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Heidi Montag Spoofs Plastic Surgery in Funny or Die Video

Heidi Montag Spoofs Plastic Surgery in Funny or Die Video

Heidi Montag pokes fun at her plastic surgeries in this new Funny or Die video directed by Ron Howard!

In the video, Heidi, 23, urges Congress to adopt financial reform policies and create a consumer agency to stop banks and credit cards from being “such sleazy jerks”.

“I was honored to work with the amazing Ron Howard,” Heidi told People. “He was even more incredible than I could have imagined – kind, generous and made me feel so comfortable – he made me feel confident in my talent.”

Did you catch the cameo from Heidi‘s hubby Spencer?

Heidi Montag: Funny or Die
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  • Melissa B

    In all seriousness, she looked WAY better before. It’s sad what she did. Her face looks so freakin weird.

  • alycia

    that was not funny at all.i she looks like has duck lips.

  • stellar

    Hi I’m Heidi Montag.I’m a plastic-surgery-aholic.I’m in love with my fake boobies and I love to show off.You don’t believe me?Well here’s the proof.

  • :3


  • Lo

    This was the best Ron Howard could do? I never thought much of him as a director but this was just a stupid waste of everyone’s time. No comment on Heidi, she’s too irrelevant for me to care.

  • jamie

    agh! she gets on my nerves she should stoppp!

  • stella

    so she does look different…but I think what she did was really fun. Especially the last part

    “and this part you will listen to because I’m in the Tub”

  • Jo

    Well she dosn’t look as swollen as she was right after the first pics came up right ? She looks better… well, as much as she can with that much plastic surgery lol

  • Mariana

    She looks HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dan

    Ahh, she makes me really uncomfortable now! She looks scary, and her chest is WAY too big! So sad…

  • eeew

    OMG i just threw up in my mouth!!! she went from a 10 to 0!

  • Anon

    I like the message about the banks and credit card companies…it is a very serious message. It took guts for her to do this and to laugh at herself. Please, start watching all your credit cards, ESPECIALLY the ones paid off and you are not using. You may suddenly find charges applied to them for not using, loop found by CC companies to gouge you. Help beat them at their own game. Please Call….
    Hold Wall Street Accountable
    866 544-7573
    Senators Dodd and Shelby
    202 224-3121

    Help dig ourselves out of debt or help your kids and grand-kids.

  • Ronda

    Wow poor Heidi. That is not a good look AT ALL!! In her case 23 is the new 45. She looks so much older than her age.

  • delicious

    She will do anything for money!

  • Damn shame

    The video was kinda funny but
    there’s nothing funny about that face!
    The lips, are too big and ugly!!!!!!

    the chest is too much for such a small framed girl

    I wonder how long it will be before she does porn with Spencer as the set director

  • Damn shame

    The video was kinda funny but
    there’s nothing funny about that face!
    The lips, are too big and ugly!!!!!!

    the chest is too much for such a small framed girl

    I wonder how long it will be before she does p*rn with Spencer as the set director

  • Truth


    You need more surgery on your face, u still look like a horse!!!!!!!!!!!

    The doctor didn’t shave that chin off enough.
    Your body on the other hand is perfect, its more like a 9 though
    If you got a Kim Kardashian ass, now that will make it a perfect 10 :)

    AND also

    One can never have b*obs that are too big, you can add a little on those babies

  • Catherine

    OMG her boobs are gigantic!!! And her face doesn’t look real. She might aswell be a mannequin.

  • yo sista


  • laura

    Ron Howar made her feel comfortable in her talent…WHAT TALENT!

  • Puffin

    I didn’t watch the video because she is plastic looking now. She doubled in age in the face over night. Haven’t heard much from her scum of the earth husband lately. Keep it that way.

  • Jokergurl

    She does look plastic now, but I think this gal needs a shrink more than anything else and why was Ron Howard even involved with this?

  • BigBadBanker

    It is okay, kids. You keep making fun of the girl and looking at gossip, buying clothes to look like the stars and be sure to use your charge cards. Hehehe. You can’t be bothered to look up from your gossip rags while you sink into further rot. Meanwhile, the richer keep getting RICHEST–that is MR. BigBadBanker to you.

    Dumbing them down, one gossip post at a time.

  • feet to the fire

    Sign to hold banks accountable for their actions.

  • Whamo

    “my talent” ? you’re kidding right, and what “talent” would that be?

  • Sigrid

    @Lo, but relevant enough for you to click on the article about her, and watch her video.

    I think this girl is a disaster, and is therefore highly entertaining. If she wasn’t, none of us would be bothering to comment. The video wasn’t particularly funny, but with improvement could have been relatively entertaining given the serious issue it’s mocking, and the celebrity lifestyles themselves. I think Heidi was a perfect candidate, given we know her love of plastic–both the card and the procedures.

    Down with Heidi’s face version 2.0…or is this going on 3?

  • jaye

    she’s taken the Pamela Anderson road. Pamela was a very attractive young woman who didn’t need surgery, except in her mind. At 40 something she looks way older. Heidi already looks older than 23. GF should just say noooooooooo to further surgery.
    BTW bigbadbanker..uh, you’re here too. Dumbing YOURSELF down? lol It’s a hoot when idiots blog about OTHER people on gossip sites when they’re there too. “The richer keeps getting richest?” You are indeed an idiot.

  • firemendate

    it makes her look ten years older!

  • Lo

    @Sigrid: I didn’t click on “her” link. I read most posts on JustJared, as you you apparently. Retard.

  • Ahem, Taylo

    “her talent” ?

    What talent?

    WHO discusses themselves this way?

  • WHOOSH !!!!!!!!!!!


  • pigglywiggly

    LOL….what ” talent” ???

    she’s the dumbest of all bimbos in bimboland!

  • Anon

    @WHOOSH !!!!!!!!!!!:

    Heidi may have her problems, but she knows what the bankers and credit card companies are doing to scam the people. Sometimes the smartest people are the ones that can laugh at themselves while trying to deliver a message to the hopeless.

  • Tammy

    Just her off after a few seconds.
    She’s not funny and her boobs look horrible, like 2 bricks.

  • Manic

    She is so f’ing nasty. I have never seen such a real life Barbie doll. Plastic bitch.

  • Sigrid


    Actually, I rarely read/click on JustJared. I will agree with myself being a bitch. You still sat through her video. And spent time commenting. You’re helping feed the empire that is Heidi Montag. Irrelevant, you say..

  • Sigrid

    @Anon, spot on.

    Heidi’s acting is shit, lets be real. But what is she unintentionally famous for? Spending money and getting extreme cosmetic surgery. Seems like a pretty good person to cast for this spoof to me. If this were some unknown actress playing a valley girl and this were made into a commercial, people would like it. It’s just because they hate Heidi. I find her annoying 9/10 times, but apparently she’s finding a way to market herself that’s working, and until that ends, there’s nothing anyone can do about it. Getting her hits up on Celebrity blog sites won’t make her go away any faster.

  • michelle

    she doesn’t have a talent at all!im 32 and she looks way older than me..poor girl,she has to do it for fame..i wish she had not married spencer,he’ll do what he can to b famous..we’ll i guess that’s both of them who’ll do everything for fame..

  • ummm

    wtf is so funny about butchering ur face?

  • JLK

    Okay, I’m not a fan and I detest most reality TV shows in general. However, this gave me a good laugh!

  • jacki8965

    she looks like a porn star so sad… cuz she use to be pretty