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Jennifer Aniston: Fragrance Deal in the Works

Jennifer Aniston: Fragrance Deal in the Works

Jennifer Aniston shows a bit of her toned tummy as she arrives at London’s Heathrow Airport on Wednesday (March 10).

The 41-year-old actress, who wore her fave custom Burberry leather jacket, hopped across the pond for tomorrow evening’s UK premiere of The Bounty Hunter with co-star Gerard Butler! Jen and Gerry share the cover of W magazine this month – peep the cover here if you missed it this morning!

WWD is also reporting that Jen is working on a fragrance deal with the Falic Group, which signed Eva Longoria to a scent deal last year.

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  • Tina

    Oh look at me – aren’t I fabulous?

  • RT

    She looks gorgeous, love the outfit. GO JEN!!!!

  • bet

    We can not wait to see Gerard and Jen premium in london. We love her . The best of the best.

  • Tim

    Always the same – same hair, same clothes, same scarf.

  • LuckyL

    Is that her mother?

  • AnnIe is not Okay Michael!

    she’s really insecure about her chin

  • Nikkie


    Jen also thought to herself – can I still pass for 30 year old? If I wear tight clothes and talk like an idiot – will people still keep calling me fabulous?

  • Cindy

    Yawn. How many times will she bring up Pitt to promote her newest flop film???

  • eb

    I think Ms Aniston is a bit too mature to be wearing mid-riff baring shirts…..

  • bet

    Nice to see with Jennifer usaully Ariport syle. confy boyfreind jeans, with confy shooes. and fabouls leather jacket. and her same purse. i can not wait to see what she is going to dress on the premium of london, i am sure somthing sexy.

  • Hilda

    She is too old to be wearing such tight clothes with a bare stomach. Why can’t she be more classy like some of the other American actresses?

  • bet

    I have a feeling she porposly dress, messy , she does not want her picture all over the place . She know by anymeans they going to photograph her airport. but to lower the price ,she dress messy in the ariport all the time.

  • AnnIe is not Okay Michael!

    @bet: spelling was not your best subject in school

  • http://australia wikig

    Never a fan of aniston she is samo hair tan etc why does she not change her look still raclhel green looking!!!!

  • thats_right

    yes let me cover my long chin chin so no one can see it, hahha poor Jen, was she not invited to the Oscar’s this year? loooooooooool

  • n.o.l.a

    As Tim Gunn says, she tries too hard and comes across as desperate.

  • Bogus

    This site is so anal about clothing yet the shoes are not mentioned, and they’re the only interesting part of her outfit. What brand are they?

  • Jeannified

    She looks ridiculous with her face practically covered up by that scarf, yet her chest and stomach showing. Buy some clothes that fit!

  • Elizabeth

    Celebs that do fragrances are usually are talented and can act and sing, sounds like a waste of air to me.

  • Which 1 is Jen?

    I can’t tell behind the shades.

  • Dawn9476


    LMAO. She is there for the premiere of The Bounty Hunter tomorrow.

  • ??

    So why aren’t they dating? I think they would be great together AND it would be great for his career because of his trashy image right now. PLUS, he looks so hot now and I’m tired of the sad lonely Aniston thing. She covers her face the same way Gwyneth paltrow does.

  • ??

    Plus, Plus, Gerard is better looking than brad pitt. The only reason people took forever to get over her divorce is because they think brad pitt is like the most gorgeous man ever. even now with his bags under his eyes and wrinkles of a 60 year old some people trying to claim he’s still super hot . LOL Gerard Bulter is hot.

  • zz

    Looks like Aniston has been to the doctor for some work on her lower half of her face…why cover up? But, but, but…I thought Jennay doesn’t get plastic surgery. Bwhahahaha!

  • happy girl

    oop, someone already suggested “lonely”. ok how about “hopeless”? :)

  • Nerd1

    Does anybody know who her jacket is by?

  • JANE

    Katsaridoula….you are the one who can’t stand yourself…Jen is just a reflection of you.

  • Ily

    I love her look! she’s nice!

  • eka


  • kara

    Yes she is in great shape but does not dress age appropriate and as Tim Gunn said, it makes her look desperate. She does not look effortlessly sexy and sophisticated but determined to show skin no matter what. Oddly she is always covering her face with her hair. I think that it is a little late for a perfume. She should have done it 10 years ago when she was at the height of her fame and not making bad romantic comedy after bad romantic comedy. I imagine that after being an “it girl” and having your husband leave you for someone else so publicly, your self esteem would take a hit and aging in Hollywood can’t be fun for anyone, especially if you refuse to let go of the ingenue title. Then again, her attempts at dramatic film roles have not gone over well.

  • Isla

    I think her perfume she be called ‘PR Wh0re’ or maybe ‘Fake’.

  • nikko

    Hey Bogus, I’m just like you, I want to know where she got the shoes from also.

  • RioNemesi

    BEAUTIFUL and happy
    as always, love to seeing her!!! :D

  • Desperate JenJen

    pashimina/scarf to cover my elongated chin chin.

  • happy girl

    manisthon: lol on “eau de flop”. how bout “eau de notalent”? or eau de chin”?

  • ke$haluv

    shes looking cute

  • vbn

    she’s soooo cool!!! love her outfit!!

  • 100mph

    I go with the.. Scent of a Wo-Man

  • lillyb

    I think she is beautiful.
    She looks great.

  • lila

    I bet that her fragrance will be terrific!!!
    Jen, you are so fashionable! and your body is absolutely stunning!!!

  • lucy

    she looks great!
    btw it’s gonna be like this every time there is a post about jennife?:… mean comments …jealousy people

  • Marieme

    Where ever and whenever there’s a way to cheapen herself and sell out for a another fast buck, she’ll be there! This & that W cover reeks of desperation. Hmm..”Desperation.”

  • Pinkrose

    Huge oversized scarf and a bare midriff! Silly goose!!

  • Twinkle

    I wouldn’t buy a celebrity fragrance. That’s just so stupid. I don’t buy Brittney’s, JLo’s, Eva’s, Elizabeth Taylor’s, Jessica. They’re just dumb marketing ideas. Cheap, fast, quick cash and it totally diminishes their credibility to me.

    But if she’s thinking of a name why not Schnoz after her gigantor nose?

  • ellie’

    @Anon: @Tina
    You have got to be kidding me …demeaning Police Oficers….P.O. do that on there own… The biggest cheaters ever….grow up and get over Jen already.. She a lovely beautiful actress … They look Hot on that cover…

  • ellie’

    Your right she doesn’t … but we know who does.. AJ

  • ellie’

    Your as old as you feel… Feel sorry for you.. Jen is always at the height of her career and you seem to always post about her… can’t seem to leave… can you?

  • ellie’

    and what a fragrance Jennifer will have… beautiful and classy woman…

  • ellie’

    BBL Looking at those hot photos of Jen & Gerard…

  • kara

    @ellie’: Actually, my comment was not an insult but simply my opinion that aging in Hollywood must be hard for someone who has been considered a sex symbol. No matter how young you feel there does come a time when you need to cover up to maintain your dignity otherwise you do appear desperate. Also, I have never, ever posted on Just Jared about Jennifer Aniston before today. Save your pity for whatever “Kara” cares enough to make multiple postings about her. It is not exactly an unusual name. Seeing as you have left post after post, maybe you are the one who can’t leave.