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Eddie Cibrian Talks 'Healing Hands'

Eddie Cibrian Talks 'Healing Hands'

Eddie Cibrian says he’s happy to have acted in a family-friendly film.

“I think it’s great that the whole family can sit there and watch this movie,” the 36-year-old actor, who stars in The Hallmark Channel’s Healing Hands opposite Lisa Sheridan, said.

Healing Hands, which premieres next Saturday (March 20) at 9/8c, tells the story of a man who gains the ability to heal through touch after an accident sends him into a coma.

“You don’t have to sit there and censor what they’re seeing,” he said. “It’s a great thing!”

Eddie Cibrian Talks Family Friendly Hallmark Movies

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  • Shakira

    Funny that a guy that can cheat and lie and break up his family can care.

  • john

    his private life should be censored from our innocent eyes!!

  • no

    he is wayyy too pretty

  • CAD 101

    But he left his family………………………

  • Marieme

    Nope. Couldn’t pay me to watch this slimeball.

  • t

    I hope he’s being ironic, talking about family and all…

  • Jeff

    Cheater, but oh so cute

  • up and away

    Why he’s with that fug Leanne Rimes, I’ll never know…

  • pinkydoo

    It puzzles me all the time when I see really really cute guys with ugly women. I think men have such big egos, I don’t think a lot of men can handle it when women are better looking than they are..just my humble opinion..

  • WOW

    He is so hot .

  • doris

    His wife or ex is so beautiful and he cheats on her with Leanne,I don’t get it?????

  • Diedre

    Hey pigface why don’t you focus on a family friendly life and quit acting like a total ho maybe try and be faithful once in a while. Hope you and your nasty country trailer-trash GF Le Anne (whatever) can be happy despite the family you’ve destroyed

  • jj

    What does he know about family? He is a liar and a cheater. Family values, what a joke!

  • FaithLynette

    HE *looks* great…but they irony of him being “so” concerned about ‘family-friendly’ ANYTHING….(the cheating, lying, scumbag)…is like me believing in Santa Claus/the Easter Bunny/and the Toothfairy! HIS ACTIONS HAVE PROVEN THAT HE DOESN’T GIVE A DARN ABOUT PERSONAL INTEGRITY, MORALS, *OR* FAMILY VALUES!!!

  • Barbie

    I wish he would just go away. He and his married homewrecking girlfriend should be ashamed of their behavior. I can’t wait for the karma bus to run those 2 liars over.

  • michaela

    If you truly care about his children, you’ll want him to succeed so he can continue to support them in a manner they’re accustomed.

    Wish him ill is the same as wishing the kid’s ill. They are father and sons, therefore connected. They depend on his future earnings for their well-being. Unless the soon-to-be ex hits the lotto or makes a successful debut into acting it’s up to Eddie to carry the show.
    Simple logic!!!

  • ..

    I hate homewreckers > : |

    I used to have the biggest crush on him :/

  • betty

    micaela– Since when did you care about his children, stop being such a hypocrite. He acted like a sperm donor father and he will have to support them whether by acting or other means so stop acting like you care. .Why are you always making negative remarks about hi ex If he doesn’t succeed he always has his sugar mama ,Leann.

  • michaela

    There was no negative remarkd about the ex. Most negativity comes from you about Eddie and LeAnn. Since you claim to care so much about them why are you constantly so wishing for Edie to meet with ruin?

    The kids will be his children for this lifetime and unless she has another income source Eddie will be it. Show you really care about the kid’s welfare by keeping things in perspective. The old saying “keep a cool head” is a wise one. Under the influence of strong emotions the thinking faculty performs less than optimally.

    Again i won’t ask you to give factual content to your accusations because you haven’t once yet come up with anything but an opinion.

  • http://deleted cbme

    Not loving his ex wife doesn’t mean that Eddie doesn’t love his children. If he loves LeAnn that doesn’t mean that he doesn’t love his children. It seems that some of you like to belittle both LeAnn and Eddie by saying that LeAnn is ugly, etc. LeAnn is a beautiful girl and I can understand how any man could love her – not only because she is beautiful but because she is strong, etc. Obviously, Eddie feels something for her – only he knows if he loves her.
    Betty, you don’t know how anybody feels about his children or nothing else – everybody feels for his kids; just because we support LeAnn doesn’t mean we don’t care about his children. If LeAnn is his sugar momma, that is her business and not yours. Whatever she is to him it is her decision to accept it or not. I think some of us are pulling for them because they seem to be happy and belong together. Hope they are happy and will continue to be.

  • Peggy

    This guy is an empty suit but he’s full of lies and crap. He could have treated his ex and children with quiet respect but instead pasted his adultery all over the tabs.

  • Nancy

    I’ve never seen this guy act and I don’t care for anything about him. A decent man would not have put his family through what he did. His children will eventually hate him.

  • Me-in-NYC

    I heard he shaves three times a day and requires a body wax before a shirtless shoot. Rumor has it he sells the pelts to bald Guatemalan women. Hair is not hunky.

  • Nuff Said

    “LeAnn and I are friends, we went to dinner, that’s it. The most ridiculous thing is that people believe I would do something like this period … much less do it in a public place. The false accusations are obviously causing a rift at home, but me and my family will get through this together.”

    Eddie Cibrian

  • Jack is Back

    Shame, shame, shame….I’m not talking about Eddie, he isn’t worth a comment. I’m talking about Rimes’ PR for trying to start a buzz by posting all these negative comments on a thread nobody cares about.

  • http://deleted cbme

    @Peggy: Did you say he could have had quiet respect for his ex? Quiet ? Wasn’t it his ex who sang songs of “poor me” to anybody who would listen? Quiet respect?

  • betty

    cbme-micaela Did Eddie ever tell you he didn’t love his wife.or he was in love with Leann. A parent that loves his children would never publicly do anything to humiliate or embarrass them. If it isn’t my business why is it yours. and why do you think you have the 411on some else’s feelings. or whether they belong together. You two just can’t stand it because the public dislike for this pair still prevails. Since I am stating my opinion ,what are you doing.? I wish happiness for Brandi and the kids.

  • http://deleted cbme

    Jack – you -are-back, You must care.

  • jj

    #24…..thanks for using Lying Eddie’s words to remind us what a scumbag he is. Boycott this joker’s Hallmark movie. !!

  • michaela

    Boycott all of Eddie’s works and how will the kid’s eat?

  • http://deleted cbme

    Betty, Why do we have to go through this everytime you post – I said they LOOK like they belong together. Do you have a problem with what you read or can you just not tell the truth? What do you think the ex did when she bragged about how much better sex was with the boyfriend than it was with Eddie? Reading problems again? Do you think that might humiliate her kids when they get older? Did Eddie say anything like that?

  • Mer

    I’ll make sure to watch it.

  • Mer

    …thanks JJ for the clip. Always good to see something positive.

  • betty

    cbme=micaela Eddie owes child support the court does not care how he earns the money. You lie with ease then have memory lapses. Their father filed a lawsuit regarding his sexual exploits with his mistresses while still married to their mother whatever happened to that I wonder.? At least Brandi had a comparison,Leann doesn’t. Micaela- Don’t fret the kids will eat they have a mother and grandparents,and like all mothers she will do what is necessary to support her kids.Unlike their father, I’m sure they are her first priority. Cbme=you still need a reading comprehension class. Reading without understanding is like being unable to read at all.

  • http://deleted cbme

    Betty, You most certainly know what reading without comprehension is all about.
    I will watch Eddie’s movie also.

  • michaela

    Anyone find it odd that the attackers pretty much leave this particular thread alone but are highly active when a piece highlights LeAnn or Eddie AND LeAnn. Someone must still be partial to Eddie. Who dat?

  • michaela

    And, of course, the meal ticket issue must be in the foreground of the consideration.

  • michaela

    “People who don’t think that sleeping with another person’s spouse is cute, hot, or sexy?”

    So, if the tabs reporting on BG and her new boyfriend’s allegedly “hotter than ever sex” is true, and as you keep saying that BG is still Eddie’s wife, then what does that make her guilty of ? And IF another man is sleeping with her, a still married woman – as the tabs claim – are you going to defend that?

  • michaela

    Word is the first mix of LeAnn’s cd is AMAZING!

  • cbme

    Darrell says it is AMAZING and he is the expert – to me.

  • cbme

    Good luck, Eddie, on the upcoming ratings for your movie.

  • michaela

    cbme and other fans……I’m doing most of my JJ posting on this particular thread. That’s not to say I will be totally absent on the other JJ Rime’s threads, but the bulk right here.

  • cbme

    OK – I b watching.

  • michaela

    I’m not a big TV or movie person, but not long ago I sat down and watched some trailers and clips of the two male actors in this drama. IMO one is definitely better than the other but neither impressive. But I will be watching 9/8C on the 20th.

  • cbme

    I usually have one tv show that I watch out of the days of the week – but most of tv is like most movies – a waste of time. I want to see Avatar and maybe one or two others but I really don’t know many of the “star” people anymore. You see the same ole, same ole pictures in the tabs, etc. Yes, I will watch Eddie also.

  • michaela

    This is only some off-topic but it looks like Tiger’s wife, Elin, has opened the door to give the marriage another chance. Just too much too lose or something?

  • michaela

    Good morning….may your day be as warm and beautiful as mine. Mid-60s is sheer perfection. Will be outdoors most of the day but checking in for any news throughout.

  • michaela

    Darrell just put up a bunch of comments on LeAnn saying her new cd is “special, special, special” and her voice “kick-a$$” and one of the best voices in America. More work on the album coming.

  • cbme

    Hi, Looks like another overcast, nippy day for us – no sun yet. Don’t know about the Tiger situation. If he loved someone else or said he did, that would be one thing but four, six, or eight, whatever the latest count is, I don’t understand. Read where she would be wealthier than he would if she went to court. Darrell has said that this album was going to be really great. I will get it or preorder it from Amazon when they offer it. Hope you do a lot of good outside today – sounds like a good day. No new news today or I haven’t seen any.

  • michaela

    Isn’t the count at 13 or 14 now? And some of those were long-term affairs complete w/gifts and declarations of love and future plans. Is detachment a Swedish trait? lol Or is it a practical decision? Wouldn’t be mine!

    Eating the best artichoke I’ve had in years. I think I can imagine you making a face?

    Be back in later. Do you thing LeAnn is in Nashville?