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Kate Gosselin Covers 'People' Magazine with Tony Dovolani

Kate Gosselin Covers 'People' Magazine with Tony Dovolani

Kate Gosselin gets close with Dancing with the Stars partner Tony Dovolani on the newest cover of People magazine, on newsstands this Friday (March 12).

Inside the special double issue, Kate, 34, opens up about balancing her fame and family and insists that she can handle both at the same time!

“[Kate]‘s just a complete role model as a mom,” Tony told USA Today recently.

For more from Kate, check out!

Bigger cover pic inside…

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  • Marisa

    Ahahahah! Once again, she’s craving the spotlight and media. I have nothing else to say about this woman, I let it all out in a previous post about her here on JJ. In a nutshell, everything about her is fake and she’s looking for various opportunities to maintain her status as a ‘celebrity’.

  • Ker

    I wish her the best.

  • LeviKlein

    “A complete role model… a COMPLETE ROLE MODEL as a mom?” He’s got to be kidding me.

  • Rhonda

    Who is this bitch sleeping with? Is the entertainment industry so bad, they need this litter-maker on everything. Please go away! I’m not buying or watching. To bad they stuck Tony with the bitch.

  • notobeatingw/woodenspoons

    Take a lesson from Marie Osmond’s tragedy and she is not near the narcissist like you. Your kids are going to have problems, just like their father did when he broke away from you. With Kate, it is always someone else’s fault. She always wants more $, more fame, more freebies. Never wants to go back or downsize. Kids don’t come first before her, or else she wouldn’t have time to dance, she would be running her azz off to the kids’ activities
    By “punishment of severeness” Kate words to her children, karma will come for Kate..

    Interesting about PCOS and Kate’s background.

  • missy

    That whore has to make a lot of money to pay other people to take care of her kids. She looks so happy when she’s not with them, I’m sure its the same for the kids.

    DWTS jumped the shark

  • Dog Lover

    Too bad she married an ugly man and had ugly kids.
    She is pretty but her girls will not be.

  • Hannah Lightfoot

    Is she kidding? She is a BAD MOM. She is never home. She never plays with her children and she carry’s a huge wooden spoon around with her to hit her kids with. What does that tell ya? This self centered, mean and ugly bitch needs to get over herself. NO ONE LIKES HER. SHE is being laughed at and not laughed with. She is SO FAKE.. Fake teeth, fake hair, fake tan. fake nails and the ever popular fake BOOBS yea try to tell us again Khate how they are real.


    Jon is home being Mother and Father, as since birth.

  • KKK

    @Dog Lover:

    Its one thing to bash Khate and her ex but LEAVE THE KIDS ALONE. THEY CANT HELP IT.


    A deaux.

    Is there an incomplete role model” ?

    Tony is another fame whore moron who can’t speak English.

  • onion soup

    Why did People mag put this b*** on their cover! I would rather watch paint dry then look at her.

  • KC

    Kate Gosselin is past her expiration date. People magazine is wasting the front cover on someone with nothing to offer.

  • Dog Lover

    I bash her for marrying an ugly man.

  • just sayin’

    Really??? People Magazine. Kate Gosselin on the cover AGAIN. I certainly won’t be purchasing this issue.

  • zz

    People Magazine jumped the shark long ago with Kate Gosselin, so did network TV, The View and now DWTS. The standards have gone down for a few ratings and copies. They will learn, truth prevails as usual but it will be too late…they will have lost loyal customers.

  • FaithLynette

    AHH-HHH the fame-ho must be in *wanna be heaven*….about being on the cover of another magazine!! I nearly laughed my azz off, too, when I saw the quote from Tony: “Kate’s just a complete role model as a mom”…{{excuse-e-e me while I throw up a little in my mouth}}…WHAT’S HE KNOWN HER, ABOUT A MONTH OR SO!? Ask her kids what kind of a “MOM” she is/was (in about 20 years) when they realize how she exploited them, helped to dismantle their family, and how she put her ego/warped sense of self-importance/greed/and quest for power/fame/fortune over their best interests.
    DANCE ON……Twinkle Toes!!

  • KIM

    KATE LOOKS GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TEAM KATE


    I ADMIRE KATE GOSSELIN….She has taken a beating by the media and all you whacked insane KHATERS. But she goes on, You cant knock her down, because she will keep getting up!!

  • Pamela

    classic example of useless

  • gosselinssuck

    Too bad People’s photoshop master forgot to rid her of her tacky Pooh tat.
    Break a cankle (or 2) Kate.

  • dessertgirl

    Tony is loving the limelight. He will do anything, and I mean anything to stay in the spotlight. I hope his wife is really tolerant and forgiving. Kate is a poor mother and she will induce Tony into being a poor father.

  • bmom

    wow! lot of haters! all celebrities are fame scabs! get a grip – she will go away when you all stop talking about her!

  • What?

    She’s delusional!

  • Tina

    Well I did start buying people again after they kept this loser Kate out of the mag., will not buy it any more now! On the bottom of this mag. it seems to state it destroys her people saying she is a bad mom and she can have fun. Well, Kate you are a bad mother and it should be the children having fun and with you and not for the sake of you making money off stagging what they are to do. That is why you wanted Jon gone, the childrens father. He wanted his children to have a happy life not a stagged life. The family was more important to Jon than the fame and fortune for YOURSELF you are chasing. You gave your childrens father away for fame and fortune and your selfish wants. Now, that is not just a bad mom but a mom who does not even care about her childrens welfare or best interests! You talk a talk but walk a different walk, your lies and all the horrible ways you treated Jon and your own family is what did you in. You will never change no matter how much time you spend getting plastic surgeries, fake hair, tans, nail, boobs, teeth, liposuction and etc., you are THE worst mom in the world. Your children will google you one day and they will be sad and cry, the will learn of all the wrong you have done beyond what they are capable of knowing at this young age. They will know that is was not daddy Jon that tore the family apart it was you Kate Gosselin, and all for what-money, fame? That is just wrong. The nannies, and the staff you are spending the money that the children made -(no matter how because every dollar you have is from using them for profit ie, tv, books, magazines and all) Well, I don’t see you there raising them because you have plenty of money, it is your time and your love you will not give them. Why, because you love yourself and yourself only. They are just little prisoners to you to keep in case you can use them in one way or another. You make me sick, you are dispickable as a mom and a human being. As a wife, I don’t blame Jon one bit for turning to other women, that is not the norm for me but good grief, you used and abused that man beyond belief, that is why TLC nor you wanted the truth to come out. Jon deserves better than you and so do the children. You are NOTHING to them as a mom other than the money woman. Hope your happy, your children and Jon paid the price and will continue to do so while you are out on some mans backside for your own children to see. Any you talk about Jon, wow-some nerve you have! You lost a good man. Jon will find someone that is a good person and loves him and the children not just the money they can make off him and his children. Tony has no idea what kind of role model you are, I am sure you stage it to look that way to him to. Maybe one day he will say how bad of a person and/or mom you are. After all, he is trying to sell to the public so you guys will win DWTS, we all know it is bs what he says because he has no idea how you are as a mom. That is just stupid for him to say that and it makes him look bad to. Get off that mans back for the sake of his wife and children and out of you house for the sake of them and your own children. You are really looking more trashy each day. You should keep your mouth shut about Jon, you are the loser and you are showing that more each day. I beat your parents are so embarrased like your children will be one day to. You did it to yourself. I will be voting against you just to vote but I will not watch such a horrible person on anything. YOU SERIOUSLY NEEDED BIRTH CONTROL INSTEAD OF 8 CHILDREN YOU USE AND EMOTIONAL ABUSE JUST TO NAME A FEW HORRIBLE THINGS YOU DO. YOU DON’T EVEN SEEM TO LIKE THEM AS YOUR CHILDREN JUST YOUR OBJECTS. SAD SO SAD! GOSSELIN CHILDREN WILL KNOW ONE DAY HOW KATE GOSSELIN USED THEM. All in my opinion only but many agree with me and will be voting against this horrible bad monster mom. So go on and keep on lieing Kate, keep on with your horrible selfish ways, it is to late to turn the public for you, we all know you are nothing more than dirt to be walked on. AIMOO

  • dessertgirl

    That’s the way to go Kate. Make your kids proud. They’ll love the photo of mom RIDING Tony’s leg. An upright horizontal mambo to be proud of — NOT!

  • KamiK/RedHead

    I think Kate looks great and she will do great. I am behind her 100% and so is my husband. Thank goodness she dumped that loser of a husband. What a mistake he was. The only decent thing he did is give her those 8 beautiful kids. Go Team Kate.

  • http://JustJared butterflier

    Can you spell N-A-R-C-I-S-S-I-S-T? I am continuely amazed at how this fame whore has managed to get as far as she has. All you need to do is watch old episodes of Jon and Kate to see the real Kate Gosselin. Jon did the lion’s share of work taking care of the children, changing diapers, giving them baths, bringing Queen Kate her coffee in the morning, while she barked orders and belittled him. She couldn’t manage to get up before 8 a.m. for the kids, but you can bet your butt she’s up bright and early when it involves herself. Look at her eyes.This plastic-surgeried, tummy-tucked, boob-jobbed, hair-weaved, fake-nailed, over-spa-ed no talent woman has no soul. It’s all about her. Why don’t we see any shots of her involved in her kid’s activities? Because it’s all about her. Her sweet kids will come to realize this, if they haven’t already. She will pay the price for her self-involvement and selfishness down the road.
    And this has nothing to do with a “single mom” struggling to support her children. If I hear that one more time, I’ll puke. This has to do with a talentless woman who has managed to leapfrog from one magazine cover to another simply because she produced 8 children at once.
    Go home and take care of your children, Kate

  • kara

    If she says that people calling her a bad mother destroys her she better prepare herself for destruction because I have a feeling in about 10 years or so there will be another 8 adding to that consensus. She always looks so happy when she is away from the kids and the center of attention and looks so miserable when she is with them.

  • chrissy

    Who is pushing this whore on us? Must be TLC, lets all boycott until they hear us. I’m not buying people and I’m not watching DWTS.

  • jessica

    Poor kids have to live with this shit for the rest of their lives.

  • annie


  • chris

    Enough of her! I am going to cancel my People subscription, surely there are other people they can put on the cover besides this shrew!

  • laura

    ok Tina and you others who hate so much because you say she’s a bad mom.
    omg why do you hate her so much? Hate all those moms who leave their children alone freezing in a cold home, don’t feed their kids, beat their kids until they have broken bones, even worse kill their kids, let men sexually abuse their kids and do nothing, should I go on? Hate those moms. I work in the medical field and you would not believe what we see. It’s obvious her kids aren’t starving, she does spend time with them, she loves and diciplines them and I think she would want to kill anyone who would harm them. Let her work and make money to feed 8 mouths. I applaud her because when she was told she was having 8 she chose not to abort any of them…true sign of love!!!!!

  • potatopeel

    Since she isn’t in a position to “use the kids” for monetary reasons someone else needs to have primary custody so that this pathetic person can pursue her “career” – whatever that may be. She is so full of herself – but, gotta give her credit, she’s doing a heck of a job in the marketing of herself! It really is too bad that the kids have basically been left adrift – the dad isn’t a very reliable person and this one is a fame-seeking nitwit. Oh – I know, I bet she’s paying Jon to babysit his own kids while she is living “the lifestyle”!

  • gosselinssuck

    Preach it, girl!!

  • anon

    She is being well marketed by her employer TLC, who probably signed a new multi year, multi-million dollar contract with her so it’s cheaper to try and ‘sell’ her than break a contract…so far. She spoke at Maria Shriver’s women’s conference (why?), on Jay Leno (where she just happened to be asked about this DWTS), now has Ted Gibson doing her hair (who is also on a TLC show), Ted has appeared on Oprah a few times, and The View (BW is close with Oprah)…what is the common thread here? Follow the money and it all leads to Oprah who owns Discovery Health, and TLC operates under. Get it?? The books were probably also because of TLC. She better hope all this investment in her pays off.

  • Sarah C.

    How could she have exploited them if she had aborted them Laura? That certainly does not make her a saint. I am also a health care professional and see women go through difficult and life threatening pregnancies every day who don’t receive accolades for it from the public. We should applaud Kate for not beating her kids and for feeding them? The issue most people have with Kate is her need for the spotlight. It comes across as narcissistic and obnoxious to almost everyone because it has become so obvious. Of course she has the right to work and provide but she is not a real celebrity in her own right. Her kids are the only reason anyone knows who she is. She does not seem to be aware of this and it comes across as delusions of grandeur.

  • original lexy

    Ugh!! Did she hire Jessica Simpson’s father to manage her?? Talk about someone milking their 15 min for all it’s worth!! It’s best she leaves her kids and has some “fun” she’s a b!tch and the nanny’s probably take better care of them anyway!!
    People magazine must be doing badly to have to resort to putting this trash on the cover!!

  • anon

    A role model?? Ive seen guests on other talk shows who are regular, non famous moms who are far better role models and inspirations and doing it with far less resources and help! Please stop trying to market her as mother of the year. I know single moms who make her pale in comparison.

  • Cece

    I love that Kate is on the cover of People. I don’t normally buy it, but I will this week. I must not be alone – there is a reason Kate has been on the cover of People more in the last year than anyone else – she sells magazines. Readers are interested in her. I like her positivity and her willingness to try new things. It’s sad that some women are so sad in their lives that they knock down someone who is succeeding.

  • attention HO

    winnie tat……cankle……puuuke

  • ellie

    What kind of doctors give such a young woman as nurse Kate fertility treatments for PCOS? Where are her symptoms as we see with other women? Why did she change doctors with the sextuplets? Did Kate manipulate the doctors? Why did her own mother make the comment that Kate always wanted twins since she was very young? Did Kate intentionally get pregnant with multiples for fame and fortune? Did Kate shop the tapes around of her children or seek freebies before their birth?

  • cindy

    Everyone she trampled on the way to the top has got to be be retching their guts out at these ridiculous developments. Hate her.

  • A Tony and Kate Fan

    2,680 members….Tony and Kate fans are GROWING everyday. … http://www.facebook. com/group.php?v=wall&viewas=1155823529&ref=nf&gid=338612104089

  • WOW

    WOW,Kate looks Wonderful and Happy. Go Kate

  • karen

    OK.. People Mag puts Kate on the cover.. when Katherine Bigalow was the first woman to win Oscar Gold for directing.. Sandra Bullock won an Oscar after years of stupid rom coms.. Monique won in her Oscar from her first big screen film..

    OK.. I guess Kate G. Dancing on some Sh*t show is way more important.. then those milestones..

    Stopped buying people over a year ago. cancelled my subscription.. This is one reason why.. plus my confirmation when they put the Haiti story as a sidebar to highlight an actress they didn’t even have an interview with..

    talk about jumping the Shark..

  • flo

    Olymian Johnny Weir has met the world’s most famous mother of eight and he is not rooting for her on Dancing With the Stars. “She was a terror,” he hissed. “She was rude to everyone at this charity show, and showed up very late. She’s not a film star. She’s not a singer. And it’s not really acceptable in those cases either, to be a nasty person.” (FYI: Weir has thrown his support behind moon man astronaut Buzz Aldrin.)

  • denise

    Is there noone else that could have made the cover this week? It seems she’s there every few weeks, and there is absolutely nothing interesting about her.

  • Georgianna

    @karen: That was an awesome post. Very insightful and also sad because it really points out that media values a non talented nobody like Kate Gosselin and the circus she creates over real ground breaking talent, important news and worthy accomplishments of those in the entertainment industry who are deserving of the attention. The more the public gets fed this garbage, the more that the weaker minded seem to accept it as being valuable. I used to look forward to getting People every week but it has become a useless rag with stories of people like Kate and Heidi Montag and her plastic surgery that I certainly do not want to waste money on.