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Cameron Diaz is After Party Perfection

Cameron Diaz is After Party Perfection

Cameron Diaz looks stunning on the red carpet at the 2010 Vanity Fair Oscar Party hosted by editor Graydon Carter at the Sunset Tower on Sunday (March 7) in West Hollywood, Calif.

The 37-year-old actress, who presented the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature with Steve Carell at the Oscars, caught up with Access Hollywood on the red carpet and said how excited she was to work with Justin Timberlake on Bad Teacher.

“He’s the best person for the job,” Cameron said. “He’s going to be hilarious.”

FYI: Cameron carried a Judith Leiber clutch!

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Photos: Barritt/Le Segretain/Getty, Rich Schmitt/AFP/Getty
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  • annielicious14

    Cameron looks wonderful! I love the longer hair.

  • Mike

    She looks good but she’s not aging well.. I mean look at meryl streep and Helen mirren .. They’re 20 years older than her and kinda look better.. Not prettier but better

  • nokia

    Jared, shes wearing victoria beckham collection in here… give credit to her :p

  • T pain

    Wow…she looks great.

  • happy girl

    great dress.

  • susie#1

    The bodice is too large on her. Pretty dress, though.

  • Anastacia

    wow. she’s still in great shape!
    …but what’s with her face?? had she a nose-job?

  • uuuuuuu

    @Anastacia: yes she has. bc she broke it surfing a couple years a go.

  • lexy

    She’s looks great as always! And she’s aging just fine!!

  • tasha

    That poor thing, she never was nominated for an Oscar! I would shame myself to go there and always present something! her career is going under, she is still working but just lame movies! leastwise she can live with that!

  • ,

    @tasha: she is one of the highest paid actresses, ever. id rather have a big bank account than be nominated for an award….

  • pop86

    Cameron looks great

  • yo sista

    She does look good! But she has bad skin! Too much Botox i guess!

  • yo sista

    @Anastacia: Yes she did! She claimed it was because her nose was broken. So yeah she had a nose-job.

  • Puffin

    Not a fan of the dress, but she looks good.

  • runnergirl

    She looks so pretty!

  • george

    I love her dress!!
    She wore Victoria Beckham Collection 2010.

  • Brian

    She is looking great these days! Kudos!

  • Tanya

    She’s a fun-loving cutie.

  • tasha

    I would still shame myself! I mean she’s 37 now and is still not a great actress. If you can see there are coming every year better and younger actresses like a carey mulligan, anna kendrick, amanda seyfried, some of them get an nomination. I think you feel youself better when you know you’re doing a good job! I would feel myself better! Money doesn’t give always that feeling or for some maybe yeas.

  • ,

    many people love her movies and think she’s done a good job.

  • meetbbwsingles

    she should have kids

  • tasha

    Yeas, maybe Children thinks that she can act, that’s why she every year gets a Kids Choice Award!

  • sheila

    Why nobody can love this woman?
    Every guy has a relationship with her just to have a sex life! But they never stay long.
    She has something that makes them to run away!
    I think she has a very bad personality, she always laugh and looks like a nice person, but in real live she isn’t!
    I understand why the guys run away when it comes serious!

  • ,

    @tasha: she has been nominated for BAFTA/SAG/Golden Globe awards. but i don’t care if critics love her or not. i’m a fan of many of her movies, and i’m not a child.

  • ,

    @sheila: because you know her so well….

  • sheila

    She even lost her best friend Drew Barrymore, b/c of her bad personality. This is true! I don’t know her, just a lot about her!

  • ,

    @sheila: yea, because tabloids are so reliable. even if they were no longer friends, so what!? friendships and relationships sometimes end. that doesn’t make her a bad person.

  • sheila

    This is not from tabloids, this is an known secret that everyone know! It’s just weird that she has No stabil boyfriend or any real friends, just people who works for her and with her. That shows a lot about her! It’s sad b/c she is agning now and has nobody to share her life with. Anyway she has still regulary a job and can work.

  • sheila

    sorry aging

  • ,

    @sheila: it is not a known secret. it’s a rumor that started a long time ago in tabloids like OK! magazine.
    and how would you know what she has no real friends?
    and so what if she’s single?
    that doesn’t mean she has a bad personality.
    you don’t know her. stop making ridiculous accusations about her.

  • sheila

    WOW why so angry? What’s your problem? You can have your imagination about her but reality is different!

  • sheila

    Anyway she gets what she deservs!

  • ,

    @sheila: i’m not angry. but you don’t know her. so stop making retarded claims about her life.

  • sheila

    well i’m happy for you that you know her different, maybe it’s a sign that she can change herself and learn from her mistakes! that’s good for her and you! but i don’t believe in that! END

  • ,

    huh? whats a sign what she can change herself? what don’t you believe in?

  • Lucas

    cameron is nice and so lovely, I think she is perfect as she is, and I don’t care about critics the others do for her!!!!she’s pretty!

  • answer to someone ^^

    @Mike: she looks old cause she wants, have you seen the pics of the set in knight and day?? she looks 30 at least, but she thinks if she look kind of older she will look sexier, what’s true, the red lipstick and the hair, she uses in parties,are in the way she likes only it friend :), and imagine, when helen and merryl arrives att home and wash their face! their skin must fall a lot!!! :)

  • Lucas

    @tasha: if she wasn’t a good actress, she wouldn’t be a so diffferent people in the movies, like in the sweetest thing, she is a serious, and kind of afraid woman, and it’s a comedy movie, but in fact, she is funny, and is away smiling, the only movie I think she works as her self, it’s charlie’s angels!!! she’s a good actress!!!

  • Lucas

    @sheila: sheilla just because you like don’t like she you don’t need to discuss with a fan, I don’t know even why you’re here!!!, don’t know if was drew barrymore, who has done they stop talking????and whatever, life is from cameron the rest are only details!!!

  • ….

    @tasha: and sandra bullock, isn’t she a good actress????? I mean she only got the oscar in 40th film??? you don’t know if cameron will get an oscar someday!!!! and you??? will you??? I guess not!!! cause you coudn’t even be reconized!!! it’s just a stupid people who tries to disse others!!! Ready I’m spoken!!! Hahahahaha!!! It’s just that!!! go to the f***ck!!! hahahaha

  • sheila

    Sandra Bullock is millions years better than Cameron Diaz. And she is a much better person as well!

    CD will never get an Oscar, but you can always dream about!

  • ….

    @sheila: whatever she never asked a oscar to anyone, for she was allready enough to gain the wannabe award, cause she thniked, was the greatest honor she ever received, she does not need an oscar to be reconized! she allready has got a star in the hollywood walk of fame, and too many other actress didn’t get it!!!now she almost aways do comedy movies only, because it’s what makes she feels better, we have to choose a job wich will make we feel better, if she never get an oscar, wahtever, she doesn’t need one to proove she’s a good actress!!!!!come on!!!!I you hate she so much, why do you search so much about her???why do you “know” so many things about her??this is called jealously!!!!! ok?????SO GO AWAY!:) Go to Sandra’s Bullock jj’s page and elogy she as much you can, it’s better than dissing Cameron okay???

  • QueenCamRothschild

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  • Erin

    Boy, people really come down hard on this girl. I think she really looks pretty here. I’m not seeing the getting old thing. I think she looks too tanned sometimes, but outside of the red lipstick which I hate on her, I think she looks great.