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Gisele Bundchen & Tom Brady: Observe Earth Hour!

Gisele Bundchen & Tom Brady: Observe Earth Hour!

Gisele Bündchen and husband Tom Brady create PSAs in support of the global climate change movement Earth Hour.

The couple is encouraging the world to join them in turning off their lights Earth Hour on Saturday, March 27th at 8:30 pm local time. At that time, hundreds of millions of people around the world will turn off their lights for one hour – Earth Hour in the largest call to action of all time. An estimated 80 million Americans participated in Earth Hour 09 – nearly 1 billion globally.

Watch Gisele and Tom‘s PSAs inside…

Gisele Bundchen: Observe Earth Hour!
Tom Brady: Observe Earth Hour!

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  • jack

    such an odd couple… but i like the message, very leo

  • amy

    Um. Tom Brady? Is that you? I was SURE that was Bruce Jenner.

  • Shelly

    Great article on Jessica Simpson becoming the voice of fat people in America.

  • melissa b

    @amy: lmfao, i thought the same thing

  • Roar

    Love them as a couple.

  • Flowers

    Adorable couple.
    Both gorgeous!

  • fresh

    Whats up with Tom’s outfit? Why does he dress like he’s a 50 year old golfer?

  • Dog Lover

    Yes turn off your lights in your 50 mansions Tom & Giselle.

    Quit telling us what to do.

  • anonymous

    Gorgeous couple but Tom Brady *really* needs a haircut! He’s really hot, but seriously dude, what’s with the hair?

  • Vida

    Both look terrible in these stills.

  • bode

    You can see that Gisele has really not a lot sleep. Think its pretty new. But is that in Boston or L.A. home?

    Tom need really a haircut

  • Kats

    How funny it is for 2 people who fly private jets all over world dare to tell us to turn off our lights!!! And as Dog Lover said
    “Yes turn off your lights in your 50 mansions Tom & Giselle.
    Quit telling us what to do.”

  • ……hyte

    Damn would people stop making a big deal out of this menopause bitch she is not even all that beautiful and her husband he just a cock mother fer quarterback that the team he plays sucks!!!!!!

  • mickey

    I love Tom Brady but he needs to turn the lights on for a few minutes and shape that hair up a little better–it’s looking kind of dorky. After that he can turn the lights back off.

  • Jessica

    He looks like a 70′s Ken doll.

    I love them, specially Gisele!

    Go Brazil!

  • http://giselebundchentombrady Jane

    I agree with Amy and Melissa B. – he looks like bruce Jenner. They both look bad. If she had lost all her baby weight, she would be in her trademark tight, tight t-shirt and not a lose top. With all her talk she is just like the rest of the world’s women when trying to lose baby weight.

  • http://giselebundchentombrady Betty

    As Tom Brady ages, he is losing his good looks.

  • Sassy

    What Tom Brady? is that u? wahahha LMFAO!!! What a stupid pose is that?

  • Jess

    She looks horrid and he looks rather fruity.

  • Get Real

    Oh, these stupid air headed celebrities. Save the planet. George Carlin said it best…

  • idani

    @dog lover and Kats

    They are not telling you to turn your lights off–just observe Earth Hour on March 27th.

  • Get Real

    I will turn on every single light in my house and turn up the radio and dance with my children to celebrate technology and call attention to the farce that is climate change/global warming.

  • mattchew

    Hey Gisele, if you really cared about the environment then don’t fly a helicopter in between Boston and New York just so you can save an hour on your commute. Talk about a waste of resources.

  • pretty young girl

    WTF ! Tom looks so ugly in here! This video looks like it was filmed in the 70′s

  • Brian

    Great! I think this would help in some way or another. Can’t hurt anything.

  • andamentothat

    Why are they looking so ridiculous?

  • lisali

    Gisele looks beautiful.. I like that she is concerned about doing something to make the world a better place!!

  • aga

    love gisele. she is a beauty inside and out! way to go.

  • tata

    Toms video is older from end of January in Boston. Gisele video is from L.A . where they live since early February . Read that in a other report

  • original lexy

    They are such a great couple and she’s so beautiful!! Love her!!

  • Sheryl

    They look tacky,as always.Both are pathetic.I feel sorry for their son,he has two losers as parents.
    Yeah,Earth Hour…that’s a joke.It won’t change our lives.One hour with the lights off won’t change our lives or save the planet,if the climate change is real.I won’t join this joke anyway…
    Tom and Giselle really looks like 70′s couple,you’re right pretty young girl.And Jessica,Tom really looks like a Ken doll…but an ugly
    What’s up with his hair…?It’s horrible and with a bizarre haircut!And both are really ugly and old

  • anonymous

    If they’re in LA I wish the Paps would get some pics of them like they usually do. These two do a pretty good job of hiding though.

  • laurie

    They both look gross he’s looking very fem.

  • Lane

    Love Tom ! hes so HOT.

  • http://giselebundchenandtombrady Jack

    Anyone who thinks Tom looks hot or Gisele looks beautiful is on something. He has never looked as gay as he does in this picture. She looks worn out and exhausted.

  • JLS

    You’ve got to be kidding me. These two use so much jet fuel that turning off their light will save the earth? What a joke. Go back under your rock you two!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • JLS

    BTW tommy boy, the hair is really metro looking. Geesh, you’re a football player, act like one.

  • Kathryn


    At least Tom’s older son has one good parent. Tom Brady is what I call a part-time dad to Jack. Wonder how he feels about not being able to see Jack daily.

  • Dog Lover

    I’m not observing Earth Day.
    I’m keeping all my lights on.

  • kristen

    tom brady, get a hair cut. please

  • marsia

    Oh my God,they both look ugly-what happened to them???it looks like the ad was shoot in the 70s!!OMG!!!!!!!!!!!
    Im sorry but she’s not that gorgeous,she looks like a MAN!!!very very different from the catwalk..

  • Lili

    They look great. Haters f*ck off.

  • AMY

    he looks soo gay….is he a member of the brady brunch???