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Gabourey Sidibe Lands Role in Showtime Series

Gabourey Sidibe Lands Role in Showtime Series

Gabourey Sidibe will have a recurring role in The Big C, a dark comedy series on Showtime.

The 26-year-old Academy Award nominee guest starred in the show’s pilot – The Big C stars Laura Linney as Cathy, a suburban mom and teacher who’s been diagnosed with terminal cancer.

Gabby will play a quick-witted student in Cathy’s class. Oliver Platt will play Cathy’s husband, according to Access Hollywood.

Production is set to begin in May for a summer debut.

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  • mslewis

    Well, here we go . . . the “fat, black, funny chick.” Looks like Gabby’s acting future has become real. Poor Gabby!!

  • gab

    hollywood is embracing her… shoving her down our throats as representing real women. truth is, it’s more like barbies and the beast. every woman that doesn’t look like a barbie can now be happy they at least don’t look like her. she does seem happy with all her new found success though

  • …I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    …no more big screen for her, huh.. talk about downgrade. ahahahahahaaa.. but what i wanna know is – why she gotta be on a show with the word “Big” in the title?! huh?! …why cant it be called The Little C. or The Skinny C. `ahahahahahahahahaa.. =]

  • Blackrose

    Good for her :)

  • yeah

    Whatever she was ROBBED. Sandra Bullock is loved for her personality, not her acting ability. Sean Penn sounded shocked when he read her name. lmao

  • thighmegatampon

    She’s very talented. I’m sure she’ll do well on this show. Btw- tv roles aren’t always a step down from movies (think glenn close, holly hunter, etc…)

  • Anon

    Congrats on your new role, Ms. Gabby. Sorry for your loss to Sandra but you are a winner to me. I loved the dress and you deserved to make the best dressed list too. Keep rockin’ your style and talent.

  • Anon

    As we know, G. Smile when we say, F lake O ff . You know who you are and have a great attitude. Wish everyone in the world had the same.

  • Kevin

    Well good for her,. Howard Stern, who called her a “fat black chick” said she would never get another acting job:

    ‘Looks like she’s proving him wrong, for now at least.

  • Holly

    She shows no shame in her weight. Not sure if thats a good thing. Yeah yeah, she shouldn’t be judged on her size, but don’t sit there and tell us that you don’t think being that big is a danger to her health.

  • Lo

    She’s disgustingly and unhealthily fat. She needs to lose weight. Also? That’s not a “real woman” just because she isn’t a size 2. There are a few sizes between “stick thin” and morbidly obese, you know.

  • to lo

    you really are a snake aren’t you. please do us a favor; slither back under that rock you came out from under.

  • to holly

    i think she is over weight as well, however as anyone can tell you a person won’t lose weight until ready to do so. no matter, in 5 years or so people will look back and wonder out loud why gaby didn’t win the oscar for best actress.

  • ltrdating

    I love her body

  • KVB

    Another Susan Boyle story (it will take a lot of folks to keep her together beyond this stage of her newly discovered career). Not to put Jennifer Hudson in this weight categlory, but the first thing she (wisely) did was begin shedding her excess weight. but Jennifer has a naturally attractive face, too. Her weight is extraordinarily unhealthy and for anyone to make excuses to the contrary is terribly irresponsible.

  • idani

    Rightly or wrongly, 2/3rds of the adults in the United States are over weight and 1/3 are morbidly obese and six percent extremely obese (government statistics)
    This means of the 308 million people in the US, roughly 203 million are overweight and 101 million are morbidly obese with about 18 million extremely obese.
    Her weight is representative of a national health crisis. More people are overweight than “normal” or underweight in the U.S.
    So why many folks who post horrible things about her are doing so is truly amazing. Is this healthy? No. But only she can make a change. All the criticism and hurtful comments are just that–hurtful.

  • shortpeopledate

    wow, a whole lot of woman!

  • booger

    UGH! She’s too hard on the eyes. She also takes too much of the “t.v. screen”. She really needs to get that unhealthy lard off her body……not a good role model..especially if she wants to be in the tv or movie business..( long term).

    Get on a weight loss plan woman unless you want your young life cut short because of all that lard you are carrying. Morbid!

  • …I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    @thighmegatampon: …i guess you think it’s cool to be nominated for an oscar (best actress) then 2 days later sign on to be a role player in a new cable show nobody has ever heard of. seriously, c’mon!
    …howard stern might be a major douchebag, and super disrespectful… but he was completely right. even though he should of been punched in his mouth for saying it the way he did.

  • J.

    thighmegatampon is absolutely right! Like HBO, Showtime has great original, award-winning programming – Californication, Dexter, Nurse Jackie, The Tudors, etc – and in no way is it a step down. A step down would be a broadcast network series in my opinion (ABC, NBC, CBS). Gabby’s in good company on the Showtime Network. And anyway, she landed her Showtime series awhile back. This isn’t new information.

  • From

    She lives in her own body and is very much aware of her weight and that she has to loose it. She does not need someone else to keep bringing it up. Give it a break. Be nice. We all have something we need to change about ourselves.

  • happy girl

    smart of her to take this gig now. i mean what has marisa tomei and mira sorvino done lately? being nominated doesnt guarantee more films so smart on her to take this role, the money and exposure it will give her. receptionist one year and tv show and oscar nom the next. she is one lucky gal.

  • LeviKlein

    Good for her. I mean a year ago she was simply a student and now she is a young actress in demand who happens to be part of what sounds like an interesting project, something the Miley Cyruses and Jennifer Anistons of the world seem to be allergic to.
    Laura Linney is a great and lovely actress, hopefully she’ll influence Gabby in some way.
    Now I hope that my gurl will lose some weight, so she could be healthier. Represent Africa!

  • E. Norma Stitz


  • Lou Skunt

    She’ll have a heart attack by the time she gets another nomination.

  • Anita Hanjobe

    So Sad, but we do live in a shallow world.

  • JILL


  • Janeth

    We all know she is morbidly obese but there is no need to talk down on her I’m sure she knows she has a problem…. criticizing her isn’t going to help. I would honestly Love to see how all you guys looks because most Americans are obese, overweight, or like Gabby morbidly obese so please don’t talk shi*. Let’s just hope she gets the helps she needs and instead of judging her we should be happy for her success.

  • ka-blamo

    If you look at the pic of her in this dress over on Perez Hilton’s site, you can see she has massive stretch marks running down her shoulders, back, and arm. Imagine what the rest of her skin underneath that dress looks like!!

  • Ali

    I think Oprah should connect her with Dr. Oz for a total health assessment. She should take the work if it is good, but her primary work should be getting her body in good health. We all know it is dangerous to be this obese. Oprah knows it. Please help her get the help she needs, Oprah!!

  • shaar

    Yes she’s overweight, but I”m still happy for her. Go GAby! And she did confirm that she signed on for 2 other movies as well, so here u go haters! Whether u like it or not, she’s here to stay!

  • shaar


    U’re right, I agree too. I’m pretty sure LAdy O is having that talk with her in private. But eitherway, I’m happy she’s getting work on the small and big screens

  • shaar


    Well said!

  • JILL

    there is obesity ll over the world this is a young girl and she should ha ve been taking care of herself and her health for a long time no excuses ghetto

  • Alexa

    Awww I am so happy for her! She’s a wonderful actress and I’m sure there will be many more roles for her in the future! A true Cinderella story!

  • julie

    Just watched Precious today and yes, I do think she deserved to win an Oscar. As to her weight, I have to agree with those who stated that we shouldn’t completely embrace her just because she is a proud, big woman. What kind of image does this set for young girls? While it does mean that girls with any shape or size can achieve a dream or goal, we have to admit that morbid obesity is a HORRIBLE example in America. America is already fighting child obesity and I hope kids who are overweight don’t look at her success and think it’s okay to be overweight. Gabby’s weight can kill her one day. And as to hating on her, I am sure Gabby isn’t reading these comments anyway- so we can all express our opinion as to whether she is a positive role model or not. I say she is only from the view that anyone can achieve their dreams, but on the other hand, she is a terrible role model as to health and weight. Despite my dislike of Howard Stern he does make valid points. She got a part on Showtime, but how many other roles can she possible have? I guess as long as overweight people are needed, she can find work, but I do not see her ever being nominated again for an Oscar. Precious was a once in a lifetime role- not coming around again for her.

  • SouthAfricanGirl

    She is just the new Nikki Blonsky. Hollywood was shoving Nikki down our thoats after Hairspray and told us to embrace her curves. Do you see Nikki anywhere? Exactly. And now the same thing is going to happen to this chick because in the long run Hollywood loves curves (like Jennifer Lopez) not just plain fat.

  • grotesque

    shes disgusting its a shame on she couldnt start a program already shame on her showing up like this oprah you helped her get a movie role help her loose weight and oprah you too can loooooooooose weight

  • Jen

    FFS, why does every single comment thread about Gabby Sidibe have to end up being about her weight? Not one of you judgemental, nasty brats gives a toss about her “health” – man up and admit you’re too shallow to see beyond your aesthetic standards. If she was maintaining a size 0 through snorting a mountain of coke a day none of you would have a bad word to say. She’s an astonishing actress and deserves better than this collective of self-righteous b*tches dismissing her achievements. Shut up, all of you.