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Zoe Saldana Covers 'Essence' Magazine April 2010

Zoe Saldana Covers 'Essence' Magazine April 2010

Zoe Saldana is all smiles on the April 2010 cover of Essence magazine.

Here’s what the 31-year-old actress had to share with the mag:

On sex: “Love it, love it, love it-can’t live without it! I love sex. I love skin. I don’t believe the body is something to hide. I think in American society we’re messing up our kids by taking away the education on and awareness of our sexuality and replacing it with violence, guns and video games-and we’re breeding little criminals.”

On love: “I’m more of a punch-drunk-love kind of girl. I mean punch as in that pow, that jolt, that kick in the gut. I like things that are severe, passionate and extreme.”

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121 Responses to “Zoe Saldana Covers 'Essence' Magazine April 2010”

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  1. 51
    hmm, Says:

    If Zoe is Puerto Rican why does she deny it. According to she said nothing about being Puerto Rican.

  2. 52
    happy girl Says:

    Yeah, this is not an Anthropology class. According to AMERICAN and Western historians, Brazilians and Brazil are part of Latin America. According to International relations, government relations, etc – Brazil is part of Latin America. I did not make up that rule. It’s a fact. Call the UN now and ask them or call your local Senator. Seriously, how can Americans not know Brazil is considered a Latin American country? What is wrong with education in this country? That said, who cares? I have been to Brazil and love the culture – especially in Slavador do Bahia – where most blacks are. The food is excellent there. But I did visit with a rich Brazilian friend of mine and I found that the elite of Brazil don’t like to associate with some of the other Latin American countries. The same attitude is found in Argentina. So I get where this animosity comes from but the fact is, on paper, Brazil is considered part of the Latin American community. Reasearch it! Anyway, Zoe is on her way up, who cares what she is? I don’t.

  3. 53
    Status quo Says:

    Thank you for saying that! Geez people…

  4. 54
    mark Says:

    Brazil maybe considered part of the Latin American matrix but it is still not a Hispanic country or Hispanic for that matter. Even Umbanda, Brazil’s most important popular religion draws heavily on African and American religious traditions. You Hispanics constantly claim same culture but that is ridiculous when the culture of Brazil is nothing like the other cultures of South America. The origin of her peoples are not either. And black people in Brazil live all over the country not one basic area of the country. The Bahian state is is mostly of Ghana, Togo and Benin people even today, not Hispanic. The only thing Brazil has in common with the rest of South America is geography. Nothing Hispanic about it. I have been there many times too.

  5. 55
    Model Love Says:

    Alexandra Ambrosio is Italian and Polish and Gisele ( a very German name) is German. That is their ethnic groups but their nationality is Brazilian. They were just born in a South American country that’s all.

  6. 56
    Alexa Says:

    The people of South America do not see themselves as one monolithic thing. They are separate countries with separate cultures and traditions that are unique unto themselves. Lumping every country into the same category in that area of the world is a giant mistake especially when it comes to Brazil. I have visited that country many times and there is nothing Hispanic about it. The Catholic faith of Brazil is different from the faith in other countries as well. Calling all countries one thing is an American concept.

  7. 57
    Celia Says:


    She IS Black. She’s Cuban, but she most certainly isn’t white or latino. Anyone with two eyes can see that she’s black. And what does her hair have to do with anything????

  8. 58
    Josie Says:

    OMG SHUT UUUUUP!!! as soon as a woman of color gets famous everyone wants to dissect her and claim her as their own, stop just STOP! enough already! when is this madness going to end!? she is a woman first, her color/ehtnicity/nationality/ whatever-second.
    why can’t you just see her as an actress and let it be! my god, you people are so annoying.

  9. 59
    Celia Says:

    CORRECTION: Her father is of Dominican descent and her mother is Puerto Rican. But whatever, I still don’t see what her hair has to do with anything??

    There are different varieties/shades of Puerto Rican and Dominican just like there are different shades of many races.

  10. 60
    Celia Says:


    I agree. I should have just said that. Who cares what race she is? She’s an amazing actress and I’m proud that a woman of color is finally landing such big roles. She’s awesome!

  11. 61
    Maria Says:

    She is beautiful.

  12. 62
    Ricky Says:

    It is the height of disrespect to call all countries from the same vicinity the same thing. There are many English speaking countries in the caribbean but they are not the same and people shouldn’t categorize them that way. People should be respected for who they are and the cultures they have created for their own countries. England, Ireland and Scotland are in the same vicinity and speak the same language but they are different countries and will not hesitate to tell you that. Irish people do not like to be called British neither do the Scots.

  13. 63
    Ruby Tuesday Says:

    I’m just glad that Zoe doesn’t bleach her skin lighter or thin out her nose. She has made it on her own looks without cosmetic surgery which makes her a role model for many. MJ -R.I.P and Sammy Sosa could learn a lot from her. She is a beautiful chocolate woman so stop arguing about it. Not many women with her complexion make it big in Hollyweird. We should all support her regardless of her color and nationality.

  14. 64
    Rhondra Says:

    People were not confused about her race that is obvious they were just curious about her culture I think. Is she American or Dominican? No big whoop.

  15. 65
    edskee Says:

    Simply gorgeous!

  16. 66
    jb Says:

    @Ruby Tuesday:

    Yeah not like the fake beyonce, skin+nose+breast+hair.

  17. 67
    ManistH0n Says:

    Brasilians are LATINOS 100 %. What are you smoking #45 ?

    They are latinos which comes from the Latine culture and encompasses originially the latine people of Europe : Portuguese, Spaniards, Italians and French.
    All those people are Latines and they all speak a version of the ancient latin language. They can understand each other more easily.
    Latine America has a black and mixed population. Most of their countries have a sizeable black population but Argentina. Their Black population came from Nigeria but also from Central Africa (mainly Congo and Angola) like many from the Carabean islands and Cuba.
    Senegalese and Nigerians and most western Africans were among the first slaves and were shipped majorly in the nothern hemisphere of the Americas while the central africans were among the last ones and were shipped in latine america and the islands for the most part.
    Brasilians are Latinos in the American sense of the word and as well as the European sense as they are an extension of their latin/portuguese culture.
    They however are NOT hispanic, Hispanics word comes from SDpanish, they are Latinos who share the spanish culture. Brasilians are LUSOPHONES, they share the portuguese language and culture to some extent
    Geez read a book !

  18. 68
    happy girl Says:

    OMG! Are people serious? France, England and Spain, for example, are distinctly different but they are EUROPEAN. Zimbabwe, Zaire and Morocco, are different but they are AFRICAN countries. China and Japan are different but they are ASIAN countries. Brazil, Columbia and Puerto Rico are different but they are LATIN AMERICAN countries. When Brazil got the next Summer Olympics, they became the first LATIN AMERICAN country to do so. When there is a LATIN AMERICAN summit, Brazil is included in it. Hello???!!! Listen, I am not Latin American so I don’t know about this animosity between Latin American countries. All I know is Brazil is part of Latin America. Argentina, has the largest number of Europeans in Latin America – many are pure White, but it is still globally considered a LATIN AMERICAN country. ANd Brazil has many similarities with other Latin American countries. For example: CONDOMBLE is a version of Santeria (what they call it in Puerto Rico and Dominican Republic). They are a Catholic country. There are many parts of the cuisine that are similar. Yes, of course they are very different but there are similarities. As there are similarities between Spain and Portugual – the 2 countries that colonized a lot of Latin America. Hello!? Brazil is part of LATIN AMERICA. Call the UN and ask them. What are people learning in schools in America these days?? Anyway, Zoe, congratulations on your career.

  19. 69
    ManistH0n Says:

    Not to sound disrespecful but you are right they have an african european culture. Actually they have an AFRICAN LATINE culture – which is Europeans from France, Italy, Portugal and Spain culture.
    You people are weird, you act like LATINOS were discovered and created in the Americas.
    Latinos is the spanish word for LATINES and latines are Europeans of the latine culture. They are four : the french, the spaniards, the italians and the portuguese. Those are the original latines. they are still LATINES till this day.
    They are the LATINOS of Europe, the original ones. Hence the expression : latine lover/french lover, ect.
    They are part of a group of Europeans sharing the same original culture/language. At some point they were one country with the ROMAN SAINT EMPIRE. They are latines, romans speaking a version of that romantic language, rimanrtic coming from roman, people speking a version of that romantic language which have the same roots.
    In the same way that there are different groups in Europe : Latines, Slavic, Anglo saxons, Scandinavians, ect…

  20. 70
    ManistH0n Says:

    Rhondra @ 03/10/2010 at 10:00 pm 0

    People were not confused about her race that is obvious they were just curious about her culture I think. Is she American or Dominican? No big whoop.

    She is Dominican-American. Why should it be exclusive ? Obama is African American and if you go to the details he is a Kenyan-American
    People are just stupid. You are defined with many criterians, your nationality, your roots, your various cultures.
    I thought that Americans from all people knew that when they are among the few countries who like to define people with an ethnicity word linked to their american citizenship. They talked about African-Americans, Asian-Americans. Europeans don’t do that even if they are Black Swedes, Black Dutch, Swoss, Spanish, ect….

  21. 71
    Hey y'all Says:

    She’s pretty
    I love her small frame,

    AND yes i agree with the previous comment
    she sufferes a bit from the Megan Fox syndrome

  22. 72
    Rios Says:

    Brazilians are not Hispanic they are a mixed breed of African and European they have nothing in common with their Spanish speaking neighbors. Portuguese are Europeans and so are Italians and french but they are not Hispanic. What are the common elements that define a people: RACE, CULTURE AND LANGUAGE AS WELL AS TRADITIONS.
    The Culture, Race and Traditions of Brazil are not that of Spanish speaking people. Puerto Ricans and Dominicans are not Latins! Latins are Europeans and the Puerto Ricans and Dominicans are not white nor Latin in race. There culture isn’t European because they have a slave history not a European one.

  23. 73
    Cladia Says:

    Condomble is an African originated religion not Puerto Rican idiot! Latin language originated during the Roman empire but it it as antiquated term that the Italians dismiss to this day. The only people who use it are Hispanic to try to claim a link to Italy. The major reason why Brazil stand with its back to the rest of South America is because they know they are different. They are not Spanish not do they have a Spanish history. Brazil does not come from a Latin Culture. It comes from an African culture and a culture of various European people: German, Italian, Polish, Portugal.
    Brazil’s culture and cuisine are extremely distinct. Amerindian, Arab, African, German, Portuguese.

  24. 74
    Viera Says:

    OMG! You people are crazy! The last time I checked with my grandmother, the Portuguese are a European people and Portugal is in Europe. Hispanic is the ancient Roman identification for Spain idiots! Spain did not colonize Brazil the Portuguese did. Portugal is not Spain.

  25. 75
    BenA Says:

    Yeah not like fake JLO skin+nose+breast+dyed hair.

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