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Kellan Lutz: Got Your Tickets to the Gun Show?

Kellan Lutz: Got Your Tickets to the Gun Show?

Kellan Lutz shows off his muscular arms as he runs errands in Los Angeles on Tuesday (March 9).

The 24-year-old actor and model made stops at Rite Aid and CVS before going to the gym for a workout.

Kellan told the New York Daily News that he’s given co-star Robert Pattinson tips on filling out his physique!

“I just tell him I like doing push-ups,” Kellan shared.

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kellan lutz wife beater huge arms 01
kellan lutz wife beater huge arms 02
kellan lutz wife beater huge arms 03
kellan lutz wife beater huge arms 04
kellan lutz wife beater huge arms 05
kellan lutz wife beater huge arms 06
kellan lutz wife beater huge arms 07
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  • Marco

    Wow! very manly. his arms are twice taylor’s.

  • James

    He is hideous.

  • wtf

    @Marco: Manly?! LMAO this is Kellen Lutz we’re takling about rofl, stunted wannabe fratboy please!

  • omg

    His arms are gross. Disgusting.

  • T pain

    I think he wants to be 34, not 24….

  • Diana

    @Marco: Taylor and Kellen both have the most unfortunate faces, and disgusting injected-looking muscles. Nasty.

  • w


  • Virge

    Like it’s not enough tht he’s wearing a wifebeater but leather gloves? Are u kidding me? This guy is such a d-bag and this outfit exemplifies it. I wish JJ would stop picking these nobodies to post about.

  • ugh

    Leave Kellan alone! He can’t help that he’s mildly retar.ded and looks like a dbag can he?! He didn’t finish school.

  • jj

    Leave him alone trolls! His looks good. You bytches can go do a few pushes as well. lazy critics

  • Jess

    Kellan is hot and a lot of you who comments need to get a hobby. Like push-ups. Kellan <3

  • Trish

    @ ugh YES!!! So spot on!! LOL

  • Cam

    Why does it always look like he’s on roids AND he’s still going to the gym? He’s like a vain little girl.

  • Ashley

    This guy is SO gross. It’s like he took a list of the douchiest things and put them together. Wifebeater-check, gloves-check, called the paps- check. Loser.

  • Riley

    I love should follow his roommate on twitter..@sharkseatcats

  • John

    Damn…I’m suprised how much the guy is getting shredded by you people. I mean, it’s just a pic of the guy preparing to hit the gym…

  • K

    @John: It’s just the internet. People say stuff like this about bands and singers and actors and actresses all the time at home and with mates, it’s just an opinion on a keyboard. Personally I get annoyed by vain, vapid boys whose career is based more on them taking their tops off to show their ‘roid muscles (which I again, personally, find incredibly off-putting and unattractive and gross) rather than their acting talents, and it is further annoying when they have fangirls who freak out over them. Overexposure when you’re not doing anything can get really annoying just look at the Rachel Bilson threads lol. It starts to look like just another photo opp. If you want to see bashing, you should see the Rihanna threads and similar. This guy has it light.

  • Liam

    Preparing to hit the gym is one thing but wearing the gloves to do errands? Douchebag behavior.

  • Ben

    @John: K, so someone doesn’t think he’s hotstuff (like he himself does) means they’re shreading him? And people are just being snarky.

  • Kelly

    It’s like he so badly wants all of us to know where he’s going by looking at his outfit. Even going as far as to wear the gloves while not in the gym! Wow, desperate and vain.

  • Tim

    @ K Overexposure when you’re not doing anything can get really annoying

    Very well put. He doesn’t do anything except take off shirt off and his body is getting scarily huge.

  • Crystal

    lol is he going to lift weight with those gloves? he’s so…

  • KV

    At least he’s wearing clothes………………

  • Jermaine

    jeez dude the more you work on those arms the more your head’s gonna shrink, he needs to stop

  • …I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    …aaahahahahahahahahaaa… that’s the gayest headline i’ve ever read on this site. ahahahahahahahaaaaa…. soooo bad. omg, yes, horrible! ahahahahahahahaaaa….

  • say what?

    He should do gay p.o.r.n. I bet more people would love to see him do that than one-liners in feature films.

  • Kings

    I do lot of pushups too, but I’m not on steroids or HGH or whatever Kellan is using.

    Easy to spot a cheater.

  • the_boyfriend

    his arms are way too big imo, there’s a line and he’s crossed it.

  • yo sista

    i cannot stand him for some reasons!

  • AutumnM

    I don’t like his look. I guys with some muscle, but this is too much!

  • lol

    @say what?: Gay for pay.

  • Dixie Reckt

    Major ButtaFace….Freakin’ Fugly.

  • P0rno

    Lol I actually think he’s cute in that aw what a mommy’s boy way but he reminds me of those dudes who are always in the sun going hey look at my greasy muscles.

  • Brendan

    Man, when did my standards get so low…

  • Mary

    Man do I sense some haters here! The man is effin sexy as hell…I swear u guys think a lot of women don’t like to feel big stron arm around us….Instead of being on here ragging you should look in the mirror and hit the weights

  • greg

    I’ve never known anyone who wears lifting gloves outside of the gym (puts them on only once in the gym and takes them off before exiting.) This is a case of a bad publicists advice. It’s all posing here….

  • greg

    fix: “publicist’s”

  • Sean

    I’m sure no one pay attention on that stupid thing on his head…

  • alise

    Omgosh are you kiding me kellan is very hot with his musscles leave him alone he dosent take steroids jeez it’s called working out. WTF he’s hot. stop the hate.