIGHT!~!! Does anybody knows in Us how many people in my country was killed 1999th in bombing attack by AMERICAN NATO????Noooo, in that time US people didn’t know what is Serbia! Apple, orange???!!! Nobody cared!!!

    Seriously, this stuff pisses me offf!!!!

  • COCO

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    thats is gold or plaque or …