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Leonardo DiCaprio Is New To Narita

Leonardo DiCaprio Is New To Narita

Leonardo DiCaprio is immediately recognized by fans as he arrives at Narita International Airport on Wednesday (March 10) in Narita, Japan.

The 35-year-old actor plays a US Marshal investigating a patient’s disappearance from an off-shore hospital for the criminally insane in his latest movie, Shutter Island. “Usually I’m able to detach myself from the process and go home, think about what I’m supposed to do the next day and do my homework, learn my lines, yada-yada,” he said.

“This situation was a lot different. I mean, there were a couple of weeks there where I was in a real hole, Leo shared with the Herald Sun. “I think it’s the deepest I’ve gone with a character emotionally. It was shocking how sort of deep and dark we had to go emotionally with this character.”

15+ pictures inside of Leonardo DiCaprio arriving at Narita International Airport…

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Photos: Junko Kimura/Getty
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  • original lexy

    he’s such a talented actor and easy on the eyes!!

  • adna

    love you Leo

  • ,

    lexy is a slimy dirty girl that’s the real original lexy

  • tasha

    lexy want to kiss Leos ass, that’s funny!

  • becks

    not attractive at all

  • twiggy

    go see shutter island! the movie was awesome and leo’s acting was undeniably stellar!

  • WOW

    Leo has a huge head.

  • Naima

    well lexy he’s still not a fan of yours, you just don’t deserve it

    you need more human moral and learn what respect means!

  • ella

    He seems nice to the fans,which is a good thing

  • french

    No Barf ? it’s weird.

  • ella

    @french: Thank God barf isn’t there

  • french


    i’m happy too, i’m just surprise that she is not there because she follows him wherever he goes, like a puppy


    @ French: Not ONLY Bar is going with him, but apparently her WHOLE family. I really don’t understand this girl – I mean, even if you are with somebody you HAVE to have own life too, right?
    While they were separated, she was only in Israel and didn’t go to ANY parties in the USA.
    NOW she is everywere – where he goes. Because he has invitations..
    Leonardo Dicaprio’s Bar and George Clooney Elisaveta are very similar – but at least Elisavetta is really beautiful (to me at least, she is better looking than Bar -just my opinion)


    One more think I want to ask:
    While Bar was with Leonardo she and her dad gave interview in Hebrew – they commented how she is not religious, her dad said, it doesn’t matter whom she marry as long as she is happy, she said she celebrates christmas…
    Then when they broke up she said in another interview for the israeli papers, that when she marries, she wants this to be TRADITIONAL ISRAELI WEDDING, with ISRAELI SONGS etc. Shje said she doesn’t like the american kitchy songs.
    Now she is back with Leonardo and all the sudden she doesn’t want to be resident in Israel, and she declares she doesn’t live there…

    I honestly don’t think Bar is bad person. I think she is just very very stupid girl, I think she puts up with everything to satisfy her mother’s ambitions.
    That’s why she is with Leonardo and goes with him EVERYWHERE

  • Isabella

    Love Leo, and a big fan of his facial hair.

  • @13

    How do you know that Barf and her whole family is going?

  • JT

    Go Bruins!


    Did anyone see shutter Island. Going this weekend.


    @twiggy: Thanks I missed this.

  • lol

    Leo look great but I`m not so sure about the facial hair.
    I saw his dad and step mom on one photo ( not here on JJ ) but nobody from Barf`s family.

  • …I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    …this guy’s only nice to people when he wants to promote a film. other than that he’s a douchebag who doesnt care about any of his fans.

  • ashley

    @LEONARDO DICAPRIO FAN: do you wanna be best friendssss? =D

  • lol

    According to an article Barf went home to Israel. I guess we`ll see soon enough where is she.

  • french


    he/she didn’t say that her family was in Japan

  • gary


  • sayuri

    Porque não vem promover o filme no Brasil?! Só vai pro Japão ¬¬ Ele é o melhor! Não vejo a hora de assistir esse filme. +)


    On some israely sites there were posts about her mothers birthday- that they were all together with her dad, her mum and she in LA with him, and that eventually they will go together to the SI premiere.

    It could be bullshit too, because Israeli Paper always sais things, before they even happened, you know?

    By the way I think Shutter Island is really quality movie. I compeletely agree with Leonardo: You have to see this film multiple times, because there are many layers.

  • ashley

    @LEONARDO DICAPRIO FAN: now do you wanna be friends?=P

  • Huge Crush

    I think Leo is a doll.

  • yajaira

    so hot i cant handle it, love it!!!

  • poo

    Leo looks fat!!!

  • lol

    Well, if your source is an Israeli site ( just like the one that says she arrived home to Israel ) we should really wait and see where she really is because those sites/info are not the most reliable to say the least. BTW the article I saw says a religious group in Israel wants to ‘save’ Barf from marrying Leo. Even though the engagement rumors were denied they still want her to break up with him. Apparently they don’t know much about her and her mom… lol For different reasons but I support their idea of separation for good.

  • ?

    bar is in paris in the fashion week i think… may be french can confirm this???
    @ 27: any link please???

  • Mari

    I’m a huge Leo fan but I’ve decided I’m going to avoid commenting on his personal life. It’s his business who he chooses to date and he must get so sick of the endless speculation. I enjoy his movies because I think he’s one of the best actors of our time. Someone needs to give that man an Oscar!



  • Annoymous

    Leo is a terrific actor and gives an Oscar worthy performance in “SI”. Hope all get a chance to see the film.

  • jake

    this mans peen is huge…….stood beside em when he took a wizz in a club a few weeks ago, i envy this motherf ucker!!!

  • ciara

    i wonder what would i have to do to spend just one night with this man…………..cause i will do anything for that chance……..GOD DAM U BARF LUCKY BIOTCH!!!!!!!!

  • lol

    hahahaha nice jake its is a wonder he didnt punch u in the face for checking out his package, i know i would!!

  • kate

    wow leo looks reeeally hot here for some reason……somethin about the air hes giving off and just his general hotnes!! wonder where his beloved bar is??

  • lea

    ya i to am diggin the facial hair but i wonder why none grows on his cheek?? maybe he shaves that area everday or something, either way hes hot!

  • french

    Obviously she did the fashion show, since there are photos of her walking down the catwalk in a 50′s style dress.
    So my mistake, sorry :(

    But again, its good news that Leonardo is alone!
    Wonder where Lukas Haas is gone, I haven’t seen them spending quality time together since that basketball game, but that was awhile ago.

    Also news – Red hood, directed by Catherine Hardwick and starring Amanda Seyfried and produced by Appian Way (the production company of Leonardo and his mother) will start filming soon. Seems really interesting thing to do – anyone has a script or knows more about it?

  • goldie03

    @ French-
    Was she actually on the catwalk for a designer? Looks like she was just back stage looking for some attention in the pic.
    At an after Oscar party leo was chatting and smoking cigars w/ cameron diaz. She needed help getting down some stairs and leo helped her (sigh). While bar watched on with “acid eyes”.
    After leo went to another party who watched and cheered demi moore and daughter a thes ladies pole danced. No mention of bar or inside videos/pics from vanity fair.
    @leo fan’s comment- if word gets around the U.S. on her comments about Americans she does not stand a chance and she will bring what little personal rep he has left w/ fans. His saving grace is being an awesome actor!

  • Lisa rose

    Bar is one VERY lucky girl, that for sure!!!! ((=

  • goldie03

    today is # 69- for the # of days she has stayed away from her country to get out of paying taxes.
    Only # 114 days to make it.
    Not posting much- they r boring and ridiculous. Hopefully she’ll get a stylist in paris so she doesn’t show up looking unfashionable at. a public event.
    Unfortunately 4 her $$$ cannot buy class, taste, or personality! (or cover 4 her fraud).

  • lol

    She actually did walk the runway for LV. It took her several years to book a major fashion show and I assume being Leo`s gf had a major part in it. On the funny side she was wearing a hideous dress ( the dress itself is really ugly ) and putting it on Barf just made it worse of course. lol!
    goldie03, I tried to post about that Cameron Diaz thing but JJ wouldn`t let me. It`s interesting that before the Weinstein party Leo was seen having brunch with a bunch of girls in LA ( no Barf ), later he went to the party with Barf ( spent time with Kevin Connolly and Cameron Diaz ) and after the Oscars they also went to different after-parties.
    There is a post of Leo shopping alone in LA without Barf ( before he left to Japan ) on x17 and he is not covering his face like he did with Barf at the Armani store.

  • goldie03

    Isn’tit weird sometimes when JJ blocks?
    Wonder if they are related?
    When I saw her w/ LV show I nearly fell off my chair. Two thoughts I had- she is being nebby for attention because no one cared much for her in LA or what did leo do to get LV to lower their standards. My cousin and my aunt use to model. LV is a tough gig to be in. Plus she has not done fashion week in paris that I recall.
    I heard about the other girls too!
    Can u believe the one post w/ her ripping on Americans! Word gets around look out- leo’s choice will ruin him personally w/ the public. It certainly has for me- then he was himself w/ cameron. Bi-polar or Bar-polar?

  • ke$haluv

    wow BARF is really taking a toll on him, get better soon Leo!!


    @goldie 03:
    I think all the big fashion houses suffer problems nowadays – and they do everything possible to get attention:
    - Roberto Cavalli hired George Clooney’s girlfriend as a face of his underwear line (think Elisabetta was known before at all?)
    - Remember when last season Lindsey Lohan was a designer at Ungaro?

    They will do everything to get attention now, and whenever we like it or not, Bar is famous as Leo’s girlfriend, so…