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Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt: Family Fete

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt: Family Fete

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt head back to their water taxi in Venice, Italy after a fun day with their little ones on Sunday (March 7).

Maddox, Pax, Shiloh and Zahara went out with mom and dad for a children’s party held at The Tourist director Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck‘s home.

According to the SFGate, the family celebrated one of Florian‘s children’s birthdays. Fun!

FYI: Angelina is carrying a Loewe “Ame” bag in black leather.

20+ pictures inside of Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt taking their little ones out in Venice…

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angelina jolie brad pitt family stroll 01
angelina jolie brad pitt family stroll 02
angelina jolie brad pitt family stroll 03
angelina jolie brad pitt family stroll 04
angelina jolie brad pitt family stroll 05
angelina jolie brad pitt family stroll 06
angelina jolie brad pitt family stroll 07
angelina jolie brad pitt family stroll 08
angelina jolie brad pitt family stroll 09
angelina jolie brad pitt family stroll 10
angelina jolie brad pitt family stroll 11
angelina jolie brad pitt family stroll 12
angelina jolie brad pitt family stroll 13
angelina jolie brad pitt family stroll 14
angelina jolie brad pitt family stroll 15
angelina jolie brad pitt family stroll 16
angelina jolie brad pitt family stroll 17
angelina jolie brad pitt family stroll 18
angelina jolie brad pitt family stroll 19
angelina jolie brad pitt family stroll 20

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  • Jako


  • Liz

    Very cool.
    I wish I could live in Venice for a few months.

  • Lurker

    What a beautiful family, I am so glad they skipped the Oscars and decided to spend time with their children.

  • Lurker

    What a beautiful family, I am so glad they skipped the Oscars and decided to spend time with their children.

  • Lurker

    Oops, Sorry about the double post.

  • Magni

    Maddox is such a cutie! :)

    I just love seeing this family out and about. i hope that paparazzi were not bothering them too much.

  • idani

    Beautiful pics! Thanks so much!!!

  • http://yahoo krissy19

    What a lovely family!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • LeviKlein

    Cuties. Mad and Zahara are way too badass for me. Pax looks always lost, it’s adorable. And Shiloh is cute and chubby.


    Happy to see the Jolie-Pitts having some quality time with the family. We missed them at the Oscars!!! Angelina told us her children comes first, then being a woman to Brad, then her UN work , and lastly Hollywood. You got to love this family.

  • ?

    Don’t they have a couple of babies too? Where are they?

  • Brian

    What’s with the beard, eh?

  • ck_always

    Shiloh looks so much like them ..crazy. I like her short hair too.

  • http://deleted vickifromtexas

    beautiful family.

  • Kirsten

    I love seeing this family. They are gorgeous and just great people. All of their kids are going to be heartbreakers as adults.

  • Payson

    What a colorful family!!!! Black,grey,white,black,grey,white,more black,more grey, very little white……..what should I wear today? So many choices and all the same color!!

  • Sheiko

    Shiloh is just precious.

    I see Zahara is wearing Pax’s old coat. That family sure shares a lot. LOL

  • lalalola

    love u shiloh … xoxox

  • lalalola

    oh oh.. love shiloh’s smile..

  • Julie15

    Shiloh is adorable. Pax is cutie , maddox too.

  • Haha

    Max is dressed very cool for an 8yr old. i totally see Brad wearing the same outfit. This is one chic-looking family.


    I so enjoy seeing Brad and the love of his life, Angelina Jolie together with their beautiful children. They are always looking so in sync with one another and their family.

    Shiloh is the most adorable three almost four year old. I think the tabloids should be eating shxt for printing that garbage about her gender, NOT OK MAGAZINE. Shiloh looks most beautiful to me and they insult every girl with short hair?? It is not the JP’s fault that all the RAGS were BLIND and thought Shiloh was Knox few weeks back, when the JP’s first came out in Venice. Awful people stalking a little girl.

  • supernova

    thanks for pics jared…..brad does look very serious? angie is glowing as always…

  • carolina

    the cutest family ever

  • delicious

    Loving Angelina.

  • AJ

    Adorable family.

  • lame@

    Why was this comment hidden “Don’t they have a couple of babies too? Where are they?”

    Seemed like a simple question to me.

  • Ooooo

    I love the thumbs are back but I’m about to get a few thumbs down from JoliePitt fans with my observation. The children always look happier with their mama. I had never seen Shiloh smile until the last set of b-day pics where she is crackig up and reaching for her mother. There is even a pic of shiloh with a big smile as she’s being lifted by bodygaurds Into the boat. The children (with the exception of zahara) never look happy when they are out alone with brad. In fact he last outting in Paris both Shiloh and zahara were sucking their thumbs a sign of nervousness.

  • Stacie

    I just love them . They are a perfect Happy family . Brad and Angie are the best parents ever . So HAPPY for them .

  • sofia

    Beautiful pics. They look so happy!

  • http://Neleh Neleh

    Checked my post/s & Im reposting this from the last thread, didnt realize there was a new 1. Hello.
    Good morning Neleh here.
    Good morning 2 all JP+6 fans on board & lurking now.
    Good morning. How is every1.
    New Pics on JJB:Thanku Axio99 from Mega4A:

  • http://Neleh Neleh

    Neleh2 Reposting:
    Morning ladies. Top of the morning 2 you.
    Thanku bdj & Nenu Muaah. Morning Gracie, Teri,Aeon, Paras Aussie Girl, NAN,Pt..
    BBL Neleh..
    Mega10: Thanku Nenu..
    bdj Im soo proud of Brads MIR.Thanku dear.

  • Karen

    I rarely post but I have to say that I believe these kids are having the childhood of a lifetime! I traveled a lot as a child and I have wonderful memories of my family and I having new and adventurous experiences. I honestly can’t say I think one of these kids is more adorable than the other…they are really all just precious. They seem to be getting a lot of love and you can never go wrong with love. BTW Shiloh’s hair is sooooo darn cute on her.

  • Agatha

    So cute

  • ummahyk

    omg…i love them:X…they all are such a wonderful family..god bless them!

  • eliott

    Gorgeous. They look like a Benetton ad. Zee is so freakin’ cute.
    I hope JJ posts an X thread soon. The trolls are loitering in here too much. Thumbing them down is nice, but they’re clearly getting restless. Hold-on trolls, X’s mess of a movie will be out soon and then you’ll have a thread or two to call home. God knows you won’t actually shell out the money to see the movie.

  • briseis

    Karen: ITA. I envy those kids all their traveling. I have itchy feet and I wish I could travel like the JPs do. Those kids have friends (that’s why they are going to Florian’s KID’s birthday party), go to school, and have tutors. What a life! They travel, have friends, yet their education is not neglected. It is an unconventional upbringing, but why should everyone be in the same box/frame? I would rather those kids travel and have something to do and look forward to. Just having a lot of money doesn’t seem to be working for a lot of HW kids, witness Cameron Douglas. And having a lot of money didn’t prevent Marie’s son from depression.

  • Karen

    #40 Tom….some that stuff that you published is really overrated. We take our kids to all these “activities” and then watch other people spend time with our kids and teach them things. I think Brad and Angie have it right…where they go their kids go and they do everything together as a family ….Woooo hoooo…go Brad and Angie and the Sensational Six!

  • Ooooo

    @tom: of course sh@ of course she does. I believe most photo ops are brought to us by mr Pitt to show what a good daddy he is. Although the children don’t look naturally comfortable with him like Hugh jackman and his kids, happy violet with Ben , even tom and his older (not robotchild suri) children look natural. I think the nannies take care of the children when Angie is filming and brad drinks and smokes the day away. That’s why the kids have a whaaaaaa look on their face when he carries them. I could be wrong and maybe they just have to bonded to brad ye.* Shrugs*

  • groundcontrol

    Glad that these kids are getting the education of a lifetime. So much of regular school time is simply wasted time. And, of course, there are no side trips to Venice, Cambodia, Paris or befriending some of the world’s most talented people. The ignorance and fear of the narrow minded is what keeps kids from truly learning and experiencing the world. And, as some posters here prove every day, a common, run-of-the-mill educational background is no guarantee of proficiency in your own language.
    Brad and Angie’s kids are indeed lucky and loved. Venice in the spring – wow!

  • Anon

    I think Brad looks serious because he is the one always worried about security for the family and doesn’t like the paps. It has to get old after awhile and come on, the insane crap people make up about his family and the horrible things said about his children, partner and his self along with his family. There are some strange people in this world, you have to wonder about some of these people obsessed about this couple, they seem like stalkers, there is a very fine line between love and hate…they seem to think about Brad and Angelina CONSTANTLY for not being their err, fans. Live and let live.

  • Ooooo

    *Maybe they haven’t bonded wih brad yet.*I mean, look at the difference between hugh jackman and brad. Jackmans daughter always looks like she’s having fun with her dad.

  • karen

    I really think they are just enjoying the time when Angie does not have to work.. Lots of family time..

    I applaud them for being a committed couple and the work and dedication it takes to support each other. Most men don’t drop everything and travel with their spouse or partner to support her career.. Brad does.. The women in most relationships are the ones that have to move.. Pluse most celeb men leave their families when they go to work. Brad and Angie have Kept their family together throughout their relationship.. doing what is needed to do so.. I think that is just awesome..

    hmmm maybe what makes the haters pissed.. that they really are focused couple..

    Love seeing them.. JJ keep the pics coming.

  • To:Ooooooooooo

    @#47 Please get a life and leave this family. Maybe you need to be “bonding” with your own damn family instead of wasting time projecting your hate and jealous on this loving family. There is so much love in this family and if you can’t see or tell then you must be a very delusional miserable human being.

  • Dawn9476


    That’s not true. Brad said in an interview that they attend Lycée français which is a very exclusive private school that has campuses in every big time international city from LA to NY to London to Paris. I am sure Venice has one, too. If not I am sure the kids are enrolled to the closest thing they have there or they are being tutored.

    Besides, these pics were taken on Sunday. Last time I check, there is no school on Sunday’s anywhere in the world.

  • sharon

    Beautiful family.

  • karen


    yes.. and funny how we ALWAYS SEE HUGH… I remember a time when we NEVER saw him.. then after his last movie we see him as the perfect Daddy all the time.. maybe that is a photo op

    see these snarky comments can be applied to anyone.. but of course you freaks only do this with Brad and Angie.. Suck it. Brad is a great father.. I wonder if Hugh has ever traveled or stopped working to support his wife and her career….

  • teri

    Oh happy happy joy joy. Love all these new pictures we are getting Jared, thanks much. Lovely family as always.

  • dakota

    I’ve seen plenty of pictures of Brad and kids having fun. I agree that he worries about paps and security and has to be constantly on guard for his family. This family has fans all over the world. They are definitely doing many things right!!

  • jesse

    @TRUTH HURTS.: love thie children, love the time they get traveling, love their smiles, hate the photo ops, hate the manipulation, hate the phoney a** mother. Brad is a tool, he no longer matters. If hollywood came last, she’d give it up to BE a mother.