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Miranda Kerr & Orlando Bloom: PDA Coffee Couple

Miranda Kerr & Orlando Bloom: PDA Coffee Couple

Orlando Bloom and his girlfriend Miranda Kerr hold hands as they grab lunch and coffee at Hugo Cafe on Tuesday (March 9) in West Hollywood, Calif.

Miranda, 26, returns to Los Angeles after spending time in France during Paris Fashion Week.

Earlier this month, Orlando, 33, took a break from filming The Good Doctor to attend the Global Creative Forum Reception held in Westwood where he got the chance to meet the Secretary-General of the U.N., Ban Ki-moon. The event brought world leaders and Hollywood stars together to encourage studios to showcase the work of the United Nations.

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Photos: WENN, INFdaily
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  • Madison

    love the laid back outfit on Mirand. cute choice of hi-top converse!

  • yes!

    Gorgeous couple!

  • wow

    He has such a nice chest!
    Dude is looking very fit!

  • M

    he use to look hotter.

  • ickorli

    looks like he’s got lip fungus

  • Gorgeous….

    Hot couple, Miranda always looks so cool even dressed down.

  • uhmm

    aww..they are so cute! they must have really missed each other

  • Sandra

    They are so cute together. Miranda always looks so good. I just love her style

  • selaly

    Love Miranda’s look.

  • tashka

    Love her outfit but uuuh, they’re so predictable. I so knew there will be a photosession for paps.
    Well, Resee and Jake already broke up, we’ll see who’s next.

  • orlando

    did she fill her lips?

  • Jayne

    she looks happy?

  • @12

    Not at all

  • ???

    both look not happy!

  • ???

    what is PDA?????

  • @???

    Public display of affection…typical of private couples!

  • vanessa

    ???; PDA- means public display of affection.

    Miranda looks beautiful as always!

  • Jayne

    why dont we just say they dont look like a happy couple?

  • Susan

    Owww I SO knew they will be papped together! It’s been a long time since they haven’t been together and now everyone needs to be proved, they’re still on.

  • Jayne

    There not that much affection going on.

  • ???



  • melli


    That´s what i think to.

  • DJ

    They look affectionate to me. They’re holding hands in every shot. Cute couple.
    Unlike when he was with that skinny blonde chick from a few years back, he looks happy too.

  • @DJ

    He looked happy with Kate too, even few months before they broke up…remember those pics from a party in Geneve, they looked on the edge of getting married but something went wrong.

  • Kris

    Kate looked happier than Miranda when she was with him.

  • WOW

    Miranda is Soooooooooooooo adorable .

  • LOL!

    OH EM GEEEEE!!!!!
    I love how the conspiracy theorists believe that every photograph is a set up. LA is SWARMING with paps, so any time that you go outside, one of them is bound to catch you. Especially in West Hollywood.
    But that’s right. They aren’t ALLOWED to go outside, according to you guys. You guys think that if they were ‘private’ they would never leave the house. Then you could claim that they broke up, or that he is ashamed of her because he doesn’t want to be seen with her.
    And no affection?????
    They are holding hands, that equals affection.
    What did you expect him to do? Throw her down in the middle of the street and ravish her? Sure, why not?
    Oh, and BTW. Other pics show them kissing as they are walking out of the garage. But I guess that would be labelled a “show” for the paps. You know. Because of the double standards and all.
    Oh, and to PROVE that you idiots will twist anything to suit your agenda…
    ‘they don’t look happy’ = trouble in the relationship
    ‘they look happy’ = trouble in the ralationship

  • /


  • @19

    They don’t have to “prove” that they are still on to anyone.
    They are together.
    Get over it.

  • tashka

    Obviously, even Orlando working wasn’t photographed at all after a few days and now they are accidently caught at the cafe. Oh please, have you ever been in LA? Or know anyone who is a pap? Trust me, it’s not really like they are walking down the road looking for the paps to appear. Only in most trendy places (where celebs know they will be there). No need to get emotional. Take it or leave it. That’s life.

  • @30

    Hugo’s is a trendy place where celebrity go.

  • LSD

    “where celebs KNOW they will be there”

  • @tashka

    These 2 knew the paps would have been there. Hugo’s is a well known place and if you are famous and you go there u know u get papped.

  • Legolas

    Oh Elbereth! This guy represented me?! I can’t bear an insult like this.

  • MelK

    i love him but he looks like a girl (with beard(and i don’t mean miranda ^.^)) in the right pic O___o well beautiful but… :-/

  • i was wondering…

    …why i hadn’t seen or heard anything about them for a few days. They must have been hiding out, catching up for lost time. Must have been really hot if he came out of it with a busted lip. Woo-Hoo!!

  • roar

    They are adorable.

  • cryfar

    holding hands like 13 years old teenagers! embarrassing !

  • @36

    they were probably f***ing their real lovers :-D

  • 40

    Even here: Bad actor and bad wannabe actress

  • Exactly

    What kind of person born after 1900 can consider holding hands as giving a show? This is crazy.
    And sure, they’re doing this dirty PDA show for those with more narcissism than brains. Why else would two people that have been dating for more than two years hold hands if it isn’t to prove something to four conspiracy wackos?

  • @38

    So now they shouldn’t be holding hands????

  • @39

    Yeah, and hiding evidence for the existance of aliens.

  • DOH

    Hugo’s is an organic cafe that they frequent.
    So now they aren’t allowed to each at their favorite places?
    It’s not like they went to The Ivy.
    I know. How DARE they go out to eat!

  • DOH

    *eat* at their favorite places
    *slaps forehead*

  • i’m watching you

    *rollseyes* @ some people!

  • lucy

    God!…How is she dressed??..Even I get dressed better in my worst days…..
    …A trench over a pair of gym trousers???
    …Well, from now on, I won’t have problems wearing everything i want!!

  • Carrone

    I don’t see them being together this time next year. They don’t look happy and he is barely holding her hand but that doesn’t mean they aren’t happy. They have been together 3 years. That whole excitement new passion thing does wear off. They are just settled and comfortable now. Orlando looks fit and very handsome. I think Kate looked happier than Miranda too.

  • christine

    she is so beautiful.

  • @48

    Settled and comfortable is often what leads to marriage.
    Once the “new passion” has worn off, ‘comfortable’ real love can emerge.
    Who knows.
    They are the only ones that know.
    And for people to try to interpret the state of their relationship based upon a few pictures is just ridiculous.
    They are still together after almost three years. That says more than a few seconds caught on film.