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Jessica Simpson Debuts 'Who We Are' Song

Jessica Simpson Debuts 'Who We Are' Song

Jessica Simpson premiered her new song “Who We Are” on Ryan Seacrest‘s radio show on Tuesday morning (March 9).

The song is the theme song for her new reality series, The Price Of Beauty, which premieres @ 10PM ET/PT on March 15 on VH1.

What provided the inspiration for the song? Jessica, 29, shared, “I was inspired to write whenever I got back from traveling the world. It’s about the discoveries I found within myself and realizing that I defined my own beauty for myself. We all struggle with the same issues. We all battle self-esteem. It’s just about being good enough for yourself.”

Listen to the song below or download it at!

Jessica Simpson Debuts ‘Who We Are’ Song
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  • G-Girl

    God help us all. Can she go back to selling shoes now. I hope this stays at “no comments”

  • anon

    Sorry, not buying the post trip inspiration story line. My guess? Both song, (and probably new CD) and show were pre-planned – one to promote the other. Maybe her teams way of testing the waters for a new music direction or CD release? Did she not assure country music fans more than once she was there for good? Now there will appearances to promote the show AND sing her new song.

  • Anon

    why is the black face at the bottom ?

  • HAM

    Its time to the throw in the towel girl

    Your ship sailed a long time ago

  • Rita

    What’s with racial stereotypes? FAIL.

  • kirstifl

    Awful! This lady can’t carry a tune anymore. All she is doing is screeching and screaming. What a hot mess.

  • …I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    …aaahahahahahahahaa… epic fail.

  • Ilia


  • yo sista

    I actually like that picture! But music wise, jessica fails big time! She’s talentless!


    @yo sista: Yeah it sure sounded forced at the start.

  • Kate

    Why is there a geisha in the picture?

  • Status quo


    Was thinking the same thing, but after looking some more I guess they were going in order or skin color. As in Jess is white…go from lightest to darkest.

    Also, I wish she would take some vocal lessons, she has so much potential. Sometimes she sounds like she’s tense and forcing it. Ahhhh, she could be soooo great. Anyhow, at least she can sing and has talent.

  • jaded

    I think the concept for this show sounds interesting although it would have been nice to have someone a little more articulate fronting it. The song however, should be was a pitchy, generic mess.

  • Paige

    “We all struggle with the same issues”. REALLY? We do?

    I’ve NEVER had self esteem issues EVER.

  • Paige

    “We all struggle with the same issues”. REALLY? We do?

    I’ve NEVER had self esteem issues EVER.

  • kayla

    ITA jaded. she’s not the best person for this show. Jessica is put in front of so many projects in order for her to be of relevant in the 21st century. This woman is dumb as rocks, there are people behind her who are doing these projects. Do you think she actually “designs” her Jessica Simpson line that is in all those discount stores?

  • river

    omg jessica in a picture with non-whites! what day is this?!

  • Dpra

    She is the perfect person for the job.

    Of all the celebs out this she is definitely one that people love to insult. It comes down to perception of what is beautiful.

    She has round the mill with being proclaimed beautiful to being called fat, ugly and talentless.

    I certainly prefer someone like her to fron the show than someone who has had no experience of both sides of the coin.

  • Jen

    @Dpra: agreed.

  • slambang

    Hate her stupid “sexy” faces. She needs to go away already.

  • http://comcast doris

    OMG she is just PATHETIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Liz

    JAW HANGING OUT. WOW. Quite possibly the most gratuitous photo of racial stereotyping I have ever seen. And its SO effing PATHETIC because here she is talking about how “everybody is alike” when she is so f*cking IGNORANT and clearly delineating/segregating people/races. Who we are/we’re all the same my ass.

  • christiandatingusa

    i love to motorboat

  • Mark

    This song is great! Lyrics too

  • metoo

    a forgettable………….very forgettable song…………..

  • ashley

    Wow, a lot of hating…I thought the song sounded pretty good.
    I really wanna see her show too, the concept sounds really cool.

  • movieloversmatch

    great song! movieloversmatch

  • alyssa

    shes showing a vulnerable side in doing this show. i give her a lot of credit for this. shes a real woman who has insecurities and is probably one of the first people to admit it. regardless of whether or not you like her at least give her credit for trying to make people feel beautiful about themselves and stop hating on her.

  • Manic

    She needs to crawl into a small stinky hole in the desert somewhere and disappear….

  • Danielle

    You guys are all mean. She is just trying to do a good thing. Maybe its not her thats ignorant but everyone that has to say mean things to put others down. Think about it..

  • lexy

    Why didn’t that wild animal who killed her dog attack her and her crazy father.
    @ Danielle she’s not trying to do a good thing. She’s trying to milk her 15 minutes of fame – which were already over. She’s going to release and song and show – suddenly Mayer is calling her a sex god.
    Next up her and Papa Joe will sell sex dolls that look like Jessica and she’ll have a talk show on VH1 where she gives sex advice to young girls! She’ll be claiming to be in touch with her sexuality!

  • Michaela

    More cowbell!
    I mean, more auto-tune!
    Ouch my ears.

  • Jada

    lmao!!!! What did I just listen to

  • cece

    This song sucks and the lyrics are weak.

  • mo

    it is one of the crappiest songs i have ever heard , her voice souinds like shiiiiiiiiit…

    please dont make any more music, call hefner and get $1million for your spread

  • Brian

    I really like this song and I am so excited to see the premiere!

    Did anyone see the new trailer for “The Price of Beauty”? I get so grossed out every time she puts her feet in that pool of fish that are supposed to remove the dead skin from her feet! lol!!

    I CAN’T wait!!! Check out the extended trailer below!

  • Kayko

    What is that picture? The ladder of beauty? Man, some people in marketing have zero broader education nowadays…or sensitivity. Horrendous. Tthey should read Frantz Fanon…an old book (1952) titled Black Skin, White Mask. He addresses exactly what this picture portrays in the minds of people – the society ladder of beauty – in exactly that order. Maybe these marketing gurus were trying to depict stages of beauty development? With Ms. Simpson being the epitome? Who knows what goes thru peoples minds nowadays… Looks like it will be a good show though, I like the concept of it, and will definitely watch.

  • Jenny123

    Letterman really grilled her! But she handled herself well :)

    I caught her later in the night for a private show and q&a in nyc – she sung her new single for the first time. The girl’s got pipes! I love the interview she did. She was really candid, down to earth, and hilarious! She even admitted to not brushing her teeth! haha!

    check it out here:

  • Phillip

    YES! I love this! I love her voice, she can sing! Great job Jess!

  • Peaceplease

    It’s good to know that there are so many negative people who just can’t get the overall picture of her endeavour. Some of you people take precious time out of your negative lives to make ignorant comments and for what? What did you accomplish? Nothing.

    Small minded people say small minded things. Have a good day.

  • ragnar

    u all should shut up. it´s so easy to criticise her … maybe u should grow up and get a life so u don´t have to brag about hers!!