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Kristen Stewart & Dakota Fanning: 'Cherry Bomb' Music Video!

Kristen Stewart & Dakota Fanning: 'Cherry Bomb' Music Video!

Check out the video premiere of Dakota Fanning and Kristen Stewart‘s cover of “Cherry Bomb.”

The original was sung by Cherrie Currie (Fanning) with Joan Jett (Stewart) singing back-up. was lucky enough to check out the film during the 2010 Sundance Film Festival and if you dig the video, you’ll love the movie, which drops in theaters April 9. Check out the vid below —

Kristen Stewart & Dakota Fanning: ‘Cherry Bomb’ Music Video!
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  • Bella

    Love YOU Kristen.

  • jen

    I CANNOT WAIT!!!!!

  • Kudos

    Dakota is playing a pretty daring role for her age, I think this movie will ROCK!

  • drer

    Dakota looks weird

  • sillyme

    Um, how old is Dakota? Is that her getting banged against the wall by that guy?

    I love Dakota, though. Of all the young addresses, she’s always been my favorite.

  • pan

    i cannot wait for this movie! it looks sooo goood!
    kristen and dakota will rock it! :)
    love kristen! she’s the best!

  • joy

    Kristen looks amazing.

  • Carrie

    Kirsten looks like a bloke. As always.

  • Kirsten

    Dakota looks so mature. They are both so pretty.

  • brad

    Kristen looks hot.

  • elly47

    this clip is full of drive and energy, the song sounds even better than the original record by Runaways.

    I hope to see it in Russia in April too

  • eliott

    Cannot wait to see this movie. They both look amazing.

  • ck_xoxo

    i will like and probably enjoy this film, but it will be hard to get out of my head that they were both in the twilight film. and i’ve never seen the film.

  • Joanne

    wtf dakota is only 15 there. gross

  • Allie

    @Joanne: gross or not gross dakota is the same age as her character; i can’t wait to see the movie, I haven’t see twilight, so i probably won’t have a problem with kristen or dakota, and i can see already that they did an amazing job

  • james

    Love DAKOTA!

  • christine

    i wish they had gotten that actress who plays the fashion designer/ younger blonde sister from Gossip girl. Saw this video w/ dakota fanning and didnt like it. She’ll always be a toddler in my eyes. She needs to wait till she actually looks more mature to do these roles. Either way, this was way out of her league.

  • christine

    by the way, this website is incredibly slow and I have the fastest internet connection. these ads are an overload. atleast make the ads smaller or something. ppl make millions more on their websites w/ smaller ads.

  • Marienne

    Thery’re both so useless, especially Kirsten who can not act to save her life. She makes me want to fork my eyes out.

  • laura

    love it

  • Paul


    Well be my guest i won’t stand in your way.

    If you don’t want to watch the movie…then don’t. Free choice in all that palava.

  • Riley


    I couldn’t agree more, i think taylor momsen have that rocker look that is suited for this movie and no matter what i will always just think of dakota fanning when i watch this, i want to see her character “cherrie” , but no matter how i fight this, i just see Dakota…

  • ummmm

    I’m sorry but Dakota Fanning will always be like 8 years old to me and I am very disturbed after watching this………..

  • tanya

    damnnnn dakotas bad-a**! i luv kristen!

  • ashlee22

    this music video so cool!!!!
    dakota and kristen so amazing

  • charlotte

    I think Taylor Momsen would have been sooo much better for the role of Cherrie, unlike Dakota, she sings. No matter how good an actress Dakota is, she just isn’t fit to play a rockstar, specially not Cherrie!!!!. The Runaways are soo awsome and this girls make them look so… blah!

  • mimi

    I wil have to wait until the movie, but this is all about Dakota, Kristen is hardly heard singing I thought her role would be a bigger one.
    And yeah its weird to see Dakota in this role She is too young to play this role, or is the character supposed to be her age?

  • cyn

    Can’t wait for the movie

  • http://yahoo peech

    WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO cant wait for the runaways

  • adrianna

    Kristen’s acting is THE SAME IN EVERY movie !!!!!!

  • efron

    @mimi: cherrie currie was actually the same age as dakota, 15, at the time she joined the runaways

  • jenie

    i really hope that the movies has more kristen than dakota or at least equal amounts. the video above was all dakota- loved it anyway

  • Maddie

    This is the movie I’ve been waiting to see Kristen do since I heard about it… this is gonna be kick ass. Great performance. Dakota sounds awesome!

  • Gin

    @christine: I was thinking about the same thing! They should have gotten “Jenny” in Gossip Girl to play the part! Fanning is a an amazing actress but still too young to play such a mature and sexual character…

  • KristenRULES

    Kristen is so talented, this movie is going to kick ass!

  • AreYouKiddingMe

    This looks terrible.

  • Plain Truff

    They need more Dakota in this film. I don’t think a proper audience will be able to stomach Kristen’s Stewart’s bad acting, especially if she has to show any type of emotion.

    Dakota is waaaay better than that Jenny chick, especially in the acting department. I think this video was great.

  • pam

    From what I understand, the movie is about the runaways but more from the perspective of Cherie Curie(movie is based on her novel). I think think this will be a great role for Dakota. Cherie was only 15 when she joined the runaways…most of the other ladies in the band were also in their teens as well.

  • Brittanie

    Dakota is the same age as her character is supposed to be, so I dont see a big deal. I think she looks awesome, and I’m sure she will rock this movie! I’m sure Kristen will to. I think they are both great for the parts!

  • vyul cfgjrt

    what a slut dakota only 16

  • http://leticyagm melliane

    meu a krysten ta muito gata eu pegaria kristen ´r lesbica e a dakota vcs tão muito gata lindas eu amo vcs!!!!! I LOVE YOUS! YOUS KRISTEN END DAKOTA SÃO LINDAS!

  • Coupon

    The cherry bomb music video is great!

  • acne on forehead

    Cannot wait to see this movie. They both look amazing.
    Thanks for posting!

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